After Coincidentally Saving the New Transfer Student’s Little Sister, We Gradually Grew Closer – 8

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The Cute Smile Concealing The Horror Within

“Well? Surprised, aren’t you?”

Miyu-sensei, whom I encountered outside the front gate of Aki’s house, laughed out loud after hearing the sequence of events that occurred after I left the staff room.

Ignorant of my feelings, she kept laughing with an amused eloquence.

By the way, I separated ways with Charlotte right after dropping her off. I wanted some time to process things, and I had to go to Aki’s house as well. Fortunately, Emma remained asleep, so I could take my leave without any hassle. 

Following my departure, I immediately visited a bakery and bought Aki’s favorite chocolate cake, but now I think it would’ve been better if I didn’t purchase the cake and caused Miyu-sensei some trouble.

“I’m not really surprised… However, do tell me… What the hell is going on?”

“Hey, don’t look at me like that, alright? I’m telling you, I had nothing to do with Charlotte’s move. When I saw Charlotte’s address, I realized she lived next to you, that’s it.”

I was a bit skeptical that Miyu-sensei was working behind the scenes to make this development happen, but apparently, it was actually a mere coincidence.

A beautiful transfer student moved into my neighboring apartment by sheer coincidence. It seems like I’ve used up my whole life’s worth of good luck on this day.

“Sigh… What sort of face should I make when I go to school tomorrow…”

“Hm? Wouldn’t it be fine to attend with your usual attitude? What do you need to be anxious about? Don’t tell me… Did you fall in love with Charlotte?”


Miyu-sensei, who listened to my monologue, glanced at me and asked. I shook my head in an exasperated manner, denying her accusations, but that only made Miyu-sensei even more suspicious.

“Wh-What is it?”

“Hey, Aoyagi. Charlotte is cute, right?”

“Well, yeah, if you mean that in the general sense, yes, she is cute.”

“She’s a sociable and sincere person, isn’t she?”

“Indeed, it’s quite unique to find such a genuine and decent person in society these days.”

“It’s decided!”

“What is!?”

I asked Miyu-sensei, who looked conscientious, in a pretty loud voice. This woman… What did she decide on by only asking me two questions? At this point, I am quite restless.

After all, it would be disadvantageous for her to find out the truth. If she knew that I fell in love with Charlotte at first sight, she wouldn’t stop teasing me about it.

Well, I’m not openly displaying an attitude that would suggest that I like Charlotte… probably.

Yeah, maybe…

When I recalled the events that occurred today, my confidence gradually diminished. I want to believe that the truth hasn’t been discovered yet… Miyu-sensei does have good intuition, but I would like to hope that she hasn’t arrived at a solid conclusion…

“You’ve never referred to girls as ‘cute’, have you?”

“Well, I was just speaking objectively.”

“What about Aki then? I may be her sister, but I do think she’s a rather adorable girl, right?”

“S-she’s a junior, so I’ve never really looked at her in that way…”

“So you see Charlotte in that way, huh? You even said that she’s cute.”

“Oh, that…”

Gradually, my path of escape was closed off by Miyu-sensei. If I give in here, she will definitely proclaim that I like Charlotte. However, even if I deny it, it can only be regarded as a masquerade.

I mean, I am already cornered…

“Aoyagi, give up. You’ve been flustered every time we talked about Charlotte. How can someone not guess the truth when a calm guy like you shows such an attitude?”

While I was thinking of a way to get out of this situation, Miyu-sensei placed her hand on my shoulder. Her eyes seemed to be saying, ‘I know how you feel’, as she smiled pleasantly. At first glance, she looks like a teacher who gently watches over her students.

——However, I didn’t miss the crucial instant where her eyes had a look of, ‘I found something interesting’.

I hate this person… I genuinely do.

“Sensei, why are you standing in front of the door like that?”

I could feel that she would continue digging into this situation if we continued this conversation, so I changed the topic. I was questioning the fact that when I arrived here, Miyu-sensei was leaning against the doorway. I clearly remember that she seemed to be waiting for someone.

“You can’t escape from this conversation, you know?”

Of course, Miyu-sensei wouldn’t let me escape so easily, but I could guess why she was leaning on the front door, and I immediately took action.

“You were scared of Aki, so you were waiting for me, weren’t you?”

“W-what was that?”

Miyu-sensei pretended to be calm and tilted her head in ‘confusion’, but I was convinced by her low voice. This woman was too afraid of Aki and was waiting for me to bring a cake.

Miyu-sensei, who always dominates teachers at school, is actually afraid of her sister. To be exact, she’s afraid of her sister when she’s angry.

“Oh, Aki, sorry for the delay.”


When I showed a movement of calling out to someone behind Miyu-sensei, she glanced back in a panicked state. She can’t escape from this anymore. She’s so troubled just because of a mention of Aki.

Naturally, Aki isn’t standing behind Miyu-sensei. I was just bluffing.

The front door hadn’t been opened, I would never be able to deceive the usual Miyu-sensei. Aki seems to be in a very bad mood today. It might be better to hand over the cake to Miyu-sensei and return home as soon as possible.

“You got me this time, Aoyagi…?”

“That’s for the both of us. Then I bought the cake as promised, so I’m here.”

I thought it would not be a good idea to remain here, so I tried to hand over the cake to Miyu-sensei and escape. I really don’t want to be involved with Aki when she’s angry.

However, Miyu-sensei refused to receive the cake.

“Wait! It doesn’t make sense if you’re not the one giving her the cake! Why do you think I even gave you the money to buy the cake?”

“Eh? Isn’t it because you thought it is difficult for you to buy it yourself, or because you just don’t like to purchase a cake?”

“Are you serious!? Is that even possible!? Just where did all your good intuition go in a time like this?”

As I tilted my head, Miyu-sensei came closer to me with a surprised look. Was what I said truly that strange? I don’t believe that my words are that unusual… I was tilting my head further at Miyu-sensei’s attitude.

“Why are you talking so loudly in front of the house, Onee-chan? Won’t it bother the neighbors?”


While I was distracted by Miyu-sensei, I heard a voice mixed with youthful vigor. I could see that the front door had been opened. In front of the opened door, there stood a very beautiful young girl with lustrous black hair tied behind her head in a ponytail.

Aki Hanazawa, my junior during middle-school and Miyu-sensei’s little sister.

Aki’s face was donned with an adorable smile, but the atmosphere around her being seemed to be a little dangerous, looking at her appearance, Miyu-sensei and I froze.

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