The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 67

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Home Economics Club Activities – Second Part




“……Ah, made a mistake. Have to redo this part again…”

After school the next day, Kanata and I were both in the home economics room absorbed in working on making misangas. If we were on a radio broadcast, then incident must have occurred, since there was no conversation between us.

Every once in a while, she would take a glance at me, then return her eyes back to her hands. Kanata might not mind it, but it felt slightly awkward…

“Ka-Kanata, have you decided on what you want to do in the future?”

She shook her head slightly to indicate a no.

“I see.”




Ku, this atmosphere is heavy… Even if I wanted to summon Sana, she had already gone straight home.

“Do you have an interest in… game companies?”


Oh. I finally got a reaction.

“Yeah, that’s right. Since you like games, have you ever thought of making one before…?”

“… Liking something and working is different.”

She said something so reasonable!? Isn’t this the person who’s supposed to be Sana’s senior at a game company in the future?

Sana probably went home to work on her misanga, and Hiiragi-chan was probably going home after work to work on it as well.

“I will definitely win!!”

Yesterday, Hiiragi-chan was so enthusiastic when she called at night. She’s twenty-four years old, and is completely serious in competing with high school students.

“Sensei will properly teach them the severity of such a competition. I’ll teach them how real this is!”

Hiiragi-chan didn’t even hold a fragment of maturity.

“… Seiji-kun… can I get your arm for a bit?”


Kanata grabbed onto my left arm and started touching it.

“What is it?”

“Size… You’re the same as Sana, pale… and thin.”

Well I don’t really do any sports or anything. It isn’t white enough to call pale, but I don’t really go outside and I don’t really do any exercise, so my arms stay untanned and thin all year round.

Funi funi, Kanata was absorbed in touching my arm.

“Are you done?”

“… Can you make a fist?”

“Eh? Like this?”

As I gripped my palms, Kanata began tracing the muscle lines that formed on my arm.

“… It isn’t strong, but it’s pretty… And a little obscene.”

“What are you imagining when all I’m doing is this?”

I would like you to stop looking at my arm as if it was something obscene.

After that, Kanata repeatedly touched my arm.

“… I got it.”

What did you get?

As usual, the model student Kanata still had a lot of mysterious parts to her. When I asked Sana about what type of person Kanata was, I was given the reply of, “Kana-chan is a normal girl?” Rather, it seemed like Sana was making me out to be the weird person for asking such a question.

With me being me, producing the misanga took me about two days before I finally finished.

And then, three days later. After school, we gathered at the home economics club and presented the misangas that we made.

“Nii-san, in order for you to not know who made which one, turn and face the other way.”

“Okay, okay.”

I turned around and faced my back towards Hiiragi-chan, Sana, and Kanata.

Well, I did see Sana while she was making it, so I can probably easily tell which one is her’s. The same for Kanata. Which means, by process of elimination I can also figure out which one is Hiiragi-chan’s. Is there really a meaning in turning around?

“Sana’s is this! It’s perfect!”

“Sana-chan, you worked hard.”

“Hehen. That’s right, Sana worked really hard—Wait, Sensei, you were just making fun of me right weren’t you!?”

“…I don’t think she was making fun of you, just treating you like a child.”

“Kana-chan. Please don’t analyze the disrespect directed at Sana. Rather, how did Sensei’s turn out anyways?”

“Hiiragi-sensei’s is this one!”

“Eh!? This, it’s cheating!”

“I didn’t cheat. Please don’t say bad things about other people.”

Cheating? What did you do, Hiiragi-chan”?

“Then, is it fine now?”

As I was given the okay, I turned around to face the three of them.

On the left, was Sana’s red, white, and blue French misanga. [1] Even if it looked a little bit awkward, it was well made. As I picked it up, Sana began to fidget, her eyes were swimming left and right. She’s easy to understand… The one in the middle was Kanata’s. It was made carefully with the blue, white, and black colors that I had picked.

And, finally…

… No matter how I think of it, it’s Hiiragi-chan’s…

While fidgeting, Hiiragi-chan was looking at my reaction.

“Sowa sowa. Sowa sowa…” [2]

She’s saying that out loud!?

“Sanada-kun. Pick one out of the three that you like the most, and then we’ll exchange, okay?”

With a composed expression, Hiiragi-chan spoke. Essentially, Hiiragi-chan’s misanaga was well, one, two, three… twenty in total. How much did you want my misanga?! If you make twenty, then of course there would be one or two that I would like!?

She’s not mature at all. She was planning on dominating the battlefield with overwhelming numbers…

“Look, even Nii-san is drawing back. Making so much is cheating.”

“It’s not cheating. No one said you could only make one.”

Are you a child?

However, since numbers were not brought up, there was reasonable logic behind it.

Hiiragi-chan’s face had her pride written all over her face.

“… You said, there was only three days for making them…?”

“Mufufu, did you notice? This was Sensei’s plan for complete victory ♪”

“Somehow, it’s so serious that it’s a little bit disgusting…”

“… Yeah, a little bit disgusting.”

“Sensei, how about you pick on as a representative?”


“Ah. That sounds good.”

“… Yeah, that’s reasonable.”

Reluctantly, Hiiragi-chan picked her favorite one out of them as a representative.

“Nii-san, pick. No matter which you pick no complaints… complaints might be brought up but we will do our best.”

As Sana said that, Hiiragi-chan and Kanata nodded.


I picked up Sana’s misanga.

“Eh? Sa-sana’s? You’re fine with that one!?”

“Yeah. Exchange with me.”

I handed her Sana’s misanga from within my pocket.

“I-I’m happy… Wait. Nii-san, you can actually make it pretty well.”

Sana was carefully looking at the misanga held in the palms of both her hands.

Even at a time like this, she doesn’t forget to say rude words.

It was made mainly out of orange in order to match Sana’s image.

This time, I grabbed Kanata’s.

“… Didn’t you exchange with Sana-chan…?”

“Isn’t it fine to make multiple?”

I handed Kanata one that was made mainly out of green.

“… Th-thank you… I’ll treasure it.”

“Eh, eh? Then that means…!?”

The eyes of the dispirited Hiiragi-chan began to shine.

“I also have one for Sensei. Here.”

“Thank you… Sensei will also treasure it…”

While being thrilled, Hiiragi-chan stared closely at the misanga in her hand.

“Everyone seemed to want one, so I thought it would be nice to make three. And so…”

Everyone was busy trying to put it on their arms and adjusting the length. None of them were listening at all. But, since they look happy, I’m glad that I worked hard to make them.

“Nii-san, by the way, who is first place…?”

“Eh? First place? … Sensei for enthusiasm. Sana for effort. Kanata for degree of perfection… so a draw.”

“““Well, it’s fine I guess…”””

Seeming like they gave up on a decision, the three of them looked at the misanga on their arms in satisfaction.


  1. Just for clarification… the colors represent the French flag. Normally I would say blue, white, and red, but since it’s Japanese we go right to left 😀
  2. This is the sound effect for fidgeting. I normally translate it fully since it’s used interchangeably as the sound effect and the verb but I thought it would be better to leave this one as is.

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