The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 18

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◆Seiji Sanada◆

“Nii-san, what happened?”

Upon entering the game shop, Sana came after me. She noticed my frantic searching and looked around, too. What happened, indeed. She didn’t follow us, right..?

…Ah. Something moved by the store’s entrance.


I only saw the shadow, but that was definitely Hiiragi-chan. Stop trying to be so sneaky in such a weird place!

“No, it’s nothing.”

“Oh, really?”

Sana, tilting her neck, put her arm around me and cheerily said “Nii-san, this way” and pulled me away. She’s pretty lively today, huh?

“It’s a game two people can play, and recently I’ve thought it’s pretty interesting, but…”

Based on my standards 10 years ago.

I hadn’t gone shopping like this with Sana before. I definitely hadn’t gone anywhere with her, especially with our arms around each other, nor had we eaten crepes together. History is said to be exaggerated, but a lot of weird things have happened due to dating Hiiragi-chan.

“Sure… why not?”

Where are you, Hiiragi-chan? Or rather, what happened to working? What’s bugging me is that it’s like she said, “Eh, whatever” and then just stopped working. She’s an adult, this is something she should be more careful of.

My phone moved with a bu-bu-bu. Just as I expected, it was a message from Hiragi-chan.

“I came because seeing you gives me the drive to work harder!”

What a quick excuse! It’s not that I want to be careful about meeting up, I want to be careful about her slacking on work! I’m honestly happy that my beloved girlfriend came to see me. But, that’s another story. Getting excited over this won’t work out well for Hiiragi-chan. It’s got upsides, but it also has its downsides.

“As a teacher, please properly do your job. Then we can hang out!”

“Oof, keigo… the distance hurts…” [1]

Sana stared at me when I received that message.

“Nii-san, which one do you want?”


“Ugh, you’re not listening at all!”

Sana filled her cheeks with a puku. It’s cute when she’s in a good mood. It’s practically a brother complex, what with her arm was wrapped around me.

“Nii-san, focus on choosing a game. There’s even Battlefield and Paradise.”

Sana hunts for used games on sale at Wagon Sale. Seems like she wants a game to kill time while she waits for new ones to come out.

“Should I even buy anything? They’re pretty expensive, like a thousand yen.”

“Nah. What are you thinking? What failures, your pride wouldn’t allow it.”

Oh, little sister. Aren’t they being sold on clearance like this because they aren’t popular? But for a high school student, a hundred to a thousand yen is pretty significant.

“There’s lots of games, and they’re cheap!”

At a different Wagon Sale, a woman read off that monotonous line.

For a game store or similar places, she was wearing unusually nice, fresh clothes.

It was Hiiragi-chan.

“If she was just an acquaintance, I could buy her a present…”

Chira. Chira-chira. [2]

She’s definitely looking this way! If I talk to her now, it feels like she would say something like, I’ll buy you a game. It was definitely giving off that impression. Sensei, it’s such a coincidence seeing you here.

No way that’s the case!

“Should I buy two… or three…?”

Chira. Chira chira.

That’s right, there’s no way I would be willing to believe that she just happened to come here at the same time. She was definitely inviting me over…

Sensei, hello, is it true that you’ll buy us some games? She was definitely inviting me to say something like that to her.

If I talk to her, my time with Sana will officially be over!

“Ah, Sanada-kun, Sana-chan, it’s such a coincidence. Do you guys have plans for lunch? Sensei will treat you guys! Let’s go let’s go.”

It’ll become like that. Definitely. Sana put a little bit more strength and squeezed my arms.

“Hiiragi-sensei is over there. …Does she also like games?”

“I-I wonder. Who knows?”

I decided to act completely oblivious. Really, I hope that Hiiragi-chan would hurry up and get back to work. There are probably negative effects to her being here after all.

“So Sensei as well, also hides the fact that she likes games, anime, and manga from others like Sana does.”

You’re wrong, sister.

“Coming out on a holiday as a girl, all alone, while getting all excited at a wagon sale like this. That has to be the case.”

She’s making such a weird misunderstanding about Hiiragi-chan. Well, that’s fine I guess. Suddenly, I found a piece of software priced at around 500 yen. It was an action RPG which allowed for two player cooperative play, just like Sana wanted

Maker Logo… This is made by the company that Sana eventually went to work at. At this point in time, it’s a minor studio, but from now on, they will make some really popular games.

“Sana, how about this?”

As if trying to judge the contents, Sana picked it up and closely looked over the packaging.

“It seems fine.”

“I’ll buy it for you.”

“Eh? Is that alright?”

“I mean, it’s only 500 yen after all.”

“If you say that… then, please buy it for me.”

After responding to her with a yes, I bring it over to the cash register. On the way, I found an evil looking person letting out some sort of dark aura.

It was at the level where you might feel nervous just by passing by it. Or at least, for other customers, but not me.


I felt like I could hear some muttering like that.

“Me too… I also want a present… Having it just be Sana-chan, that’s unfair…!”

I was wondering who it was, but I guess it was Hiiragi-chan.

I took a roundabout way, and arrived at the counter and payed for the game. Then, as I was trying to head out first, Sana chased after me.

“Nii-san, it’s bad.”

“What is?”

“Hiiragi-sensei, she was looking through the sale the whole time, and now she’s letting out some sort of miasma! ”

Yeah. I know.

“It’s probably because she couldn’t find anything good!”

… Let’s just say it’s that.

Ah. That’s right.

“If you do your work properly, I’ll give you a present. So, do your best!”

The miasma that had permeated through to the exit of the store, suddenly dissipated.

Tsuka tsuka tsuka tsuka tsuka tsuka tsuka.

Hiiragi-chan exited at an amazing speed, and walked away.

How much do you want a present!?

I was only saying that just because and never had intended on actually doing it!

Bububu, my cell phone vibrated to indicate that a message had been sent by Hiiragi-chan.

“Hiiragi Haruka, will do her best!!”

“Haruka-san, good luck!!”

“Yeah. Seiji-kun, I love you ♡.”

As a teacher, or maybe even as adult, Hiiragi-chan may be quite broken down.

Vroom, we saw Hiiragi-chan’s car drive out of a nearby parking lot and head back to where it came from.

Sana said, I understand, I understand, and nodded multiple times.

“Like that, Hiiragi-sensei is probably off to the next battlefield…”

Yeah. That’s wrong though?

I was wondering what I should get her for a present, but in the end, I decided to buy a scrunchie for her.

Hiiragi-chan’s hairstyle at school is usually a ponytail after all.

So that she could use it at school, I got one that looked plain. I ended up secretly buying so that Sana wouldn’t find out about it. Then, in the evening, we got onto a train and headed back.

While we were heading back, Sana continued to hold the game that I bought her previously.

“Nii-san… I’ll make sure to treasure this… You bought me it for me after all…”

“It’s fine. If you really think that way, then wouldn’t it have been better to just get it on the internet?”

Sana, who was sitting next to me, grabbed my arm and leaned against me.

“It’s okay. It’s fine… this is, fine…”

Sana’s face, which was lit by the sunset, was dyed completely red.

TL Note:

  1. Keigo refers to the polite language used when speaking to someone who’s either superior to you or someone to whom you aren’t very close.
  2. “Chira” is an onomatopoeia that refers to repeated glancing.

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  1. Luckily this mc seems to have an impenetrable dense barrier to block all of the bro cons advances, but it only seems to work when he’s dating his sensei. It makes me wonder, what was going on when he was a grown man living alone with his sister in the future?

    Thanks for the chapter!

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    Dammit! Haruka-chan anything you do is so damn cute! And still waiting for the eventual future where Sana finds out tha Seiji is dating Haruka.


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