The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time

Author: Kennoji


I was a corporate worker in my 30’s, when I woke up and found that I had time leaped to the spring of my second year of high school.At the time, there was a teacher that I had regretted not confessing to, so I confessed to her in the heat of the moment, and now we’re dating! However, the teacher is one who would make any man a good for nothing person, so I end up being spoiled by her a lot.

While secretly dating my overworked teacher (lover), a sweet school life filled with flirting awaits. A 2nd year high schooler with a 30 year old me on the inside and the teacher (lover) that I want to pamper, our everyday romantic comedy begins.

Index (Chapters are from Web Novel and Images from Light Novel):

Volume 1:

01. The Day I Woke Up as a Second Year High Schooler

02. We are Now Dating

03. Secretly Written Notes

04. The First Lunch Break

05. Friday Night

06. A Relaxed Park Date

07. During Class, A Secret Conversation

08. Career Survey

09. Physical Education and a Photoshoot

10. Sana

11. Detective, Sana-chan

12. Lunch and Sana’s Misgivings

13. A Difficult Situation

14. Forbidden Love

15. Hiiragi-chan’s Break Down

16. The Occurrence the Next Morning

17. Hiiragi-chan the Stalker

18. Brazen

19. Hot Springs Trip With Hiiragi-chan – Part 1

20. Hot Springs Trip With Hiiragi-chan – Part 2

21. Hot Springs Trip With Hiiragi-chan – Part 3

22. Sana’s Shokugeki – Part 1

23. Sana’s Shokugeki – Part 2

24. Let’s Head Into the City – Part 1

25. Let’s Head Into the City – Part 2

26. School Trip – Part 1

27. School Trip – Part 2

28. School Trip – Part 3

29. School Trip – Part 4

30. School Trip – Part 5

31. A Day with a Cold

32. I Wonder What Day it is?

33. A Day with a Cold (Number 2)

34. The Second Time

Volume 2:

35. Hiiragi-chan’s Fears

36. A Certain Holiday on the Veranda

37. Love and Diet

38. Magical Power

39. Fortune-telling

40. After School in the Tea Ceremony Room

41. Magical Power

42. The Robber Incident

43. The Robber Incident 2

44. Rooftop

45. About the Future

46. Discussion 1

47. Discussion 2

48. Discussion 3