Age is Just a Number – 4

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Pizza or Pleasure?


October three, it was a Saturday, and as such, Ichirou didn’t have to go to work today after school. Also, it was a half-day at school, Ichirou’s motorcycle was back, and considering the short amount of distance between Shibuya Fuchu High School and Ichirou’s home, he had returned home before Hikaru, and because Ichirou reached home before she could, she was rather pissed.

“Now, now, don’t be like this…”

Ichirou tried comforting Hikaru by gently rubbing her head, but alas, it didn’t have any effect on the huffy and puffy Hikaru.

“Fine… What do you want me to do?”

Hikaru was still facing away from Ichirou.

“Go out the door and come back again…”

Hikaru said in a soft voice. Hikaru was neither a child nor was she unreasonable. However, welcoming Ichirou home provided Hikaru with loads of happiness. She always felt very satisfied taking Ichirou’s blazer, tie and bag from him after he comes home. Ichirou entering the house before Hikaru was truly a rare occurrence, thus leading Hikaru to develop a habit of performing her welcome greeting every day.


Ichirou wasn’t angry in the least, rather, he was quite mesmerized by this adorable conduct of his beloved. Not many women in the modern age showed such devotion and love for their partner, and this fact was more true for the fragile relationships of teenage couples.

Ichirou was quite popular in his school, so naturally, he had many friends and was acquainted with many people. His exposure to relationships had been very high ever since his middle-school days. Ichirou has seen many relationships rise and many relationships fall. He has been in contact with many of his friends’ special someone, and he can confidently say that his first girlfriend, Hikaru, is an amazing woman and is much better than any typical ‘modern’ girl.

Ichirou silently went outside the door, closed it, and proceeded to ring the bell with an anticipation-filled smile on his face.

The door was opened and the one opening it, Hikaru, had an ecstatic expression on her face, contrary to the one she was carrying just a minute ago.

Women and their mood swings.

Ichirou thought with a sigh. Nevertheless, he wholeheartedly received Hikaru’s affection-filled hug and kissed her on her head. Spending his time like this, living together like a typical idiot couple, Ichirou would sometimes forget that this woman is his teacher, who is at the receiving end of his mathematical questions and queries six days a week.

Ichirou, who had changed into trousers and a hoodie, leisurely threw himself on the bed and fiddled with his phone while Hikaru changed her clothes. Ichirou was busy checking out his social media accounts like a normal teenager when Hikaru jumped on the bed and snuggled into his chest. Since it was October and the temperature was declining, people were rather reluctant in leaving their comfy blankets, these two were the same. Hikaru was tightly hugging Ichirou’s chest, deriving as much body heat as she could, and coupled with their favorite fluffy blanket, it was plain torture for Hikaru to leave the bed to make lunch.


“Hm?” Ichirou, who was still fiddling with his phone, asked in a soft voice. “What is it?”

“I don’t feel like making lunch,” She hugged Ichirou even tighter and placed her head on his shoulder. “Can we order something?”


Ichirou squirmed a bit on the bed, circling one of his arms around Hikaru’s waist, he pulled her up so that their eyes were on the same level.

“What do you want to eat?”

Ichirou switched to a food-ordering app from Instagram and asked Hikaru.

“I wanna eat pizza!”

Hikaru withdrew her arms from Ichirou’s chest and hugged his neck instead. Looking him in the eyes, she coquettishly pleaded.


Ichirou’s grip on Hikaru’s waist tightened as he used his other hand to order two pizzas, some side dishes, and two cold drinks. After he was done paying, he placed his phone on the side table, and since their eyes were on the same level, his eyes came in contact with Hikaru’s as soon as he turned his head in her direction.

Ichirou didn’t avert his gaze, rather, he stared right into Hikaru’s beautiful brown eyes.

“What is it?”

Hikaru softly asked.

“Nothing… I am just taking a good look at you.”

“Fufufu… Please do. I am yours, after all.”

Ichirou smiled and placed his free hand on Hikaru’s cheek. As for Hikaru, she took the initiative to rub her soft cheek gently on Ichirou’s palm like a cat.

Long eyelashes, sparkling pupils, eyes which could suck anyone in. A small, soft, and irresistibly attractive face with a cute nose. Rosy, warm, and tempting lips which worked like a magnet. Lustrous and thick pink hair which extended all the way to her waist. A thin neck and sexy collarbone. Her whole countenance milky white, a seductive smell coming from her body.

Ichirou’s hand slid down to her slender waist, above which, her rather voluptuous breasts jiggled freely, not restrained by anything. Hikaru’s limbs were thin, however, she exercised regularly, so they did not appear malnutrition, rather, they appeared very healthy and appealing. His hand slid down further and grabbed Hikaru’s soft and squishy bottom. His hand sank in and enjoyed the softness and warmth provided by this majestic delicacy. Hikaru’s thighs were well developed but her legs were thin, and like her arms, their healthy and spotless white appearance was truly breathtaking.

“What are your body measurements now? They seem to have changed…”

Ichirou sarcastically said. Listening to Ichirou’s teasing, Hikaru’s face went red as she replied in a small and flirty voice.

“Whose fault do you think that is!?”

Hikaru squeezed Ichirou’s neck with all her strength, making Ichirou lose breath for a second. She placed her lips beside his ears and said in a seductive tone.

“96-58-92… Are you satisfied now?”

Following her extremely embarrassing confession, her lips parted and bit down on Ichirou’s ear. Ichirou shuddered for a second but made a quick comeback by using his hand which was under Hikaru’s bottom to flip her push her down.

With Ichirou on top and Hikaru laying defenselessly on the bed under him, she resembled a rabbit ready to be eaten by a ferocious wolf.

Hikaru’s face was red but she just opened her arms wide, inviting Ichirou to do with her as he pleases.

Ichirou slowly leaned forward, his face gradually approaching Hikaru’s. Hikaru gently closed her eyes, her lips parting a bit, letting her hot breath graze Ichirou’s cheek. As Hikaru sensed the distance between their lips closing, her heart violently throbbed in anticipation.


A sudden gush of warmth attacked both of them at the same time, this kiss was the signal for Hikaru, who was desperately holding back, to let loose. Hikaru hugged Ichirou’s head, kissing him with all that she had. Their tongues intertwined in Hikaru’s mouth, she sucked Ichirou’s tongue with an intoxicated expression on her face. Sounds of their passionate and vigorous kissing filled the room. Their saliva mixed, their foreheads and noses rubbing occasionally.

Ichirou’s hand stealthily grabbed Hikaru’s t-shirt and pulled on it, and without any resistance whatsoever, the t-shirt went flying, revealing Hikaru’s heavenly body.

Ichirou’s hand found to rest on Hikaru’s right breast, gently squeezing and kneading it. The sheer softness and size of her assets were something that could lit other women on fire from jealousy, but in Ichirou’s hands, they were just meant to please his hands.

Ichirou stared Hikaru in the eye, her feverish gaze urging him to speed up. Ichirou kissed Hikaru once more before bringing his lips toward Hikaru’s beautiful breasts. He placed his mouth on the right one while he pinched the other with his fingers. Hikaru was turned on, and as such, her pretty pink nipples were standing upright, inviting Ichirou to tease them and play with them. He rolled his tongue quite roughly, making Hikaru moan loudly in pleasure.

“Mn… Aaaah~! Ichi… Ichirou… Mnaaah…”

The seductive sounds of her moans filled their bedroom. Hikaru raised her hands and pulled on Ichirou’s t-shirt, leaving him with his upper body exposed. Ichirou wasn’t an athlete like Arata, so he didn’t exactly have a six-pack body, however, his body wasn’t any worse than Arata’s. His muscles were firm and tempered, his arms were strong and his shoulders were wide. Looking at his body from below, Hikaru couldn’t control herself and lunged at him like a tigress onto her prey.

“Aaah~!! Mn~! Mn~! Aaa~!!”

As her neck and breasts were under constant attack by Ichirou, she could only hug him tightly and shower him with kisses. Ichirou’s hands kneaded her humongous breasts while his lips traced Hikaru’s slender yet sexy bodyline, reaching her flat belly.

“Ah! Ichi… Not there~! No~!”

Hikaru raised a cry in ecstasy as Ichirou’s lips and tongue explored her jade-like smooth belly. There wasn’t a single ounce of fat anywhere on Hikaru’s body, making her hot body radiate an air of superiority.

One of Ichirou’s hands slid down and entered her trousers, his finger reaching Hikaru’s nether region. Hikaru gasped and moaned in irresistible pleasure as all her sensual parts were being teased by her beloved. Ichirou pulled down Hikaru’s trousers, completely exposing a woman’s most private region in the light. She was already prepared for Ichirou’s treatment, her gaze was excited, her body was covered in a layer of warmth. Her pink hair lay disheveled all over the bed, with her alluring body in the middle.

Ichirou has been exposed to this sight of Hikaru’s completely naked perfect body countless times, but it never fails to make him gulp in pure amazement.

“Not wearing underwear even down there… Aren’t you a pervert…”

Ichirou locked eyes with the frenzied Hikaru and said in a provocative voice. To which, Hikaru bit her lower lips seductively and said in a flirty manner.

“I knew they wouldn’t last long… So why even bother…”

Ichirou spaced out for a second because of Hikaru’s overwhelmingly enchanting beauty, but he recovered soon after. Lowering his trousers, he placed his already excited little brother near Hikaru’s entrance. Her restless gaze urging him to put it in. However, as soon as he was about to enter the sea of pleasure together with his beloved…


“I am here with the pizza!”

Ichirou looked at Hikaru with a complicated gaze. Hikaru, who had an incomparably heartbroken expression, said while gritting her teeth.

“Choice between pleasure and pizza is truly a hard one.”

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