After Coincidentally Saving the New Transfer Student’s Little Sister, We Gradually Grew Closer – 8

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The Unbelievable Cuteness of the Beautiful Transfer Student

“Charlotte-san, it’s okay. Emma is light, so it’s not really troublesome. I’ll carry her. Well, of course, if you don’t want your little sister to be carried by a guy…”

“Ah, no! It’s not that! It’s just that I don’t want to be even more of a bother to Aoyagi-kun…”

“It’s fine. Besides, we’d reach home quicker if I were to carry Emma-chan.”

Since Emma is a child, her walking speed is considerably slower, so it will result in us being more delayed. Normally, I would reject her since I’d have more time to interact with Charlotte. However, I have to go to Aki’s house after this. I took money from Miyu-sensei, so if I were to not show up, I am sure Miyu-sensei would make hell on Earth for me tomorrow.

After Charlotte was done contemplating on what to do, she asked me to carry her sister as she knew Emma wouldn’t listen to her after her mind was made.


As soon as I carried her, Emma hummed in an extremely happy voice. As I thought, she really does love being carried. 

“I’m really sorry, Aoyagi-kun… I’ll scold Emma after we go home…”

“No, it’s okay. It comes with its benefits.”

“Benefits… Maybe, Aoyagi-kun is a lolicon?”


I was blown away by Charlotte’s unexpected comment. I didn’t think she’d be familiar with such a word, let alone treat me as a lolicon.

“N-no!? Leaving that aside, why do you know the word lolicon!?”

“Ah… I’m sorry… I tried using it since it often appears in Japanese manga.”

What kind of manga do you read where lolicon is mentioned often? Also, it’s quite surprising that Charlotte reads manga in the first place!

I thought that she wouldn’t be interested in manga considering her elegant gestures and polite language. However, looking at Charlotte, it seems that it was my selfish assumption.

“Muu~ I can’t understand what you both are saying.”

When Charlotte and I were conversing in Japanese, Emma expressed her disinterest within my arms. She doesn’t seem to understand Japanese yet since she’s still young.

“Oh, sorry. I’ll talk in English from now on.”

I couldn’t bear to leave her out of the conversation, so I decided to speak in English.

“Thank you, Aoyagi-kun. You’re quite adept at English.”

Charlotte commenced speaking in English as well. Since her mother tongue is English, she may find it easier to converse in English.

“It’s not as good as Charlotte’s Japanese if you ask me.”

“No, I think you are much better than me.”

“No such thing. I think Charlotte is really proficient in speaking Japanese. Where did you learn Japanese?”

“I am quite glad that you think that way. My parents taught me Japanese.”

So her parents were the ones to teach her Japanese.

Did her parents teach her such polite Japanese in order to raise her as a refined and elegant daughter?

I am really intrigued, but I am not going to delve any deeper. If I ask too much, the other person may start to feel uncomfortable.

“Emma wants to speak Japanese too!”

Emma, ​​who was listening to our conversation, looked at Charlotte with eyes filled with envy. I was wondering if she knows what the Japanese language is, but maybe she’s aware of it since Charlotte speaks Japanese.

“Don’t worry, Emma-chan will be able to speak Japanese in the future.”


“Yeah, without any problems.”


When I nodded in affirmation, Emma was extremely happy.

Her parents taught Charlotte how to speak Japanese, so it’s natural for them to teach Emma as well, ​​and if she continues to reside in Japan, she will naturally be able to speak Japanese someday. Charlotte also seems to be very close to her sister, so if Emma really wants to learn, Charlotte would definitely teach her. As such, it’s only a matter of time before Emma can also speak Japanese.

Well, leaving that aside—

“Uh, Charlotte-san. Why are you suddenly drifting away from me?”

I asked Charlotte who was abruptly creating a distance between us. Maybe she is creating distance because she really thinks that I am a lolicon. No, but I’ll be really surprised if I was considered to be a lolicon from the previous conversation…?

“Ah… Well… There’s not really a particular reason.”

Even though she said that there’s no particular reason, she keeps on increasing the distance between us. 

What to do?

My mental strength is sharply decreasing. If Charlotte starts to hate me, I won’t be able to recover from that blow too easily.

“I’m sorry…”

“W-why are you suddenly apologizing?”

“Well, it seems to me like I am making you uncomfortable.”

As soon as I expressed my depressing thoughts, Charlotte made a troubled expression. Even though she didn’t like me to the point where she kept a distance, she was still caring and kind.

What would I do if such a gentle and kind girl were to hate me?

I am seriously depressed.

“L-listen… I think there’s a misunderstanding… It definitely isn’t because I dislike you…” 

“Then why did you start to create distance between us?”

Charlotte began to wonder after I brought up a straightforward question. It seems that she is conflicted on whether to answer or not. Eventually, she slowly opened her mouth.

“I just noticed that I’m sweating from all the running I did earlier… It’s embarrassing…” 

Charlotte muttered with a flushed red face and an almost vanishing voice.

She was so cute that my soul was blown away.

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