The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 07

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During Class, A Secret Conversation

It was during one of the world history classes.

While the students were filling out questions for a quiz, Hiiragi-chan walked around the classroom to check up on how the students were doing. Looking at this, she really does seem like a teacher. Well, she is a teacher, though.

Ah, our eyes met. She made an awkward and embarrassed expression.


I think that making such a cute reaction during class is unfair. After calming myself down, Fujimoto, who sat next to me, cut into my vision.

“Sanada. The fifth question, what’s the answer?”

“No idea.”

I had just started working on it and was already stuck. More importantly, don’t ask me. It’s still a quiz after all.

“Sanada-kun, please don’t talk.”

Hiiragi-chan quickly gave me a warning. She had on a stern teacher’s face.

“We are currently teacher and student right now, alright?”

That was what was written on her face. The one was was doing something wrong wasn’t me but Fujimoto. However, since Hiiragi-chan was cute, I kind of want to have her reprimand me again. There wasn’t as much tension as there was with final exams, but everyone in the class was seriously working on their problems.

Slowly and steadily, Hiiragi-chan moved closer and closer to me. I couldn’t concentrate because of the sounds of her footsteps. As she was about to pass by me, she crouched down and picked something up.

“Sanada-kun, your eraser.”

Eraser? I already have one on my desk, so wouldn’t it be Fujimoto’s? As I was trying to say that, Hiiragi-chan set a brand new eraser on my desk. From its casing, a small piece of paper stuck out from it. After pulling it out, I opened up the folded paper and read the words written on it.

[The fifth question, it’s the Hapsburg family ♪.]

The answer was written oonn itttttt!?

The person who wrote this was telling me the answeeeerrrrr!?

What exactly is happening right noowwww!?

Is it because Fujimoto had asked about the fifth question and I said that I didn’t know it…? Secretly, I looked over at Hiiragi-chan, who was also looking at me secretly with an angelic smile. For a person who was just making a face that said, “We’re currently student and teacher right now, alright,” she really shouldn’t be doing something like this.

Moreover, the way she handed it over was sly… Making up a setting where I dropped my eraser, she pretended to pick it up and left me a new eraser with the note in it. Exchanging notes during class is so lax! Is she not even on guard during class!?

What is she thinking?

I’ll write a reply.

“Even though you said you didn’t understand it, didn’t you already solve the fifth question?”

Sneaking a peek at my answers, Fujimoto looked at me with eyes that said I betrayed him. Sorry, Fujimoto. More than this trivial amount you just discovered, I have betrayed you even more by getting a girlfriend. While waving away at the loner, I write a reply on the corner of my test.

[Thank you. This test is pretty hard. I’ll do my best.]

Now then. How am I going to give this reply to her?

Currently, Hiiragi-chan was standing in front of the blackboard watching over the whole classroom. Standing up during the test and handing it to her directly would clearly be unnatural. Giving it to someone else and having them give it, is obviously a no go. If that’s the case, she would have to come back here…

When our eyes met, Hiiragi-chan seemed to want to say, “I did something amazing didn’t I?” If I had to say it, then yes, it was good, but… as a teacher, I really have to wonder. Ah, it’s too late now. Seeming like she noticed something, she began to patrol around again, peering at the progress of the students, and headed towards me.

“Sensei. This isn’t mine.”

I returned the eraser with my reply to Hiiragi-chan.

“Ah, is that so? Sorry about that.”

“No problem.”

Noticing the note inside the eraser, Hiiragi-chan’s face turned red.

“Eeeeeehhh. No way, you properly wrote a reply.”

Or so she seemed to want to say as she held her chest and looked at me. It seems I made her heart skip a beat. Hiiragi-chan, Sensei, your face! Return to your teacher face! It’s completely loose. Indeed, it seemed that she was ashamed of her expression herself, as she shook her head and returned to her teacher face.

Then she continued on past me. After walking a little bit further, she took a peek at the note, thinking that she had gone far enough. But then, her walking speed became 10 times faster.


She returned to the teacher’s desk. So fast! How did she read that answer!? I could almost see some afterimages! After secretly confirming my reply, and smirking to herself a little bit, she asked everyone in the classroom.

“This quiz, was it hard?”

That’s what I just wrote!!

The difficulty was just my opinion. The honor students who had already finished answering the questions shook their heads.

“It wasn’t hard though?”

Aah, as expected, Fujimoto and I are just behind on studying. Hiiragi-chan shook her head.

“Of course it’s hard! This time that is. Probably.”

Trying to cover up for how not smart I was, it somehow became weird!? Isn’t it strange for the one that was asking to reject the reply!?

Ah, hah. The honor students were a bit taken aback. Of course it would be that way.

“It seems that there’s a lot of people done already, so is it about… alright now…?”

Hiiragi-chan gave me a look. Clearly, she was trying to talk to me. This teacher, she’s so bad at hiding it! Since I had at least finished working out the problems, I tried not to look at her as I nodded.

“Alright, it’s done. It’s a little bit over time but that’s all now.”

I was already waiting for it to finish. It’s amazing how much special treatment she gives me. It seems that she wants to hide it herself though. Answers were passed to me from behind and I also put mine into the stack before passing it up.

“Hiiragi-chan is kind of clumsy and cute, right?”

Fujimoto seemed to have noticed her charm as he changed his views.

“Yeah. She’s cute.”

“Eh, why are you making a smug face?”

After getting all the answers from everyone, Hiiragi-chan gathered them up together.

“T-that will be all for today… t-the rest of the time will be self study…”

Hiiragi-chan, whose face was red, picked up the textbooks and attendance book and left the classroom. There was still 20 minutes left in class.

… Did she hear my conversation with Fujimoto?


During lunch break that day.

“It’s foul play to say something like that during class, alright?”

I was warned by Hiiragi-chan, whose face had turned red just thinking about it. Her reaction was cute, so I think I want her to scold me some more from now on.

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  2. Can salt counter the amount of sweetness i just took today? I need like 1 kg amount of salt to reduce the sweetness of this chapter. Many thanks for the chapter 😀


  3. “If I had to say it, then yes, it was good, but… as I teacher, I really have to wonder.”

    Change “as I teacher” to , “as -A- teacher”

    “Noticing the note inside the eraser, Hiiragi-chan’s turned red.”

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  5. I am actually quite happy I found this, it may be a bit late, but than you for translating.
    It has a kind of innocence to it which makes me both happy and a little sentimental.


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