The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 114

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A Young Girl’s Consultation Room

Ever since that Sunday, Hiiragi-chan interacted with me as if nothing happened at all. Really, what was that all about…?

“Nii-san? Listen to me.”

After being poked in the side, my focus returned.

On the way to school in the morning, the students walking by were looking at us.

“Since you yelled, everyone is looking this way now.”

“It’s because Nii-san is ignoring what Sana is saying.”

“Aah, about what we’re doing for the school festival?”

“React a little bit if you’re listening.”

Our class didn’t really have any huge stakes in the school festival, so we settled on doing a simple café. There isn’t a need to randomly make things out of cardboard so it was quite easily handled. All you have to do is listen to the orders of customers that come, and then serve them.

Simple is best. That’s the type of store it is.

The menu was light and consisted only of pancakes. The people who were making them would be rotated on shifts it seems as half of my classmates seemed to want to enjoy the whole school festival rather than just our what our class was doing.

“A café? That’s boring.”

“It’s fine. It’s my second year. It’s not my first, and neither will it be my last. It’s fine for this to be pretty casual.”

… After all, I’m curious about Hiiragi-chan’s state yesterday, and about the state of the future. If this continues, I may end up with Natsumi-chan, and not Hiiragi-chan. Is it something to do with the HRG company, or is there something I have to do now in my second year of high school…?


“You’re really groaning a lot since yesterday. Ah, yesterday for lunch, that little kid came, right?”

“Little kid? Aaah, Rei-chan?”

Huh…? That’s right, Rei-chan said that I was a virgin, right?

She wasn’t wrong though.


“Sana’s class decided on doing a haunted house.”

“Hmmm. That so?”

I was thinking this, but isn’t going to school side by side as siblings like this, something to be embarrassed about?

“Sana didn’t want to, but I was put into the role of being a monster…”

“Hmmm. That so?”

“It’s a female ghost.”

“Hmmm. That so?”

It would seem like she would refuse anything though.

“Sana said that she didn’t want to, but because of the number of nominations…”

“So, you were forced in by nominations…”

With all said and done, she really has come to fit in with the class. Being nominated would mean that she was quite liked by everyone after all.

“During the sports festival, there were also people cheering for you too.”

“T-that was just a little bit of teasing… everyone finds it fun to tease Sana.”

If you really were a loner, they wouldn’t be teasing you by saying stuff like “Sana-tan, so cute!”, or “Sana-tan, your legs are so thin!”

“…Isn’t that great?”

“Please don’t look at me with lukewarm eyes like that.”

Now that I think about it, the last time Sana wasn’t given the role of a ghost.

“Work hard. If I have time, I might come by and visit.”

“Acting so high and mighty, even though you’re just Nii-san.”

Even if she didn’t get that role, she would probably be helping out at the curry store that our home economics club is doing. Sana seems to have a busy school festival ahead of her.

After separating with Sana at the entrance, some noise came forth from behind me.

“A child?”

“So cute~”

“It’s an elementary schooler.”

“Someone’s younger sister?”

Thinking that it wasn’t possible, I turned around. Rei-chan was there wearing a yellow safety hat and carrying a red backpack.


I could feel everyone’s gaze center on me.

With her backpack bouncing up and down, she came running over.

“I, I made a bentou for Senpai!”

“T-t-thank you…”

She pushed towards me a bentou wrapped in a handkerchief.

“Senpai’s favorite hamburger is also included in it!”

She’s a ten year old fourth grader, but on the inside she’s twenty. Don’t come over so excitedly… This is why, when I returned to the future, Rei-chan was aspiring to be my mistress. 

If it’s here, we’ll be subject to curious eyes.

“Rei-chan, come here for a moment.”


Beckoning her, we come to the deserted back of the school building. 

I had something I wanted to confirm. Sitting on a step, I thought about what I should say.

“What is it, Senpai?”

Rei-chan tilted her head with a blank expression. The power of a little girl is to be feared… Her gestures were somehow cute…!

“Earlier, I temporarily returned to the present, and once again came back.”

“Hmmm? So you can do something like that?”

“It’s not that I can do it, but rather it’s something that happens from time to time. Anyways, in that future, I was a leader at the workplace, and dating Natsumi-chan.”

“That’s right.”

So, that present is the same one that Rei-chan knows.

“However, I wasn’t Sanada and had become Hiiragi Seiji.”

“Your last name changed… Which means, your marriage has been decided?”

“Is that really the case?”

Which means that Rei-chan, doesn’t know… about me dating Hiiragi-chan, the older sister.

“Rei-chan, you said that I was a virgin, right?”

“Is that wrong?”

“You aren’t wrong, but there has also been the pattern in the future where I have had the experience.”

“Hmmm?? But, you were being teased by people from the workplace about it, you know?”

I was being teased? About being a virgin? That’s too depressing…

“Senpai, cheer up!”

“Ah, yeah, thanks.”

Having things go well with Hiiragi-chan allows me to have gained experience at some point in time. However, I don’t end up getting promoted. If things don’t go well with Hiiragi-chan, I stay with having no experience, and end up as a member of the Hiiragi family while dating Natsumi-chan. I also get a small promotion within the company.

The split comes in the near future. It seems that Hiiragi-chan and I broke up during my third year of high school.

It was currently halfway through October, and the school was preparing for the school festival.

“So, there isn’t even half a year.”

Regardless of which future, the company’s performance worsened.

“Senpai, if there’s something that I can do, please let me know, okay?”

It was as if I could see a halo of light coming from behind the young girl.

“Romantic advice, or even some more perverted advice. I’m currently accepting anything!”

“Romantic advice…”

I see. Even though she’s like this, Rei-chan is a twenty year old girl in her prime. Things along this line should be right up her alley.

Speaking to her sister, Natsumi-chan, about Hiiragi-chan’s weird behavior isn’t exactly something that I’m too keen on.

That would probably cause even Natsumi-chan to be weirded out.

“Ummm, actually…”

I’ll end up late, but without caring about that, I spoke about the things that happened yesterday.


“It’s really surprising, right?”

“Senpai, you’re dating Sensei!?”

“That’s what you’re surprised about?”

Well, I guess you would be surprised if I didn’t say anything.

“Sensei, is a pervert…!?”

“She shouldn’t be that type of person, but… maybe since I was sleeping, she did something bold like that….”

“Is that just how she is?”

“I would like to think that isn’t the case.”

It was actually just a dream, that’s something I could accept.

“Senpai, that’s just a furious head-on appeal.”


“It’s a, I want to do lewd things type of nyaan ♪. Coming from my experience, there is no mistaking it.”


Hiiragi-chan, wants to do, lewd things…?

“Senpai’s serious face is quite interesting… Bufufu.”

“Still, she was the one that said it wasn’t okay.”

Was it just that she happened to be in the mood that day?

“I guess I don’t really know the details.”

Hiiragi-chan herself did admit that it wasn’t that she wasn’t interested.

…So, Hiiragi-chan, wants to do, lewd things… It seems there are times where she gets in that sort of mood.

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