WGGC going on hiatus!

No, I am not lazy, and no, I am not abandoning wggc. I don’t if it’s a good news or a bad news, but the web novel is getting a light novel, so the author decided to rewrite the entire series from scratch, so the chapters have disappeared from the source. As such, I can’t translate anymore. Also, no, this series has not ended, it will come back as soon as the author catches up to us.

In the meantime, I will translate another series. Feel free to comment any suggestions you may have, I will continue to look into suitable series to translate with Daemon until we find a satisfactory match. Again, feel free to comment your suggestions and whatnot.

Puffy out~

6 thoughts on “WGGC going on hiatus!

  1. I’m sorry, which novel is that? I can’t figure out which matches that acronym. Granted, I only read Transfer Student’s Little Sister so I probably haven’t given the others enough attention to know them.


  2. Are you looking for web novels or also for light novels? For the latter I suggest Musume Janakute Mama ga Suki nano !?
    Like Kou ni is an age gap romance with a big breasted onee san as the heroine but without the supernal elements and more focus on the start and development of the relationship than slice of life fluff.


    1. I guess the plan is more that we’re waiting on the chapters on syosetu to see if the story changes significantly, as that is where the author officially posts his story. It shouldn’t be that long.


      1. Well its been almost 2 months since the hiatus so I was a little bit anxious for its return. Thats why i searched for it. I also tried to read the version translated by google but it was very bad!!


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