The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 32

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I Wonder What Day it is?

“I wonder what day it is today?”, Hiiragi-chan asked in a really good mood.

It was Sunday afternoon.

After being summoned in the morning by Hiiragi-chan to her place, I was given lunch and was now lazily watching television. Sitting next to me on the sofa, she was looking excitedly at my face.

“What day…? What do you mean? Cavity prevention day, maybe?”

“That’s June 4th, so it’s not right!” [1]

Even after retorting once, her tension was still high.

What…? Today? What day?

“A hint?”

“Hint? Hmmm, if I say this then you’ll basically have the answer… I wonder…”

“Day of panties?”

“That’s August 2nd!” [2]

How does she know so much!

“Think of something simple. Super simple…”

“Mou, you know, right?”, Hiiragi-chan said, as she poked my cheek a bit with her finger.

“Just because of today, Haruka-san, last night, made preparations.”

“Eh….!? Made preparations yesterday… Ah, aaaah!”

“Right! You do know!?”

“Haruka-san’s birthday!”


It was a voice loud enough to make me jump.

“Eh. Wait… Seiji-kun. Do you really…? Do you really not know…?”

Her high tensioned mood immediately changed as she gave me a suspicious look.

“I got it. I got it. Okay. I’ll answer now. I’ll answer so just give me a little bit more time.”

Like a character in a foreign movie, I ended up raising my hands to make Hiiragi-chan wait. Even if she says that, what day is it really? It’s not my birthday or my birthday… Hiiragi-chan raised one of her fingers.

“If you get it wrong one more time…”

“If that happens…?”

“I’ll leave you a kiss mark on neck ♡.”

“Stooooooooooop! There’s school tomorrow isn’t there!”

“It’s alright, you just have to get it right ♪.”

I really have no idea… Rather, it seemed like Hiiragi-chan was completely onboard with wanting to give me a kiss mark. Preparing since yesterday? Standing up, I walk towards the kitchen. When I came to visit her in her house today, I didn’t feel anything different. If that’s the case, then it’s in the kitchen. A place where I wouldn’t normally enter. When I took a sidelong glance at Hiiragi-chan, she was whistling while making no sound.

She’s so easy to read. There is some sort of hint here.

“I wonder where it is?”

I say as I continue to examine Hiiragi-chan’s expression.


Yeah. There’s a reaction. It’s in the refrigerator. When I opened the door, there was a whole cake sitting on top of a large plate. There were various colored fruits placed on top of it and it looked really good.


What she prepared was this cake…? It really doesn’t feel like it was store bought as it had a homemade feeling to it. Even though it’s not either of our birthdays, there’s a cake?

“That means, it’s some sort of celebration?”

As I was scratching my head, Hiiragi-chan hugged me from behind.

“That’s right~”

Chuu, she kissed me on the cheek.

“Yesterday I did my best to make it. Do you think it turned out well?”

While whispering softly into my ear, she pulled out the dish the cake was on and carried it to the table.

“If there was something written in chocolate on the cake, then I would know what day it was…”

“Why, why don’t you know?”

With her eyes slightly vacant, Hiiragi-chan brought over a knife.

“H-hiiiiiiiiiiiii!? I-I’m sorry!”

I quickly escaped towards the sofa, but she ended up using the knife to cut the cake. T-that’s good. It seems like she didn’t intend on stabbing me.

“Sit down? Let’s eat it together.”


After she broke a piece off with her fork, HIiragi-chan fed it to me. Rather, I might have been half intimidated into it.

“How is it?”

“Yeah. It’s good.”

“That’s good.”

Hiiragi-chan grinned and stood up from her seat as she said that she was going to prepare tea. Uuu… I didn’t like how scary she was, but when she gives such a pure smile, I somehow get a feeling of guilt.

The calendar placed on the counter had today marked with circles going around it multiple times. It seems that it’s true that women are good at remembering some trivial dates. This month is May, and it’s obvious but the previous month was April…



“Is coffee alright?”

“Yeah, thank you.”

It’s probably… no, there’s no doubt.

“One month…”

“Yeah! Yeah, yeah! What day is it!? What day makes you think it’s one month!?”

Hiiragi-chan showed her biggest smile of today. Since it seems that I have already got the correct answer, Hiiragi-chan’s expression was currently sparkling. But, if that’s true, then what I got can’t be wrong.

“It’s been one month since you’ve shown me your underwear.”


Eh, really. It’s wrong? Fushii, fushii, Hiiragi-chan took deep breaths, like the exhaust from a large robot when it turns on.

“If you say that, then it’s one day off. It’s not today, but tomorrow!”

“A month since the first time you wore pink panties…”

“That’s also wroooong! If it’s that then it’s even earlier!”

Mumumu, she wrinkled her eyebrows more and more as they close in on each other. The first day that I saw her panties… the day before it?

“Ah. Got it! One month since we’ve been dating!”


She pointed her finger at me.

“Mou, remember it, okay? It’s an important day to remember.”

“Sorry, sorry”

The cake that Hiiragi-chan made was just the right sweetness so that I could continue to eat it without getting too tired of it. With a cup in hand, she hid her face a little bit.

“Since it’s the first time… I wanted to try this. I’m sorry if it seemed a little bit nitpicky.”

“No, it’s okay.”

After enjoying the cake and the coffee, before it got too late, I left Hiiragi-chan’s place. Returning home, I sat in the living room, dazing off as I reminisced about what happened today,

“Nii-san… what are you grinning about?”

Sana looked at me, disgusted.

“I’m not.”

“Ah. Your neck! Nii-san, are you okay!? It seems like something bit you!!”

Ah. It’s definitely Hiiragi-chan.

“Your neck is bruising!”

“T-this one is one of those… the ones that are okay. The one’s where it’s fine to be bitten by.”

“S-since it can’t be helped, Sana will help you disinfect it… Nii-san wouldn’t know where you were bitten by yourself anyways…”

Sana left to go find the first aid kit.

After that, it was disinfected a lot, but the kiss mark that celebrated the anniversary didn’t disappear.

TL Note:

  1. The author uses some puns when it comes to dates and numbers in this chapter, this is the first one. June is the 6th month, for which the number six can be represented by mu. 4 can be represented by shi so it can be read as mushiba where cavities or literally represented by the words for bug, mushi, and teeth, ha or ba depending on when it’s being used.
  2. For this one, August is the 8th month, which the number starts with ha. Which is supposed to sound like pa. Then the Japanese way of pronouncing the number two in english is tsu. So, if you put it together it’s kinda like pantsu. It’s a little bit of a stretch, but yeah.

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