The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 145

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Fateful Competition — Part 7

TL: Daemon

ED: PuffyPyjamas

“That means that Haru-chan’s superior is aiming for her, or at least, the principal is for sure. Is that okay?”

Natsumi-chan was truly worried. Well, if there was a principal that really let out his fetishes so easily, neither the students nor the teachers would be able to lead a peaceful school life.

“It’s the first Miss Contest. Maybe he just got too into it?”

Still, there’s a limit to everything.

“Isn’t there a limit to that though?”

It seems that Natsumi-chan was thinking the same thing.

The expert, Fujimoto, who had been silently watching over the contest until now, suddenly spoke up.

“Chan-Sana as a cat-eared maid has unbelievable power… she’s so thin, and her casual clothing somehow looked cool. She could really be a model.”

“No, there’s no way. After all, she’s going to be—”

“Going to be…? What?”

I shook my head. Sana is going to become a character designer at ASW… or that’s what it should be.

The cosplay judging continued. For now, Sana, who had gotten one god was leading at the top. Rather, can’t they stop it with the gods? It’s quite annoying to deal with.

Finally, the last person to come out was my angel Hiiragi-chan. Is she going to come out in the witch costume that she showed me before?

Hiiragi-chan came out wearing rimless glasses, a black business suit, and a blouse.

“I-It can’t be, this is—”

She’s cosplaying as a female teacher!?

It’s all come back full circle—Is that what this is!?

It looks great on her. Well, she’s an adult so of course, it would look good on her, but having the normally relaxed Hiiragi-chan come out looking sharp like this, really emphasizes her role as a female teacher.

I haven’t seen her wear a suit at work before after all.

Once she arrived at the center of the stage, she lifted her glasses for a bit. It might be due to her clothing, but her expression felt crisp.

“This is a serious Hiiragi-chan—”

“I-I want her to scold me…”

“I want to be stepped on and crushed…”

It’s really appealing to the masochistic side of the guys.

“What type of costume is this?”

“This is, as you can see, a teacher cosplay. In other words, it’s a bit of a straight ball. On the other hand, I don’t normally wear clothes like this, so I thought that it would create a bit of a gap.”

The reaction of the audience was good, especially from the guys in Hiiragi-chan’s class. It was probably very effective.

The total score from the judges, “8, 9, those thighs are god, 6, 6”

You’re the same as well, vice-principal!? All the guardians who came to watch are now starting to talk amongst themselves. You guys wanted to increase the number of prospective students by hosting this Miss Contest, but these old guys are really holding it back.


A moderator blew a whistle with a stern expression before pointing at the vice-principal and shaking his head.

Fujimoto and I returned to our skit commentary.

“As expected, the referee is starting to get stricter, especially after that fiasco with the principal.”

“I’ve only just found out that there’s such a system in place. The judges really need to pay attention and make sure they play fairly.”

“Aah. Of course, he’s giving out a card.”

“For the principal, there wasn’t a yellow, but an immediate jump to a red card.”

“He had the highest amount of authority at the present, so there may have been stricter punishment due to that.”

“I see. Still, the principal might have gone overboard. If it was left unchecked, there was a risk that this might be the first and last contest that would be hosted.”

The judging for the final category started, but the two of us still continued on with our skit. Even Kanata ended up playing along.

“…It’s fine to be a bit of a pervert, but it seems to be strictly prohibited for the judges to look at contestants with lewd eyes.”

“As expected, as a female you would be concerned about that.”

“… Of course. I can practically hear all the girls saying that they didn’t do any of this for the entertainment of old men. Wearing cute clothes, putting on makeup, we do that all for ourselves, and it really puts you off when you’re looked at with those perverted eyes.”

““… Sorry…””

As we were continuing our skit like that,

“Hey, what do you mean by the referee? And isn’t it supposed to be judging, not play? Is the nickname of that PE teacher red card??”

 Natsumi-chan pressed us with questions.

She was looking at us as if our school was weird.

Just as we were getting bored with our commentary, Sana’s turn came about.

Did Sana even have a special skill?

As I was questioning it, Sana appeared on stage. She carried a huge notebook or something under her arm.

“Is that…?”

“… Saa-chan is serious about winning.”

“A sketch notebook?”

Kanata nodded.

Does that mean she’s going to show her illustrations here? Hmm? Kanata knows that Sana is drawing…?

“… Saa-chan, draws a lot. She’s really good, but she’s too embarrassed to mention it herself…”

The last time I went through high school, I didn’t even know about it, but now I do.

“To bring it up in front of such a large crowd, Sana-chan must really want to beat Haru-chan.”

“… Yeah.”

The moderator began asking Sana some questions. What is that? What are you going to do?

“I’ll get a topic from one of you, and draw a picture of it live.”

A gasp of admiration from the crowd.

For her to come out of the closet with a talent that she even hid from me, it probably took a lot of courage from her. I can only watch from here on out. Good luck, Sana.

“Ummm, is anything fine for the topic?”

“Yes. Anime or manga characters, portraits, anything.”

“Got it. If that’s the case—then, why don’t we have someone from the audience raise their hand and give us a topic.”

After a bit of buzz, a few people raised their hands. A girl who got called on said a cat.

Sana sat down on the spot and started to draw with the magic she brought with her. It should have been about 1 minute.

“It’s done.”

Sana showed off her notebook. What appeared was a slightly personified cat standing on two legs. It was wearing a vest, and a hat with its ears sticking out at the top.

Another gasp of admiration.

Sana made a smug face.

After that, topics came from well-known manga and anime characters, and even teachers from the school.

Every single one of them was drawn in about one to two minutes.

The last topic, said the moderator, as a female classmate was called on.

“Then, how about Sanasana’s Onii-chan.”

M-me!? W-wait, that’s embarrassing!

Sana also seemed troubled, but she quickly moved her pen.

“I-it’s done.”

Slightly hiding her sketchbook, Sana showed the portrait that she drew.

“Puu. Thief-kun, you’re drawn as such a handsome guy… Pupupu.”

“…So that’s how Saa-chan looks at you.”

“That’s not the Sanada I know…”

Seemingly coming out of shoujo manga, there was a thin handsome male that seemed to give off a sparkling effect.

“T-that’s it.”

Saying that Sana ran away.

Looking at the judging total, “God, god, 10, god, god”, she got 4 gods. That’s the highest total score from the judges so far.

By the way, the “…is god” statement seems to have been abolished.

“You really are loved, Thief-kun.”

“Don’t make fun of me.”

When I said that, Kanata seemed to want to say something, but then closed her mouth.

“Chan-Sana is amazing.”

“She’s someone who will become a popular character designer after all.”

I was also very proud of her.

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6 thoughts on “The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 145

  1. 4 gods + 10, I can’t deny this one, after all Sana-chan really did her best plus showing her brocon in front of everyone… the sad part is that she got no chance… somehow now a part of me want the harem route now… Who I am? where I go? Do I really wish the harem now? Well let face it Hiiragi will surely get 5 gods next chapter or something. well if she lose that did be interesting too, maybe a tie too? who know?

    Thank for the chapter!


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