The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 54

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Studying in the Library

Heading into July, we entered finals testing season. Just like with midterms, for a total of about 10 days, club activities with the exception of a few, were banned. All students were to go home and properly study during this time period.

The last time when my time leap was released, I was a high school teacher, and I had some income, but it wasn’t enough for Hiiragi-chan’s dad. However, it could’ve been because he hadn’t met me before, and so he brought out the point of annual income because he didn’t like me, and so he just decided to pick on me for that point.

Anyways, for Hiiragi-chan’s happiness, I need to make sure I do my best in studying. I holed myself up in the library after school, and started to do a bunch of studying.

“Ah~, it’s a lot cooler here than the staff room~”

Hiiragi-chan entered the library with a particularly loud statement. While carrying a laptop under her arm, she inconspicuously sat in a position where I could see her.

Did my effort in telling her not to bother me because I was going to study work, or did it not work at all?

Ahem, Hiiragi-chan cleared her throat.

“If it’s for world history, I could help teach any of the students here…”


Taking a look at me, she started to tap her keys.

Ahem, I cleared my throat and muttered to myself.

“I think I’m fine with knowing world history. Rather than that, Math B…”

“Math B…!? Ah, speaking of that, math after fractions was a little bit suspicious~, teaching someone might be a little hard.”

I didn’t say that I wanted you to teach me though. Rather, fractions are just part of simple arithmetic. You got stuck quite early on…

Hiiragi-chan kept looking at me to see how I was doing.

Since I told her not to bother me, it seems that she wasn’t planning on talking to me directly, unless I spoke to her.

“Uuu… it’s cold. The A/C… it’s quite rough…”

Even though Hiiragi-chan was shaking, she stayed in her seat and continued to work.

“I wonder what I should put on the world history test? What should I do, if someone were to ask me, I might tell them.”

It was a simple trap.

Hearing her talk to herself, I also did the same.

“Since I do the problem sets, I can work out most problems to a certain extent. I even properly listen to lecture, so I understand most of the important parts.”

“Mou… why is he so efficient…!”

I ended up hearing her hidden thoughts.

I’m not afraid of world history. Subjects suited for memorization are my specialty after all. Moreover, this would be the second time I’m taking my final exams for the second year of high school. I can faintly remember where the tests went up to.

Uuu, it’s cold, Hiiragi-chan once again shook as she searched for something she might be able to use as a jacket.

Today, I only had the physical education jersey that I was bringing home. I hardly wear it, so it shouldn’t smell strange.

Suuu, I slid my jersey over the desk.

“Sensei. If it’s cold, you can use that to cover your lap if you’d like.”

“Ah… Thank you…”

She hugged my jersey to her chest and then spoke quietly.

“E-even if you’re so kind to me… I won’t tell you where the test is going to go up to, okay? ”

Checking to make sure that no one was around, she brought it closer to her nose. Suun suun. Suun suun.

“Ah. Seiji-kun’s smell…”

Hey, don’t smell that in the library.

Then, she put on my jersey.

Why are you wearing it? Didn’t I say to put it over your lap?

On the left side of the chest, my name, Sanada, was embroidered on it, marking it as my jersey. Having Hiiragi-chan wear it gave me a weird feeling.

“If you don’t ask me anything, I won’t be able to teach you…”

I still don’t remember saying I wanted her to teach me.

For the Math B problem set, I have 20 minutes to solve it.

“For the part around page 72, it’s really important, so for it to not come out on the test—”

So, in the end, she’s still going to tell me.

“The A/C, it’s still quite rough.”

Without me understanding who she was trying to explain to with her mutterings, Hiiragi-chan moved towards me.

“It seems just fine around here ♪”

Ignore it. Ignore it. Since I came here to study, I don’t intend to play around with her.

“If it’s just right here, then please return my jersey.”

“Ohon. It might be cold if I take it off, it might be better if I stay like this.”

Until the end, Hiiragi-chan didn’t want to pass the line that where she would be considered as bothering me, and so she made her declaration in monologue style.

“Ohon. Wearing another males jersey might be seen weirdly by other people.”

“Ohon. This was given to me by a kind student, who wanted to avoid me getting a cold. I should probably wear this for a little longer.”

It seems that she has no intention at all of taking off the jersey that I leant her.

Tsun tsun, I felt something from my leg.

When I looked at the person across, she averted her eyes. As I look below, I could see Hiiragi-chan’s beautiful leg, slightly extended, in order to softly hit my foot.


Our eyes met and once again she averted them However, her leg didn’t move away.

… It seems that she intends to flirt even if it was just with her legs.

“Ohon… if you don’t like it, just say it…? I’ll stop immediately.”

She said that in a quiet voice.

“Ohon… My legs are quite long, so it’s probably easy to bump into the person across from me… Just this much doesn’t really bother me though.”

“Ohon… Being kind so suddenly. It isn’t okay…”

Facing her own laptop, Hiiragi-chan had zero desire to let go with her legs. She continued to stick her legs close to mine. The toes on her stocking covered feet were stroking my leg. When I did the same thing back to her, Hiiragi-chan reacted by jumping up a bit.

“Wait, it tickles… Ah. Ohon.”

That cough was too late.

“Ohon… I really can’t concentrate on my work at all… what should I do?”

“Ohon. My studying isn’t really making much progress…”

If you really wanted to concentrate on work, you could just do it in the staff room. For my studying, I could just do it at home.

… In other words, it’s like that. Under the desk, where no one could see, our legs continued to play.

But, it strangely felt more calm this way. The two of us concentrating on work and studying without speaking.

Since it was during testing season, and the school was about to close, the only people in the library were the two of us and the librarian. Regardless, there were originally only two students other than me.

“I should go borrow a book…”

Standing up from my seat, I begin to browse the bindings of books located on the shelf. Hiiragi-chan followed me as well. Her mouth was loose, as if she was going to play a prank on me.

I checked the counter to make sure that the librarian wasn’t moving at all, and walked into a blind spot. Under the shadows of the bookcase, we had a kiss against the rules that we had set for ourselves.

“I was pretty bothersome wasn’t I… Sorry.”

“It’s okay. I can still study once I go home anyways.”

“… Muuu… You always suddenly become nice like this…”

After having a secret conversation that couldn’t be heard by anyone else, we once against quietly kissed each other.

“Good luck with work, Sensei.”

“Sanada-kun as well, good luck with studying.”

As our happiness gauge built up, both of us broke into smiles.

“It seems it’s true when they say that if you have someone you love, you can really do your best…”

Hiiragi-chan quietly said those words.

On that note, I wholeheartedly agreed with her.

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6 thoughts on “The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 54

    • Heading into July, we entered finals testing season.

      Wait, aren’t finals in October-November if you’re using the semester system, or maybe December-January or even January-February if you’re using the trimester system? You know, when you’ve finish learning EVERYTHING for the year?


    • By the way, no need to curse others to explode. Getting a partner to go out with can be done anytime if you really feel like it. It’s pretty easy. If your personality and character is good, most people will be willing to go out with you and many will like you a lot.


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