The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 62

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Summer Assignment

“How is it going?”

“Umm… well, so so I guess…”

“I see! Do your best!”

“… Yeah, thanks…”

While giving a half-hearted reply, I worked on the problems given for our summer assignment.

“Coffee? Or would you rather have tea?”

“For now, I’m okay. Thanks.”

This situation originated yesterday. I told her that I was going to the library to work on my assignment since my house was hot. Hearing that, Hiiragi-chan offered for me to go to her place to work on it.

However, does she not need to go to work…?

“Ah. Seiji-kun, just now you were probably thinking something like, Haruka-san seems so free. Despite how it looks, I’m not free.”

With a super smug expression, Hiiragi-chan brought out her laptop from her work bag and opened it across from me.

“Seiji-kun, it’s Sunday, you know?”

“Aaah… I see.”

While giving another unenthusiastic answer, I continued to solve my classical literature problems.

“Your reactions just now were all kind of weak… It makes me quite sad!”

“Be quiet.”


Pachi pachi, she started hitting on the keys, before jumping into explanation about the work she had as a teacher.

“Bringing out personal information from school isn’t allowed, but if it’s grading, making problems, or preparing materials and such, then doing it at home is fine.”


“I-I was ignored… that’s quite saddening…”

The problems consisted of 5 different subjects. Math, classical literature, English, and biology. There’s nothing super troublesome like in elementary school where there were things like self-guided research, drawing pictures, or book reports. However, there was quite a large amount to work on.

There was a high amount of deviation between scores at our school. As such, just after the holiday there would be a talk about future career paths and there would also be a test on academic ability. At this point, I was thinking that there really weren’t that many great things to return to in the second year of high school.

Since she was continuing to stare really hard at me, I unconsciously stopped my hand.

“Is something wrong?”

“No. I was just thinking that the serious look in your eyes was kind of cool.”


“That’s right.”

Speaking of which, there were quite a few times where I also felt the same way about her. For instance, during world history class, as I’m watching her hard at work from my seat.

“By the way, Seiji-kun, are you good with laptops?”

“I wouldn’t say I’m an expert at it, but I would say that I’m at an acceptable level.”

Hiiragi-chan spun her laptop around to face me.

“It’s about Excel though… I want to do this part of it a little better…”

Listening to her explanations, it seems that in preparing her materials, she wanted to input data in a certain way.

“Aah. If it’s that…”

I returned the laptop to facing Hiiragi-chan and sit down next to her. Then, I begin pointing at the screen in order to give instructions.

“Ah. It’s done! Seiji-kun, you’re amazing!!”

“No, I’m not amazing at all. Excel is the one that’s amazing.”

“Now you’re just being humble.”

Hiiragi-chan started to teasingly poke my cheek.

“Stop it.”

After showing my dislike, she became depressed.

“Ah… sorry.”

Ah. This is bad. I might have said that kind of harshly… No, but, I was originally intending to go to the library to work on my assignment today… I came here today because I thought that HIiragi-chan was going to be at school working. It slipped my mind that she could be working at home. I did forget it was Sunday though.

Hiiragi-chan started grab at me, like she was a dog that wanted to be paid attention to. If this was in class, I would be really angry.



This is awkward…

In truth, I was going to invite her to hang out at night after finishing up a certain amount of my assignment. No, but, Hiiragi-chan is bothering me too much during my studying. She’s also talking to much. For just a bit… I should have her repent. Just a tiny bit.

Every time I take glances at her, the depressed Hiiragi-chan seems to wither even further.



This is awkward…

However, I think it’s wrong for me to apologize here… Eh, am I just being stubborn? No, that’s not true. Definitely not. It’s not that I don’t want to apologize.

I take a glance at her once again, causing my mouth to turn into a frown.

Still, my way of saying things might be somewhat problematic. Dammit. What’s with this? I can’t concentrate on my questions at all!

“… I’ll be in the bedroom…. If something happens, just call out to me.”

With a level of energy lower than ever seen before, Hiiragi-chan grabbed her laptop and disappeared into the bedroom.

Ugugugugu… This feeling of guilt…! At a time like this, the only person that I can really confide in is Natsumi-chan. However, I don’t really know how to contact her…

[For a situation like this, is it the acquaintance that’s in the wrong?]

Explaining the situation from the start, I sent a text as if I was just an acquaintance to the person involved.

Twenty seconds later, a reply came.

That was fast.

Fujimoto is totally free.

[Aaah, that’s complex! Rather, going to your girlfriend’s house over break to work on your assignment, that person should just die!]

Ah. This is bad. Fujimoto might once again fall to the darkside. I see though… for a person who doesn’t have a girlfriend, this would be a luxurious worry…

Last time during the break of my second year of high school, I just did my assignment, and then played RPG’s all day and night. Without even doing anything summer like, I holed up and filled my days with games. In a sense, you could say that’s very much like a summer break. Well, a non-normie’s summer break should be basically that. Thinking along those lines, this times break is already quite fulfilling.

[The girlfriend is an older beauty I heard.]

[Please die…]

Let’s fan the flames a little more.

[Large breasts, beautiful legs, and a great body to be proud of.]

[Please die… Who is that guy anyways…]

It’s me though.

[He was let into his girlfriend’s place, where she lives alone.]

[A summer break filled with sex… I’ll definitely kill him…]

We haven’t gone that far yet though.

I waited a little bit for Fujimoto, who had seemed to hit a breaking point.

[The next time I see someone, I’m going to kill them by hand…]

Everyone around Fujimoto. Run.

I was now satisfied after being able to egg him on further. As expected, for a normal second year high school student, it is natural to envy a situation like this. It was enough to cool down my head.

[You know, if you were going to say something like, oh, I was actually talking about myself, you should stop it.]

“There’s no way that would be the case, comrade.”

[I know right. lolololol. There’s no way a guy like you could ever get a girlfriend. Lololol.]

[This is the last warning that I am going to send you… when you go out walking at night, you should watch your back.]

[Bring it on! Come at me!]

Even as I make my way towards the bedroom behind me there wasn’t a single sound that could be coming from it. Maybe, she’s crying while hiding on her bed…? Well there’s no way an older lady like that would do that, right?

Kon kon, I knock on the bedroom door.



I heard something from the other side of the door.

“Earlier, the way I worded things was bad… About that, sorry…”

The door opened a bit as Hiiragi-chan poked her head out.

“No… Me too, I’m sorry. I was probably a little bit annoying… You were in the middle of studying after all…”

Her eyes were a little bit red.

“Were you crying?”

“I-I wasn’t crying…”

“The truth?”

“Just a little bit.”

Just as I thought, she was crying.

At school, Hiiragi-chan seems to be a lady that has a good grip on her life. However, when it’s around me, her mentality seems to become more immature.

“When I’m near Seiji-kun, I somehow end up just really wanting to talk to you, or wanting you to pay attention to me…”

“You’re like an elementary schooler that found someone they liked.”

“Muu~ I can’t say anything against that though…”

While pouting a bit, Hiiragi-chan looked downwards.

“But, this is the first time I came to like someone like this… so becoming like an elementary schooler like that, forgive me for that…?”

Kuu. So cute…

If she were to open the door right now, it would instantly turn into flirting mode. I’ve got to endure it. Endure it.

“At night, I want to go somewhere with Haruka-san… But before that, I would like to complete a certain amount of my assignment.”

“Eh? Where?”

“It’s over on top of the mountain. During the summer, you can see the stars really clearly.”

“So romantic! I want to go!”

“Then, until then we should each do our own work or assignment and finish, okay?”

“Yeah, I’ll do my best! If it’s like this, I can definitely give it my all!”

Hiiragi-chan is always so honest when it comes to hanging out with me.

Still, since I would get distracted, Hiiragi-chan stayed in the bedroom, while I was in the living room studying. When I finally was able to finish it, there was a feeling of liberation after settling such troublesome things, and so we ended up flirting more than usual.

“You really did your best, Seiji-kun. Now I need to reward you.”

“No matter how you put it, it feels like I’m the one on the giving side though.”

“Once again, your saying something so mean…”

“Do you hate it?”

With her lips that were pouting in complaint, Hiiragi-chan gave me a kiss on my cheek and on my neck.

“… I love it ♡”

As if we were animals marking our territory, we continued to give and receive kiss marks throughout the night. When I returned home, I was once again found by Sana, and was completely disinfected.

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