The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 02

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We are Now Dating

[Thank you very much!! Thank you for the message!!]

After replying to the message, it was about seven o’clock in the evening before a reply came back.

[Take care of me as well ♪ I also said this after school today, but texting during school is forbidden alright? Promise?]

If it came from another teacher, it might have felt like a nosy warning, but for some reason when it’s from Hiiragi-chan it makes me happy…

[Then, does that mean calling is okay?] I sent her a bit of a joking message.

When I did, I immediately got a reply.

[Playing around with my words is also banned.]

Ah~. Ah~. This is bad. Her reactions are also cute.

Fuheh, fuheheh

A strange laughter leaked out.

“What are you laughing at?”

My mother, who was at the dining hall, looked at me suspiciously.

“I-it’s nothing.”

After I finished eating dinner, I returned to my room and thought about what to write as a reply. Suddenly, the question that I first came up with came to mind.

[Why did you say okay? I did confess to you though.]

[My heart went doki when you held my hand. I was really happy. Also, seeing you work so hard was cute ♡]

[I’m so happy my nose bled.]

[That’s not good! You need to give the back of your neck a light tap!]

[Because it was an okay, you recorded your address into my contacts?]

[Yeah ♡]

I can’t. Just one heart emoji causes my happiness gauge to fly away.

[If this is found out, wouldn’t it be quite dangerous?]

[Eh? Why is that?]

Why… well, a teacher going out with a student, a teacher doing this and that with their student wouldn’t be good, right? I mean, isn’t it not allowed? Even I know that a teacher shouldn’t be personally messaging their students, that’s not right, right? Isn’t it also wrong for you to record your mail address onto a phone that’s been confiscated?

Considering the risk of a teacher like Hiiragi-chan actually going out with a student, ignoring the fact that I confessed, Hiiragi-chan should have refused.

[If it’s found out, you might have to quit school and you won’t be able to be a teacher, right…?]

[Ah, I see.]

I see… that’s so casual.

[But still, it can’t be helped. Having my heart go doki and the feeling of electricity running through me, I ended up liking you ♡]

Ended up—?

Liking me—?

♡ —!?!?

It can’t be helped. If she puts a ♡ then it can’t be helped. If she ended up liking me then it can’t be helped. In order to accept all of Hiiragi-chan, I’ll give her my 100%. Risk and the other stuff. Common sense can go to hell. No, but, wait a moment. Calm down me.

There is a need to reduce the risk of getting caught to zero. It seems that Hiiragi-chan’s common sense is a little bit fluffy. I have to hold firm here.

[Let’s decide on rules. At school, we won’t meet alone.]

[Eh~!? Since texting is banned, if we can’t do that we can’t talk, right?]

This teacher, she planned on being along together and flirting at school…!?

[Withdrawn. It’s alright to meet alone at school.]

I have a reputation of taking things back after all.


[However, since it seems that putting brakes on the whole thing is not possible, we will meet somewhere during the 10 minute break period, and only once.]

[Eh. What about lunch break!? That’s the main event!?]

[That’s a little… If we meet for long periods, we might be suspected.]

[Muuu. Sanada is quite a serious person. I always make a bentou for lunch, so don’t I have to make an extra one now?]

Ah. I understand. Hiiragi-chan, aren’t you a bit of an useless adult. If I want to keep our romantic relationship, I need to protect Hiiragi-chan. What’s inside of me is older than Hiiragi-chan at least. I must have everything together at least.

[I’m happy for the bentou. But, there isn’t any place to eat it, is there? A teacher eating bentou with her student every day, that’s really suspicious.]

[Inside the World History Preparation Room. I’m the teacher managing it after all ♡]

!? … C-calm down me. I

…I-I have to keep firm.


[Yeah ♪ Before fifth period starts, sometimes other history teachers will come. But, I have a strong grasp on what days those will be ☆]

[Then during lunch, on days other than those?]

[No one will come, you know?]

[For side dishes, I like karaage.]

At this time, my common sense has completely died.

[Understood. I’ll put it in tomorrow ♡]

It sunk. It’s already impossible. I couldn’t resist the temptation. Anything is fine now. Secretly being alone with Hiiragi-chan, eating bentous that Hiiragi-chan made, there’s no way I would miss such a dreamlike situation.

I immediately told my mother that I didn’t need a bentou tomorrow. I made up a suitable reason to go along with it.

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25 thoughts on “The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 02

  1. you for starters you wrote bentwood for bentou… there were some other misses but… i can’t be bothered to mention them!
    anyways, i like the story but, honestly, this story only gives me one thought which is the big NTR imprint of either a teacher or a student blackmailing her eventually with something like: if you don’t do “this” then your boyfriend will get kicked out of school (she probably only thought of herself when they started dating afterall) anyways do i look forward for more though!


  2. Well, fight through highschool. After you graduate your relationship can stop being secret, but for now a certain 30 year old in highschool again may need sensei to give some refresher lessons.

    Thanks for the chapter!


  3. Hey… Started reading today and saw the comments on NU… I got warned but still ended up looking for an insulin shot and this is still just chapter two… Diabetes on the rise


  4. This story is so refreshingly cute after all the isekai and such that I’ve been reading. It’s hard to aclimate to how quite the novel is in comparison though. 😝


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