The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 35

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Hiiragi-chan’s Fears

◆Hiiragi Haruka◆

[Seiji-kun, good morning ♪]

The first thing to do after waking up in the morning, is to send Seiji-kun a good morning message. While preparing for work and waiting for the reply, the message came.


Hmm. That’s all? It seems to be less energetic than usual… Shouldn’t there be a good morning, or an I’ll do my best today, or maybe even an I love you?? It felt somewhat saddening, so I sent a [Let’s do our best at school, okay!], but there was no reply to that.

Muuuu… Is this perhaps, the period when he becomes tired of me…!? Getting used to dating each other, and as the refreshing feeling of having your heart beat faster disappears, your couple status begins to fall apart. Is it that!?

“Perhaps, Seiji-kun, has begun to lose interest in me…?”

N-no way. It’s only been a month since we started dating…

I shook my head.

Seiji-kun is a sensitive high school student. Compared to teachers who have to do the same work every day, there must be a lot of other exciting things for him to do. Seiji-kun, is so kind and cool, so he’s probably really popular… Probably. If I put my effort into it, a young girl like that of a high school student, there would be no need for him to hold any interest in something like that. I should be able to hold on to him.

“Hiiragi, will do her best!”

Even if I say that though, what should I do…? On the front cover of the dating magazine placed on the table the words of “Image Change” were written on top of it.

“Alright. It’s decided!”

My hair that’s normally in a ponytail, today, I’ll let it down on my left shoulder. Yeah yeah, it’s surprisingly good! I have become a lot more mature than usual.

“Seiji-kun, I wonder what he’ll say… Gufufu.”

You look more mature today, Haruka-san. I like you! I love you! Will he say something like that?

“Gufu… Gufufu.”

I got into the car and began my commute.

In the staff room, I make my preparations for class, and while doing other miscellaneous work, I wait for the meeting.

Seiji-kun, will he come?

Each of the homeroom teachers went to their respective classes, and after the period ended they returned.

Seiji-kun, will he come?

The first class period ended, and it was now a 10 minute break.

Will he come? Seiji-kun. Has he still not come?

There wasn’t any sign of him trying to enter the staff room at all. This is weird. Today, he shouldn’t be taking a break from school…

“Ah! Sensei, you let down your hair today!”

“It’s true! She’s cute like that as well!”

The third year girls had noticed and praised me.

“Ahaha, thank you.”

Hiiragi with her hair down, it can work!! I confirmed it!! Gufufu. That’s why Seiji-kun, you should quickly… Will he come? Will he come? Sowa sowa…

He’s not coming at all! Mou, I’m mad. If that’s the case, I’ll go and see him. Zun zun, with the sound of my footsteps ringing out, I head to the second floor of the classroom building, where Seiji-kun’s class, Class B, was located.

“Sei.. Sanada-kun, is he here…?”

I secretly peak into the classroom. Then, I slid the door open, there wasn’t a single student inside.

“Ah, Sensei. Do you have something you need with Class B? Class A and Class B have already moved for physical education, you know?”

A boy that was passing by ended up telling me that.

“Ah, is that so. Thank you… It’s just bad timing…”

I dropped my shoulders. Seiji-kun! Hiiragi-sensei, isn’t really free right now!

“Where are they doing physical education? On the field?”

“Class A and B, aren’t they in the gym?”

“Okay, thanks!”

If it’s come to this, even if it’s a little stubborn, I will make him say it. That Haruka-san seems a little bit different from normal.


I breathe out vigorously through my nose, and dash straight towards the gym. The chime rang, and class began. Slightly opening the heavy iron door of the gym, I peek inside. Ah, there he is. Seiji-kun had a sleepy expression on his face and was kind of cute. The other students had noticed me, and waved their hands while calling out to me, so I waved my hand in response.

However, the important person in question, Seiji-kun, didn’t look this way at all.

“Yeah, ohon, gohon! Ooohon!!”

After I opened the door so that it would be easier to see my face, Seiji-kun finally noticed.


H-how is it!? How is the upgraded version of me!? Pui, without any sort of reaction, he looked away. W-what was that…! Your beloved Haruka-san had come all the way here. I gave myself a bit of an upgrade for Seiji-kun too. I-is this a falling out…!?

“Why is he so cold… It’s somewhat saddening…”

Gogogo, with some strange sound effects, a shadow was cast on my face.

“… Hiiragi-sensei.”

“… Y-yes?”

Looking up with a small voice, the physical education teacher, Komada-sensei, was looking down on me. Seiji-kun had said that if you called him a cleanup hitter, he would turn mad. [1] I don’t really understand what that means though.

… H-he’s super scary…

“Are you observing the class?”

“… N-no… Rather than observing… I was wondering whether you would let me watch… something like that…”

The cold sweat wouldn’t stop coming…

Eh. Is he perhaps angry with me!? Is he angry at the fact that I wanted to see the students even though I’m a world history teacher!? Behind him, Seiji-kun had an expression that seemed to say “Don’t say anything more.”

S-seiji-kun… can you come up with something to follow up with… h-help…

“It’s currently the middle of physical education class.”


“Even if you say that you don’t have class right now, please don’t come.”


I made him mad… of course he would be… As a teacher I was scolded by my senpai.


“If you’re free, why don’t you go and observe some other world history class, and study how they proceed with class.”

He’s quite the uptight person… As a working person, I’m being scolded…

“I-I’m not exactly free…”

“Then why did you come all the way here to the physical education class?”

Komada-sensei’s expression had the words, “It’s so nice to be free,” written all over it.

Ugugugugu. It’s so frustrating… But speaking about what our workload really was, this cleanup hitter probably had five times as much, so I can’t really say anything to that…

“I just happened to be passing by…”

“Hiiragi-sensei, is this perhaps about the next class?”

Tatata, Seiji-kun came running by. Seiji-kunnnnnnnnnn. I’m already about to c-crryyyyy.

“… What do you mean about the next class? What is it?”

Seiji-kun was completely turned around.

What? What is he talking about? Seiji-kun, who regained his composure began to explain to the cleanup hitter.

“Sensei, I’m on duty today. During world history class, we’ll be watching a DVD, so there are some preparations that need to be made for that.”

… We won’t be watching a DVD today though? Sometimes, we do watch something from Myste— Discov— of the World!. [2]

The line of sight of the cleanup hitter moved to face me.

“U-umm, that’s right. J-just a little, really for a little bit, we just need to talk.”

“Is that so… From now on, please do that sort of thing during break.”

Komada-sensei then moved away.

Seiji-kun exited the gym and quickly pulled on my hand.

“Sei—Sanada-kun, today isn’t a DVD day, you know? Moreover, you aren’t on duty today.”

“It was just made up. If I didn’t step in there, Sensei, you looked like you were about to cry.”

After looking around for a bit, Seiji-kun took me to the changing room.

“Leaving that aside, isn’t there no need for you to show no reaction at all… If you take such a cold attitude, I end up worrying.”

“Ah, if I reacted there, it might have been found out that you came to see me though, right?”

Uu. He had a proper reason for that…

“B-but… this morning, the message you sent wasn’t very energetic… I was wondering if you were having a falling out with me, and became worried…”

“I was busy this morning, and I had a lot on my mind today, but I’m definitely reflecting on that. But, it isn’t that I’m falling out of love or anything like that.”

Really. That’s a relief. I guess I jumped to quickly to a conclusion. T-that’s right. Sowa sowa, I ended up touching my hair that I had let down today.

“Seiji-kun, do you have anything to say to me?”

“Eh? Ah… Why do you know that I’m not on duty today?”

“Fufun. Seiji-kun, I know the rotation for your class like the back of my hand! Rather, that’s not it! A-also… thank you for helping me back there.”

“Yeah. You’re welcome. Then, I need to return to class.”

Without any chance to call out and stop him, Seiji-kun left the changing room.

Then, he quickly turned back around.

“Letting down your hair like that suits you, Sensei. It makes you look more mature.”

He then waved his hand, and returned inside the gym.

“M-mou… I-if he noticed, then he should have said that first… mouu… I love him…”

During lunch, I’ll spoil him a bunch. Just like that. Rather than there being a falling out in love, I was able to confirm once again how much I loved Seiji-kun, and that made my day.

TL Note:

  1. The term used for cleanup hitter in this case was 満塁男, which technically translates to full bases man… or something like that. Apparently, it was a common nickname for Norihiro Komada, which is where the joke is coming from.
  2. 世界ふしぎ発見! (Mysterious Discoveries of the World). I believe it’s supposed to be like Japanese National Geographic, Discovery, etc. It was famous enough to be censored.

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