The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 152

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Christmas — Part 2

TL: Daemon

ED: PuffyPyjamas

After preparations for dinner were complete, a huge amount of festive food was placed on the table.

Just seeing something like this, makes me feel happy on the inside.

After each of us took our seats, we received a drink in a wine glass. It was the chanmery from the refrigerator. Having this come out really makes it feel like it’s finally Christmas. By the way, Hiiragi-chan’s wine glass was filled with the sparkling wine from the bottle she just pulled the cork from.

“Merry Christmas!”

Hiiragi-chan spoke with great excitement, and about two seconds after that, all of us put our glasses together.

It’s been quite a while since I had chanmery. Aaah… it somehow feels nostalgic.

“Senpaaai, I’m getting drunk.”

Rei-chan came by and leaned on me. She really doesn’t change. She even does the same thing in the present.

“Rei-chan, this is—”

“It’s juice! You won’t get drunk!”

Before I could say anything, Sana interjected.

“I’m drunk on the atmosphere. You don’t even know that?”


“To be so jealous of an elementary school student. You’re really quite cute.”

“You’re making fun of me…! Besides, I’m not jealous!”

A set of fighting words were thrown around between my right side and left side. They get along, these two people.

Hiiragi-chan, who was sitting on the other side, looked over them happily. Next to her, Kanata was enjoying the meal.

“Sensei, didn’t you have a lot of work?”

“Fufufu, Sanada-kun, don’t look down on your teacher, okay? Even like this, I’m quite capable as a teacher.”

“What about the details?”

When I said that, Hiiragi-chan started sweating silently.

“…To be honest, there’s a lot… of work… I’ll somehow make it work out, and complete everything by the 25th…”

The atmosphere around Hiiragi-chan instantly became heavier.

I thought that would be the case, but I guess it was unnecessary of me to ask that.

“… Sensei, it’s okay.”

“Thank you, Ii-san.”

Hiiragi-chan drank from the glass and let out a weird sound.

If you drink it like you drink beer, you’ll get drunk pretty fast, you know? Or so I thought, but I didn’t actually say it. It’s because I’m accustomed to seeing her drink like this.

Kanata took the bottle in her hand, and poured more into Hiiragi-chan’s glass.

“… Sensei, it’s okay, here’s some more.”

“No no, thank you so much.”

The seats on the opposite side have now turned into something like a Showa era izakaya.

There was wine in the wine glass, and yet it somehow looked like a sake bottle with an inoguchi.

“I can’t reach the karaage over by Senpai.”

Rei-chan said that with a troubled expression, but suddenly had a flash of inspiration. She then made a move as if to climb on to my lap.

“Wait, hey, Rei-chan. What are you doing?”

“From here, it’s easier to get some karaage.”

“Sana will get it for you, so return to your own seat.”

“Senpai, am I in the way…?”

Rei-chan looked up at me with teary puppy dog eyes. She really is great at looking innocent.

As I was troubled about what to say, Sana spoke,

“I’ll call her. Your guardian—mother.”


Rei-chan got off my lap and returned to her own seat.

“What? Is your mother scary?”

“If I do something bad, I’ll be taken away.”

Seems like a strict family.

“Shibahara is pretty unusual around here, so I looked it up.”

Fufufu, Sana made a smug expression.

“I was wondering who this Shibahara would be, and I found out your father is a city council member.”

“Uuuuu… there’s a flat-chested CIA agent here…”

“You added something unnecessary there!”

I see. So that’s why she needs to act like a well-behaved lady.

“Senpai… If you marry me, you could become the secretary of my father, and then you can eventually succeed my father and become a member of the city council, you know?”

“Please don’t talk about these sorts of things at Christmas.”

“Well… speaking of marrying into wealth, I guess a council member loses—funyuu.”

I firmly covered her mouth with one hand.

You’re not allowed to say anything more right now, young lady.

“Wait—What’s with everyone’s clothes?”

Hiiragi-chan spoke as if this was actually the first time she noticed.

“Sensei… that’s like the first thing we said right when you got back.”

“I mean, that never happe—Kohon.”

She coughed to make it seem like she didn’t say anything. Everyone knew, but it seems that she really wants to hide the fact that she dressed as Santa and gave everyone gifts. Ah, is it because Rei-chan is here? The present was the same for everyone. An assortment of snacks and candies. Thinking of Rei-chan, I can accept all that she did.

“Since this is a big celebration, let’s take a picture together.”

At Hiiragi-chan’s behest, we got together to take a group photo.

“Then, let’s take it with this.”

Hiiragi-chan brought out the digital camera that she bought a little earlier. She’s been using it to take pictures here and there on our dates.

“Then, I’ll take it.”

“Why is Senpai going to take it?”

Giving an appalled laugh, Rei-chan came over and stuck her hand out.

“Give the digital camera. Senpai, you go in the center. Come on, hurry up.”


It seems that everyone else thought the same thing as no one gave any objection to Rei-chan taking the photo. I reluctantly moved into the open spot in the very center.

“Alright, cheese!”

Once, twice, Rei-chan continuously took a few pictures.

“U-ummm… Sana wants one on her phone.”

Sana handed her cellphone to Rei-chan.

“Pupu. Phones like these are like… fossils…”

“I just bought this three months ago, you know? You’re calling it a fossil…?”

According to the twenty year old Rei-chan of the present, this type of mobile phone would definitely be considered antique.

“Uwah… that image quality sucks. I can really feel the times~”

Once you get used to the image quality of high quality cameras in smartphones, this type of image would definitely suck.

“What is that kid talking about?”

Everyone other than me was tilting their head in confusion.

“If it’s then, I can take one and just share it with everyone. Really, these times are so inconvenient.”

Rei-chan was completely talking from above.

Even while saying all of that, Rei-chan took a picture with each of the phones that she was given.

The digital camera also had a timer setting so we were able to take one with everyone together.

“Then… how about we take one of just the siblings next?”


As I was about to refuse, I ended up seeing Sana looking downwards while grabbing her clothes.

“… Okay. Bring it on.”

“Nii-san… you’re such a siscon…”

It seems like both Kanata and Hiiragi-chan heard what she had whispered, as the two of them were looking on with big smiles.

“Sensei and Kanata-san, please leave the frame.”

The two of them separated from Sana and I in responses.

The picture was then taken with the digital camera. The picture was also taken on Sana’s phone.

I thought that it didn’t really matter which one it was taken on, but Hiiragi-chan was going to print out all the pictures at the end, and Sana wanted both the digital and hardcopy formats.

“Show me.”

“Here you go.”

Sana confirmed the picture on the digital camera.

“… Hmmm…”

She took a glance at me. Hmm? What is it? Did I make a weird face?

“Umm, what’s wrong? Do you want it retaken?”

“Nope. You’re pretty good at taking pictures.”

“It’s the same no matter who takes it though.”

With a dissatisfied expression, Sana pointed in the other direction.

“Nii-san, go over there. I’ll take a picture of you and the kid.”

“Eh? What happened to that demon of jealousy?”

Demon of jealousy.

“Nothing, nothing happened at all.”

She probably won’t admit it, but Sana most likely feels like she owes something. When I walked next to Rei-chan, she immediately wrapped herself around my arm.

“Then, I’ll take you up on the offer ♡”


Sana’s eyebrows twitched. However, since she was the one that gave permission, she was hesitant on what to do.

“Senpaaai, won’t you give me a kiss?”


Rei-chan puckered her lips as she brought her face towards mine, however I gripped her with an iron claw and kept my distance.

“Aaahn, Senpai, so meeaan. Then, how about a princess carry ♡”

“Well, if it’s just that…”


Sana was shaking in fury. The digital camera was creaking.

“Ah, Sana-chan, is this your first time using a digital camera? You don’t need to put that much strength into taking a picture, you know?”

Hiiragi-chan, that’s not why she’s gripping it so hard.

“… Buu. No, that’s not it… Fu, fufu… fufu, fufufu…”

Kanata was sitting on her chair and burying her face in her knees. She definitely seemed like she wanted to laugh out loud but was holding back.

“Sana-chan, just place your left hand on the side, okay?”

“Sensei, that type of advice is only for basketball.”

A retort finally came out for the slightly incorrect advice.

I gave Rei-chan a princess carry. She was pretty light, so I easily held her up.

After quickly taking a few photos, Sana handed Hiiragi-chan the camera in an annoyed manner.

“I’m really looking forward to the printed pictures.”

As Hiiragi-chan smiled and said that, Rei-chan made a satisfied expression.

“I… could live off of that picture for 10 years…”

A mistress candidate really has a strong mentality.

“Y-yeah. I… might be looking forward to it…”

Sana nodded with a slightly blushing face.

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