The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 30

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School Trip – Part 5

The second night.

Fujimoto and the rest of the guys were a lot less energetic than the first day, and since they were tired, they quickly fell asleep. Even though I was hoping for some sort of pillow fight…

Everyone was sleeping soundly. I was thinking that I too should go to bed when the phone that I put down next to me began to vibrate.


In order to not wake people up with my light, I end up wrapping myself up with my blanket.

“Are you still awake? I want to see you, Seiji-kun.”

Guu… Hiiragi-chan threw out a straight ball of an invitation.

“However, Sensei, isn’t it already lights out?”

“Mou, such a meanie~!”


Moving on to a later point in time.

Everyone is now asleep, so if I leave now, it probably won’t be found out. Well, I did say that there wouldn’t be any problems after lights out, so let’s go see this goddess that is way too cute. After arranging my yukata I checked how I looked within the mirror and left the room.

“Ah, you came out!”


I was captured by Hiiragi-chan who was waiting in anticipation.

“Wait, this is the hallway!”

I tried my best to peel her off as she was trying her best to stick to me. I was so surprised… Well, I guess she thought that I would definitely come out?

Dammit, she’s right though.

“Sensei, what are you doing?”

“Hiiragi-senseei, is currently… on patrol!”

Funya, Hiiragi-chan made a salute. She definitely drank again… She was in a yukata, and instead of her hair in a ponytail, it was all let down.

“Since it’s past the time for lights out, as a teacher, I’m checking to see if there are any bad students that are still coming out of their rooms to play.”

“Is that so?”

“A bad student, I just found one.”

Funi funi, she played around with my cheeks. She’s drunk…

“But still, you called me out—”

“Stealing Hiiragi-sensei’s heart, you’re a bad student.”

She made a sloven smile. Uugh, she’s completely in her drunken mode. Come on, your chest, I can basically see it! You aren’t wearing a bra again, really?

…Well I guess that’s just how a yukata is…?

“Seiji-kun, you’re staring too much. You pervert ♡”

“Be quiet. I’ll do my best. Aren’t you in the middle of work?”


“Because you do stuff like this, when you sober up, you’ll end up regretting it you know?”

“… Alright, I’m sorry…”

Hiiragi-chan’s “fun gauge” was visibly diminished in that instant. Ah, I’m the one that’s feeling bad now.

“Since I’m one of the younger ones, I was pushed into patrolling, you see? Mou.”

While voicing her complaints, Hiiragi-chan pouted. She fixed her slipping yukata, and walked off towards no particular destination. If we were caught walking out like this after lights out like some riajuus, I have no idea what would happen. Such a drunken and defenseless Hiiragi-chan, there’s no way I could just let her go, so I followed after her.

“Since I’m worried, I’ll accompany you.”

“Bad students will be detained.”

She said, as she grabbed my hand.

“Me too, I found a defenseless, erotic, and cute teacher.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Detain her.”

I as well, gripped her soft hands in return.

“I guess the both of us caught each other.”

Come on, don’t say something so sweet. I’ll end up loving you even more.

While talking and patrolling, Hiiragi-chan walked away from any sign of other people. Over here, there aren’t any students that live in these rooms. We proceeded down the halls and over a bridge, over to an unrelated building.

Nearby, there was a small break room, and across a large glass barrier, there was a beautifully arranged courtyard. In order to take in the view, we sat down on a sofa and held our hands like that silently for a while. Hiiragi-chan then set leaned her head against my shoulder.

While not completely sober yet, I could feel the heat from her ears and cheek transmitted through the yukata. The lights were all gone now, with a little bit of the silver moonlight now shining through. Nnnnnnn… the vending machine in the background was making a small groaning sound.

“… You know, this place is really nice, and I was always thinking of coming here with you Seiji-kun.”

I didn’t know anything about how good or bad the garden was. However, now I couldn’t help but stare at it. It seems like how you see it changes depending on the person you’re with. Then, we spoke to each other quietly. Events that happened today. I thought that, oh, I thought this… It was truly a meaningless conversation.

“One year and ten months more.”

“Until I graduate?”

“Yeah. And well, it’s somehow a little bit sad. Secretly sneaking notes in the staff room, feeding each other bentous, or kissing each other in the preparation room. That won’t happen anymore.”

Last time when I graduated, all I could do was look at Hiiragi-chan from afar, without even asking for her contact information and without expressing my feelings to her. I have come to the realization that if you put in your thoughts and effort, your life can change.

“That’s true, but if it’s the weekend, we can see each other, right?”

“This and that are different things. If Hiiragi-sensei doesn’t have Seiji-kun, she won’t be able to do her best…”

“A hard working Haruka-san is something I like.”

“I… will do my best!”

I wonder if it’s alright to be so easily satisfied… I mean, that part of her is cute too.

Let’s try to tell her something that I’ve been thinking about for a while now. It’s a somewhat serious conversation. If it’s now, I should be able to say it.

“Haruka-san, you had said that after I graduated, there was no need for me to work, or continue with school, right?”

“Yeah. I’ll care for you.”

“About that though, I think I will work.”

“Eh, why’s that? It’s fine, there’s no need to push yourself.”

It really isn’t me pushing myself. That’s what I try to express as I explain further.

“You’re doing your best as teacher even though it’s hard work, right? Me too, I would like to try my best in something for your sake.”

“And that would be a job?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“That’s quite a mature thing to say… even though you’re just in your second year of highschool…”

Surprised, Hiiragi-chan blinked multiple times. As an adult on the inside, I believe that I understand what it means to be working a job.

“I don’t think that it’s good just to push all the troublesome things onto Haruka-san. Besides, if I introduce myself to your parents, then wouldn’t it be bad if I’m seen as unemployed.”

“Uuuuu, you’re still a high school student with lots of options for the future though…”

Whining a little bit, Hiiragi-chan was on the verge of tears.

“Don’t cry.”

“But I’m so happy… that you’ve been thinking about our future together…”

Fumiii, and in a strange way, she lets her tears fall. However, if I don’t say this properly, my life will end up being a grey almost cattle-like life. I would think that if it’s for the person that I love, then I should be able to do my best while doing a boring job.

Gusu gusu, after blowing her nose, HIiragi-chan wiped her tears.

“It’s something that I wish I could do… but if Seiji-kun says something like that, it’s okay if I give up on it. It’s just my own selfish wish after all…”


“Yeah… If you’re going to work anyways, why don’t we end up working together?”

“Hmmm? Together?”

“That’s right. If you graduate and go to college, you can become a teacher. Then Seiji-kun can return to your alma mater.”

“Haa… a teacher… Haa!?”

“I mean, you’re smart… and I just thought that if you were going to work, than it might be nice to work together… Then, it can be like a workplace marriage.”

“If I were to do that, would you be able to wait until then…?”

When I graduate from high school, with the patience that she’s had until now, it seems like a limiter would be released at that point in time.

“I-I can wait. …Ah, but, marrying while you’re still at school, is also something that might be possible… maybe…”

She was immediately shaken!?

“Well, apart from whether I should or should not become a teacher, let’s think about it. Together.”

“Yeah. Together.”

Kotsun, we bump our foreheads together and kissed. When I opened my eyes Hiiragi-chan was looking at me, and I somehow became embarrassed and the two of us ended up laughing at each other. Until it became bright outside, the two of us flirted and stuck together just like this.

At a later date.

The mugs from the ceramics workshop arrived at school. The finishing touches made for this second time turned out pretty well. Borrowing a ribbon from the home economics room, I decorated it like a present. During lunch break, I put it in a paper bag, and brought it to the world history preparation room.

“… Sensei. I have something I want to give you.”

“Yeah. Me too, I have something to give to Sanada-kun.”

As planned, it was a harmonious present exchange. Still, she was pleased.

“Thank you. I’ll treasure it!”

Hugging the paper bag, she showed her best smile.

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  1. Ukhh!?
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    I think sanada Will stay on his company job interview future.
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    1. I want to ask is the time here different from mine cause it says here I posted at 7:53am but my clocks says 11:57pm( though it’s the same date) why?…


  2. Damn having to convince your gf that you want to work for her ….. i mean it’s weird brother i could never see myself living off a woman that’d just destroy my dignity as a man, scratch that as a human.

    Still nice chapter, but like cant they start living together after he graduates? what’s with all this “i won’t be able to see you” i mean yeah maybe he moves to a college far away but cmon lol.


    1. Employment is seen as a lot less fluid in Japan. At least it used to be. The normal thought was you get trained, get hired, and then work at the same place for the rest of your career if you can. Ergo, she can’t move away from that school… sort of.


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