WGGC going on hiatus!

No, I am not lazy, and no, I am not abandoning wggc. I don’t if it’s a good news or a bad news, but the web novel is getting a light novel, so the author decided to rewrite the entire series from scratch, so the chapters have disappeared from the source. As such, I can’t translate anymore. Also, no, this series has not ended, it will come back as soon as the author catches up to us.

In the meantime, I will translate another series. Feel free to comment any suggestions you may have, I will continue to look into suitable series to translate with Daemon until we find a satisfactory match. Again, feel free to comment your suggestions and whatnot.

Puffy out~

3 thoughts on “WGGC going on hiatus!

  1. I’m sorry, which novel is that? I can’t figure out which matches that acronym. Granted, I only read Transfer Student’s Little Sister so I probably haven’t given the others enough attention to know them.


  2. Are you looking for web novels or also for light novels? For the latter I suggest Musume Janakute Mama ga Suki nano !?
    Like Kou ni is an age gap romance with a big breasted onee san as the heroine but without the supernal elements and more focus on the start and development of the relationship than slice of life fluff.


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