The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 104

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Time Leap・Memo

◆ Chapter 13, “A Difficult Situation”

This was the first time, the time leap was released. I was living with Sana and had just broken up with Hiiragi-chan. I was living alone, but since Sana’s company was nearby, she proposed to live together. Judging from that, I can guess that at the time, the company that I worked at was probably the HRG company.

Sana somehow had a feeling that Hiiragi-chan liked me. The reason we broke up was due to me saying that “I’m tired of it.”

Once I returned to school after the time leap, I explained why I said that, and relieved Hiiragi-chan of her worries by resolving the misunderstanding.

◆ Chapter 34, “The Second Time”

It was the second time my time leap was released. I wasn’t living with Sana, and for my job, I was working as a high school teacher. I was still dating Hiiragi-chan, and without living together, she had come by to make breakfast for me. The reason was probably because Hiiragi-chan had indulged in a little bit of selfishness during the school trip, and asked whether we could work together.

We still hadn’t married, and when I brought up the topic, she mentioned that when we made our greetings to her family, Hiiragi-chan’s Papa had brought up the requirement of a 10 million yearly salary. Since it seemed so unrealistic, Hiiragi-chan followed it up by saying that he probably just mentioned that in the heat of the moment.

I reaffirmed once again that my goal was not to become a teacher, but to make Hiiragi-chan happy. When I once again time leaped, and I declared to her that I would become a man that could earn more.

◆ Chapter 65, “A Round Trip”

It was the third time my time leap was canceled. Unlike last time, Hiiragi-chan and I were currently living together.

When I woke up, Hiiragi-chan was sleeping naked beside me. It was quite a nice morning situation!

I already had sex with Hiiragi-chan. I had sex with Hiiragi-chan, last night!

…We had sex !

I was then told that we had already been living together for three years. Well of course we’d do it then…

Natsumi-chan had been there when we revealed our relationship and she helped in convincing Hiiragi-chan’s Papa. Thanks to that, we were allowed to live together. However, after thinking that this was just a step before marriage, Hiiragi-chan’s Mama said that living together and marriage were different. Hiiragi-chan’s Mama seemed to be worried about the image of dating a current high school student.

After I returned to the past in my time leap, I told Hiiragi-chan that I would never regret the day I confessed to her. I then confirmed that she felt the same way, and our bond with each other became stronger

◆ Chapter 84, “HRG Company”

The fourth time my time leap was released. Hiiragi-chan and I were still living together, however, Natsumi-chan was borrowing a room and living with us. She was supposed to be the daughter of a company president, and yet she was working part-time jobs. The reason for that was because the HRG company had started on a downturn four years ago. Partially due to that, Hiiragi-chan and I still hadn’t married yet.

Once I returned to the past after the time leap, I decided to work part-time at the HRG company. It would be hard for me to raise the company’s standing by myself. However, even if I can’t directly prevent the company from going bankrupt, a small change in the past may be able to result in a large change in the present.

◆ Chapter 90, “My Results”

The fifth time my time leap was released. According to the note that my future self wrote, I was currently a promising employee of the HRG company. However, the company had started to fall. There were results from when I started my part-time work in the past, but I was only able to delay the company’s bankruptcy.

There could be some other reason, or so that was written. It was also written that I would have more voice as a member of the Hiiragi family rather than just an employee.

Currently, Hiiragi-chan and I were still living together but there was no progress made on our marriage status. Thinking about the previous times that I had my time leap released, the only time nothing happened to the HRG company was when I broke up with Hiiragi-chan.

However, using that as a reason to break up with her was putting the cart before the horse. When I once again time leaped and returned to the past, I officially said my words of proposal to Hiiragi-chan, and she nodded while seemingly about to cry.

◆ Chapter 98, “Hiiragi’s Mother — Part 1”

The sixth time my time leap was released. This time, the future me had not written anything down. When I saw my business card, I noticed that I was working for a different company other than the HRG company.

According to Hiiragi-chan, Natsumi-chan was currently doing her best at the HRG company. The company’s performance had dropped and it was in a terrible situation.

When I brought up marriage, Hiiragi-chan said that it wasn’t necessary to do our greetings. It’s fine to just register with no need for a ceremony were her thoughts. As usual for me, I wanted it to be a marriage where everyone was happy, and a marriage that everyone supported. So, I wanted to make sure to follow the proper procedures.

After listening to her thoughts, it seems that the reason that she said that was because Hiiragi-chan was in the middle of a fight with her mother. I thought that maybe she was fighting with her about our future.

Just as how we brought Natsumi-chan over, this time, we just needed to bring Hiiragi Mama to our side and the problem would be solved!

After time leaping, I was introduced by Nastumi-chan, and greeted Hiiragi Mama——Airi-san. I was then successful in resolving the matter between mother and daughter. However, Airi-san mentioned that I would have to marry into the family or be adopted, as her condition for our marriage and our relationship. I nodded in agreement, and Airi-san ended up recognizing both me, and my relationship with Hiiragi-chan.

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