The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 21

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Hot Springs Trip With Hiiragi-chan – Part 3

On the second day of our hot springs trip, we watched TV while Hiiragi-chan gave me a lap pillow. Sometimes, we would enter the personal bath, and after becoming nice and warm we would take a nap. That was how we spent our time flirting together. It was a time of happiness that felt like we were in heaven.


On the morning of the third day.

While eating the meal that the inn worker had brought, Hiiragi-cahn raised her hand and asked.

“Seiji-kun, there’s the ocean nearby, right? Do you want to go later?”

“That’s true…”

There probably weren’t many guests that came for the ocean, but there were probably others like us who decided to go to the ocean since they were already here.

If we go somewhere bright and where people can see us, the risk of being caught ends up increasing. Even though we are outside of the prefecture, it isn’t guaranteed that there aren’t any other people who decided to stay the night at the hot springs over Saturday and Sunday. It’s a little sad but I must put my foot down here…

“I also want to go out with Hiiragi-chan, but there’s the danger of our faces being seen…”

“Now that you mention that, I made some preparations! Tada!”

Together with a sound effect, Hiiragi-chan brought out what looked to be a cap with a wide brim.

“If you wear this, people probably won’t recognize you from far away.”

“You prepared well…”

“Fufun. Because it’s a rare opportunity after all. It’s an essential item!”

Hiiragi-chan, who had a smug face, wore the wide brimmed hat that covered her eyes. It felt kind of like we were celebrities. I was then handed a cap. Well, if it’s with this, it might be okay.

“Then, after we check out, let’s go.”

“Yay ♪!”

After comfortably eating our meal, we gathered up our belongings and checked out. Then, after driving for a bit, we parked our car in a parking lot that seemed to be for people going out to the beach.

The weather was great, and the horizon could be seen across the blue sky.

“It’s the sea, Seiji-kun, look, look at that!”

“I see it, I see it, no need to get so excited.”

Kyaa, kyaa, Hiiragi-chan yelled out like a child. Somehow, it looks like a dog getting excited after seeing snow… I can totally see it… around the butt of Hiiragi-chan, I could see a tail wagging back and forth at full force.

After getting off the car, we walked along the small sandy beach with our hands intertwined. It was still morning, so fortunately, there were few people around. Nevertheless, we kept our hats on for the time being. Hiiragi-chan seemed to be enjoying herself today, as she spoke excitedly about various things.

Yeah. If it’s now, I can hand it to her…! It was from before, when I told her that I would give her a present for working so hard. As things went on, I lost the timing to hand it to her, and it was somehow hard to make opportunities for it. Hidden inside a paper bag, there were five scrunchies that I had each bought individually. Since it became like this, maybe I should have gotten a little more for the present…

“Rather… something like this, most girls would probably already have a lot, right…?”

“Is something wrong?”


She’s looking straight this way.

“You seemed to be mumbling to yourself?”

N-now. I can only do this now.

“Haruka-san… here…”

I brought out the small paper bag that I was hiding.

“What is it?”

“Earlier, didn’t I say I was going to give you a reward if you worked hard?”

“You’re going to give me one…?”

“Yeah. It’s like a nice work, kind of present.”

Hiiragi-chan accepted it and asked if she could look inside. Being asked that, I nodded slowly.

H-how will she react…?

“Ah, they’re scrunchies. It’s cute.”

Oh. Oh… that’s good. It seems like she likes it.

“Thank you, Seiji-kun…”

She had raised her head to say her thanks, but Hiiragi-chan’s eyes were teary for some reason.


“It’s cute… it’s also not too flashy so it can be used at school. It really has just the right touch…”

The tears came flowing from her eyes. Gusun, she sniffled and pulled down the brim of her hat to hide her face.

“W-why? C-c-calm down, Haruka-san! It’s just a present that I was giving you after all.”

“Yeah… I-it’s something that’s easy to use at school, so it shows that… you’re really… thinking about me… and it made me really happy…”

Fueeeen, Hiiragi-chan began to cry in earnest. I hugged her and patted her on the back to calm her down.

“I was so happy I ended up crying.”

“You cried way more than enough.”

“That was dangerous…”

“No, it’s already out, right?”

“Such a quick and sharp retort.”

Hiiragi-chan gave me a few pokes while seeming to be in a good mood.

“You’re the best, I love you, Seiji-kun…”

“Me too, Sensei.”

She reacted immediately and began to hit my chest.

“You end up calling me Sensei…”

What is this person? She’s so cute.

“You have this part to you too. When I want you to say my name properly, you end up teasing me and calling me Sensei, mooou. I tell you all the time that when we’re together—”

“Haruka-san, I love you.”

“I forgive you…”

While holding on to my head, Hiiragi-chan gave me a kiss without hesitation.

I shake my head in order to avoid her face.

“Wa-wait, it’s not like there isn’t anyone around, you know?”

“Seiji-kun, don’t run away please.”

“If I don’t run away, I’ll end up being caught by Sensei—”

“Sensei doesn’t like it when others talk, so please be quiet during class.”

Gashi, she used both her hands to hold my cheeks.

“What are you talking about, in class. W-wait, there’s people.”

“It’s fine right now. Nnn…”

Locking on to me completely, Hiiragi-chan stole my lips.

As I tried to escape backwards, I ended up losing balance since I had to hold her body weight, making me fall flat on my back on the beach.


“Chuu, Chuu, Chuu.”

“Can you stop.”


Looking at each other in the eyes, we both began to laugh like we thought something was funny. From the outside, we probably just looked like some stupid couple. But most likely, couples would think that the other people would be stupid. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to fall in love. If you were to think logically and calmly about it, you would most likely think that romantic relationships weren’t fun.


After having a romantic three days and two nights, I was welcomed into world history class the next day.

“Ah. Sensei, did you buy a new scrunchy?”

“I didn’t buy it, rather, someone gave it to me.”

“It’s cute.”

“That’s nice. You got it from your boyfriend, right?”

“It’s definitely that! It’s completely written on your face!”

There were quite a few girls asking her before class about the scrunchy that I had given her.

“Y-yeah. I wonder?

Hiiragi-chan who acted dumb, smiled and gave me a sidelong glance.

“Alright, the bell rang, so class is starting. Please take your seats.”

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