The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 69

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The Hiiragi Family’s Circumstances – 2

Once Hiiragi-chan and them had finished eating, they left the restaurant.

I then settle the bill and follow after them.

The plan that Hiiragi-chan had told me about was for them to head to the famous garden that I had even heard about, located on the rooftop. It would then be the feeling of, “The rest is up to the two young ones,” as they are left to go on a walk.

Even if I can’t enjoy it, I have to stick with them until the end.

Chasing after Hiiragi-chan and the middle-aged man, I also entered the garden. The garden seemed to be made by a famous gardener. It overflowing with water, bright greenery, and colorful flowers. It almost seemed like I had entered a fantasy world.

“The garden, is really pretty…”

“Ah, yeah…”

The two people were having an awkward conversation. Hiiragi-chan was using a parasol so I couldn’t see her expression.

While sneaking around, I followed the two of them.

“Thank you for today. I was surprised since you were so beautiful.”

“No. It’s nothing like that…”

Like a young lady, Hiiragi-chan showed a modest amount of humility.

However, Hiiragi-chan was pretty today, just like the middle aged man had said. It’s just, if it’s making a move like that, I wish he would let me do that?

“Aah, Don’t worry about it. A man like me… I understand that I can’t be popular, just looking at a woman’s reaction, I can kind of guess…”

Uuu, that’s painful…

Yeah yeah, I get it, I really do.

Sitting on a bench in the shadow of a tree, I observed the two of them at a distance at which I could hear them.

“That’s not true. I think that Sanjou-san is quite a wonderful person…”

From Hiiragi-chan’s tone, and the middle-aged Sanjou-san’s appearance, I can tell that it was polite flattery. It seems like had money, but definitely didn’t look popular. His level of sociability is low, and he can’t even talk very well.

So, the talk about being popular if you’re an adult with money was a lie…!? I ended up getting shocked in a weird way.

“Wonderful…? Really?”

Hey hey, old man. That was just polite flattery. Don’t take it so seriously. A spicy Japanese person that would say something like “Well, I guess you really don’t seem to be the popular type,” with that timing, really doesn’t exist.

“Ummm… Uuhhh, yeah.”

While being troubled, Hiiragi-chan nodded, and Sanjou-bocchan ended up closing the distance between the two of them.

I noticed that Hiiragi-chan’s body had gone stiff.

In my mind, second-level battle station alerts sounded out.

From what I heard earlier, Sanjou-bocchan was the fourth inline at a well-known and well-established company. It means that this time’s marriage interview, wasn’t even something the Hiiragi family really wished for. That’s why, whether or not she likes him, she wants it to be settled peacefully.

“W-what p-part of m-me is g-good…?”


Sanjou-bocchan brought his face closer to Hiiragi-chan.

He rested his hand on her lap, and started to stroke her thighs repeatedly over the skirt.

“Hey… what part? What part of me do you like?”

“… Umm, s-sorry… s-stop… please…”

I’m someone who settles things peacefully, so I’ve never gotten into fights with other people. If things can be settled uneventfully, then even if it’s worse for me, I’m the type of weak person to lower my head and apologize.

“If you marry me, you can play quite a bit, you know? What are you referring to when you say, “Please stop”?”

“… I, ummm… have a person I like… a lover that I haven’t even told my parents… that’s why… sorry… I didn’t say wonderful intending it in that way…”

Puchin, I, who had finally snapped, headed towards the bench the two of them were sitting on. Even for me, I haven’t officially touched those thighs!!

Sanjou-bocchan, who seemed to be disappointed, grabbed Hiiragi-chan by the wrist.

“Then, then—isn’t it fine if it’s just one time! I got us a suite, let’s go. If you let me do it, I’ll wash today’s rudeness away completely, okay? Let’s go.”

“——That’s why you aren’t popular!”

With my fist held so tight that my fingernails were digging into my skin, I struck Sanjou-bocchan in the face as hard as I could.

Gyuu, with a squeak that sounded like a squealing frog, he fell behind the bench with quite some force.

The scared Hiiragi-chan hid behind my back.

“That hurt… W-who are you…!?”

“I’m just a middle-aged man passing through while in the middle of a time leap. What about it?”

“Y-you’re completely unrelated—this is assault! Police! I’ll call the police.”

“You’re calling the police when you were the one trying to forcefully drag a woman into your room when she clearly hated it? Don’t make me laugh!”


As I became more calm, I had a flash of inspiration. If I just act like some stranger passing by, then it wouldn’t cause Hiiragi-chan any trouble.

However, Hiiragi-chan, who was still trembling even now, continued to hold onto my hand tightly. If I were to say, “Well, bye,” and gallantly dash off like this, there was bound to be problems.

“… Thank you, Seiji-kun.”

She called me by name.

“A-a-anyways, don’t just selfishly touch a woman like that. No matter where you touch, it’s the same as being a molester! Also, you’re already at this age and you still don’t know what it means to be polite? At least learn to read the mood. That’s why you aren’t popular even though you money.”

I just threw a huge murdering boomerang. However, I don’t care about that. He was the one that was wrong.

“A person like you, there’s no way you would understand my feelings…!”

“I get it, you idiot! That’s why, I’ll tell it to you. If you want to do something like that, go to the store!”

It was advice from a mature middle-aged man.

“Dammit… Gufuu… I just, I just wanted love…”

“Stop lying. You just wanted to do it.”

I can’t believe this old man. All he thinks about is his lower half.

“I-I’m going to tell my parents, and even Sanjou-san’s parents as well. T-that you were trying to do something perverted to me!”

With teary eyes, Hiiragi-chan shouted out with a shrill voice. She was still hiding behind me though.

… A scared Hiiragi-chan who is trying her best is so cute.

“J-just that, please… please refrain from that.”

Sanjou-bocchan rubbed his forehead into the ground and prostrated.

“Doing something perverted like that is only for the store, or with your lover!”


Hiiragi-chan had used her parasol and took a world class full swing at him. It seemed that she felt satisfied with that, and the matter was finally settled.

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9 thoughts on “The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 69

    1. It seems relatively accepted in Japan, from the number of stories I see openly referencing it. Anyway, criminalizing sex work only puts the workers in danger and gives another source of income for underworld organizations, so I approve.

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      1. He means if you say : ” No! No legal prostitution!” people would do it illegally and underground organizations would profit. However in my country prostitution is forbidden (even things like compensated dating), but to my knowledge illegal prostitution is really undeveloped in my country, small enough to not garner any attention. Though laws regarding watching porn or consentual, unpaid sex are pretty loose to my knowledge. (I’m from germany and I heard the average age to have sex for the first time is 14, AVERAGE)


      2. That’s because your age for having consensual sex is so low! 14?! Way too low! The body isn’t even properly developed yet! Worse still if pregnancy occurs! It’ll be a mess! Japan is right for legalizing it and making it more organized and monitored. That way, STDs are less likely to spread too.


  1. If this were a anime or manga, despite the terrible atmosphere they would likely have added some bumps or bandages to this guy’s head
    Thanks for the chapter


  2. Hiiragi-chan should have used the parasol to swing at the lower-half of the pervert or better close the parasol and poke the weak point with force! hahaha

    Thanks for the Chapter!

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