The Line That Separates Them.

: PuffyPyjamas


Synopsis (Taken from RoyalRoad):

My name is Kobayashi Miya, a freshman at the ‘Haru High School’.

To any girl around me, I’m peerless, unparalleled, and superior. They talk to me cheerfully, but I can feel their nervousness and reservation. They share their stories with me, but only to the degree where they think I wouldn’t be bored. They talk to me about love, but they’ve never asked about my take on the matter.

To any guys who look at me from far away, I am unapproachable, unattainable, and unreachable. They confess to me, but none have ever tried to actually come close to me. They panic, stutter and run away.

In studies, sports, interpersonal relationships, and most of all, in beauty and elegance. They consider me to be superior, an existence which is too overwhelming to have around, but they still happily do so.

But they are completely wrong, I am just a girl. Scared, timid, and naive, and above all else, in love…

My name is Kawashima Takumi, a freshman at ‘Haru High School’.

I am just an above-average student you’d find anywhere in the world.

My academic abilities are above-average, but not too impressive. My athletic capabilities are above-average, but not too inspiring. My looks are above-average. but not too eye-catching. My existence is that which one could easily live without, but wouldn’t mind having around.

Or, is that just how I want people to perceive me, while I peacefully wash away my quiet high-school days while being unnoticed and unobserved.

At least, that was the plan, but she just had to enter my life unexpectedly.


Line 1 – Their First Encounter.

Line 2 – Their Second Encounter, and Her First…

Line 3 – Journey to the Present.

Line 4 – An Eventful Lunch.

Line 5 – Rooftop Encounter.

Line 6 – A Long~ Break.

Line 7 – How Their Weekend Goes (Part 1).

Line 8 – How Their Weekend Goes (Part 2).

Line 9 – The Man Named Kawashima Takumi (Part 1).

Line 10 – The Man Named Kawashima Takumi (Part 2).

Line 11 – A Comfortable Nap.

Line 12 – Prelude to Disturbance.

Line 13 – An Unexpected Encounter.

Line 14 – The World From Her Eyes.

Line 15 – Cultural Festival (Part 1).

Line 16 – Cultural Festival (Part 2).

Line 17 – Evaluation.

Line 18 – Is This Love?

Line 19 – An Ambiguous Relationship.

Line 20 – Masterpiece.

Line 21 – The Domino Effect.

Line 22 – Bitch Slap.

Line 23 – Gathering.

Line 24 – Naivety and Desperation.

Line 25 – Familiarity.