After Coincidentally Saving the New Transfer Student’s Little Sister, We Gradually Grew Closer – 5

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At that Spoiled Age

“Emma-chan, it’s dangerous if you only look at cats, you know? You need to look in front.”

While returning to school, I called out to Emma, ​​who was walking by my side while holding my hand. The reason as to why we were holding hands while walking was because Emma insisted that we do so. I was a bit hesitant at first because of all the suspicious eyes around me, but I ended up accepting her innocent request in consideration of her safety.

Incidentally, whenever I try to reclaim my smartphone, Emma turns teary-eyed and seems as if she is on the verge of bursting into sobs. It looks like she really likes the cat video.

I had no choice but to leave my smartphone in her custody, and as such, she was walking while enjoying the cat video. When I attempt to converse with her, she raises her head and responds, but as soon as the conversation comes to an end, she gets swallowed by the video again.

Even if we are holding hands, she might end up falling at some point.


Emma, who acknowledged my warning, contemplated a bit and then proceeded to open her arms wide and looked at my face with an expectant gaze. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do so I just titled my head in confusion.


When Emma realized that her request hadn’t been conveyed properly, she articulated the essence of her gesture with a cute voice.

Since Emma and I had a considerable height difference, she looked up at me with upturned eyes which seemed to be turning moist by the second.

This situation— What should I do?

She is a very young girl. Normally, people would assume that we are just a pair of close siblings if I were to carry her in my arms. However, since Emma is a foreigner, she doesn’t resemble me at all. Differing eye color, contrasting hair color. 

If we were just holding hands, it wouldn’t be suspicious since I am wearing a uniform as well… However, carrying her might be a bit much.

For now, I should survey my surroundings. Fortunately, it looks like nobody is questioning our relationship and looking at us with an inquisitive gaze. After looking around for a bit, I shifted my gaze to Emma once again.

When I did that, her eyes moistened further. She really looked like she was about to cry.

It can’t be helped I suppose… 

I thought it would be problematic if she were to start crying again, so I decided to carry Emma. When I raised her in the air, she was very light, as expected of a child. It won’t be a problem to carry her all the way to school.


Emma joyfully rubbed her cheek against mine as I walked in a relaxed manner. She’s at that age where she just wants to be spoiled. I walked toward school while being surrounded by the cheery voice originating from Emma, and the squealing sounds of cats being emitted from my smartphone.

“I predicted that you’d do this someday, but still… You’ve really done it, Aoyagi…”

As soon as I entered the staff room with Emma holding my hand, Miyu-sensei sighed and said with a serious expression.

What exactly did you think I did?

“Aoyagi, it doesn’t matter how much of a lolicon you are, it is a crime to kidnap a child.”

“Um, Miyu-sensei, can you please stop joking? The gazes of the other teachers are really hurting me.”

The other teachers didn’t show any particular interest when I initially entered the staff room, but their gazes stabbed me as soon as the conspicuous words left Miyu-sensei’s mouth.

The teachers turned their eyes to Emma, ​​who was holding my hand, and then turned their suspicion-filled gaze towards me.

This is strange. Am I really that untrustworthy? From their perspective, I should be an honor student… 

The music teacher, who was under suspicion of being a lolicon, secretly gave me a thumbs-up. I’d prefer it if she would stop looking at me with a weird sense of camaraderie.

“Haha~ I was just kidding, Aoyagi. Is she lost?”

The cause of this awkward atmosphere talked to me as if nothing had ever happened.

However, the scene of her turning her back on me and enduring laughter with trembling shoulders is clearly imprinted on my mind.

I’ll ask Aki to prepare all the spiciest dishes for today’s dinner.

Since Miyu-sensei is a sweet junkie and is repulsed by spicy food, she is sure to have tears running down her cheeks when she eats dinner tonight.

Well, leaving that aside, I am lucky that Miyu-sensei hasn’t left. She can help me by contacting Charlotte.

“Akihito… Who are these people?”

Emma, ​​who was silently watching the cat video, anxiously gazed at the teachers and asked me with a meek voice.

It’s a natural reaction considering she was surrounded by unknown adults in an unfamiliar location.

“Do you know what a teacher is?” 

“Hmm? Yes. Lottie mentions them sometimes. A teacher is a person who helps us study!”

“Yeah, that’s right. Emma is very knowledgeable.”


When I praised her and carressed her head, she displayed a very cute smile.

As expected of Charlotte’s sister. The cuteness of her smile is at the level of being illegal.

“—It’s confirmed that Aoyagi is a lolicon.”

Miyu-sensei, who was observing the interaction between Emma and me, said while looking at me with dubious eyes.


“Because you have never looked at Aki with such a gentle expression, have you? Take a look at the faces of the other teachers.”

I followed her gaze and looked at the other teachers. They all had a stern face which read, ‘You are a lolicon.’ No, there is one teacher who isn’t condemning me. The lolicon music teacher who previously gave me a thumbs-up is looking at me with envy.

Yep, that person is an absolute lolicon.

“Isn’t it natural to be kind to young children? I’m not a lolicon.”

“Yes, yes. Anyways, Aoyagi, it’s fine that you can talk to her in English, but do translate for me instead.”

She brushed off what I said while simultaneously making a statement that is seriously bad for a teacher.

I know that Miyu-sensei is a physical education teacher and she despises studying, but does she have no pride as a teacher? Still, making an enemy out of Miyu-sensei is scary, so I’m not going to mention this to anyone.

“I was just telling her about the other people present being teachers. This girl is probably Charlotte’s sister.”

I thought it wouldn’t be beneficial to stretch this out, and as such, I decided to get straight to the point.

Miyu-sensei glanced at Emma ​​and slightly nodded.

“Oh, Charlotte has already contacted the school. She said that when she reached home, her sister was missing and that she was running around trying to find her. I have already contacted her, she will be here in a bit.”

“When did you contact her…?”

“I contacted her when I saw you enter through the school gate. It came to me when I saw that the girl with you had silver hair.”

It’s because Miyu-sensei is a teacher of this calibre, that she can’t be underestimated…

Miyu-sensei has a mysterious power. I should avoid making an enemy out of her at all costs. Even if it isn’t wrong, I should stop bringing up the fact that she hasn’t married yet.

Looking at Emma, who squinted in pleasure as I patted her on her head, I made a pledge to myself.

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12 thoughts on “After Coincidentally Saving the New Transfer Student’s Little Sister, We Gradually Grew Closer – 5

  1. let me guess

    they’re his step sisters?

    cause if they’re it would explain why she remembered him and why the teacher introduced him that way to her

    well might be wrong but if I’m right, wouldn’t be that surprised


  2. let me guess

    they’re his step sisters?

    cause if they’re it would explain why she remembered him and why the teacher introduced him that way to her

    well might be wrong but if I’m right, wouldn’t be that surprised


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