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An Unexpected Encounter.

September 16, Saturday.

It’s been several days since the preparations for the cultural festival commenced, and honestly, I didn’t expect the preparations alone to be so enjoyable. It is a fact that there were some upsetting moments, but the fun times that I experienced while helping my class prepare for the cultural festival compensated for all the saddening moments.

While doing all the work I could concerning the maid-cafe, I got a chance to involve myself with my classmates who had been maintaining their distance from me for these past few months. Normally, the guys would just stare at me throughout the day, but in these past few days, they’ve (somewhat) gotten over their fear and are trying to strike up conversations with me more often. Even the girls are trying to associate themselves with me, and it feels good, gaining new friends.

The upsetting things would be all the times that the boys went on a rampage around me, I even received three confessions in the classroom from the boys in my class, needless to say, they were all rejected. After the girl who was charged with arranging the maid uniforms took my measurements, the boys somehow managed to steal the piece of paper it was written on, and it was extremely embarrassing, hearing their admiring sighs and overwhelming compliments. They were punished, but it was still a pretty bad experience.

“87-59-86, huh, I know you have a good figure, but this is just unfair. And your height, it’s 167 centimeters as well, why isn’t that moron gobbling you up?”


A light sound was produced from a certain embarrassed girl’s hand hitting a certain agitated girl’s head.

“He wouldn’t just ‘gobble me up’ like that, you know?”

“Any other boy would, though. You saw their reactions.”

“Takumi isn’t like the other boys. However, that’s one of the factors which led me to fall for him, so it’s not like I am complaining.”

“Speaking of which, he left quite a while ago, it seems like he has work. Minami sent a message accompanied by numerous of those crying emoticons to inform me.”

“Is that so…? We haven’t been able to get together with Takumi and Aoki-kun for a while. The last time I conversed with Takumi was when he got that lap-pillow from Minami.”

“Please don’t curl your hands into fists, it’s cute, but in an intimidating way.”

I realized that my nails were digging into my palms.

“Sorry, it’s just a reflex action carried out by my body in response to the stimulation of a female, other than myself, being intimate with the boy I love.”

“You mean… Jealousy?”

“Yep, that’s the word.”

“Yeah, yeah, I get it, let’s stop the teasing session, for now, it’s 3.30 P.M, Minami said that she’s going out with her friends, what do you want to do?”

“I’ll go home. My brother got an advance payment today, so he’s taking out the whole family to eat.”

“Advance payment? Didn’t he join around one week ago?”

“Yeah, it’s something like a new-player bonus.”

“Oh~ Is that so? Congratulate him for me, will you?”

“I will… Now, let’s hurry up and head home.”

We leave the school building and move in the direction in which our homes are located. Recalling the events that occurred during these past few days, they were mostly those which revolved around my class and myself, Takumi was so busy with his class that I didn’t even get to see his face properly. He was being worked extra hard during the school hours and the weekends as he was unable to stay back after school. It’s fine, I guess, but I can feel my body experiencing Takumi-deficiency.

Normally, a girl in a similar situation would simply head over to her crush’s class and talk to him directly, it isn’t as though we aren’t friends, so I am permitted to do that as well. However, there are many reasons that I lead me to hold back. If it gets out that Takumi and I are acquainted, it would lead to a very hard and troublesome situation for him, and I am painfully aware of the reason as well. I am not very dense, I do understand my position and the consequences that come with it.

While discussing similar things, Chiaki and I made our way to Chiaki’s home, where I dropped her off and proceeded to rush over to mine. When I reached home, the time was already 5.00 P.M, and my brother was seen slouching in the living room, absentmindedly smiling, I removed my footwear and dropped my back on the bed in my room before returning downstairs and initiating the conversation with him.

“What happened? Why are you grinning like that? It’s kinda creepy.”

“Hehe, I just returned. My first salary. It’s in my bank account. The boss seemed in a good mood today, so he even allowed me to eat lunch with him.”

“You’re a serious boss-con. I saw you getting pumped up while rewatching the interview from this Tuesday, you even woke up at three-thirty in the morning to watch its live broadcast, was it that good?”

“Umm-hmm, well, the official Japanese version of it hasn’t aired yet, but the subtitles did a good job. And to be frank, it was revolutionary. He talked about advancing the company further in the remainder of the year, he talked about all the new products releasing in the near future, and he also talked a little about his personal life, it was emotional, and at the same time, motivating, I was feeling embarrassed just by looking at his face that day, but he acted like it wasn’t even worth thinking about.”

“I feel like I should tell Misaki-san about all this, she’ll properly take care of you.”

“Shut up. You know it isn’t like that, now get ready, we’ll leave as soon as father returns.”

He said that and averted his face, after which, I went over to my forever-eighteen mother and spent some time talking to her.

“So… What do you exactly wish to happen between you two?”

“Honestly… I’d be happy being a normal girlfriend, you know? But it isn’t possible.”

My mother is way too into this kind of stuff for her age.

“Yeah, I can relate, I was in a similar situation during my high school days, but isn’t it fine?”

“What do you mean?”

“If you and that Kawashima boy manage to get together. Won’t you guys work something out? That’s how these things work Miya, both parties involved have to communicate and make it so that their relationship is an unshakable one.”

After saying that, my mother shows a meaningful smile.

“What do you mean ‘together’? I don’t think that he even sees me as a girl, let alone a romantic interest.”

“Wait… What are you talking about? Is there a high-schooler out there who can look away from you?”

I dropped my body on the table and puffed out my cheeks in the face of my mother’s poor attempt at sarcasm.

“Hehe, I was just kidding. By the way, isn’t that boy working because both his parents have passed away? He has a sister as well, doesn’t he?”

“Yeah, I am surprised you remembered what I told you last week. His sister is in the student council and is also a beautiful honors student. She doesn’t work, so he has been supporting both himself and his sister.”

“He must be quite a diligent child. I can see why the feelings of love suddenly awoke in my male-hating girl.”

“M-Mother! Don’t say it like that! It’s embarrassing!”

“Ara, so cute…”

While my face was red and my hands were placed in front of my face, I could see my mother’s lips curling up and forming a very kind, gentle, and motherly smile.

Time passed, my father returned, and after he changed, we departed in our car and made our way to Setagaya to dine in a certain establishment that belongs to my brother’s company. From what he told us during the drive, it’s a Michelin three-star restaurant and one of the best in all of Japan. On weekends, it’s near impossible to get into the restaurant, but the same isn’t true for us because my brother pulled some major strings to get us a table.

We parked our vehicle a fair distance away from the restaurant and made our way towards the restaurant after checking our attire and such. It seems like many influential people visit this restaurant daily, and we could possibly run into one of them, so we have to maintain our appearance at all times.

I think we’re getting a little too nervous for just a dinner at a restaurant, but whatever. My mother is wearing a glittery purple one-piece dress accompanied with black high-heels, her shoulder-length black hair look silkier than usual and are resting comfortably on her shoulders. Both my father and brother are wearing expensive suits that belong in high-class parties rather than a restaurant.

However, my opinions on our preparations took a 180 when my eyes fell upon the restaurant in which we would be dining today. Named ‘Oracle: Dreams’, this restaurant is a two-story facility with exterior and interior that I couldn’t describe even if I wanted to. If I had to describe it in a word, it would be ‘serene’. The atmosphere as we entered the establishment, the people who greeted us at the entrance, the waitress who showed us to our table. The pure-wooden furniture which radiated a scent akin to that of a tranquil forest. Everything is just so nice. I was so engrossed in the vibe that I didn’t even realize that we were already on the table.

“I’ll be going to the washroom.”

My father said so and then proceeded to push back his chair and leave.

“So… How is it?”

My brother asked my mother and me with a grin on his face.

“Kozu-chan, it’s amazing.”

My mother replied with a relaxed smile. We were quite nervous before, but this place somehow has this atmosphere which calms you down.

“Yeah, Brother, it’s great.”

I replied to him positively as well, and then he raised his hand to call someone over to take our order. We were on the second floor as we had some priority bookings, and the space in which all the tables, chairs, pillars, other pieces of furniture were arranged was huge. All the furniture looked exquisite, the paintings on the walls were amazing, even the carpet seemed to be of very high quality.

We are sitting on a four-person square table with our siblings facing each other. My mother is sitting on my left side, while the father’s empty chair was facing hers. Looking around, almost seventy-percent of the tables are filled with people enjoying their meals. It seems like my brother was right about the customers in this restaurant, as all the people present were dressed in proper and graceful attire.

One table, in particular, caught my attention, and I couldn’t help but release an admiring sigh when I took a careful look at the occupants of the four-person square table a fair distance away from ours. Three women were sitting on the three chairs, and the fourth one was empty. The reason why this table, in particular, stole away my consciousness was that each of the three ladies was an indescribable beauty. One with a child-like face and wavy red hair, one wearing a kimono with sharp eyes and black hair, and the third lady with a pretty face, ponytail, glasses, and huge assets.

I was entranced by their appearance and was drawn in to continue looking at them regardless of my gender. It was at that time when I heard a familiar calm voice originating from my North, and from behind my brother.

“Are you ready to order?”

My body froze, my eyes met with his, I could hear my mother flipping through the menu card, and I don’t know why, but my brother was frozen solid as well. My brother didn’t turn his neck, I could see cold sweat running his forehead, and feel warm sweat on mine.

“Kozu-chan, I don’t understand all these things. You can order.”

My brother’s whole body twitched as he robotically received the menu from my mother’s hands.

“Y-Y-Y-Yes, w-w-we w-would f-first t-take d-d-drinks.”

My heart is throbbing loudly, my skin is getting hotter and hotter. My hands, which are placed on my thighs, are sweating even in good air-conditioning, and are clasped into fists. I am feeling somewhat dizzy, and I certainly don’t regret making sure that my appearance was at its best today.

“Understood. Allow me to note down your drink orders.”

“I’ll take a cocktail.”

My mother said so while glancing at the drinks menu, I believe she hasn’t particularly paid attention to the waiter who is taking our order yet. She then proceeded to state the name of a certain cocktail and raised her head to look at the waiter who was jotting down her drink order.

“Ara, a teenager? I didn’t expect a student to take our order after all that. Tell me, which grade are you in?”

He remained indifferent as always and said in his usual calm voice.

“I believe your sister will be able to answer that.”

My mother narrowed her eyes and looked at him with a peculiar look in her eyes, and I know the reason, it’s probably because he was able to look in my direction so calmly and talk to her without stuttering or stammering.

NO! I know he made a mistake, but I am used to it. But still, no! I am not ready for this.

“Fufu, she’s not my sister, she is my daughter.”

“Is that so? Looking at you, I think that making a mistake like that is justified, Ma’am.”

Why!? And why do you look so good today!? White shirt, black pants, black coat, and a bow tie. It is my first time running into you outside of school, and I see you like this? Why do you look three times more handsome than usual? God~! I want a picture! While my mind was filled up with these kinds of thoughts, I found myself unable to speak anything, and thus, remained silent.

“Fufu, for a boy, you’re quite the smooth talker. And? What do you mean by Miya knowing who you are? She’s not even looking in your direction. Are you just trying to pry so that you can make connections with my beautiful daughter, huh? Well, it-”


My mother’s head rotated in my direction.

“F-Fancy m-meeting you here. I d-didn’t know that you worked here.”

I could hear the gears in my mother’s head-turning. After what seemed to be an instant equivalent to an hour, her eyes widened and focused themselves on his face.

“That’s to be expected. I didn’t tell anyone. It seems like your mother cares for you a lot, Kobayashi-san…”

He let show an unusual smile. I gulped, my mother gasped. I think she was able to connect all the dots.

“Allow me to introduce myself, I am Kawashima Takumi, I am in the same class as your daughter, our sections are different though. It’s a pleasure to meet you at a place like this. And I apologize for my rude display earlier, Ma’am. ”

He said so and bowed his head in my mother’s direction.

“N-No, it’s my fault. I just mistook my daughter’s silence for a negative. I apologize for jumping to conclusions.”

He shook his head sideways and let show a gentle smile to my mother.

“My name is Kobayashi Kioko, and as you already know, I am Miya’s mother. It’s nice to meet you as well.”

“It’s fine. I hope that you and your family would enjoy dining at our humble restaurant. Is this your brother, Kobayashi-san? Nice to meet you, your sister has been very kind to me.”

He tilted his neck downwards and greeted my brother.

“Nice to meet you as well. I am Kobayashi Kozue, thank you for taking care of my sister.”

Why does he sound so tired and dejected?

“What would you like to have for drinks, Koz- ahem- Sir?”

My brother raised his head and looked at his face.

“Please get me a whiskey, I need it right now.”

My brother named alcohol and then proceeded to hang his head and look downwards, in the direction of the floor.

He glances in my direction, his gaze meets with mine.

“Water would be just fine. Thank you, Kawashima-kun.”

“Understood, Ma’am.”

He called me ‘Ma’am’, my life is over!!

After he took my order and left us, I placed my head on the table in an unladylike and unrefined manner.

“W-What happened, Miya?”

“He called me ‘Ma’am’. My life is over. I’ve been wishing for him to call me by my first name. It feels like it’s gonna take a long time for that certain dream to come true.”

“Don’t tell me… That boy just now was the Kawashima Takumi? The same person about whom we were discussing two hours ago?”

“The very same.”

My voice was tired, my brother was just looking into the distance, and my mother had a complicated expression on her face.

“I am sorry, Miya.”

“It’s fine, you don’t need to apologize. I told you, he probably doesn’t even see me as a girl.”

My voice lowered and was now tinged with the sound of tears and despair.

“I’ll help you.”

“No, plea-”

“Sorry, it took me a while.”

My father returned from the bathroom, he had a refreshed smile on his face, and after looking at our conditions, he seemed confused, he took his chair and as he was about to start talking, he came back with a tray in his hands.

“Here are your drinks…”

He placed the two drinks that my mother and brother ordered in front of them and filled the glasses that were already present on the table with water.

“Sir, you must be Kobayashi-san’s father. It’s an honor to meet you. My name is Kawashima Takumi, I am a classmate of Kobayashi-san’s, she’s been very kind to me. Would you like to order a drink as well?”

My father looked alternatingly between my flushed and nervous face, and his indifferent and calm one.

“Hmm? Is that so? I didn’t know that such high-class establishments hired students. Well, whatever. My name is Kobayashi Kiyohiro. Miya’s father. Get me a beer.”


Phew~ It’s good that my father didn’t go overboard with the introductions.

My mother and I were looking at each other pleadingly as we were unable to talk about him in front of my father. He returned with the beer, and while the three of us remained silent, my father ordered appetizers. And as soon as he left, my brother abruptly jumped into action and excused himself to visit the washroom.

The time passed, my brother returned with a relaxed expression on his face, and as we were feasting on the appetizers served to us by Kawashima-kun, my father asked me out of nowhere.

“So Miya, about that boy, tell me about him.”

I had calmed down after the initial reveal. When Kawashima-kun had come with the appetizers, I conversed with him normally, but being suddenly asked about him like this, both my mother and I choked on our food and needed water before answering. In contrast, even after being aware of everything, my brother was enjoying his food with a relaxed expression on his face.

“W-Why would you ask me that, Father?”

“Hmm? No reason at all, it’s just that a high-school freshman having such good manners, polite speech and graceful movements seem unusual. Assuming that he started working in April… Even then it would be hard for him to be so experienced at this.”

I can easily accept it though.

“He’s in the ‘E’ class. He has above average grades and is proficient in cooking.”

I can go on about him for hours, but this should be enough considering the situation.

“And why is he working? Shouldn’t his parents be paying for his expenses? If he is in the same high school as you, then his parents must be quite well-off.”

“He… doesn’t have parents… It’s just him and his older sister, who is in second-year at our school. He works to support both of them”

Father’s hands stopped and he took a glance in my direction before resuming to eat his food.

“Is that so? There must be relatives supporting him or something because I can’t imagine two high-schoolers living their life with just the money from one part-time job.”

My hands stopped, the memory of his and his sister’s conversation flashed itself in my brain. As I opened my mouth to state my father’s assessment wrong, my brother’s voice penetrated my ears.

“W-We s-shouldn’t pry into someone else’s life, right? There must be many circumstances surrounding him.”

It sounded like he was defending him, but he was right.

“You are right, we shouldn’t interfere in someone else’s life.”

My mother spoke in agreement. I decided that until and unless Takumi himself decides to talk to me about it, I won’t pry in his life any more than I already have.

After the main course and dessert, we paid the bill. My brother and father had already left to bring around the car, and when my mother and I ran into him as we were leaving the premises, my mother said in an accommodating and friendly tone.

“Kawashima-kun, please feel free to come over and visit us whenever you wish. You seem like a very diligent boy, I would be pleased if you were to associate yourself with my daughter more often.”

I remained silent and looked at Kawashima-kun’s expressionless turning into a gentle one.

“Of course, Ma’am.”

“Please stop with the ‘Ma’am’.”

“Understood. Kobayashi-san.”

“If you refer to both of us by ‘Kobayashi-san’, won’t it be confusing? Why don’t you call my daughter by her first name? You don’t need to use honorifics either. I don’t think she would mind.”

He looked in my direction, and I had no other choice but to shake my head sideways in affirmation to my mother’s appeal.

“Understood. Thank you for dining with us. Kobayashi-san and Miya. And yeah, please use my first name as well, Miya.”

I could feel my face getting hot. Before I could say anything, our car appeared and we were forced to part from Takumi. He saw us off and as soon as my mother and I settled ourselves on the back seat of our car, I jumped on her and started rubbing my face on her chest.

“Thank you!!! I love you so much, Mother!!!”

I just couldn’t control my emotions. A huge and wide smile was pasted on my face. Slight tears of happiness were rolling down from the corner of my eyes. Looking at my mother’s face, her lips were curled in the form of a relieved smile. She hugged me back and said in a gentle yet silent tone so that my brother and father would be unable to hear her.

“I was just trying to make up for my earlier blunder. However, I didn’t expect you to be this elated. What did that boy to make you fall for him that hard?”


I am so ecstatic right now that I don’t even know what to do with this happiness. My mother just continued to look at me with a gentle smile on her face while my father and brother remained unaware of our ladies’ talk.

“I’ll be leaving then…”

“You are leaving so soon~?”

If you make that sort of expression, it will be difficult for me to leave.

“I wanted to stay a bit longer, but I have work, Minami. I am sorry.”

“N-No, you don’t need to apologize! It’s fine.”

If it’s fine, you shouldn’t be making an expression that resembles that of Sana when I am leaving the house in the morning.

“Fumiya! I am going!”

I called out to Fumiya, who was at the opposite side of the classroom, surrounded by girls. The only two girls who were away from Fumiya were Minami and Sakura-san. Since the day began, Minami hadn’t left my side, she was constantly around me. Normally, this situation would create an uproar with the male faction, but Minami had taken measures to ensure that such things wouldn’t happen. Minami, while being around me, always had two other girls by her side as to not arouse suspicion. From a third-person perspective, it would seem as though it was me who was trying to get close to her. The person in question was unaware of this fact though, guess this is what you would call ‘blinded by love’.

“Oh~ You are leaving already, Kawashima-kun? Minami-chan would get lonely, you know?”

The one who said that in a teasing tone was one of my classmates and Minami’s friend, Sakura Remi.

“Certainly not, Sakura-san. Why would our Madonna get lonely if someone like myself were to leave?”

Minami’s cheeks could be seen turning a slight shade of red, and Sakura-san was visibly conflicted on how to answer that particular question.

“W-Well, about th-”

“It seems as though I am running quite late. Please, excuse me.”

I interrupted Sakura-san, but she seemed relieved that I did.

“Is that so? Well, see you on Monday, Kawashima-kun.”

“See you, Takumi-kun.”

Minami’s voice was low and tinged with loneliness, but she still waved at me as I left the classroom.

The time is around noon, normally, I would be working at this time. But today I had to report to school despite it being a Saturday. During the week, I work for about six or seven hours on weekdays, and for more than twelve hours on weekends to make up for all the time I lose in school. However, today that schedule was interrupted as I was asked to come to school to assist in the preparations for the cultural festival.

“This is quite troublesome.”

It wasn’t as though the time I spent with my friends helping in the preparations wasn’t fun, but it did mess with my routine quite a bit. I left the school campus behind as I walked to a certain isolated location near the school where my motorcycle was parked. I grabbed the helmet hanging from the side mirror and placed myself on the seat before starting up the motorcycle and rushing off to where the others were waiting for me.

As soon as I reached one of the company offices, I changed into a suit and joined up with the battle force. Battle force was just a term that Kyoko used to describe the team of the elite workers that were directly under my command. These twenty-seven were quite high on the hierarchical ladder being level-six employees, and as such, knew my identity.

The number of these employees present in the office was five, as the other twenty-two were busy doing some other work. And with the addition of the three secretaries, the number increased to eight. I was in a good mood after all the fun I had with the class, so I gave the battle force an early leave for the day at around 4 P.M and continued doing work with Akane, Kyoko, and Riku-san.

“Fufufu, that was so cute~ I mean, he was drooling all over her, you know?”

“Hahahaha, I would’ve loved to see that!”

“Kyoko and Akane, you need to stop laughing about other people’s romance. Takumi-kun, say something to them.”

“Isn’t it fine? We haven’t gone out recently, let them have their fun.”

The one who puffed out her cheeks was our resident erotic secretary, Riku-san. She was sitting across from me and was slurping on her strawberry milkshake. The one who was sitting on my right was Akane, with Kyoko facing her. Akane and Kyoko were happily talking about a budding romance between two members of the battle force. I had noticed the attraction between them as well, but I held back on saying anything about it.

“About that. Takumi-sama, how is school?”

“Yeah, tell us about it Takumi. How does it feel learning all that 10th-grade stuff again after clearing all the hardest exams in the world?”

“I mean, I just sleep through my classes, it’s hard getting depressed because of exams and getting excited for the holidays. However, I am having fun. I don’t regret defying all those board members, executives, battle force members, and other people who know my identity to go to high school.”

“Fufu, I remember. You wanted to high school because of your sister. And the only ones who supported you at that time were the three of us.”

“Well, you three have been supporting me from the very start. Remember that inflation incident?”




“Yeah, I am very proud of you three. Without you, the company wouldn’t have been what it is.”

“Without you, I would’ve literally been dead.”

“Without you, I would be working in a small firm, earning forty-thousand yen a month.”

“Without you, I would’ve started doing drugs and stuff and would’ve probably committed suicide by now.”

“““We love you! Takumi/-kun/-sama!”””

“Are you guys trying to make me emotional or something?”

“Hehehe, no, we are just expressing our true feelings.”

Kyoko said so and started to scratch her cheek.

“Should we order some food? I am hungry.”

My phone started vibrating.

“It’s a call from Kobayashi-kun.”

The three ladies nodded in acknowledgment. Riku-san raised her hand to call over the waiter. This was our restaurant, so the staff was already aware of our identities. For me, they believed I was Kyoko’s assistant. Because of our identities being known, we were the highest priority, and the three ladies were adored and revered in this restaurant.


“What is it, Kobayashi-kun?”

[I was just wondering where you were.]

“Hmm? Did something happen?”

[No, it’s just that my family and I are in the Setagaya restaurant, so I was worried that we would run into you. You were in a good mood today, so I thought you might go out to have dinner with those three.]

“Is that so? Where exactly are you?”

[We are currently walking up the stairs. I managed to get a second-floor reservation. This level-six thing comes in handy.]

“Is that so? Have fun then.”

[Yes. Thank you, Sir.]

“Hey, waiter.”

“Y-Yes Sir?”

“Let’s go to the washroom together, shall we?”

Among the confused faces of the three ladies and the waiter, without explaining anything to anyone, I took the waiter to the washroom and passed him a bill of ten-thousand yen before taking his bow tie and his black coat as mine was a visibly expensive one. I explained to him the situation and told him to inform the other staff. I grabbed the small notebook and pen and decided to head over to the Kobayashi family’s table to take their order.

Before actually reaching the table, I had to take a moment to calm myself down, because when I saw Princess’s appearance, I was honestly entranced. She was dressed in a glittery and lustrous black colored one-piece, her face was tinged with a bit of make-up which enhanced her already peerless beauty to indescribable levels, and her glossy black hair was left swaying. After that, I arrived at the table and took their drinks order.

While I did, I realized that their family members were very close. After I noted down their appetizer order, I signaled Kobayashi-kun to come into the washroom. When he arrived in the washroom, his expression was grim and apologetic, and he had a gloomy atmosphere around him.

“I am extremely sorry Sir.”

Before I had a chance to say anything, he bowed his head, his waist was bent at ninety-degrees, and his voice was genuinely apologetic.

“Your family is very nice. I am envious.”


“You know I have no one to call family except my sister, right? Looking at your mother acting possessive like that, watching your father laugh like that, watching your sister’s embarrassed expression, was very nostalgic for me.”

He raised his head and looked at my face.

“I am grateful to you for showing me such a wonderful sight. I was planning to leave after that first drink order, but I just couldn’t. Don’t worry, I am not angry in the least, in fact, my opinion of you has improved quite a bit.”

“Sir~ I am going to cry.”

“However, you do need some punishment.”


I took out my phone and typed a small message and sent it to a certain group composed of 31 people. Kobayashi-kun took out his phone, his eyes widened and then he looked at me with teary eyes.

“Sir. I am going to cry.”

“Is that so? Kozu-chan?”

Yes, the message read [Kobayashi-kun’s nickname is ‘Kozu-chan’, why don’t we call our dear friend that as well?].

However, he seemed quite happy and refreshed. He bowed in my direction once again before returning to his table. After their meal, as I went to see them off, I had a short conversation with Princess’s mother where she asked me to call Princess by her name. Princess seemed quite happy about it, so I gave her my consent and permission to call me by my first name as well.

Following this troublesome event, at around 10 P.M, I returned to the table where the three ladies were sitting. All three of them had puffed up cheeks and folded hands.

“You promised up that it’d be just the four of us today!”

“What was with that!?”

“We need an explanation!”

I raised my hand, called over a waiter and gave him my order for our dinner.

“It’s a long story, so listen.”

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