The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 52

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Ponky Game

“Last time, I was thinking that if I got this, what would I do?”

After finishing dinner, we were sitting on the sofa while eating snacks and watching TV, when Hiirgi-chan said that.

“If you got what?”

“This, this.”

Hiiragi-chan held a Ponky between her fingers and waved it in front of me. [1] It was a long and thin rod-shaped snack coated with a layer of chocolate.

“Haah. What about the ponky?”

“Remember the last time I went to a drinking party, and I told you about how it seemed like a mixer and everything?”

Yeah, I nodded in confirmation. While I was spending time with her at the house drinking party afterwards, Hiiragi-chan told me about what actually happened at the get-together.

“I was wondering if they were going to do he King’s Game or some other lewd game of some sort.” [2]

“You left part way through though.”

“It’s because I thought Seiji-kun would be lonely.”

Uuu. She’s still saying that. It seemed that she had taken a liking to the text that I sent that day, so ever since that day, she would mention it whenever she had the chance. She’s definitely just teasing me about that matter.

“And then. What about Ponky?”

“Doesn’t it just give off the image of being a staple at mixers and stuff? The game where two people start off eating from either end.”

Aaah, the Ponky game. Do you really do that at a mixer…?

“Rather than at a mixer, wouldn’t it be more like a hostess bar?”

“Eh? What did you just say?”

“I said, you don’t really do that kind of stuff at a mixer. Rather, that kind of stuff would be more often seen at a hostess bar—”

“Why do you know about something like that?”

Hiiragi-chan’s eyes were serious.


This was a huge self-destruct on my part. In the present time, I had been taken along two or three times by my superiors. If I told her that, would she believe me?

There’s no way…

“I have an older relative who’s hooked on hostess bars and stuff. And so, sometimes I hear a little bit about it…”

“Ah, I see. You surprised me there! I almost thought that Seiji-kun had been before.”

Pachin, Hiiragi-chan put her hands together in an accepting pose.

I patted my chest in relief.

Nice job, my relative. Who it is, I don’t know.

“That can’t possibly be the case. I’m still underaged after all.”

“Even if you come of age, you can’t, okay?”

Hiiragi-chan’s eyes were serious.

“Y—yeah… t-that’s obvious…”

Scared of the light in her eyes, I unconsciously became an Edokko. [3]

“And, thinking that you might be playing the Ponky game, were you scared, Haruka-san?”

“Yeah. I didn’t think I would like it. I mean, it would be with a male that I didn’t like.”

I too wouldn’t want that. I don’t want to imagine it.

“In that case ♪”

Hiiragi-chan stuck a Ponky into my mouth.

“The two of us, let’s try it?”

“Wait, it’s fine but—”

“Hold still, let me join in.”

Since Hiiragi-chan looked like she was having fun, I quietly listen to her. In the first place, how do you even determine who wins or loses for the game?

She ended up biting onto the other side. At such a close distance, our eyes met.


Becoming embarrassed, the two of us diverted our gaze. Then, Hiiragi-chan made up her mind, looked this way, and took one bite forward.

“Fuu, fuun.”

Most likely, she’s trying to say something like, it’s Seiji-kun’s turn, or something like that. I was also quite embarrassed, but I still took my bite. Once again, the distance between our faces decreased.


Becoming embarrassed, the two of us diverted our gaze. This is 100 times more embarrassing than just kissing. Do adults in this world really do this?


Saku saku. Hiiragi-chan continued to eat, while I too continued to eat.



What should I do…? It’s so embarrassing. Hiiragi-chan’s face is also red.

Saku saku.

Saku saku.

Saku. Saku.

Saku, saku.

We were already both quite embarrassed, but still focused.


Saku saku—chuu.

“Fuyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!? We kiissssssssssed.”

“Uwaaaaaaaah, we kisssssseeeeeed.”

As our embarrassment exploded, we ended up shouting.

… Thinking about it a little more, just before we ate—while Hiiragi-chan was making preparing the meal, we had kissed multiple times in the kitchen.

However, this was completely different…

“Ponky game, it’s quite an embarrassing game…”

“Yeah, I completely agree.”

“Seiji-kun… there’s still 5 sticks of Ponky…”

“Heeeeh, i-is that so?”

Neither Hiiragi-chan nor I were completely opposed to it. A situation in which both of us were waiting for the other to ask for a repeat continued for a bit.


What is this atmosphere, where it seems like the person who says it loses? Probably, the person who responds will end up saying, “Since you said that you wanted to do it, I’ll just play along with you,” and activate it as a defense card.

Hiiragi-chan stuck one stick in her mouth, and began to bite on it. I took a sidelong glance at her.

“Well, if Haruka-san wants to do it, then I wouldn’t mind doing it.”

“Me too, if Seiji-kun wants to do it, I’ll play along, you know?”

“Ah, that’s right, I really wanted to eat Ponky.”

“That’s a coincidence. I also wanted to eat want.”

We ate one together.

Saku saku saku… saku…

Saku, saku, saku… saku.

……. saku.


Saku saku saku.

Saku, saku, saku.

I could feel my body temperature increasing, and my whole entire face had turned hot. Hiiragi-chan was probably the same. She was red all the way to her ears.

Saku saku saku saku—

Saku. Chuu.

“Waaaaaaaaaah. We kissssssssseeeed!?”

“Fuyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, We kiissssssssssed!?”

It was a huge fuss.


Pausing for a moment, we both wondered what it is we were doing.

“Seiji-kun, despite all of what you said, you’re enjoying it quite a bit. When all is said and done, I guess you really just want to kiss me.”

“No, but, just now, you were the one who put it into the position where one bit would force us to kiss. So isn’t it Haruka-san that wants to kiss?”

“Still, it was Seiji-kun that lost. You lost to your desire to kiss, so it’s your loss.”

“If that’s the case, then it was Haruka-san that took more bites. If you count it based off of losing to your desires, then it’s really my win.”

“Nono, that’s not true.”

“Yes, it is.”

“No, it isn’t.”


During that time when we were pushing the blame onto each other—


Our faces closed in until we kissed.

“… This, wasn’t that embarrassing was it?”

“Yeah. Not really.”

“What’s so different about it? Should we try and test it out again…?”

“You have a point… I’m also not opposed to that.”

We both put ourselves on either end in order to set up.

Saku saku saku saku saku saku saku saku saku saku saku saku saku saku, chuu.


Once again turning red, we made a huge fuss about it.

“… T-that just now was because of Haruka-san.”

“You’re wrong, it’s because of Seiji-kun. Completely your fault.”

Ah. But I feel like I understand now why it’s so embarrassing.

“S-since we don’t know who won or loss… L-let’s do it again…?”

“Isn’t it because of that?”


Hiiragi-chan was already completely motivated and had held onto one end.

“When the roller coaster is going up, as you hear the rattling sounds for the ride together, the anticipation of when the drop is coming. Isn’t that somewhat the same for the Ponky game?”

“Shtop shtop, don— that feeling?”

“Yeah. That feeling.”

Simply speaking, it’s the heart pounding feeling of the kiss that we were hooked on. As we were getting excited over the Ponky game together, we found a new way to flirt with each other.

TL Note:

  1. I have no doubt that Ponky is just supposed to be Pocky. I guess it was censored, but anyways, here’s a picture of it just for anyone that doesn’t know.
  2. King’s game is a drinking game. I believe the idea of it is that someone is chosen as king and everyone is assigned a number secretly using cards or any other sort of method. The king then gives out a task specifying the number of people involved and the people involved, named based off of number. And it should just continue on like that.
  3. Edokko should refer to someone who is super assertive, maybe even confrontational.

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9 thoughts on “The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 52

    1. King’s game is a drinking game. I believe the idea of it is that someone is chosen as king and everyone is assigned a number secretly using cards or any other sort of method. The king then gives out a task specifying the number of people involved and the people involved, named based off of number. And it should just continue on like that.

      The King and the Numbers are all assigned by lots


  1. Thanks for the dose of sugar!
    Didn’t know that Ponky is 1000% made of sugar.
    *dies from diabetes*

    Im starting to feel sorry for that non-exsistent relative.


  2. never want to play that again!!

    There was this time when I was still in the agency along with my third cousin, I was almost shot through the head with a gun(it was a rubber bullet) by her boyfriend when the two of us played it.

    Though formerly she was my fiancee, set up by our relatives(though I broke off the engagement, i came from a branch family and she’s from the main) and I know she likes the guy who is my best friend she is dating then and now their married, going back.

    At the time the two of them were so drunk because my unit which they are a part of as well held a party because the three of us are retiring and at the party a senior brought a frigging vodka!!

    As for me, well I don’t drink(I’m not allowed to) but I often play around in party’s too much that it’s puts me in trouble, a lot…. So since the two are drunk and I was playing too much, by the way my cousin and I are originally intimate like super close friends since we’re of the same age, back on topic.

    My best friend at the time was so drunk that his wobbling like crazy and saw me and my cousin who was not as drunk as he is, playing Pocky game then another senior pulled out a pistol with a rubber bullet cartridge loaded and gave it to my friend and I was like.

    “Woah!! Ok! Easy! Easy!”

    I was like Chris Pratt taming the raptors at the time….

    PS. We worked at a security agency

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