The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 41

Goddess by the Poolside

Half of June passed, and the physical education that was focused on land and ball sports was changed to swimming. The swimming classes at our school take place with both the girls and boys together, so it couldn’t be helped that many of the males felt uncomfortable.

Yahoo! It’s the girls in swimsuits! Or something like that did not occur within our class. When the girls arrived by the poolside, there was only a group of cold stares that looked back.

Except for one person.

“Hey, Fujimoto, you’re staring too much. After this, the girls will end up calling you disgusting behind your back, you know?”

Fujimoto shook off the hand that I placed on his shoulder.

“I don’t know what you were talking about earlier. But, I will say this, I am current, in this moment, truly living. It’s just that.”

“Why are you trying to act cool?”

“Be quiet, you swim trunks man.”

“Aren’t you the same? I understand how you feel, but can you do something about those bloodshot eyes of yours?”

“It’s because of the pool.”

“You haven’t even gotten in the pool yet though?”

Still, I was curious about the girls in their swimsuits.

It’s not like I had the intention of cheating, but I still couldn’t help but have my eyes drawn to it.

No… High schoolers, it’s the best…

Since I was already not an innocent high schooler on the inside, I couldn’t help but look with perverted eyes. Then, the girls, who were listening to the teacher in charge and doing a light warm up, started some commotion.

“Ah, Sensei!” “Eh? You’re going to take some more?” “Sensei is also joining in?”

From the direction of the changing room, Hiiragi-chan came out onto the poolside.

“I won’t be getting in. Sensei doesn’t know how to swim after all. Just observing.”

Teheh, the laughing Hiiragi-chan had a hand camera in her hand.


That’s not the stance of someone who was just here to observe!

“It’s okay, it’s okay, all the girls are quite cute! In the worst case, I can place mosaics on the face so you can feel relieved.”

That became even more suspicious!

“Do your best, okay!”

Hiiragi-chan smiled at the guys—rather, she even waved at me.

The restlessness of all the guys ended up peaking.

“If Hiiragi-chan says that… Then we have to show our serious side.”

“She came to take pictures of me, right…?”

“I can only use it once per year, but I’ll use all of it here.”

While trying to act naturally, everyone narrowed their eyes, and tried to show off their muscles with serious eyes as they became conscious of HIiragi-chan. Still, sorry about that, but Hiiragi-chan’s yell was for me probably.

“Sensei, your legs are so thin!” “They’re so beautiful!” “It’s also so pale!”

Hearing the girls complement Hiiragi-chan, all of the boys turned their eyes towards her.

“T-that’s not true…”

Hiiragi-chan smiled humbly.

Since she was out on the poolside, it seems that she wasn’t wearing her normal stockings and was barefooted.

Her skirt was knee length. However, she had rolled it up and tied it at the hem.

It revealed parts of her leg that would normally not be seen, with her white thighs peeking out.

“What is that… is that incarnation of femininity?”

“It has to be the fairy of the lake.”

“No, a spirit that controls water.”

“Is it just me that can see the halo of light around her?”

“It’s even more erotic than a swimsuit…”

The clothes that you would normally see, being changed into a poolside version of it, made Hiiragi-chan even more attractive than usual.

A poolside Hiiragi-chan was also cute.

Man, thank you thank you. That person, is my girlfriend.

Ah, but still, there’s no way that’s the case, people began to say as an argument about the Hiiragi-chan began.

I tried to stop everyone

“That person is the goddess of the waterfront.”


The boys, being convinced unanimously that that was the case, clapped their hands together as they bowed their heads down to her.

Stop it, stop praying to her!

However, as always, Hiiragi-chan was popular regardless of whether it was the boys or girls. After finishing warmups, everyone entered the pool. I wasn’t great at ball sports, but I was pretty good at swimming, so I should be able to show off more than I did during soccer last time. Even I would like to show the person I like one or two good points about myself. It started with 25 meter crawl or breastroke.

“His crawl is fast! Almost like a penguin!”

Hiiragi-chan voiced her praise in a really weird way. Fujimoto, who was waiting his turn by the poolside called out.

“Sanadaa, Sanadaa…!”

“What is it? Fuji—mo—to…”

Looking more closely at him, Fujimoto was leaning really far forward.

“Today, I might die.”

“In a social way?”

Well… when the girls run around on the poolside, it really ends up shaking…

“Leave your seeds, the voice inside my head is telling me…!”

“That’s just your instinct.”

Well, what about me? I’ve already entered a bath with Hiiragi-chan. I’ve even stayed over at her place before. We’ve also slept in the same bed. It’s not as if the appearance of some little girls in swimsuits would affect me, right? Things that move tend to draw your attention, that’s something unavoidable as animals. If they were to run around the poolside, it ends up shaking everywhere, I can’t help but focus on it… The poolside, is quite amazing….

Feeling someone’s gaze on my, I notice Hiiragi-chan staring at me with a blank expression. Just a little earlier, she was busy yelling from the side, going “Kya~! Let’s go! Just a little more! So fast!”, with her tension reaching a maximum.

… her face now was completely dead of emotion.

Wait, Hiiragi-chan, it’s not that.

Her eyes looked like she was looking at some kind of uncontrolled animal…

As I tried to pull Fujimoto back, he nodded understandingly.

“You too…”

“Don’t lump us together.”

Hiiragi-chan started walking over here like a ghost, with slow footsteps.

And then, her foot slipped.


While letting out a cute scream, she fell into the pool.

She said earlier that she didn’t know how to swim… but it’s shallow enough where you can stand, so it’s probably alright.

Basha basha…

“Habu, obu—”

Basha basha basha basha basha basha basha basha basha.

“Ou, mau, habu—”

S-she’s drowwwwnniiiiinnnggg!?

“Pl—plea—please—se abu—take this—”

Hiiragi-chan desperately threw something towards me, which I ended up catching.

It was her camera.

How important is this to you!?

I end up rugby passing the camera towards Fujimoto, and the quickly jumped into the pool even earlier than Komada, the physical education teacher. I swam with all my strength, captured the flailing Hiiragi-chan, and lay her down by the poolside.

“Sensei! Sensei, are you okay!?”

Hiiragi-chan still had her eyes closed.

More importantly, her underwear could be seen through her blouse… to the point where it was hard to look directly…

The roundness of her breasts… it’s too erotic.

“Mouth to mouth… quickly… I’ll die…”

Hmmm? Was that a voice…?

I glanced back.

Her eyes were slightly open?

“Mouth to mouth, hurry…”

I heard it again.

I glanced back.

She’s definitely squinting at me!

Isn’t she perfectly fine and conscious!

“Mouth to mouth…… A kiss…”

Her request became straightforward all of a sudden!?


Full of energy, Komada came running down the poolside.

This can’t happen. I can’t let any other male see the currently wet and see through Hiiragi-chan!

It’s way to erotic!

It’s quite terrifying!

Everyone will end up bending over and be unable to exit the pool!

“It seems like it’s fine, so I’ll be bringing her to the infirmary!”

Panicking, I carried the wet, see through, and erotic teacher in a princess carry and left the pool area while running.

Haaah, somehow I was able to avoid exposing Hiiragi-chan to everyone in such a state.

“Really, you should be more careful, Sensei.”


Her eyes were still closed….

Checking to make sure that there was no one around, I kiss her on the cheek.

Instantly, her eyes opened.

“I’m sorry for worrying you. However, Seiji-kun, you were looking at the girls in their swimsuits with perverted eyes, right?”

Hiiragi-chan said while sulking.

No, that was… well, if Sensei came in a swimsuit, I probably would have always looked at you.“”

“Really? Then, next time, I’ll observe in a swimsuit… it can only be a school swimsuit though…”

That… might work.

“However, I think it’s a little bit disappointing that the other guys will be able to see too.”

“Ah, is that you wanting to monopolize it?”

“I can’t deny that…”

Mufufu, Hiiragi-chan laughed happily.

“Then, I’ll go buy a swimsuit… so let’s go to the beach during the summer.”


I’ve been to the beach a lot of times with Sana in the past, but besides that, this would be my first time.

I guess I was able to make one of my summer plans early now.

“Also. Thanks for being the first one to save me. It was quite cool.”

Raising her body, she gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“I’m glad that nothing happened… Can I let you down?”

“Just a little longer, can I stay like this?”

Saying while looking happy, my princess hugged me tighter and stuck closer to me.

Just like that, I carried Hiiragi-chan to the infirmary.

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12 thoughts on “The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 41

    • Hearing the girls complement Hiiragi-chan, all of the boys turned their eyes towards her.

      It’s “compliment” as in praising someone about something, not “complement”. “Complement” is word meaning the “remaining part that matches and fits with another part”, as in say if A is a set represented as a circle within a rectangular environment B, then the complement of A, written as A’ = B – A.


      • By the way, it’s kind of funny that the guys are trying to show off muscles that they probably don’t even have (except maybe the members of the sports clubs).


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