Monku Tsukeyou ga Nai Rabukome – Volume 1: Chapter 3

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The goddess was an amazing existence, but she was the type to easily get bored. In any case, the goddess had lived for a very long time, so it was something that was inevitable.

The goddess eventually got bored with the world that she had made and stopped doing the work that needed to be done. Because of this, the world’s balance slowly broke down. After all, the omnipresent goddess was an all-powerful existence, without the goddess, the world could not stand.

The people began to pray. Please goddess, please continue doing your duty as you have before. Since we are weak existences created by the goddess, we will soon be unable to live.

Although she didn’t really make too much progress on it, she began to think of a good solution. After all, she needed to take responsibility for the world she created but was there a way to make it easier for her, to make it more amusing for her.

Then, the goddess came up with a way.


After that, Yuuki got to know her a lot better.

“My interests? Let’s see, for example, this. This cigar.” Sekai said with shining eyes. “Cigars are great. It really lets you feel a deep and beautiful pleasure. If I had to pick one item in this world that has given me the most influence, without a doubt, I would choose this one. You should try smoking just once. It will change your life, you know?”

She really pushed him on. So, just once, he tried smoking one on Sekai’s recommendation.

The result was terrible. He coughed the moment he breathed it in, the bitter smoke was painful on his nose, throat, and lungs. Seeing this, Sekai held her stomach and started laughing at him. With that, Yuuki swore within his heart that he would never smoke a cigar ever again.

“By the way, Yuuki.” Sekai further explains, “Do you know? The way to enjoy cigars or cigarettes are different?”

“But both of them seem the same…”

“In the first place, the cigar smoke should not be breathed into the lungs. Also, unlike cigarettes, they should be enjoyed slowly. It’s common for one to be smoking a single cigar for a whole hour. Even if it becomes unlit partway through, there isn’t a problem, which is another big difference between the two.”

“More importantly though, I’m more worried about your health, Sekai. Aren’t you smoking a little too much?”

“Mufu. It makes me glad that your worried. But there is no need for you to worry. Even if I do smoke, I am goddess, so the smoke from smoking cigars will not harm my body.”

“Even though your body is supposed to be a old and short?”

“This and that are different.”

“Still, I’m not only worried about your health, but also about your image. I mean, when it comes to girls who smoke, to be honest, the impression you get from that isn’t great.”


“No, I mean, it may not affect you since you’re a goddess. But girls are people who give birth to children, and damaging your health, that’s somewhat worrying.”

“Chi-children, isn’t it a bit too early to be talking about that?”

“No, I don’t mean it that way.”

“As I thought, shouldn’t we be having our first night as early as possible? Once we start living as a couple, I hear it will be difficult?”

“As—I—was—saying. There has to be something wrong with your head, why do you always want to rush things? … Anyways, what I wanted to say was that cigars don’t really match with your image.”

“… I see. I understand. If that’s what Yuuki wishes, as of today I swear I won’t smoke cigars anymore. Uu…gusu~”

“If you hate it so much that you end up crying it’s fine if you continue.”

“Uu… is that so, thank you… Yuuki is such a nice person…”

And with that, it was settled.

They had another conversation at a later date.

“Are? What is that?”

One day, there was a small change when Yuuki came to visit Sekai’s room. Sekai wasn’t smoking a cigar. Instead, she had something white and slender inside her mouth.

“Nn. This?” Sekai points to the white thing in her mouth. “It’s what they call a chocolate cigarette. It looks like a cigarette but it isn’t one. It’s is a childish substitute basically.”

“…Why that? Why do you have that?”

“It isn’t because you told me to stop smoking, okay?” Sekai held a pompous attitude, “After all, I don’t care about my own image. However, we need to be concerned about your health. I have noticed that inviting you to a room filled with smoke, could cause your health to worsen.”

“Haa. I see.”

“Of course I would think that, right? We are married to each other after all.”

With that said, the goddess suddenly turns away, while she continues to bite down on her chocolate. Her cheeks were slightly red. While he tried to hold back the laughter within his heart, Yuuki was grateful for her concern.

It wasn’t just cigars that Sekai liked; she also liked alcohol.

“Liking both alcohol and cigars, that’s somewhat new…”

“What do you mean by new?”

“No, well. Somehow it is.”

“Then isn’t that alright. It’s not like it is bothering anyone specifically.”

“Well, that’s right, but still.”

“Also, I’m not a minor like you.”

“You’re right.”

“By the way, try looking around that bookshelf over there.”

“Look for?”

“Next to the bookshelf, there’s a hidden switch.”

Looking around as he was told, there certainly was a switch. A mysterious button in an unnatural position.

Yuuki tried pushing the button and was surprised. A low sound came out—it had some sort of power source—the sounds seemed to echo as the bookshelf slid to the side, and the storage space behind it was exposed.

Inside, bottles of alcohol were lined up and arranged. Ones that seemed new and others that seemed old. Amber colored, straw colored, russet colored.

It was like a museum.

“…What is this? How many are there?”

“There are roughly 500 of them. Yuuki, please pick one out and bring it over here.”

Of course, he knew nothing about alcohol. However, when he picked one that seemed suitable and handed it to Sekai, she seemed happy,

“Fumu. A nice choice. Albin, I see.”

“I don’t exactly know. Is it good?”

“It’s a whiskey distillery that has already been closed. Why not have a taste.”

“It’s still too early for me.”

“Fumu, I see. Well, if you drink it you would understand.”

Sekai seemed very disappointed when she said that. So, Yuuki poured a little bit of the brown liquid down his throat.

The result was terrible. His throat started to burn the moment he drank it, his stomach became uncomfortable, and then he coughed and rushed to drink water. Seeing this, Sekai held her stomach and started laughing at him. With that, Yuuki swore in his heart that he would never drink alcohol again.

There was also a shocking episode like this.

“There is something that I’ve have been wondering about for a while now.”

“Try saying it. I will answer anything.”

“It’s about your name.”


“Your name, Kanaruzawa Sekai. It gives a really weird feeling.” Yuuki said while turning his neck. “How should I say this… first of all, I think it’s a somewhat exaggerated name. After all, it’s the world [1]? The World, you know? If my parents gave me such a name… it makes me shiver just thinking about it. I would definitely feel like I’ve lost in life when it comes to my name if it was like that.”

“Fumufumu. So?”

“The valley where the goddess calls [2] , that’s quite something. At least, I have never met of anyone else with the same last name, nor have I heard of it.”

“You really do point out some good points.” Sekai made an exaggerated nod. As if she was waiting for this moment, she continued to speak on, “I have no name in the first place. I may have had one before, but I lost it a long time ago. After all, living for a thousand years, there’s bound to be various things that I would forget.”

“I guess you’re old, short, and quick to forget things?”

“However, having no name is inconvenient. Normally, I wouldn’t need one, but that isn’t convenient when I’m with you. After all, if our relationship is where we can’t call each other by name, I would never be able to become closer to you.”

“Yeah. I can understand that part.”

“That’s why, I gave a name to myself.”

“Eh.” Yuuki blinked two or three times, “You? You did yourself? You gave yourself that name? That name.”

“Indeed. I named myself.”

“Hmmm…” Yuuki folded his arms and thought. “But, why did you pick that name? No, well, you are a god, so there shouldn’t be a problem with a grand name like that.”

“It isn’t like you to ask such a useless question. The reason why I gave myself the name of Kanaruzawa Sekai is simple. Because it’s cool.”

“Hmmm.” Again, Yuuki folded his arms. Like that, he contemplated for a minute, “You know, Sekai?”

“What is it, Yuuki?”

“I doubted it earlier. But aren’t you an idiot?”

“That’s quite rude. The one who calls the other an idiot is the one who’s actually an idiot.”

“Or is it that? You have that chuunibyou thing?”

“That’s also another rude thing to say. Young people looking up to supernatural existences and tricking themselves into thinking they have become one. I am an actual goddess you know. A goddess gave herself a name that proves their own greatness, there shouldn’t be a complaint, right?”

It was a sound argument.

Actually, Yuuki was surprised she even knew chuunibyou was. Regardless of whether or not she’s an idiot, this goddess seems to have a pretty large strike-zone when it comes to knowledge.

The goddess was also very much a shut-in.

“By the way… do you ever going to go outside? Or do you just stay in your room?”

“I don’t go out. I am an indoor person.”

“Sorry to say, but I’m more of an outdoor type of person.”

“I see. Our interests don’t match I guess.”

“To put it another way, I like to pull cats out from sleeping under a kotatsu, and forcefully try to play with and hug them.”

“Are you a sadist? Ignoring the thoughts of a perfectly happy cat and doing something so terrible to it, isn’t that even more scary than a god.”

Etcetera etcetera.

While giving various reasons, she refuses to stand up from her chair.

“Ah—mou— anyways, anything is fine, let’s just go outside for a bit! Go see the outside world for a bit, isn’t it really nice weather outside? If you don’t move about a bit on a day like this, your body will begin to rot.”

“…Well well. Such an energetic man.” With that said, Sekai squinted her eyes, as if looking at something bright. Then, she smiled and closed her book, “Then, let’s do this. If you are willing to carry me, I will be willing to go outside.”

“What? Carry you?” Yuuki blinked in surprise. “Carrying you like that? Do you mean like on my back?”

“Umu. What you are thinking of is probably correct. It is that.”

“Carrying you on my back, is that right? You just want someone carry you everywhere, or is it something else?”

“I don’t need an idiot like that.” Sekai looked at him with smug eyes. Then, with a “kukuku”, she began to laugh, “As I thought, you seem pretty scared, Yuuki? Well, no doubt, even in your dreams you wouldn’t have thought I would set such a high hurdle for you.”


“After all, it is a piggyback. The act of a man carrying a woman on his back means that both of them will stick to each other as much as possible. Adding on to that, their faces become very close. By saying even one word, you would be able to feel a breath on your ear… kukuku. Isn’t imagining it such a frightening thing?”

Saying that, Sekai revealed a chilling smile.

By the way, as she was imagining all these scenes inside her head, her cheeks became a little red. It seems she was somewhat embarrassed.

“Well, let’s hear your reply, Yuuki. Well, it’s alright if you can’t. I won’t make fun of you for being a coward.”

“Yeah. I see…”

“Y-you don’t have to push yourself if you don’t want to? After all, it is a very embarrassing thing. Even if you run away with your tail between your legs, I won’t think any lower of you.”

Even though she was the one who provoked him in the first place, she was the one who seemed to be more scared.Why is she acting like that when she was the one who had proposed having a first night to someone she had met for the first time?

“Let’s see. What should I do?” He looked at Sekai, who was now fidgeting. Yuuki contemplated for a little bit. “Alright, I have decided. Let’s not do a piggyback.”

“Yeah.” Sekai breathed a sigh of relief. At the same time, she looked a little bit disappointed, but she quickly put up a composed attitude, “Well, that’s that. Don’t feel bad, Yuuki. You weren’t a coward, it was just that the other party was bad. Pulling back when it is time to pull back is a sign—”

“So, here’s what I’ll do instead.”

With that said, Yuuki stands up. He walked in front of Sekai, and before she could question him, he hugged her with both arms and held her up.

“Yeah. Well, I wouldn’t say you were light, but it’s not something I can’t carry.”


“Then, let’s go out like this. For now, we can try walking around the garden. The camellias are pretty, you know?”

“Eh. Eh.” It was the so-called “princess carry”. Sekai widened her eyes at her sudden realization of the situation. She turned bright red. “W—w—wait a minute.”

Wait a minute.

What are you doing.

…Is what she seems be saying.

“I’m giving you a princess carry. You should understand it after seeing it, right?” To allow her to understand the current situation, he properly explained the situation.

Fungyaa———, she screamed.

It was not a cat. It was from Kanaruzawa Sekai.

“W—w—w—w—w—what are you doing!?”

“No, well. I’m giving you a princess carry.”

“Why are you saying that so lightly! D—d—d—d—d—doing something like this so suddenly!”

“If I don’t do it suddenly you would’ve resisted.”

“Of course! Suddenly, doing something, doing something—”

Sekai struggled and struggled.

She continued to struggle. She shook her head, waved her arms and legs, just like a cat. Just like a cat being held forcibly against its will.

“Well, let’s go. Stop struggling. Because your old and short, isn’t it better to do this kind of thing while you still can?”


Sekai made a groan to express her regret but didn’t resist any further.

Truthfully speaking, Yuuki was also quite embarrassed, but a man has to protect his image.

They went out into the garden.

The garden in the mansion wasn’t very large, but it was well taken care of. There was also a rich variety of trees in the garden. Despite it being winter, the brilliant green color of trees was still present. Large and small birds played on the trees. Not only were there the camellias beautiful, but there were also other vermillion colored flowers that were dazzling to the eye.

“Quite nice, the garden here.” Yuuki voiced his impression. The princess carry was still going on. “It’s not too flashy, nor is it plain. From one end to another, it is clear lots of thought was put into it. To be honest, I prefer this garden more than my parent’s.”

“…I see. Then I’ll let the person who takes care of this place know about your thoughts.”

“It’s probably because that person has good sense. I don’t think someone with good sense would be a bad person.”

“By the way, Chiyo is the one that is in charge of taking care of this area.”

“Alright, I take back what I said earlier.” Yuuki had a bitter expression.

“She’s the one and only servant takes care of everything in the mansion, the shrine maiden that bridges the gap between humans and god, and also an authority within the Tsukumo organization. If not for Chiyo, I wouldn’t be able to live like this.”

“A shrine maiden with maid clothes? That’s somewhat new… on another note, have you gotten used to this current position? You’re much calmer than you were before.”

“Fun. I won’t keep sulking forever.” Sekai flares her nose with a proud feeling.

However, even while she was being carried like a princess, she didn’t seem like one.

Like this, the both of them looked around the garden. They kept walking around all the way until the limits of his arm strength came and his arms became numb.

The world sure was beautiful. Sekai quietly muttered those words to herself.

Yuuki gave her a glance but didn’t say anything. Her red eyes somehow had a shine in them that made them bright to look at.

In the end, who exactly is Kanaruzawa Sekai?

“A goddess. Nothing more, and nothing less.” She replied. “Sorry, but I can only answer that much. There aren’t many things that I can say about myself.”

“Why? Is there a reason that you need to keep it a secret?”

“There is one. But I also don’t know very much about myself.” Saying that, Sekai began to smoke a new cigar. “It’s been a long time now, but I was a human once.”

“…Is that so? Really?”

Yuuki looked surprised, but he was able to accept it in his heart. After all, the goddess felt a lot like a human. It’s not to the extent that he wouldn’t be able to think of her as human.

“I forgot exactly how things went. However, after following some process, I remember I was ‘chosen’. From then on, I have always remained as god.”

“Haa… I see. That sounds troublesome.”

“Agreed. It is definitely troublesome.” Sekai laughs.

It seemed sarcastic, or not quite. It was more like the time when Yuuki was watching the neighborhood kids playing and running around, passing by while not saying anything. It was that kind of laugh.

“Then, what exactly is your job as the goddess?”

“To save the world. I strive to maintain the state of the world and how it should be. Kind of like a manager of sorts.”

“What do you maintain and how?”




Sekai slowly savors her chocolate cigarette. Nothing could be read from her expression. Sometimes she looks like this. Like some fairy, some sage, or some hermit—something quite different from usual emotionally rich Kanaruzawa Sekai.

“I’ve been wondering this for a while now.” Yuuki says with a little bit of annoyance. “Are you really a god?”

“Umu. I’m pretty sure.”

“Somehow, to me… you seem like a normal human, just like me.”

“Of course I do. I was human to begin with.” Sekai raised one eyebrow, questioning him. “Rather, technically speaking, I am closer to a human than a god. If it wasn’t for my powers, I wouldn’t have been worshipped after all.”

“Then, why do you want to live like a human?”


“Yes. You live so close to humans, isn’t that because you want to live life as a human?”

“If I could retire from being a god, then I would like to try that idea.” Sekai made a laugh from deep within her throat.

Then, with the eyes of and elder who looks over younger people, “However, unfortunately, there is no one that could replace me. To the extent that I like alcohol and cigars, I think it is my role to fulfil my duties properly… by the way, Yuuki, you shouldn’t say something like that too often?”


“If the Tsukumo organization judges that your existence will have a negative effect on the world, they will not hesitate to kill you. Even if your safety is guaranteed and finding a replacement for you is hard, there are always exceptions. Be careful.”

“Thank you for the warning.” Yuuki scratches his head. Certainly, taking further action in this has no merit. “But you know. Now I feel like I’ve become someone who can only speak but not act.”

“What do you mean?”

“Somehow, I don’t feel like I’m actually making you very happy. Even if you say I have done a lot for you, all I’ve really done is to come over every few days and haven’t really done anything.”

“Don’t say something so stupid. I am quite happy. You are doing enough to fulfill your role. So be more confident in yourself.”

“…Well. I’m going to be accompanying you for the rest of your life anyways.”

“Umu. That’s right.”

Saying that, she smiled. Kanaruzawa Sekai, the goddess that protects this world, is just that kind of person.

Yuuki gave a small smile and stopped complaining.

He wouldn’t regret this interaction, or at least not for a little while.

Christmas has passed, New Year’s was coming soon, with winter break about to end.

“First of all, more important than anything else,”

On this day, they were in the Kirishima family’s garden.

His little sister sat on the other side of the table, smiling while putting milk into her tea. “I am glad Onii-sama was able to stay unharmed till today. To be honest, I had been prepared for the worst case.”

“I agree. I thought so too.” Yuuki nodded in in his heart as he brought the Renty [3] cup to his mouth.

As long as the weather held up, this was where the siblings would have their conversations.

Today, the sky was somewhat cloudy, but thanks to the small charcoal heater placed under the table and the blanket covering it, they did not feel too cold.

“That annoying Tsukumo organization,” Frowning with her elegant eyebrows, his sister, Kirishima Haruko, angrily called out. “In the unlikely event that you were hurt, Onii-sama, I would have killed them even if I had to give up my life.”

“That’s not exactly a very gentle thing to say.”

“Of course. Unless I accomplished this feat for Onii-sama, I wouldn’t be able to die without regrets. As long as the successor to the Kirishima family hasn’t been born between us yet, it is necessary to treasure both Onii-sama’s and my life.”

“Leaving aside the part about our successors, nothing says that it will be a child between the two of us though?”

“Not scattering our young flower [4] recklessly started out alright but became a really unfortunate course of action. The people of the Tsukumo organization have already given up their lives. Those guys have angered Haruko, I will absolutely annihilate them with just one finger.”

Of course, she ignored his retort.

By the way, his sister has been repeatedly saying these extreme remarks for some time now. At a height of 165 cm; with a small face, long legs and arms, and a body with good proportions; her figure properly dressed in a leaf patterned kimono gave off a very adult like feel. Yet she was 11 years old and still in the fifth grade.

Because of this, her attitude could have been passed off as just a young girl being somewhat of a brocon when she was young—but now that his sister has grown to be somewhat adult like, he could not just pass it off with a slight laugh.

“However,” Haruko says while stirring the contents inside her cup with a teaspoon. “I have thrown out the possibility that the Tsukumo organization would harm Onii-sama.”

“Oh? Why is that?”

“Other than Onii-sama, for the role of being a ‘sacrifice’, there is no other candidate it seems.” Bringing the cup to her mouth, “Rather, from what I have investigated, the organization has made every effort to try and protect Onii-sama. It is reasonable that they would place such high value on something that they have no replacement for. As long as you are one of the reasons for the world’s protection, they will not be able to take actions against you.”

“Fumu. I see.”

“Besides, the way that they tried to get mother and father to give you up was quite roundabout. I think that from the impatient way they used to pursue you, had never thought of the possibility of Onii-sama getting hurt—at least that’s what I think.”

“In reality, however, it went one step before a homicide occurred.”

“But didn’t it end as just an attempt? The timing was almost as if it was planned.”


“In other words, that’s how it is. Not just this, but everything is playing out within the hands of the Tsukumo organization.” Fuuuu~, Haruko makes a long sigh. “They are such a troublesome group of people. The knowledge of its existence doesn’t appear anywhere around the world, not even at the level of being an urban legend, yet its roots spread far and wide. Their range of influence extends terrifyingly wide. It’s like mold that continues to grow no matter how much you clean it. No matter the effort that you put to stop one part of it, it would definitely turn up somewhere else again.”

“Oh well—. There’s nothing we can really do about that.”

“Agh! Just thinking about it makes me feel annoyed! Why did it have to be Onii-sama!? How is the Tsukumo organization so annoyingly strong!? Can they please not hinder the starting point of my Love Road with Onii-sama!?”

“Now now, calm down. Would you like some tea instead?”

“Yes please! If it’s tea from Onii-sama, never mind ten cups I could even drink a hundred cups!” Haruko’s expression quickly became a happy one.

Her being easy to handle is a good thing, but it is often Yuuki that triggers her nerves.

“By the way, Onii-sama, ”She said while moving her fingers along the edge of the cup,

“What kind of person is god?”

“Hmm—? Let me see.”

“After all, it is the person that your life was given to. As your younger sister, I think it is necessary for me to know.”

“No well, I’m not really supposed to say anything. It’s like an obligation of confidentiality?”

“There shouldn’t be anything in this world that you are required to hide from siblings who are bound by blood though?”

“Now now. You shouldn’t really bother your Onii-chan too much?”

Listening to her brother, Haruko continued sipping her tea. Then, with a big smile, “She’s a very beautiful person, isn’t she? This person called Kanaruzawa Sekai.”

“…How do you know about that?”

“Oh yeah that’s right. According to rumors brought to me by the wind, the other day, Onii-sama got married. Isn’t that a strange story? For such an important thing, why did I hear it from someone other than Onii-sama?”

“Y-yeah. I wonder why. It really is strange.”

“Onii-sama” Haruko glared at Yuuki, “There are many things that I would like to ask about, but I will only ask one thing right now. Currently, I feel that it is hard for me to bear full the burden of Onii-sama has to say.”

“Y-yeah, I see…. Well, what do you want to hear?”

“Me or Kanaruzawa Sekai. Who has the larger chest?”She asked with a serious look.

Yuuki thought about it for about ten seconds before answering. “Don’t worry about it. You are the taller one?”

“I see. So, she is the bigger one.” Her glare became stronger. “Onii-sama.”


“Onii-sama has always preferred woman with a larger chest haven’t you?”

“Nono that isn’t true. I have the reputation of having a wide strike-zone. The size of the chest doesn’t matter too much?”

“Hmmm, I see, a wide strike-zone, huh. After all, you are fine marrying an old woman who has lived for more than 1000 years.”

“Like I was saying, the circumstances—”

“Then it’s decided. The Tsukumo organization and of course, the goddess are all my enemies.”

“Please. Calm down. Cool your head.”

“I am calm and I am thinking clearly. I am making an extremely cool and accurate judgement.”

There was no other saving grace.

Now that it’s come this, there was no way to stop her. Once she has decided, she will never back down, because Haruko has developed adult skills at a young age.

“Anyways,” His sister said with a serious face. “Be careful, Onii-sama? The Tsukumo organization is a very dangerous opponent. Dangerous… and ominous. I know nothing about them… this is the first time that this has ever happened to me.”

“You’re right. I get it.”

“So, for now, I cannot interfere with them. Please take care of yourself until I am able to handle them.”

“Alright. I’ll do so.”

Although he said that, he wasn’t too worried. Ever since he has been called back by god, rather than feeling some sort of danger, the days have felt calm and gentle. He couldn’t actually see the effects from the Tsukumo organization after all. His compatibility with the maid, Chiyo-san, was not good, but she was generally harmless. Regarding Kanaruzawa Sekai, rather than being a harmless existence she was someone that made him laugh.

(It’s as if I’m part of an army when there is no war.) Yuuki thought.

If so, everything was fine.

Even for the navy or the special forces, there’s no reason for them until an emergency actually happens. For now, Yuuki’s priority was making Kanaruzawa Sekai happy. Rather than being part of the military, he was conveniently free.

Of course, it would be different when the ‘time comes’.

If that happened, Yuuki would curse at everything.

He reluctantly served as the ‘sacrifice’ because he was cornered by the Tsukumo organization, and all his other choices were taken away, but that wasn’t all. It was because he was told that he would be protecting the world—because he was told that he played a role in that, he could accept his unreasonable fate.

(But well, for now, everything is fine?)

The opponent to beat.

An obstacle to overcome.

As long as neither is present, the military will continue to leech off taxes.

As long as everything was peaceful, Yuuki intended to relax to his heart’s content.

If wishes could come true, if hope existed.

He wished for it to be like this until his life was extinguished.


TL Note:

  1. Her first name is Sekai (セカイ), which means the world in Japanese.
  2. He’s taking this time to basically go through her name and pick it out for how unusual it is. Her last name is written as Kanaruzawa (神鳴沢). The first character would be god/goddess. The second meaning somewhere along the lines of crying out or like ringing. While the last character means like a valley, or something like that. This results in some grand literal meaning which he explains right here.
  3. I’m pretty sure this is the name of some brand that sells things for homes.
  4. She’s basically talking about taking each other’s virginity at a young age, before all of the Tsukumo organization stuff happened. Extreme, but… that’s how she is.

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    • Well, after this chapter it feels like he’ll become a god. His life won’t be extinguished, and they will accompany each other through the ages. It’s a theory that makes sense of the apparently super rare compatibility as a “sacrifice,” because I doubt just anyone can become a god.


  1. Ohhh, what a nice chapter. Even though it didn’t go anywhere, I could feel myself being purified as I read through the interactions between Kami-sama and Yuuki. Then we get to the part with his younger sister and I’m like, ohhh, looks like there’s something deeper between the married couple.


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