Age is Just a Number.

Author: PuffyPyjamas

Synopsis (Taken from RoyalRoad):

It is said that age is a major factor in matters of human relationships, however, there are people who refute this belief and claim that the most important factors are feelings of the parties involved.

Let us take a trip and see if this is true or not. Is age just a number, or does it destroy a happy relationship by being an impregnable wall between the two people in love?


Chapter 1 – A Moist Sensation.

Chapter 2 – Enviable Couple.

Chapter 3 – A Very Scary Family.

Chapter 4 – Pizza or Pleasure?

Chapter 5 – Doting Sister.

Chapter 6 – Best Friends.

Chapter 7 – Gap.

Chapter 8 – A Simple Group of Friends.

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Chapter 9 – Two Words, Uncountable Sentiments.

Chapter 10 – A Sudden Embrace.

Chapter 11 – Terrifying Siblings.

Chapter 12 – Attachment.

Chapter 13 – A Gathering.

Chapter 14 – Painful Habits.

Chapter 15 – Absentminded.

Chapter 16 – A Very Happy Birthday.

2 thoughts on “Age is Just a Number.

  1. Why is this web novel hidden, you should consider posting it on scribblehub or for more exposure. It have potential to be really popular as a vanilla novel. Anyways, i hope you don’t drop this.


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