After Coincidentally Saving the New Transfer Student’s Little Sister, We Gradually Grew Closer – 9

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Unbelievable Luck

TL: PuffyPyjamas.

ED: Daemon.

Following Charlotte’s cute confession, a certain awkwardness could be sensed in the atmosphere between us.

I had no idea how to face Charlotte, and since she was still conscious about her sweat, she was walking a certain distance away from me.

As for Emma, ​​she was soundly sleeping in my arms. This child is truly a carefree spirit.

““—Ah, that…””

The silence was quite awkward for both of us, but when I finally decided to speak up, Charlotte spoke up at the same time.

I believed I should have kept quiet for a little longer, but I went against my instinct and immediately spoke up.

“I’m sorry, please go ahead?”

“Ah, it’s okay… Aoyagi-kun was about to say something, right?”

“No, it’s nothing really. You were about to say something too, right?”

“No, it’s fine… Please continue with what you were saying.”

We were constantly telling the other person to speak up.

Both of us spoke with the intention to clear up the awkward air between us, and didn’t think about what to actually talk about. So, since both sides naturally gave way to the other, the awkwardness intensified further.

Anyway, it’s going to be problematic if I allow this situation to continue, so I will have to come up with a topic to discuss.

By the way, since Emma was asleep, we reverted back to Japanese.

“Umm… Have you gotten accustomed to the class yet?”

“Well… Honestly speaking, I’m not quite there yet…”

Yeah, it’s not surprising since she just started her study abroad.

Even if she were to say that she’s used to the class, it would just sound like she’s speaking superfluous words.

Why did I have to say something like that, I… 

It isn’t merely that the atmosphere is irredeemably awkward, the reason why I am nervous and can’t seem to make my brain work is because the person with me is Charlotte. This topic is pretty much a failure. I need to think of something else to talk about. I need to find another topic.

As I was thinking about that, Charlotte suddenly looked straight at me. This caused me to look back at her, to which she bowed her head.

“…Thank you for your assistance today.”

Her words expressed her gratitude. It was probably for taking care of Emma.

“There’s no need to thank me anymore. It’s a mere coincidence that I was the one who helped Emma-chan, and you’ve already expressed your gratitude.”

“No, not just the help with Emma, I would also like to express my gratitude to you for helping me out earlier today.”

That would mean that she was aware of the fact that I was covering for her earlier today.

When we were in the staff room, she probably didn’t mention it because of the stuff concerning Emma.

I was embarrassed to know that she was aware that I moved to protect her, so I wanted it to end this topic…

However, since we’re already on this subject, let’s not brush it over. Besides, if she has any misunderstandings about Akira after today’s incident, this may be just the right time to correct them.

I was a little embarrassed, but I gazed into Charlotte’s eyes and said.

“It’s acceptable to pose an invitation, but it’s not right to force someone. However, Akira didn’t have any ill intentions, so please forgive him.”

Akira only acted because he wanted Charlotte to fit in with the class as soon as possible, and he didn’t have a shred of ill-intent when he said that Charlotte could bring her sister as well.

He wouldn’t have treated Emma as a nuisance and would’ve welcomed her presence.

I didn’t want Charlotte to mistake Akira for a person who forces people to tag along because of a mere misunderstanding.

“Yes, I am aware. I was honestly ecstatic when I heard that the class would have a welcome party just for me. However, Emma was alone at home, and furthermore, she is unable to speak Japanese. I refused the invitation because I thought it would be scary for her to accompany me. Not only did Aoyagi-kun protect me, you also made sure I wasn’t blamed for any of it. I am really sorry that Aoyagi-kun was made into a villain because of what transpired.”

This time, Charlotte bowed her head to apologize.

I thought that things went well at the time, but it seems I unintentionally made her feel responsible.

This would not have happened if she were unaware of my intentions, but it seems Charlotte has already sensed them rather accurately

“Don’t sweat it, I just did what I wanted to do, furthermore, the incident didn’t cause any problems for me. It’ll be difficult for me if you keep apologizing like this.”

“…Aoyagi-kun is very kind. I understand, I won’t apologize anymore, but I’d appreciate it if you could accept my gratitude instead.”

Charlotte thanked me with her hands pressed on her chest and a cute smile plastered on her face. Her smile was as cute as an angel.

It is rare for a person to express their appreciation so clearly. A part of it may be because she’s a foreigner, but she has a very sincere personality as well.

Since I wasn’t used to being thanked so sincerely, I was very embarrassed. Moreover, Charlotte’s smile is just too adorable.

“Well… okay… I get it.”

I couldn’t look Charlotte in the eyes, so I replied while slightly averting my gaze.

——Following our conversation, the air became a little lighter, and while making some small talk, we finally arrived at the building where I reside.

“Um… Charlotte-san, are you really going inside as well…?”


When I confirmed for the last time before entering the building, Charlotte replied immediately with a smile that didn’t make her seem even a little hesitant.

I can’t comprehend the reason for her donning such a refreshing smile. No, what I really don’t understand is the reason why she was coming to my house.

Are all the foreigners this friendly and trusting?

A Japanese student would rarely go to the house of someone of the opposite sex on the very day they meet. Cultural differences are really scary.

We got on the elevator and got off on the third floor of the building, where my apartment was situated.

Charlotte was still worried about her sweat, but she didn’t seem to care at all about coming to my house.

Does this imply that she doesn’t even consider me a man?

I was a little shocked witnessing Charlotte’s calm demeanour considering the situation.

“This… is my apartment…”

Finally, I arrived outside my apartment and informed Charlotte of my residence.

My throat is super dry because of the tension.

I was already very anxious on the way from school to home, but when we actually arrived here, my anxiety suddenly went off the charts.

In terms of girls, I’ve only ever invited Aki over to my place, so of course, it would be natural to be nervous if a beautiful girl like Charlotte was coming over to my house.

“Yes. Ah- please wait. I will unlock the door with my key.”

…Eh? What did she just say?

Since Charlotte’s words sent me into a spiral of confusion, I repeated her words in my head.

Unlock? Why does she have the key to my apartment? And why is she reaching out for the door of the apartment neighbouring mine?

“It’s unlocked.”

Once the lock of the apartment made a rattling noise, Charlotte looked at me with a happy smile.

“Oh, yeah…”

No other words could be said due to my bewilderment.

To be honest, I was able to quickly conclude the reason as to her capability of unlocking the door of the apartment right next to mine.

However, the situation is so incredible considering the probability of her living right next to me that I am overwhelmed.

“Fufufu~ Actually, I reside in the apartment right next to Aoyagi-kun’s flat.”

Charlotte giggled like a child who was pleased at the success of her prank. Although I believe that this is just a playful aspect of her personality, I was attacked by feelings that I could neither comprehend nor explain.

This is definitely the ‘interesting’ thing Miyu-sensei mentioned at school. This must be the reason why Charlotte also had an understanding look at school. She probably heard that our apartments were right next to each other from Miyu-sensei.

I would like to explain to Miyu-sensei about personal information protection laws and privacy infringement, but I can’t really voice my opinions in front of Miyu-sensei.

I think Miyu-sensei took this action after a lot of consideration.

Let’s recap what has happened during the entirety of today.

Not only did a beautiful girl like those in manga transfer into the school, she was even assigned to the same class as me.

And when I coincidentally helped a lost girl on the way to Aki’s house, she didn’t just end up taking a liking to me, but she also happened to be the little sister of the beautiful girl who transferred in today.

Thanks to that, I was able to get close to the beautiful classmate. And above all else, the aforementioned beautiful classmate lives right next to me…?

I wonder if I’ve exhausted all of my accumulated good luck during the course of today… With this episode of consistent good luck, I’m a little bit scared of what is going to happen in the future.

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  1. Thanks for your work.

    Kinda makes me feel bad for this kouhai girl considering the entire point of this story is the MC getting closer (romantically, we can assume) to the beautiful transfer student.

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