The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 03

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Secretly Written Notes

The next day.

I immediately used my one tryst in the morning. Even though I say it’s a tryst, it was just that I was going to the staff room to see Hiiragi-chan, that’s all.

When I entered and looked over at her desk though, she wasn’t there. That’s weird. Since I didn’t say I was coming to see her, it can’t be helped that she’s not there, I guess?



I was so surprised… Turning to look behind me, my angel, Hiiragi-chan, was there. It seemed like she was returning from class as she was holding a collection of history textbooks and materials. However, rather than looking like a teacher, she looked more like a 24 year old girl with that teasing smile of hers.

… Dammit, so cute.

“Were you surprised?”

“Yes, I was very surprised.”

“Is there something you don’t understand?”

“Ummm, yeah that’s it”

“Come in come in”, she said. It was if she was bringing me into her room. Hiiragi-chan then sat me down by her desk. She opened up the world history textbook and began a personal lesson.

“On the 21st page….”

While giving a random explanation of the textbook, she wrote something on the back of the printout.

[Isn’t this so exciting?]

Hey. You 24-year-old. What are you doing being so excited in the staff room during lunch? I’ll hug you, you know?

“Aah, I see.”

I gave a suitable response. Acting like I was taking notes, while writing a response.

[Today, you’re wearing a skirt.]

“They’re foreign words, so the names of people and places are hard to remember but…”

She was seriously explaining the textbook with her mouth, but her ballpoint pen was writing a completely different thing.

[Does it suit me?]

[It’s cute.]

“Mou, that’s a little bit unfair…”

She whispered that in a small voice. Hiiragi-chan was seriously embarrassed as her mouth loosened.

She then gave my arms a small poke.

“Making another surprise attack like that again…”

While seeming angry in a joking way, she pulled out some manjuus from a drawer underneath.

“The manjuus have come out again?”

“Eh. You don’t like it? Yesterday, you seemed so happy, so I bought some more…”

“No. I love them.”

“That’s great.”

Hiiragi-chan, it seems like you’re completely spoiling me. At this rate, the manjuus will probably come out tomorrow again.

A teacher across from us was staring at us.

“Umm… Would you like some too, Sakai-sensei?”

She offered some manjuus to my homeroom teacher, Sakai.

“Sorry. Thank you very much.”

He was in charge of teaching math, wore black glasses, and was past his 30’s.

“Sanada, let me tell you this. Manjuus and personal lessons…”


“Hiiragi-sensei. There aren’t a lot of chances to be taught like this by a beautiful teacher like her.”

Ah, ahahah, to the old man’s special flattery, Hiiragi-chan gave forced smile.

[Are you bad with Sakai?]

[Ah, I got found out?]

With her eyes laughing, she restarted the fake lesson. As she did that, Hiiragi-chan put my hand on top of her lap.

Hey. You 24-year-old. What are you doing secretly holding your students hand in the staff room? I’ll hug you, you know? I also faced my palm up and grasped her hand back.

[Isn’t this exciting?]

The excitement from doing something that we weren’t supposed to do, the excitement of possibly being found out. Also, the excitement of holding hands with the person you like.

These various feelings mixed within my head so that I couldn’t keep up.

“Your face, it’s red you know?”

Kusu, Hiiragi-chan giggled like a small demon as she teased me.

Even though you’re a little red yourself!!


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20 thoughts on “The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 03

  1. Hopefully this guy payed at least a little attention to the world around him before the time leap, so he actually has something from the future to use other than his new found balls.

    Thanks for the chapter!


  2. I thought something would be noted about her hair by now, i thought she was wearing a wig but apparently that’s not the case, so i still don’t understand, why her hair was described as black while it’s pink in the illus


  3. My heart… Too much happiness i’m rolling on the bed while grinning too much… Glad there’s no one around XD one word… CUTE!!!


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