The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 132

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X-Day — Second Part

TL: Daemon

ED: PuffyPyjamas

As I was very unused to having my birthday celebrated, I was stuck just standing there. While doing that, the younger Rei-chan came over to me.

The image of her present-day form overlaps with her. Well, I guess it is her so that makes sense.

“Senpai, happy birthday!”


It seems like she was going to give me a necklace made from origami, so I bent over and had her place it over my head. That’s unexpected. She is 20 years old on the inside, so I thought she would give me something more mature.

“After thinking about it a lot, I thought that a present like this would be more childish and actually feel more genuine.”

So sly…! She’s probably thinking that it has the cute feeling of a child that tried their best to make something like this…!

“Sanada-kun, hurry up and come over here. How long are you going to stand there for?”

Hiiragi-chan invited me over, and so I entered the room as if guided in and arrived at my seat. Most likely, if my past were to flash before my eyes, this day would definitely show up.

Everyone sat around the table lined with dishes. Opposite of me was Sana, Kanata and Hiiragi-chan. My side had Rei-chan on the right, and Fujimoto on the left.

“That’s why you said not to eat too much for lunch.”

“That’s right. Sana even told Okaa-san that dinner is not needed.”

“Fujimoto also knew?”

“Eh? …Well, yeah. It’s a surprise after all!”

This guy is super irritating…

If you knew, then don’t try to feed me a bunch at lunch! It was dangerously close to ruining things. What would you have done if I decided to go with a karaage set!

Hiiragi-chan and Kanata poured some juice and tea into cups and brought them over. Once everyone had a drink in hand, we started a toast.

Fujimoto smoothly stood up.

“Then, this humble Fujimoto, will give a toast…”

“Senpai, Sensei—Once again, happy birthday~! Cheers!”

Going along with the toast from Rei-chan, everyone other than Fujimoto brought their glasses together.

“Wait… just wait… I was thinking about what to say during all of our afternoon classes—. C-cheers!”

Fujimoto lifted his glass one beat late.

It seems that the karaage was freshly fried as it was piping hot and really good. The taste was one that Hiiragi-chan would make.

“The karaage is really good… but Hiiragi-chan made this?”

Fujimoto, who was focused on eating karaage, asked that question to no one in particular, to which Hiiragi-chan nodded.

“That’s right. Ah, but it’s only the seasoning. I had Ii-san help out with the frying part of it.”

Kanata nodded once.

“… Saa-chan, it’s about time for that…”


The two of them stood up nervously, and brought over enough curry for everyone.

“T-this is what Sana made…”

The Sana curry from the school festival I see. After it was placed down, I had a bite.

“Yeah, it’s good.”

It’s sweet, but something I would eat at home. I could see Sana show a slightly relieved expression.

“Chan-Sana, it’s great that it turned out well! It’s really good.”

“It’s always good… also, in the first place, Sana didn’t make it for you.”

“Oof, it’s quite sweet but the person herself is salty and spicy…”

It’s because you were overly familiar with her, right? Rei-chan said, while chowing down on the meal.

“Hmmm, well, I can tell the person who made this has quite the childish taste. It’s still good though.”

“Somehow that doesn’t feel like a compliment. Also, what’s with the arrogance.”

Even having it as karaage curry it still tastes good. In general, I guess, if you put something that tastes good together with something else that tastes good, the result is something that tastes good.

“Nii-san, you brought it, right?”

“Eh?… Oh, yeah.”

After being told, I realized and so I took out the present for Hiiragi-chan from my bag.

“Sensei, this is from the three of us, Sana, Kanata and I.”

“Eh? R-really? Thank you…”

Once she was handed the present, Hiiragi-chan held it in her hand and stared at it.

“It also includes a little bit of my feelings.”

Fujimoto gave a thumbs up. You have nothing to do with this.

“Can you please stop saying random things like that?”

“Can you stop it with the polite speech?”

This guy…!

Hiiragi-chan fumbled around and took the scarf out of the box.

“Ah, it’s a scarf! It’s warm and cute…!”

“Sana and Kana-chan picked it out. Nii-san said that it would be better with something more plain so we went with a grey color.”

“Is that so? Thank you.”

Hiiragi-chan wrapped the scarf around her in great joy as her cheeks completely loosened. While harmoniously eating curry and karaage together, Hiiragi-chan stood up from her seat, and came back immediately.

“I also have a present for Sanada-kun.”

“That’s nice. It’s only for Sanada.”

“No well, it’s my birthday after all.”

I peeked inside the fashionably wrapped present. Inside was a scarf.

“What is it? What’s inside?”

“I’m also curious…!”

Fujimoto and Rei-chan both peeked in from the side.

“——This… it’s a little…”

Rei-chan muttered.

“Sensei, I want to use the bathroom.”

“Eh? Right now?”

Hiiragi-chan was forcefully pulled out of the home economics room while confused. What’s wrong, Rei-chan?

“That’s nice, a scarf… I would also want one…”

“Nii-san also got a scarf?”

“Eh? Yeah.”

I took the scarf out of the packaging. It was a navy-blue scarf that seemed like it could be used for casual outings, and also for going to school. It doesn’t seem to be something that’s store bought.

Is this possibly… one that’s hand knitted…?

Now that I think about it, when I went to the staff room, she was doing something with her hands, right? So, she was making this?

Thinking of her knitting even while being so busy at work, it really touches my heart. I tried wrapping it around myself and of course, it was warm.

“… Seiji-kun, it seems like it’s hand knitted?”

“Eh? Hmmm, it might be.”

After I said that, there was a moment of awkward silence.

“—No, there’s no way something this good could be hand knitted. She probably bought it at some store.”

Fujimoto said.

“Hmm? Is that so…?”

Hiiragi-chan is on the more dexterous side with her hands. She could probably make something hand knitted.


Eh? What’s with this weird atmosphere? Just as I was thinking that, Rei-chan returned with Sensei.

“Senpai, the scarf really suits you.”

“It’s true. I guess it was worth buying it.”

Aah, then, I guess she bought the scarf.

“There’s cake, so let’s eat it together.”

From the refrigerator in the prep room, Hiiragi-chan took out the cake and brought it over. It was a cake made of six different flavored pieces.

It looks like she made it, but there’s no way she would have the time to do that.

“Sana wants the mont blanc one.”

“I want the cheesecake…!”

“Chan-Sana, kid. Wait. The people having their birthdays should be the ones to choose first.”

Fujimoto spoke with a serious expression and had the two of them wait.

“I like any cake, so I’m fine with any of them.”

“Don’t waste my kindness!”

I ended up accepting the strawberry shortcake, and drank the tea that Hiiragi-chan had made at some point.

After that, the weird atmosphere I felt at that moment disappeared.

Hmm, when should I hand her the present that I got her.

As I was thinking about that, it became time to leave school, so we all started to clean up.

“Senpai, senpai.”

While cleaning up the tableware, Rei-chan came over next to me and whispered to me.

“The scarf was as expected, hand-knitted…”

“Ah, really? But no one seemed to be stubborn about that.”

“Senpai, it stands out too much. Where did the normally calm and collected Senpai go? Wouldn’t it be weird for a teacher to hand knit something for one student?”

“Ah——So it’s about that…”

It stood out. Completely.

“Geez, you guys are so similar as a couple. Sensei didn’t even realize until I told her. After emphasizing that it was bought, it seems like we were able to trick everyone else though. Well, she did buy the yarn, so it’s technically not a lie either.”

Such a strategist! I’m glad that I told Rei-chan our secret…

“Thank you, Rei-chan.”

I patted her on the head.

“I love it when Senpaib pats me on the head.”

“As expected of a 20 year old girl. You pay attention to the details. I’m counting on you.”

“Ah, does that mean you want to marry me, Senpai?”

Rei-chan hugged me at the waist.

“… Sanada… Sorry…”

“What’s up all of a sudden, Fujimoto?”

“There isn’t a present from me.”

I patted Fujimoto on the shoulder and nodded.

“Don’t worry about it, I wasn’t expecting one.”

“Sanada… when you say you didn’t expect one, that’s pretty saddening…”

You treated me to some soba, so that’s good enough.

It was already dark out, so I sent Rei-chan back home. Hiiragi-chan seemed like she still had work, so after the birthday party, she holed up inside the staff room.

“Nii-san, we’re pulling an all nighter today with that DVD set. The Breig that Sana gave.”

“Wouldn’t it be fine tomorrow?”

There’s still five hours until the end of the day. Spending an all nighter watching anime with my sister isn’t exactly something I’m looking forward to.

“Nii-san… can you let me see the scarf one more time?”



“Because I didn’t get a good look at it.”

“Isn’t it fine, there’s no need for you to see it.”

“Well, I guess it’s fine…”

I went home with Sana, who was pouting and in a bad mood.

At around 10:30 at night, a call came from Hiiragi-chan.

“I just finished work, and I’m about to head home. Thanks for today. The birthday party was really fun~”

“Good work. It was fun for me as well.”

I glanced at the clock. I still have time to give her the present that I didn’t have a chance to give her.

“Can I go over right now?”

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