The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 16

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An Occurrence the Next Morning

The next morning.

In the end, I ended up staying over for the night, and in the morning, I ate the meal that Hiiragi-chan had carefully made for me at the dining table. It was a simple meal: toast, salad, and a fried egg.

“Seiji-kun, I made some coffee. Would you like milk or sugar in it?”

“It’s fine without any. I’ll drink it black.”

It was always black at work so I’m now used to it. Somehow… there isn’t anything that special about it.

“Such an adult, Seiji-kun.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah, you are.”

After carrying the coffee over, Hiiragi-chan sat opposite of me, and seemed to enjoy herself as she watched me eat. Maybe it was because of the way she was resting her cheek, but her collarbone that was revealed due to the loose neckline she had was quite sexy. It felt like a nice calm morning.

“You don’t really seem like a high schooler, Seiji-kun. You’re so calm after all.”

“I……I-Is that so.”

Well of course it’s like that. In truth, I’m a middle aged man at least 10 years older on the inside.

“Being so reliable at such a young age really makes your heart beat. Occasionally, it’s really nice to have this sort of gap.”

In reality, I’m much older than Hiiragi-chan on the inside, so it would make sense that she would see me as someone who was reliable.

“Sensei, when you get drunk you become such a spoiled child, you know?”

“It’s not Sensei, right? It’s Haruka.”

Mou, Hiiragi-chan pretended to act mad. It seems her breakdown from yesterday has been released.

“Last night, I’m sorry about that. I said some strange things didn’t I…? As far as I can remember though, there wasn’t anything too bad though.”

“Yeah, it’s okay. It’s just, you were asking a lot about Sana. Why were you so curious about that?”


As if she had just recalled something, Hiiragi-chan mouth got caught.

“… Seiji-kun, you aren’t the type of person to be attracted to taboos, right? For instance, being attached to the taboo of a student and teacher relationship. As if being told that you shouldn’t do something makes you want to do it even more.”

“I’m not like that. If that was the case, all the teachers younger teachers at school would become targets for affairs, right? It’s only because it’s Haruka-san that it’s alright.”

“M-mouuuuuu, Seiji-kun says stuff like that so suddenly!”

Hiiragi-chan, who was hitting the table with her cheeks dyed red, looked to be very happy.

“You also have that part to you, Seiji-kun! Mou, it’s like an Italian person. I’ve never seen an Italian before, but I somehow feel that way. Mou, I’ll give you a kiss.”


Chuu, I was forcefully robbed of my lips

“Would you like to fondle my chest?”

“I won’t do that. What type of flow is this anyways?”

“It’s like a reward. Is it not enough for a reward?”

Kuu… of course it would be!

No. At this rate, the morning will just be a question of whether or not I should be allowed to fondle it.

Let’s get back on track. In order to calm myself down, I drink some coffee.

“… And, what were you trying to ask with the taboo stuff?”

“It’s nothing. I was just confirming whether you liked taboos or not. In any case, it’s not that you like things that are forbidden… i-it’s that you like me, right?”

She said that embarrassingly as she crossed her legs with under the table.

“That’s right.”

“Then… if, for instance… Sana-chan were to seriously confess to you, what would you do?”

“Sana? No no. It’s impossible.”

“Uuu. It’s just a what if. What would you do?”

“What would I do? Well, due to many reasons I would refuse. I’m dating Haruka-san, she’s my sister, she’s flat-chested, and she also refers to herself by name.”

“Does the last one have anything to do with this!?”

“Is something wrong with that?”

“Eh…? No… I was just thinking that Sana-chan didn’t have a boyfriend.”

Sana… a boyfriend? Now that she mentions it, I’ve never heard of her mentioning it once during this time period. Sana has never talked about whether she was dating or whether she had dated.

“Sana-chan has at least received a confession, right?”

“So it seems, but she rejected them all. Sometimes she uses me as a representative to give her reply.”

“Achyaa. That must hurt… That must hurt a lot…”

“What does?”

“Since the girl often hides behind the shadow of her older brother, Sana-chan has come to realize her own feelings… or something like that…?”

“? What is it?”

“Your sister, she’s completely a brocon.”


It seems that from how Hiiragi-chan sees it, it’s like that, but I have no idea why it would be that way.

“Oh, and this. A present for you.”

Hiiragi-chan grabbed my hand and pushed something hard against my palm. When I took a look, it was a key.

“It’s a copy of my key. It’s fine for you to come whenever you want.”

“This is the rumored, “Your Lover Gives You a Spare Key Into Her House Event”… it isn’t just fiction.”

As I was busy being impressed, Hiiragi-chan cleaned up the food that I had finished eating.

After that we ended up talking about what we were going to do today. It just so happened that Hiiragi-chan had borrowed a DVD so we ended up watching that. It was romance movie, and an action movie that was quite popular about 6 months ago.

Watching one in the morning and in the afternoon, we ended up enjoying a date while chilling at home.

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    • Even if you get diabetes you’ll keep wanting more of the sweetness, I already have sexual disorder symptoms, but I still keep coming back.


    • Poor Sana. She can’t even confess her love for Seiji to him. All simply because of societal norms. I know what it’s like not to be able to even confess your love to your beloved. It’s total, pure suffering. Thankfully I’ve managed to confess mine by now, and it was a good reply. Well, as I said, be scientific, not superstitious.


  1. Wait… so if sana is a brocon then why did nothing happen in the previous future? She took advantage of him sleeping, so why wouldn’t she do something similar in the previous future? Was sana driving away all the potential competitors or something?


  2. Damn i thought that when she grabbed his palm for the present it was to press it against her chest, still already gave him a key of her apartment, i can’t help but worry about you Haruka-chan.


  3. Why is it that people always takes or drinks the things that is dangerous to their health??

    In this case, reading this (because of diabetes) welp, what kills us makes us stronger I guess? …. or was it? Lol
    Ty for the chapter as alwaysss

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  4. He always says he is so much older then her inside, but with the 10 year rewind, wasn’t he just 25? Only 1 year older then her currently?


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