The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 36

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A Certain Holiday on the Veranda

She’s super super overworked.

That’s what Hiiragi-chan’s eyes showed.

Although we do go on dates together, we aren’t able to spend much time outside together, and so we end up spending our time over weekends at Hiiragi-chan’s place.

More than anything else, we end up watching DVD movies. Today, as well, Hiiragi-chan had borrowed a recently popular action movie, and we were planning on watching it together, but her eyelids looked so heavy…

Every time she blinked, the amount of time that her eyes were closed increased. Hiiragi-chan was the type to sleep anywhere. Once she’s asleep, she becomes a deep sleeper.

“Haruka-san, you’re sleepy, right?”

“N-no, I’m not sleepy at all. I can still stay up for another 50 hours or so.”

She’s so easy to read. It’s so easy to see that’s she’s lying…

“You’re tired from work, right? Why don’t you take a short nap?”

“I won’t… it’s my long-awaited time with Seiji-kin.”

“Look, you’re speaking has started to fall apart.”

It seems she’s spending time with something grey. [1] Well, she probably just bit her tongue or something.

She then shook her head with all her strength and gave it her all to keep her eyes open.

“I was looking forward so much to having fun with Seiji-kin this weekend…!”

“Well yeah, of course you’d look forward to it… I guess you can go on a trip with tax money.” [2]

“… Hah!? I’m not asleep, not at all!”

“Not listening. Rather, with that type of reaction, you’re definitely falling asleep.”

I paused the DVD playback.

“What’s wrong?” She asked.
“I’m a little bit tired. Do you mind if I take a nap?”

“If that’s the case, then of course it’s fine. Yes, come over here.” Spreading out her arms, HIiragi-chan gave me permission to come closer. Whenever Hiiragi-chan shows her maternal nature, I always end up wanting to be spoiled by her…

But no, it isn’t that at all.

Rather, I’m not sleepy at all. If I sleep now, then Hiiragi-chan, who lost the need to do anything, would fall asleep. Or at least, that’s the plan.

If I don’t do this, it seemed like she would continue to say “No, I’m not sleepy.” Despite the fact that she’s tired from work, and is forcing herself to stay awake.

“Today, it’s fine…”

“Hmm? That’s unusual?”

“I can sit on the sofa and sleep.”

“But if you do that, your body will become sore, right?” Pulling out a blanket, Hiiragi-chan spread it out on top of her lap. “Come on. Over here. Come.”

Ton ton, she patted her thighs.

I-if I give in here, then Hiiragi-chan won’t be able to sleep…! That’s what I think, but the level of spoiling is to high, and I’m not strong enough to go against it…!

“But, if I do that, then you won’t be able to move, right?”

“Mufufu… it’s fine as long as I get to look at Seiji-kin’s sleeping face.”

When will she start calling me Seiji-kun again, I wonder.

“Haruka-san, if you’re tired, you don’t need to force yourself to watch the DVD…”

“It’s not like I’m forcing myself to, though?”

In the end, I didn’t win against Hiiragi-chan’s temptation, and borrowed her lap. Since it was hard for me to move away from her, she ended up coming in with a kiss. Pat pat. Pat pat. She petted me as if I was a pet cat. It felt so nice that by the time I noticed, I ended up falling asleep.

When I woke up, Hiiragi-chan’s movements had also stopped, her eyes closed and looking down. The plan was half a failure, and half a success.

Suu suu, the peaceful sound of her sleeping breath could be heard. In order to not wake her up, I carefully sat up from her lap, and slowly lay her down on her side.

“Thank you for your hard work, Sensei.”

From around her hip, a little bit of her panties could be seen.


I move the blanket to cover that up, so that it was okay to look at her. Whether it is because she’s just unaware, or whether it is on purpose… sometimes things like this happens, and it’s a little troubling…

The fact that she was looking forward to being with me honestly makes me happy. However, even if she wants to have fun, if she’s tired then she’s just tired. Sometimes, it’s fine to have days like this.

The room seemed to be cleaned pretty nicely, so there was nothing for me to do there. It was now around 5 in the afternoon, and the outside had just begun to darken.

“Ah, that’s right. Laundry…”

If it’s dry I should bring it in and if needed, I can fold it too. As such, I head out onto the veranda from the bedroom. There, whether it was the clothes that I saw a lot at school, or her clothes that she wore outside of work, they were all hung on hangers drying. It was all dry, so I brought in what I could, but then stopped my hands at the leftover clothing.

What was left, was her underwear.


I-is it really alright for me to bring this in…? Rather, is it really alright for me to be seeing this??

I swallowed a bit of saliva.

“N-n-n-normally, it’s a t-top and b-bottom as a set right…?”

There was underwear which I had seen once before, and others that I had never seen before. Half of it is just strings… H-Hiiragi-chan, you wear erotic things like this…

… I swallowed my saliva again. This is bad. My eyes are throbbing. Maybe because of all the color, my eyesight is shaking. That’s right, this feeling, it’s like I entered the R-18 section of the video rental shop for the first time…! The strong stimulation from the information being drawn in through my sight…

The ones that are being worn, are many times more erotic than ones that you just see. However, in its state of being dried out in the open, feeling of life seems to be mixed in, as such…

I can’t help but stare.

This… I need to bring it in, and fold it…!? Panties are safe. I can somehow fold those correctly. However, as a man, it is a completely unknown existence—the bra, how do I fold that!?

If I fold all the other laundry, and just leave the bras like that, it seems kind of weird.

“Hmmm? Seiji-kun, you didn’t fold the bras… Ah, maybe you felt embarrassed? For a guy, it would be embarrassing to fold a bra after all. So cute, Seiji-kun.”

The thought of Hiiragi-chan grinning while teasing me like that came to mind. The same thing would happen if I were to leave all the underwear unfolded.

“You didn’t bring any of the underwear in… Ah. I see, I see. It’s embarrassing, right? Even if it’s your girlfriend’s, you were embarrassed… So cute, Seiji-kun.”

She would definitely be grinning while saying that… Still, it would be tedious to return all the stuff that I had already brought in.

“Ugh… What should I do…?”

“You’re quite enthusiastic, Seiji-kun.”

Hearing a voice from behind me, I jumped up.


“Staring so hard at my underwear… I bet you were thinking something perverted, right?” Hiiragi-chan grabbed me from behind and started playing with my cheeks.

As I took a sidelong glance, she was grinning as expected.

“I wasn’t thinking anything like that!”

Well, even if I say that, it isn’t very convincing.

“You’re at that age, right? It’s okay, it’s okay, Sensei doesn’t mind at all ♪”

“You’re misunderstanding. I was just thinking about taking it in, and if I bring it in, how I would fold it… Rather, when did you start watching?”

“From when you had walked out onto the veranda.”

“That’s basically from the start! Can’t you call out next time!?”

“I mean, I was wondering what you were doing. Wondering whether you wanted my panties or something…”

“… I-I don’t want it.”

Hmmmm? While grinning, Hiiragi-chan took peeked over at my face, “You didn’t say that very strongly? I guess you didn’t really want to deny it?”

“I don’t want it.”

Hiiragi-chan softly spoke into my ear, “If you want it, I’ll give you one ♡”

“… I-I’m saying that I don’t need it!”

“Just now, you hesitated, right? Do you want it?” She poked me with a finger, and told me that my face was red, while taking a peek again at my face, “If you were going to get just a glimpse of my underwear, which one would you want me to wear?”

“This one.”

“As expected, it’s this one! Then you want this one!”

“T-t-that’s not true! I don’t really like playing around in such perverted ways.”

“Didn’t you answer immediately? The question of which panties are the best. Even if you respond like that, it’s not very convincing, you know?”

“Ha-Haruka-san, you perveeeert.”

Uwaaan, I struggle to get off the veranda, but Hiiragi-chan didn’t let go with her arms at all.

“Ahahaha, Seiji-kun, you’re so cute~”

That day, I continued to be teased in this way. Though, as a souviner, I was given the panties to bring back as I was leaving.

“I don’t need it.” I said, as I threw it back.

“Mou, Seiji-kun, you’re so easily embarrassed~” Hiiragi-chan narrowed her lips.

In some strange ways, Hiiragi-chan can become completely shameless, and sometimes, she would become a woman who I had no way of handling at all.

TL Note:

  1. The joke here lies in the way she called him Seiji-kin… the words that were used for it was 政治金, which means political funds. So, I believe it’s a reference to how money looks kind of grey.
  2. Same idea as the previous one, since political funds come from taxes usually.

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17 thoughts on “The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 36

    • It seems she’s spending time with something grey. [1] Well, she probably just bit her tongue or something.

      The joke here lies in the way she called him Seiji-kin… the words that were used for it was 政治金, which means political funds. So, I believe it’s a reference to how money looks kind of grey.

      If believe that it’s more of a joke about how political funds tend to be obtained through grey means (borderline legitimate).


      • “I won’t… it’s my long-awaited time with Seiji-kin.”“I won’t… it’s my long-awaited time with Seiji-kin.”

        And that Haruka-san is dabbling is said grey area known as political funds.


  1. lol cmon bro aren’t you like 27 ? getting embarrased over some panties …. well i do wonder what she has in her collection though, also i still don’t understand how they’re keeping their relationship with no sex, i mean yeah i understand that you don’t need it and all to really love someone but still they seem really physically close and they kiss pretty passionately all the time i’m surprised one of them doesn’t try to take it to the next level.

    Well I guess even if the author has made it a little raunchy (well 100% more then usual japanese light novel shit) he still won’t take that final step for now, hope it does happen though.

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    • Also i caught up already NOOOOOOO ….. wish this had way more chapters out i love it, i love the younger guy x older girl dynamic a lot and it’s kind of hard to find it and this is actually pretty well done.

      Thx a lot translator-kun.


    • I am seeing the same thing where the MC acts older for 40% of the story and acts his age for other 60%. Unfortunately Sensei acts like a HS 100% of the time.. But his back and forth is really aggravating.


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