The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 112

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Ladies’ Study Session — First Part

◆ Hiiragi Haruka ◆

Saturday night, Natsumi came by after Seiji-kun left.

“Haru-chan, hello.”

“Hello… Why are you here at this time?”

“Well, don’t mind it, it’s fine.”

Natsumi came into the room as if it were her own home, and sat down on the sofa. 

She usually comes during the day though. I wonder what’s wrong?

“When Thief-kun is around, even I can read the atmosphere. He probably went home covered in kiss marks right? Wouldn’t I just be in the way?”

“That’s true, that is probably the case.”

“Not even being denied also hurts a little bit.”

The other day, Seiji-kun had asked me if I had any dissatisfaction with him. However, I truly have none. It’s just, there’s something that’s on my mind.

“What’s up today? Did you fight with Mother?”

With the school festival coming, the teachers also had their own various roles, and so the number of small tasks that needed to be done has increased more than usual. She’s here even though I was hoping to spend my time relaxing in the bath.

“Don’t be so cold. It makes me feel lonely, right? You know, for me too, after Mama told us about that, I had a thought.”

“About what?”

“About THAT.”

“…T-that… when I was asked if I’d gotten along with Seiji-kun.”

“Yes, that. I don’t know much about it you see. Not anything specific at least. That’s why I thought I would study with Haru-chan.”


Natsumi rummaged through the backpack that she was carrying on her back. She normally comes empty-handed, so I thought it was weird. So that’s what it was.

“Don’t be surprised, okay?”

Nastumi set a magazine looking object onto the sofa.

On the cover page, naked? A-a woman…? A beautiful woman was looking back with flirtatious eyes. Her breasts were exposed as if normal.

… Art material??

“Wats dis?”

“Rather than being surprised, you don’t understand even from looking at the cover page? Haru-chan, you’re quite pure. Try turning the page.”


When I turned the page, I saw the woman on the front cover making scandalous poses and doing lewd things.


W-w-w-w-w-what is this!? I-i-i-i-it’s super perverted!?

“Ahahahah. You’re completely red!”

“N-n-natsumi~! Why, why, did you bring this?”

“I said that it was for studying, right?”

“S-studying? You weren’t trying to tease me?”

As I looked at Natsumi suspiciously she stopped laughing.

“I mean, Haru-chan, even if you’re actually really horny, and you really want to do it, you wouldn’t know how to, right?”

“W-w-w-wait a moment! I’m not really horny! I’m just a little, a little bit horny.”

Using my index and thumb fingers, I indicated how little it really was.

“Geez, any amount is fine. You want to do something good with Thief-kun, but you don’t know what to do, right? You don’t even know what you don’t know, right?”

Uuu. That’s true… However, affirming it would mean that my little sister had seen right through me. It’s somewhat embarrassing…

“That’s why I had Yoshinaga-san pick it out for me.”

“Yoshinaga-san!? Why!?”

“The only person who that I can have such a useless conversation with is him after all.”

“What face should I make the next time I see him…”

“You decided on an ironclad rule of not doing it until you get married, so even if you thought it might be okay now, because of your previous declaration, it’s become needlessly hard to do something good, right?”

Why does she know?

“T-that’s not it.”

“Even the last boss, Mama, gave her permission and it lowered any hurdles you had even further. But since you said this and that to Thief-kun, it’s become awkward to bring it up, right? I was thinking that you might be troubled by that, so I came.”

Being seen through this far, this has gone past the point of embarrassment, and has reached a point where I am in awe of how she knows.

I pulled out a can of beer from the fridge and drank it all in one go. Setting the can down on the table, I sat deeply on the sofa.

“V-very well. Hiiragi Haruka, will begin to study.”

“Oooh, your eyes have settled down. That’s the spirit, just like that.”

Pera, pera. [1]

“Wawawa, Haru-chan, this, it’s amazing…”



“Uwah, this is… wawawa… the stimulation is amazing.”

“Mooouuuu… Why are we doing this…?”


“Look, this, with the whip, is super erotic! I bet Thief-kun would be super happy.”

“S-super happy…?”

Nastumi cracked up as she watched me, her older sister, take in numerous provocative poses.

“… You know, this is almost like I’m sexually harassing Haru-chan, and it’s become quite fun.”

“Please don’t enjoy it.”

A pose that would make him happy, is like this…?

Trying not to let Natsumi notice, I tried gently tightening both my arms and brought them to my chest. In spite of my own feelings, the valley became quite amazing…

“Uhah, you’re casually trying to put it into practice!”

“!? T-t-t-t-that’s not it!”

“I’m not wrong. It’s fine like that.”

Natsumi was encouraging all of this, but despite that, her face was also red.

“Ohon. The point is, you aren’t able to directly tell Thief-kun that it’s okay to do perverted things, so you should invite him like this, right?”


… Wait? I feel like it’s harder this way.

“You have quite the erotic figure, so if you just approach a bit more directly, he’ll bite instantly.”


“P-probably. Try casually touching him with your breasts.”

“I sometimes do that.”

“You do that!? So lewd!”

“I mean, Seiji-kun’s reaction is cute… so I just end up doing it.”

Natsumi opened and closed her mouth wordlessly.


“We haven’t done anything more than that!”

“If that’s true, then Thief-kun really has a strongly steeled spirit.”

“I don’t like it. Even if I say we can’t, ummm… having him come at me a little more forcibly is something that is ideal to me… Eheheh.”

In the spirit of alcohol, I ended up voicing a bit of my delusions.  However, Natsumi was looking at me with cold eyes.

“See, it came out. It’s because you say stuff like that that your virgin state is getting worse, right?”

“It’s not getting worse!”

Ah, that’s right. My ideal scene was actually something that was inspired by manga.

After heading into my bedroom, I came back out with the manga that Natsumi had recommended.

“This is the one that I said was interesting before!”

“That’s right. This scene! Isn’t it great?”

I opened it up and showed it to her. Natsumi nodded.

“Yeah… this really makes your heart skip a beat… T-there’s a bookmark…?”


“Waaaah… this is clearly getting worse… Thief-kun really has it tough… You’re so serious that it kind of puts me off…”

“Ah, tomorrow, Seiji-kun is coming, so if it becomes like this—”

“Yes yes. Good. Just calm down. It’s because it didn’t turn into that, which is why we are doing this right now, right? Let’s take a bath together and think of some plans, okay?”

Like this, I took a bath with Natsumi and we came up with plans for tomorrow.


  1. Just noting that this is supposed to be the sound of turning pages.

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7 thoughts on “The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 112

  1. Thank you for the translation!
    iirc when i read the raw this line [“W-w-w-wait a moment! I’m not really ‘horny’! I’m just a little, a little bit ‘horny’.”]
    the author used the word ‘ecchi’ here which could also mean pervert/perverted i think it would be a better fit instead of ‘horny’


    • The author actually does not use that word. The specific phrase that is used is スケベ心which is close but a little different. However, I’ll try to think of something that fits the connotation better.


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