Monku Tsukeyou ga Nai Rabukome – Volume 1: Prologue

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“Nice to meet you. I am a god,” the girl said while holding a cigar.

She kept her eyes on the book on her lap, not looking at Kirishima Yuuki even once.

“My name is Kanaruzawa Sekai.” The girl blows out a puff of smoke while turning the page of the book, “As you know, you belong to me as of today.”

She was a beautiful girl. Beautiful beyond belief. With silver hair and red eyes, she had an otherworldly aura about her. This was Kirishima Yuuki’s “God”. She, alone, is the otherworldly existence that has and will continue to protect the world for thousands of years to come. Kirishima Yuuki is now the sacrifice that is being given to her.

“If you don’t like it, you can try to escape. You may even decide to take your own life.” The girl smiled coldly, “However, do not forget. You are the ninth generation of your family. You have been chosen by the Tsukumo Organization to become the sacrifice.”

Biyuu, a gust of wind shook the window. Outside, the first of the early snow in Tokyo is dancing in the sky. The snow falling constantly from the grey sky, creating a winter landscape around the god’s mansion.

“Now, onto the main topic.” The girl lifted her face. Her shining red eyes looking straight at Yuuki, “As a sacrifice, you get something in return. I will grant one – and only one wish. Whether it is money, women, or power, I will grant it. The only thing I cannot give is your freedom.”

Holding her cheeks with her hands, the girl narrows her eyes. Cold, her gaze was cold. It felt as if she were staring into the depths of your heart.

“… Then…”

Yuuki said something for the first time. The girl raised her eyebrows and let out a sound, “Oh?” The boy was in his mid-teens and had a slightly higher pitched voice, making it loud and clear like that of an actor on stage. Yet, he seemed calm for someone who was standing in front of a being that lived for so much longer than a normal human.

“Getting straight to the point, could I tell you my wish now?”

“Of course.”

Ever so slightly, the girl leaned forward. The action showed her interest in what was about to come.

“Whatever you say, I will grant it to you.”

“Then,” Kohon, he coughed. Then, Ah~ Ah~ Ah~, he made sure his throat was in good condition to speak. After pulling on his sleeves and straightening his collar, he then spoke, “Kanaruzawa Sekai-san, please marry me.”


It looked like time had stopped for the girl. Pokan, she blushed and her mouth opened with her eyes unblinking as if she forgot how to breathe. On the other side of things, Yuuki’s expression didn’t change, his eyes were also not blinking, but he was breathing regularly. He was just waiting patiently for a reply.

The wood in the fireplace made a loud pop. Some ash fell from her cigar. Kata kata~, the outside wind and snow rattled the glass windows.


No one knows how much time passed like this. However, at some point, the girl looked down at her knees, cheeks blushing, and held her two hands together.

“Yes! I will be in your care,” she said.

Now, let the love comedy begin.

A romance comedy between him and her that no one can complain about. [1]

TL Note:

  1. The title of the light novel basically.

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9 thoughts on “Monku Tsukeyou ga Nai Rabukome – Volume 1: Prologue

    1. Hey, the series is not dropped, we will be posting the first chapter soon. Just with school, our other project and this one, it’s taking longer, especially with the longer chapters.


  1. Heya there, thanks and good work for picking up and translating this serie, for I have been looking forward to finding out more after reading the availables chapters of the manga version.
    That being said, I pointed out a few mistakes you made here and there, so I’ll tell you:

    first, at the very begining, you wrote “never looking at Kirishima Yuuki even once.” while it is not incorrect grammar whise, it should either be “never looking at Kirishima Yuuki” or “not looking … even once”.

    Then, near the end, after his proposal, you wrote “He was just waited patiently for a reply.” where it should either be “He just waited patiently for a reply.” or “He was just waiting patintly for a reply.”

    here, I hope this help, even if just a bit.


      1. You’re welcome, I’ll continue to point out other mistakes I come across as I keep reading, as far as grammar is concerned.
        There are syntax issues here and there as well, but I’ll leave that to you as it doesn’t really impact the reading much. and I imagine that translating from japanese to english would prove somewhat tricky, with all the grammar rules that differ between the two, so good luck with that.
        I look forward to the next chapters.


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