The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 25

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Let’s Head Into the City – Part 2

Heading into the shopping district, Hiiragi-chan and I walked side by side with our arms interlocked.

“It’s perfect! No one would ever notice!”

“Is that so…?”

I was somehow able to get out of crossdressing and was now wearing a cap to cover my eyes. That alone can’t give a perfect disguise, right? Hiiragi-chan was also wearing a disguise which included a wide-brimmed hat and a pair of sunglasses.

“This is the first time we’ve had a date in the town like this, right?”

“That’s true.”

Until now, we have only been together in places where other people wouldn’t notice.

“This way, this way, I have been wanting to go to a place around her for a while now.”

Excitedly, she pulled me along as we walked. The place that she wanted to go to seemed to be a crepe store. Hiiragi-chan was as excited as a child would be, as she waited her turn in line. She even ended up buying a portion for me. I took a bite of the crepe that she bought for me.

Yeah, it was good.

“You have cream on your face, you know?”

As I was being absorbed into the crepe, it seems like we’re going to do something cliché. Hiiragi-chan wiped off the cream that was stuck to my face with a finger and stuck it into my mouth.

“You weren’t going to lick it yourself?”

“Kufufufu”, she leaked out a strange laugh.

Since she seemed to be having fun, it can’t be helped. After that, we exchanged the crepes that we bought, then, after eating we entered into a clothing shop, and Hiiragi-chan seemed to be in good spirits through all of it. Because of the high tensioned sunglass wearing girl beside me, I drew more attention than usual.

“Next is this store!”

The store that she pointed to was a lingerie shop.

“Isn’t this a little bit too high of a hurdle…”

Disregarding my complaints completely, Hiiragi-chan grabbed my arm and ushered me inside. Uwaaah, the amount of pink that was covering my field of vision was quite troubling…

During all of my panicking, Hiiragi-chan ended up bringing two sets over.

“Well? Which one is better?”

“… Ah, yeah. Isn’t either of them alright…?”


“Umm, then, this one.”

I couldn’t look at it straight… rather, why did she want me to pick…? As a diverted my eyes, I noticed people that I recognized.

“Ummm, dear customer… the size of your chest is a little…”

“I-it’s fine, it’ll grow bigger after all.”

The person throwing a bit of a tantrum as they were conversing with the store clerk was my little sister.

“If that’s the case, until it grows larger, a smaller size would be—”

“Please don’t mock Sana’s chest. I was told, I’ll grow bigger in high school, after all.”

How much are you expecting from your growth exactly? Rather, who told you that? She then took a sidelong glance over in this direction. Ah! She made a surprised face. This is bad. I was noticed…!?

“…. Sensei!”

That’s what she noticed!? In a panic, Hiiragi-chan waved back.

“Y-you’ve made a mistake. This isn’t Hiiragi.”

She’s so bad at hiding it!

“Eh, why are you hiding?”

Suka suka, Sana came in my direction.

As I was trying was trying to escape, Hiiragi-chan grabbed onto my clothes and held me back.

“If you leave now it would be suspicious.”

“No, but…”

Aaahh, Sana arrived.

“Sensei, you were wearing a hat, so I was wondering who it was. You were also wearing sunglasses as well.”

She gave a quick glance in my direction, then returned to looking at Hiiragi-chan.

“Today is… your boyfriend? Going shopping with him?”

Made it…

“Sana-chan also wanted to buy underwear?”

Hiiragi-chan grasped her hat with two fingers like Jigen [1]. Then, she made a posed expression.

… It seems like she thought it was cool.

“That’s right! Nii-san was making fun of me, so I came to buy some.”

“Heeeh, is that so? Sanada-kun? He was making fun of you?”

Please don’t look this way with such a teasing expression.

“T-that’s right…”

“You want to show it to Sanada-kun?”

Sana seemed embarrassed as she fidgeted around.

“I-i-it’s not like I want to show him… but, Sana just want him to check it while it’s drying…”

Hiiragi-chan looked at me with eyes shining like glass.

“Checking his little sister’s underwear… I see, I see…”

I tried to shake my head without Sana noticing, but it didn’t seem like Hiiragi-chan saw me. She was looking somewhere else.

“The ones that Sensei are holding, both are quite cute.”

“Earlier, Onii-chan said that this one was good.”


Hiiragi Haruka, come baaaaaack! A word that shouldn’t have been said was let out so easily! Gaku gaku, I grabbed her shoulders and shook her, but no matter what, the Hiiragi-chan’s soul would not return.


The color of my face changed as I tried to make a follow up.

“Haruka-san’s brother, he was here a little earlier but went off somewhere.”

“Ah, is that so. Even though they’re siblings, she still shows it… I guess that kind of thing is normal…”

Sana, who had just graduated from sports bras, still didn’t understand the common sense behind bras it seems. … This could work. On behalf of the relieved Hiiragi-chan, I will extinguish the fires.

“But, showing it to your brother might not be normal…?”

Anyways, I need to get rid of the impression that I’m a siscon brother that checks his sister’s underwear. I probably can’t change it into Hiiragi-chan’s Friend A. I haven’t checked it though! It’s because Sana said something that could so easily be misunderstood.

“S-so it’s normal for it to be like that… then it was just that Sana didn’t know…?”

“A-also, Onii-san’s are only supposed to see it every once in a while, I don’t think it’s that they check it?”

“I see… So it’s like when Sana looks closely at Nii-san’s underwear and thinks… S-so he wears stuff like this… Stuff like that happens right?”

No, well, I don’t know how it is from the little sister’s perspective.

“Yeah, there is.”

I gave her a random suitable response.

“That’s good. Sana was worried that she was being a pervert…”

You were just one step away. Aren’t you worse than me? Since other stuff my spill out if we continue, I end up pulling Hiiragi-chan, who was still unfocused, out of the store. At some point, it had become evening and the amount of people had started to dwindle.

After we sat down on a park bench,

“What does it mean that you check Sana-chan’s underwear? Depending on the answer, Haruka-san might go and cry into her pillow, okay?”

Because she was spacing out the whole time, it seems that Haruka didn’t hear anything of what was going on.

“When she’s drying it, it just so happens that my eyes sometimes end up looking in that direction. That’s all. It’s not like I actually have any interest in them.”

“Really? You don’t end up rolling up the ones that are drying or putting them over your head?”

“I don’t. I don’t have any wish to do so either.”

“… However, when you were holding mine, it was different, right?”

“Well… it’s because it belongs to the person I like… that’s why I end up staring.”

Hiiragi-chan held down her chest. I don’t really understand why, but I somehow ended up moving her heart a bit.

“Seiji-kun… you’re so cute…”

After turning towards my back, she hugged me from behind. Chu, chu, Hiiragi-chan ended up kissing my neck.

“Wait. Come on. It’s the park. If it’s noticed—”

“That’s why we have a disguise, right?”

The moment that I turned around to try to warn her.

As if she was aiming for it all along, Hiiragi-chan gave me a kiss on the lips.


“Nnn… ♡”

I diverted my face and retreated.

“We’re… in the park where people can—”

As I was showing just a bit of a gap, in the dim-lit park, Hiiragi-chan once again held down my lips. After calmly looking around, it could be seen that any of the nearby benches were filled with flirting couples. Without me knowing, I had taken the two of use to a place like this. After that, we had dinner at a restaurant and returned home.
As I was reminiscing about the day within my room, a knock came from my door.

“Nii-san, I’m coming in…?”

“Eh? Aah, come in—Buu!? W-w-what are you doing? ”

Sana had come in wearing her only her underwear. Her cheeks were dyed in embarrassment as she put her legs close together.

“Y-you might not k-know, Nii-san, but doing something like this is n-normal. I just bought this underwear today… what do you think…?”

With her face looking down and her eyes turned up towards me, Sana looked at me. How does it look…? Should I say that it looks cute?

“… You, have a really really flat chest.”

“~~~~! N-nii-san’s and idiot!”

Sana got a cushion from the sofa.

“Don’t underestimate the power of growth during high school!”

“Who told you that? Growth during high school is a myth— buhe!?”

Sana hit me in the face with the cushion. No matter how much she moved, it wouldn’t shake, nor would it spill. Sana’s chest is safely set in place.

After that, the attacks from my half naked little sister continued in the form of kicks.

TL Note:

  1. Reference to Lupin III, Daisuke Jigen.

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