The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 66

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Home Economics Club Activities – First Part

“Hey, where are you two going?”

It was after school. As the two of us got into Hiiragi-chan’s car to buy stuff for club activities, Sana found us.

“Uuuuu… we were so close…”

Hiiragi-chan muttered in a low voice.

“Right now? Some tools? Ingredients? I’m going out with Sensei to buy some.”

“Then, Sana will come with.”

Like this, it’s almost everyone. Since it would be sad for Kanata to be the only one left out, we invited her as well, and went out as the four of us to buy stuff together.

“Sensei, what were you planning on buying?”

Sana poked her head over from the backseat.

“Last time we did cooking, right? So this time, we’re doing handicrafts!”


With a face that said that she didn’t understand at all, Sana turned towards Kanata.

“Handicrafts means stuff like sewing.”

“Ah, so that’s what it is!”

“At first, I thought that I would choose for everyone. But since everyone is here, you guys can freely choose what you want to make.”

Once Hiiragi-chan said that, Sana whispered into my ear.

“What do you make with handicrafts anyways?”

“It’s that, miscellaneous things like dust cloths, aprons, and stuff.”

“W-what should Sana do…? Sana has never even made a dust cloth before…”

Natsumi had to submit a dust cloth one time for homework didn’t she. She cheated and submitted one she bought at a 100-yen store though.

Based on the content of club activities, the home economics club has already turned into a bride training club.

“Ah, Sana-chan, are you perhaps bad at it?”

“Sana isn’t bad at it! It’s easy!”


When we arrived at the nearest department store, we went to a handicrafts store that sold fabrics and other sundries.

“This will come out of club funds, so everyone should buy what they want, okay? If it’s really expensive you need to ask first though.”

Hiiragi-chan said.

Well, I’m technically still a club member, I should make something as well.

Chon chon, Kanata was pulling on my uniform, and dragged me towards the fabrics corner.

“What is it?”

“… Which one is good?”

Kanata had stuck out her finger in order to point at different colorful threads.

“Have you already decided on what you want to make, Kanata?”

“… Yeah.”

… Then, why is she having me decide?

Then this one and this one, I randomly picked out blue and white colored threads.

“What are you making?”

“… Seiji-kun, do you want to make it too? Misanga.” [1]

“That seems like something even I could make…”

“… Yeah. Let’s make on together.”

Piku, Hiiragi-chan and Sana, who were both close by, stopped moving.

“… Do you want to exchange?”

“Ah. That sounds kind of nice.”

“Sana is also interested in a misanga.”

“Then, maybe Sensei will also make a misanga.”

It turned into all of us making one. However, that didn’t seem to be the goal for the three girls.

“There’s only one misanga made by Seiji-kun!”

“Then, Sana and Nii-san will end up exchanging misangas, right…?”

“What are you saying, Sana-chan. Sanada-kun is going to exchange with Sensei, you know?”

“… Sensei, that’s not right. Seiji-kun is the one that will choose…”

The three of them looked at me.

“I-I’m going to choose?”

“““That’s right!”””

It ended up being that I would exchange the misanga that I will make, with my favorite one out of the three that they will make. Isn’t it fine for each of us to make our own misanga as we like it…? Of course, I had made that suggestion, but none of the other three people had lent me their ears.

“Isn’t it okay if everyone enjoys making their own…”

“Handmade by Nii-san.”

“… One made by Seiji-kun.”

“Sei… Sanada-kun is going to make one.”

“““I want it!”””

These guys are in sync when it comes to such weird things.

Together with the three ladies, I start comparing different types of thread. Since I was also making one, I picked a few different types of thread and bought them.

“Sana has the strongest weapon of sibling love.”

“… On the other hand, you could say that there is only sibling love.”

Kanata really doesn’t hold back.

“Sensei has teacher and student love, or rather love itself——it’s overflowing with love.”

Hey, Hiiragi Haruka. Don’t say any more than that.

Hiiragi-chan was immature as usual, as she quickly rushed to join the competition between fellow students. From a teacher’s point of view, I would think that you would take a step, two steps, no, maybe even three steps back. However, she was moving forward with full acceleration. Bachi bachi, the three of them met each other’s gazes and let out sparks.

“The deadline will be Thursday, three days from now. After school, we’ll have Sanada-kun pick.”

“… I have no objection.”

“Just how I want it!”

Just like this, we were given three days to work on it.

As I was using the computer at home in order to look up videos on how to make it, I heard a loud voice from the kitchen.

“Okaa-saaan!? How do I do this!?”

Although she talked big, Sana is clumsy after all…

Rather, does Kaa-san even know if you ask her?

“Mou, why don’t you know!? Sana doesn’t know either!”

It seems that her plan had quickly come to a standstill.

As I continued steadily with my work, I felt a stare…

Sana was peering through the gap of the door at me.

“Uwah!? You surprised me… what is it?”

“Y-you seem to be progressing well? Sana was just looking at Nii-san’s progress.”

Okay okay. Since I seem to be doing well, you’re probably coming to see how I did it. Seems like she caught an illness that prevents her from honestly asking for help.

“If you exchange with some weird person, Sana won’t like it.”

“Can you really talk about other people?”

Kotsun, Sana gave me a small headbutt.

“Let me see.”

I borrowed the thread that Sana had made into a complete mess.

“Watch carefully, okay? With this, you do this, and over here it’ll become like this. Then you do this…”

Sana put her hands on my lap and leaned forward, staring closely at my hands.

Her face is too close. White cheeks and long eyelashes, this girl… I use the same shampoo as her, but is it just me or does Sana smell better.

“It’s just like braiding. Since you’re a girl, can’t you do it?”

“Sana hasn’t done any braiding herself yet… There’s rarely anything to braid in the first place.”

Now that she mentions it, Sana’s hair wasn’t done in a braid. Most of the time it’s let down straight. At most, it would be put into a ponytail. When she was small she sometimes had twin tails though.

“Now you try,” I say as I returned it to Sana.

She tried to move her fingers in the right ways, but she was super clumsy and wasn’t really progressing well.

“… Ni-Nii-san… Whose do you want?”



Panicking, Sana left my room.

Once things start going smoothly, making a misanga can be surprisingly fun.

More importantly, why is it that she wants one that I made…? If you made one yourself, then you can make it however you like it…

“Well, Sana is stubborn and hates to lose… so she probably just joined in the heat of the moment.”

That was probably Sana’s number one motive.


  1. A misanga is a braided bracelet, commonly used as good luck charms or friendship bracelets. I believe the word was originally Portuguese but the concept itself is relatively global. They can come with many different patterns but here’s an example:

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    • Incest isn’t wrong in the tiniest bit. It’s irresponsibly producing defective offspring that is wrong. Stranger or family, all people should be allowed to have romantic relationships, marry, etc. But when a couple wants to produce offspring by each other, they must be required to apply for a DNA test to check if there are any intolerably defective shared defective genes (tolerable defects would be things like, you’re allergic to a certain type of specific food, etc. as these are normal). If it’s within the tolerance level, they can have offspring by each other. If it’s beyond that, then they’ll have to adopt or do IV with donated eggs or sperm, or something. The rest is just society’s narrow-mindedness and unscientific thinking and unscientific behaviour.


  1. Poor girl…

    I like the monogamous fluff between them but I kinda want to see one of the branch timelines where he falls into degeneracy and has a full harem including actual incest.

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