The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 15

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Hiiragi-chan’s Break Down

◆ Sanada Seiji ◆

I woke up after hearing voices and saw Sana and Hiiragi-chan in their usual seats.

“I feel like I really slept…”

I stretched for a bit. It doesn’t seem to be that my time leap gets cancelled because I end up sleeping. Since I don’t know the reason for it, I end up not being able to sleep very well at night…

Hiiragi-chan smiled faintly.

“Sana-chan said that you were sleeping pretty soundly, you know?”

“Ah, ummm, yeah, Nii-san, you were sleeping even after I poked you in the cheek… H-have you not been getting enough sleep?”

Why is Sana panicking?

Soon after, Ii-san who was late due to class, arrived and our fun lunch time meeting began. Today, Sana and Hiiragi-chan were both basically silent, even when I tried to talk to them their reactions would be weak. Ii-san was also pretty tacit so lunch was unusually quiet.

It can’t be… that while I was sleeping, Sana ended up picking up a fight with Hiiragi-chan, can it…?

I fiddled with my cellphone, and sent Sana a text.

“Did you do something to Sensei?”

“What do you mean by that?”

Am I wrong? If that’s the case then it’s fine. If something did happen, Sana would probably end up telling me, nothing happened probably.

“Seiji-kun. Does your family usually have some sort of special greeting? A western kind?”

When the phone came through at night, that was the first thing that the goddess said.

“A western kind? What are you talking about?”

“For example, giving each other a hug and putting your cheeks together?”

“There’s no way we would do something western like that. We’re completely normal.”

“I see I see. If that’s the case then it’s fine. As I thought, Sana-chan likes Seiji-kun a lot.”

“Saying that again? The theory that she likes Onii-chan?”

“Yeah. The nuance is a little different though. Anyways, since you guys are brother and sister living under the same roof, don’t do anything weird, okay?”

“I wouldn’t do anything like that. More importantly, you aren’t supposed to tell anyone what happened to Haruka-san and my relationship as teacher and student, right…?”

“T-that… that’s that’s true… But, but! It’s still safer than brother and sister!”

Her tone was looser than usual.

“Sensei, did you end up drinking?”

“When we’re alone, it’s not Haruka-san it’s Sensei right…?”

See, she’s already started breaking down.

“Since it’s a holiday tomorrow, Sensei ended up drinking~. Fuheheh… Seiji-kun, why don’t you come over so that we can drink together?”

“Hey. I can’t drink because I’m still a minor!”

Bugya, I heard a brief scream from Hiiragi-chan over the phone. It seemed like she threw up what she was drinking.

“Even though it was just put in… Fuheheheh”

The timings for her laughs were already becoming weird. Her breakdown is quite severe today. When I looked at my watch, it was still 9 PM.

“Since I’m a little worried, I’ll head over.”

“If you don’t come quickly, Hiiragi-sensei’s closing announcement is going to happen and it’s going to close, you know?”

Closing announcement?? Close?? She’s already incomprehensible.

I quickly changed and went out of my room, where I came across Sana at the entrance.

“Where are you going?”

“It seems like it’s going to close after the closing announcement. You don’t know what I’m talking about? Me too.”

?? A question mark ended up appearing above Sana’s head.

After stuffing my feet into my sneakers, I straddle my favorite bike and head over to Hiiragi-chan’s place. This would be the second time I went to her place.


Pinpon, after the doorbell rang, the sound of footsteps were heard as the door opened slightly. Hiiragi-chan peeked through the gap. Her eyes were so unfocused, it seemed like she would fall asleep as soon as she lay down.

“State the secret password.”

“Hah? Password?”

“That’s right. You need to say how you feel about Hiiragi-sensei or else it’s no good.”

Are you a child? She seemed even more incoherent that last time. I must get her to drink some water.

“My feelings for Hiiragi-sensei? Or for Haruka-san?”


She took the bait. Moreover, she snapped out of it.

“I love her.”

“Mo, moouuuuuuuuu! Seiji-kun~”

Hiiragi-chan, after becoming super happy, left the door and went inside. It seems like it’s okay for me to head in. Gashan. The chain prevented me from opening the door.

Heeeeey! Leave after you open it!!

“Ah. I forgot ♪.”

Teheheh, the drunk Hiiragi-chan returned to the entrance.

That’s right, go on, you just need to open it. Just open it.

“Me too, I love you, Seiji-kun ♡.”

Kyaa, the embarrassed Hiiragi-chan looked super happy as she ran back inside.

Heeeeeeey! Leave after you open it!


After a little bit.

“Why aren’t coming in?”

After making such an incoherent statement, the loveable goddess finally undid the chain and let me in.

“Aah, I see, the password was deeply tied with the words of love.”


What are you saying, is what I really wanted to say. I wanted to ask you what you are thinking! I can’t take a drunkards remarks to seriously—I swore that right then. Hiiragi-chan hugged my arm and acted spoiled. This was cute in it’s own way.

She wasn’t wearing any extra layers on top so her underwear ended up flickering in and out of view. Also, the skirt that she was wearing during school today was getting rolled up with from her movements and made her panties completely visible. I’m troubled about where to look so I try to fix it. This broken down goddess was completely defenseless.

She sat down on the couch and on the table in front of it were only 3 empty cans placed in a stack. It seems that Hiiragi-chan is weaker to alcohol than I thought. After struggled to separate myself from Hiiragi-chan, and after pulling out a bottle of water from the refrigerator, I pour it into a glass.

“Here. It’s water. Drink it.”

“Yeeees ♪”

She drank it down in one gulp.

“It’s unusual for you to get so loose.”

It’s not uncommon for Hiiragi-chan to drink at home. There are many times where she drinks a bit while we’re talking on the phone in the evening. Still, it’s only at most one can, it doesn’t usually get to this point.

“Is it because tomorrow is a holiday?”

“What type of girl is Sana-chan?”


It was weird. Hiiragi-chan leaned her head on my shoulder as she muttered something incomprehensible. Just like that, the sound of her steady sleeping breathing came out. When I carried her to her bed, she ended up waking up.

“…Nn. … Take it off…”


I quickly looked around her room for a T-shirt that she could use for pajamas, but I was already too late.

She threw out her inner wear.

She threw out her underwear.

“Stop stripping!”

I threw her the T-shirt.

“The skirt will get wrinkled…”

“Today will be the bottom as well!?”

Nugi nugi.


“Today it’s white ♡”

“Don’t say it! I saw it earlier so I already know!”

As if she didn’t want me to see, Hiiragi-chan covered herself with the blanket. When I tried to leave, I was caught by my arm and dragged into the bed as is.

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  1. lol why you getting embarrassed about seeing her naked bro ? i mean you are going out … wonder if next chapter they’re gonna do it, i mean why not?


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