I Quit the Going-Home Club for a Girl with a Venomous Tongue – Volume 1 Chapter 1

The Rose Blooms in Displeasure

After classes, all that was left was cleaning and then to go home. Sakaki Sui’s only job after school was cleaning. Once that’s over, I was free to go home. Why is it that I’m free? That’s because I’m part of the best club in the country, the Going-Home Club.

Why is it that I can say that it’s the best in the country? For everyone in the world, it’s a hard question that would have anyone struggling, but the answer is simple. We simply have pride as a member of the Going-Home Club. The size of that pride is important.

It wasn’t because I didn’t even take the time to turn in an interest form after becoming an high school student. I only didn’t enter due to my own choice. It’s just too much of a hassle. You could say, however, that it’s because my personality is terrible.

I place my bag over my shoulder, and head in the direction of the door.

The privilege of the Going-Home Club is time. There is more time to use for far more valuable things than in other clubs. Do not misunderstand, it’s not that I’m trying to say that the time used for club activities is wasted. It’s just that I think spending my time relaxing at home is a lot better.

Just like a gust of wind, Akakusa-sensei appeared in the classroom. Akakusa-sensei was quite the beautiful person, and I couldn’t help but be charmed every time.

A nice smell—.

It felt like I would be led astray by the smell of perfume tickling my nose. As I was beginning to drown in the feeling of having my consciousness melt away, the teacher approached me. I could feel my heartbeat accelerate.

“Sui-kun. Come with me for a bit.”

Grabbing my sleeve, Akakusa-sensei dragged me out of the classroom. A slight bit of an elopement is definitely something I would look forward to, but if anything, I would hope it to be done a little bit more secretly as I didn’t want to get rolled into an argument with the Board of Education. I would hope that she would at least wait until after I graduated from high school. The place beside me is always open after all.

“Sensei, can’t I go home already?”

“No. You’re just going to go sleep if you go home, right? Do something more meaningful.”

“It’s the privilege of the Going-Home Club. Anymore, and I’ll ask for overtime payment.”

“This is a high school. Moreover, I’m the one that isn’t getting overtime payment.”

I couldn’t say anything back to that… I felt like I was taking a glimpse of the darkness present in a tough working society. Club activities being outside of one’s salary was something that I’ve heard before and when I heard that, I shuddered. For a person of the working class that already doesn’t get very many holidays, they probably wouldn’t want to suffer through work without wages. In the first place, there should be no obligations for them after classes are over.

I curse my own social status. I would like to say that I myself am a customer of sorts, but since my parents are the ones that are paying the tuition, any further resistance would mean death. Resistance was futile.

“Akakusa-sensei, can you at least let me buy some bread from the store? There’s delicious bread at the store, you see. I was looking forward to buy it, but since it’ll become a battlefield due to the girl’s from athletic clubs, it’ll be bad if I don’t go fast. Do you know? In order for them to satisfy their hunger after club, they buy it beforehand. I’m also aiming to buy that bread. I can’t stand for this, you know?”

Akakusa-sensei continued to grab my sleeve and did not let go. I tried to advance, but I was like a horse that was held back by a rope pulled by a man. Like some pathetic man from a Western play.

“Sensei. As such, I went to try myself on the battlefield of girls once. It was amazing. Particularly, the ones from the volleyball team or the basketball team. I’m certain that they will become housewives that can bring victory in the future. Before I knew it, I was staring at an empty shelf exceedingly conscious of the fact that I was a defeated soldier. Why doesn’t Uncle Jam change jobs to work at our school? He would definitely become rich in an instant. I think it’s even at the level where they could make profits off the bread that Dokin-chan ends up throwing away.” [1]

“Sui-kun. Over here.”

I was grabbed from the neck like a small kitten and made to stand.

“Is this the library?”

“That’s right. I think she should be here.”

“That doesn’t seem like a very confident line. Please don’t make up some person that only exists with a certain percentage of probability.”

“It’s okay, you know them too. I would like you to do something.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Come on, let’s go in.”

We passed through the sliding door of the library. It was a normal library, where a quiet space was spread out throughout the room. It was something that I never associated myself with. I do read, but I don’t go to the library. It’s because they usually have hardcovers and not too many paperbacks. Paperbacks are the superior style. That’s why I don’t feel like reading at the library.

“Over there.”

Akakusa-sensei’s finger was pointed towards a female student. The girl standing in front of the bookshelf, staring at a book with a frown, was someone that I knew very well.

“That’s Hiwa Arina, right?”

“That’s right. I would like you to be her partner.”

“Is this torture!? I’ll use Morse code to send a message telling the US army that I’m being tortured, you know?”

“That girl won’t say it, but she’s suffering over something.”

“It’s her bad mouth… right?”

“I would like you, Sui-kun, to help relieve that a bit. Please!”

Akakusa-sensei appealed to me by putting both my hands together. I felt like she was like a Buddha statue that would be given prayers within a shrine. If she had a donation box, I would definitely had put in my 10-yen.

By the way, Akakusa-sensei was a beautiful person.

A man that could refuse a request from a beautiful girl would be in the minority. I would be counted within the majority. That’s why, I wouldn’t be able to refuse this request, even if the world were to explode.

“Alright. I’ll do it.”

“Thank you! I’ll leave it to you!”

Akasuka-sensei then left the library in a hurry. She most likely has other work to do. The leftover bit of perfume enticed me to take a trip to the Wonderland. I even had doubts whether she was smoking some forbidden drug of some sort.

As requested by Akaskusa-sensei, I approached the side of Hiwa Arina. If I had to describe this girl with one phrase it would be, “A venomous rose.”

“This is unusual.”

“Disgusting. Die.”

So… In just the first five seconds, it seems that I’m hated already. However, if I were to feel down at this point, I wouldn’t be a man. It was a direct request from Akakusa-sensei. I won’t lose here yet.

“What? Can you just disappear?”

“Unfortunately, I don’t have the ability to move instantaneously.”

Hiwa Arina had a few wrinkles around her brow, as she put up her guard against me. It seems like she hates jokes.

“You seem to be talking to me familiarly, but who are you? I don’t know anyone like you.”

“I’m Sakaki Sui. I’m from the class next to yours.”

“Don’t know of such a lowly animal.”

Of course. It was the first time that I, a lowly animal, had ever spoken to this girl called Hiwa Arina. Oh my, I seem to be trying to communicate with some higher order life form. Our first contact has turned into one of the worst situations. Just like the rumors, Hiwa Arina’s communication style seems to be devastating. Only her brain and appearance are good.

I can accept her being described as a rose.

I have witnessed quite a few guys who had confessed to Arina, and every one of them would return to the classroom as if they’ve been beaten to a pulp. Curious about what was repeating over and over again, I chased after a courageous fool who was still willing to confess even after all that had happened. I followed after the nervously shaking male with tomato juice in hand like a stalker. By the way, tomato juice is supposed to help with longevity. My little sister told me.

Hiwa Arina often sits on a bench and reads. As such, the nervous male headed towards the bench, and communicated his feelings. I listened to it with one ear, and tomato juice in the other hand. Tomato juice also prevents cancer. My little sister told me.

“It’s disgusting, so disappear. Looking at you reminds me of a trampled centipede.”

That was the first thing she said after opening her mouth. If the person that you like were to tell you something like that, it would probably result in mild depression. Even me, who was drinking tomato juice in order to extend his life in a fight against death, would turn to the dark side and take a huge gulp of salad oil.

That is why, she is said to have a bad mouth. There was no denying it. And she often clashes with the mood around her, causing various problems. She didn’t seem to have problems speaking with teachers, but she tries to avoid it as much as possible.

Since our class was different, I didn’t know the details, but from the rumors that came to my ears, I can imagine the disasters that occur.

My mission is to rehabilitate this “venomous tongued girl”. I wanted to know the reason why Akakusa-sensei chose me, but I can feel in my heart that I am being relied on. It was enough to make me dance with joy. High school boys are weak to cute people, and beautiful people.

“Arina-san, why don’t we sit for now?”

“No. Go somewhere else. You’re making me feel bad.”

Everything already seems to be going bad. Stop looking at me as if I’m a huge pile of junk. I’ll end up losing confidence.

“Please sit. And let’s talk. I was asked to by Akakusa-sensei.”

“What? Why did Akakusa-sensei’s name come out now.”

“It’s in order to rehabilitate you. Come on, sit down.” I pull out a chair and urge her to sit down. Doing that service for her, her glare at me deepened. “Don’t misunderstand. I’m not aiming for you. I aiming to live single after all.”

“Disgusting. It would even feel better to lick a toilet at this point.” She spat those words out, as if truly feeling disgusted over everything.

It was enough to make me feel mistaken as a cockroach. I would look in a hand mirror to confirm, but unfortunately, my femininity was not high enough to have one.

However, maybe because I mentioned Akakusa-sensei’s name, she ended up sitting down.

“What do you want? It’s really troublesome, so hurry up.”

“I came to cure that bad mouth of yours.”

“What? Can you not do something needless like that? Besides, who are you anyways? You’re reeeeaallllly annoying. I can’t say anything loud since it’s the library, but at I’ll at least say this. Disappear.”

“I can’t do that. The beautiful Akakusa-sensei ended up saying “I leave Arina-san to you,” so I don’t intend to be dismissed so easily.”

Although Arina seemed unsatisfied, she looked downwards and fell silent. She’s probably weak to Akakusa-sensei.

As Arina had said, this was the library. If it wasn’t my identity would’ve long since collapsed and become pieces of scrap by now. She had such a demonic power. An exorcist should really hurry up and come.


“… Really?” I was expecting more of a struggle, but she accepted it pretty easily. It was a little bit disappointing, but it was also a good thing. “It’s alright if you accept it I guess. Then, let me explain. You—”



“That. “You”. Can you stop that? It’s getting on my nerves.”

Aren’t you a little bit too petty… That’s no good, Arina-san.

“Anyways. I will cure you. You will accept that with gratitude. Okay?” [2]

“What’s with that?”

“I don’t really know. I was asked to by Akakusa-sensei. Details will be left on the web.”

Hiwa Arina glared at me with extremely cold eyes. This girl, can she take a joke? How has she lived until now? Is it that? Is she the type to think seriously about eating a thousand needles over a pinky promise? [3]

“That’s how it is. Will you accept it?”

“That’s fine. Are you sure you’re not in to me?”

“Don’t misunderstand, you homo sapien (girl). I like older people.”

After hearing that, Arina stood up wildly from her seat and left the library.

Seeing Arina stand up with such bloodthirst, the other students all turned their eyes towards me. They seemed to be asking me, “What did you do?” Claiming innocence, I raise both my hands. Apparently, angering the fierce rose was a taboo in and of itself.

My first encounter with Arina was terrible beyond anything else.

TL Note:

  1. I don’t know if this is popular enough, but Uncle Jam and Dokin-chan are characters from an anime or manga called Anpan man. Dokin-chan I think is an antagonist. Here’s a picture for it:                                                      anpanman
  2. The first “you” that he used was お前 the second one after the correction was 君, both are honestly on the ruder side of things. Well, referring to people with the pronoun you is just less polite than referring to people by name in general.
  3. I believe it’s the standard japanese phrasing for pinky promises, which would be 指切拳万、嘘ついたら針千本呑ます. Literally, pinky promise, and if you lie, swallow a thousand needles.

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