Monku Tsukeyou ga Nai Rabukome – Volume 2: Chapter 2

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“—Hohou. That’s a pretty interesting story isn’t it?” They were in the Kirishima family’s garden, having tea time after dinner.

Kirishim Haruko nodded repeatedly. Then she smiled, “In other words, you ended up seeing a naked female other than me. That’s what it means, right, Onii-sama?”

“No, the problem isn’t there…”

“No, that is exactly where the problem is.” The younger sister interrupted him, “This is obviously a violation of the rules. It could definitely be judged as a form of cheating.”

“There’s no way. First of all, I’m not even dating anyone. And of course, I’m not dating you, Haruko. You’re my sister after all.”

“Even though I would let you any time if you wanted to see me naked.”

“Why would I want to see my little sister naked?”

“Why? Of course it’s obvious what you would be doing with me if you did that ♡.”

“Stop it with that statement. You sound like an old man.”

Yuuki made a facepalm after sipping some tea. Was it wrong to tell his sister about what happened the previous day?

(In the end, she ended up hiding herself away after that…)

He remembered what happened at the mansion that day. They were guided by Chiyo-san until they were able to meet the silver haired transfer student for the second time. After which, the girl ended up closing herself off in her room due to being seen in such an abysmal state.

He didn’t even have a chance to say a greeting.

As they were leaving the mansion, the maid who ended up accepting the printouts had said, “Please do come again.” Whether or not he could take that at face value though, he couldn’t know for sure.

“And?” After asking a servant to refill her tea, Haruko asked. “Since you went out of the way to talk about something so unpleasant, you probably have something you want to confide in me about, right?”

“Yeah… Well, that’s true.”

A week has passed since the previous incident.

However, it should be obvious but the transfer student didn’t come to school once.

The incident was not due to Yuuki (supposedly, definitely). Still, it’s not like he didn’t feel any sort of responsibility. After all, he still had the position of being a class representative. If possible, he would want Kanaruzawa Sekai to once again go to school.

“Do you have a good idea?”

“Fumu. Well, I guess it’s still a request from Onii-sama. Still, it’s also bothersome for me to think about.”

While smelling the tea, his sister stared at him,

“Despite it being that Onii-sama would be cheating on me, you probably wouldn’t take heed of my warnings and continue to go and meet with the transfer student, right? Lending my hand out freely to someone like that…”

“Tonight, you can sleep in the same room as me. In the same room and on the same bed. ”

“The exchange is now set, okay!? Please leave it to me, in the meantime Haruko will think of some good idea!”

His sister smiled immediately. It was only at times like these where his beautiful adult looking little sister actually looked her age as a young girl.

“I say that but,” Haruko made a thoughtful expression, “I don’t really have any advice to give you at the moment. For now, you should continue your contact with the transfer student. It starts from there I suppose.”

Then, she began her analyzation Most likely, the transfer student was ignorant of the world.

Being a shut in, she had little experience of the outside world, and despite her beautiful silver hair and red eyes, she had her own complex when it came to her appearance. She doesn’t seem to think positively about living in such a wealthy looking house, so it can be said that her family relationship isn’t exactly blessed.

However, from her words and her behavior, her honest personality didn’t seem to be hiding anything. In addition, at least from the first day that the transfer student had shown up, she not only showed willingness to go to school, but also showed willingness to communicate with others.

“I believe,” His sister stuck out her index finger, “The difficulty of capturing the transfer student, is at the level of a small kitten that isn’t quite used to other people. If you just try to feed her something, she’ll probably come around eventually.”

“You think so? It would be nice if it was just that.”

“Does my analysis seem wrong in anyway?”


Rather, it seemed to match. It was almost the same as the impression that Yuuki had from watching the transfer student.

“I’ll at least do some more investigation from my side. I’ll look into the transfer student. I am somewhat curious after all.”

“Yeah, it would help a lot if you did.”

“However, Onii-sama, please do your best to not get too deeply involved, okay? Onii-sama has promised your future to me after all.”

“I have no memory of ever making that promise.”

“But Onii-sama promised to let me sleep with you in the same room and the same bed! It’ll be great! Today is going to be a pajama party. Let’s prepare a lot of tea and snacks. Tonight, I won’t let you sleep until the morning!”

“Wait wait. Aren’t you coming to my room in order to sleep?”

The next day.

Yuuki once again visited Kanaruzawa’s mansion.

“Welcome, Yuuki-sama.” The maid, Chiyo-san, greeted him in front of the door. It was as if she had expected a guest today. “We have been expecting you. Please come in.”

“Ah, thank you. Excuse me.”

On the other hand, Yuuki had not expected anything. He was a little put off after being met with such a greeting,

“Ummm. Today, I came without any previous notice. It was just a bit of a whim you could say. You could say that I just wanted to see how she was doing…”

“Thank you for your concern. Where is your companion?”

“No. I came alone today. It has nothing to do with Koiwai-san.”

“Understood. Now, go ahead.”

Niko niko. [1]

Niko niko.

She seemed to be in a really good mood. It seemed to be very welcoming, but he couldn’t help to feel that there was something behind that smile.

“Umm. Sekai-san, how was she… after what happened?”

He asked her as they cut across the garden and into the hallway.

“How was she? As in?”

“Umm, how should I say this? Last time, there was that accident. We ended up seeing Sekai-san who was just coming out of her bath. How did she react after that? Something like that that?”

“Since then, she hasn’t spoken a single word.”

Niko niko.

Niko niko.

She seemed to be in a really good mood.

“This time, she told had told me that she wouldn’t talk to me, wouldn’t look at me, for the rest of her life. It seems like she was very angry.”

“About that… sorry, really.”

“It isn’t something for Yuuki-sama to apologize about. It is completely my responsibility. Please do not mind it.”

“Thanks. I owe you one.”

“Was her chest big?” That question came out without any warning. Chiyo-san’s smile didn’t break, “My mistress has some insecurities about her own bodily proportions. However, don’t you think she has herself a well-endowed chest?”


“Don’t you think so?”

“Ah, well. Yeah, I do think so.”

“Please let the person in question know about your thoughts. She will definitely be most pleased.”

“No but, isn’t she bothered by her chest? If that’s the case—”

“She will definitely be most pleased.” She insisted further.

To which Yuuki could only answer, “Y-yeah.”

He had thought the maid was not a very straightforward person… from that though, he was convinced of one thing. This person is definitely a sadist. Even though she looks kind and gentle, there is no mistake about it.

“My mistress will be inside this way.”

They had arrived in front of a door.

Things that happen once can happen again. So just in case, Yuuki asked. “I hope not but…”

“What is it?”

“Once the door opens, she won’t be naked again, right?”

“Are you perhaps looking forward to that?”

“There’s no way that’s the case!”

“Please do not worry. This place is not the bathing area after all.” Saying that, the maid knocked on the door. “It’s Chiyo. Is it alright for me to enter, my mistress?”

Kon kon.

Kon kon.


There was no response. If she’s still mad it’s no wonder.

“Now, please go ahead.” Chiyo-san urged him on with her eyes.

He had no intention of backing down after coming this far. “Excuse me.”

He opened the door. Then, he took one step into the room. There, what he saw there was the pitiable figure of the silver haired girl in the middle of changing into clothes.

“She isn’t in a bath, and neither is she naked.” Chiyo-san said that with a smile. “Well, being in the middle of changing would have been a possibility, I guess.”

“—Ch” Kanaruzawa Sekai opened her eyes wide. Her face became completely red, and her body trembled as she yelled.

“Chiyoooooooooooooooooo!” She quickly hid behind the table and continued to change, “It wasn’t just once but now twice! What is this!? What are you thinking!?” Showing only her head, she protested with tearful eyes.

However, the maid kept her cool smile,

“Since there we have a guest, I brought them in.”

“It shouldn’t be, so I brought them in! Why did you not say a single word to me again!?”

“I knocked.”

“Besides knocking, there’s a lot of other things, right!? What idiot would bring them in while I’m changing!”

“However, my mistress, didn’t you say that you wanted to get closer with your classmates from school. If that’s the case, seeing you in this current appearance would be—”

“There’s a lot of other ways to do that, right!? Other than showing off my naked body while I’m changing there’s so many other ways! Besides, even if I am to show myself like this, there is an order to things, isn’t there?”

“If my mistress were to follow the proper procedures and go to school like you should have, then there would never have been a need to be in this situation in the first place, right?”

“Hey, shut up, be quiet! The previous time, even this time, I can’t take it anymore! You’re fired! Get out of here right now!”

“Is that really alright? If I’m not there, you wouldn’t know where you’re underwear or other various things were placed.”

“It’s fine already, no get out!”

Chiyo-san, while smiling, turned heels and backout. As she was passing Yuuki, she whispered quietly, “I leave what’s left to you.” Even if she said something like that he was quite troubled.

“Really, that woman…”

Her face was red with anger as the silver haired girl groaned. Finally, she had noticed Yuuki, standing there with a blank face and her face turned red for a completely different reason as she looked downwards.

“Ummm… So…” It was such an awkward atmosphere. “Is it better for me to leave? The maid has left to go off somewhere after all. I’ll come again some other time.”


The silver haired girl raised her face. Seemingly desperate, she opened and closed her mouth,

“Stay, yeah, it’s better for you to stay! Rather, I want you to!”

“I see. Then, I’ll do just that.”

“T-that’s right. At times like this I’m supposed to offer tea. After all, a guest has come. Heey, Chiyo! Ah, Chiyo is not here anymore!”

“Didn’t you just fire her?”

Yuuki was amazed,

“Anyways, for now, calm down. I just came to see your face today that’s all.”

“I-I see. That’s true. Yeam.”

Kohon kohon, she cleared her throat.

She organized her appearance and sat down in her chair,
“Sorry about that. Is it alright if I have a little bit of time?”

“That’s fine, but what are you going to do?”

“Deep breathing.”

“… Please do as you’d like.”

“I’m grateful for that.”

Saying that, the transfer student really started to take deep breaths.

(Such a weird girl.)

Yuuki thought.

Her way of speaking is already a little weird. It was the first time he had ever been called with the word “you” [2]. He was wondering whether the transfer student had the so-called chuunibyou.

(For now I’ll check things out?)

Across the table, Yuuki sat and faced the transfer student.

Then, he confirmed the rooms interior.

It was a nice room. It was wide and had nice aesthetics. And neither was it overly vain.

When it comes to furniture, there was really only a bookshelf, a bed and things like that. Just the bare minimum.

“Somehow, I’m sorry.”

After seeing that she was just about done with her deep breathing, Yuuki called out to her.

“I intended to come here just for a quick checkup, but I guess I should have contacted you guys first before coming here.”


The transfer student answered with a high pitched voice.

While shaking her hands and head vigorously, “Please don’t worry about it. Besides, even if you decided to contact us first, Chiyo probably wouldn’t have mentioned anything about it still. She is that type of woman.”

“I see. If that’s the case then it’s okay.”

“Yeah. As such, everything is alright.”



They couldn’t keep the conversation going.

As expected from a shut in like Kanaruzawa Sekai, her communication abilities aren’t very high.

On the other side, Yuuki didn’t know what to do with her. It was like there wasn’t any handhold or something like that. Basically, he couldn’t keep up with the flow.

(… What am I doing, exactly?)

Why was he alone right now with the transfer student? There was no one else to follow up now. Even if he wanted to leave now, he couldn’t.

(Ummm. What should I do?)

Yuuki continued to think.

He tried to think of a way to escape this awkward atmosphere.

Is there some sort of ingenious plan—then, he remembered some small piece of wisdom that he was given.

It was advice that the maid had given him earlier.

“Umm, you see. Kanaruzawa-san.”

“Y-yeah. What is it?”

“Your chest, it’s very pretty.”


He tried his best to say it in a bright tone. There was also a little bit of a hesitation in his voice. Just in case, he had made preparations to just brush it off if need be.



After freezing for a moment, the transfer student’s reaction came out as she turned red,

“Uuu… gusu…”

The moment that tears came out of the corner of her eyes Yuuki gave up.

“S-s-s-s-sorry! That was my bad!”

He lowered his head in the form of giving a dogeza [3].

“I was told by Chiyo-san that if I said that you would definitely be pleased! That’s why it just happened!”

“… Chiyo?” The transfer student’s expression changed. Her shame turned into a red fury. “That rotten maid!”

She sharpened her gaze and yelled,

“That woman always always does this! Without any warning! This time, this time for sure, she’s fired! Even if she apologizes, I definitely won’t forgive her!”

Seemingly quite annoyed, she swung her arms and legs around in order to express her anger.

It was somewhat cute. Her emotions were shown clearly.


Yuuki unconsciously let of a laugh and when she noticed, the transfer student once again grew red in embarrassment.

“T-there’s no need to laugh. I really am mad, you know?”

“Hahahaha, sorry sorry. But I mean, it’s pretty cute.”


The transfer student puffed out her cheeks.

Yuuki continued to ask further.

“Is that maid, always like that?”

“Yeah, that’s right. At any chance that she finds, she tries to toy with me. She’s such a rude woman.”

“Heeeh. I guess you can’t judge a person by their appearance.”

“Don’t be fooled by her. That person is always calm, and looks to be clever, but her mind is only filled with evil thoughts.”

“Are you not good with Chiyo-san?”

“Of course I’m bad with her. I’m grateful that she has looked after me for such a long time, but it comes with the fact that she always does whatever she wants. She really isn’t maid like at all.”

“I see. To be honest, I’m also bad with that person. It’s like I don’t know what she’s thinking of behind her smile.”

“Yes, that’s right! She looks good from the outside, so everyone ends up deceived! For that point, you are smart. To be able to see through the true nature of that rotten maid. It isn’t something that’s very easy to do.”

“Is that so? Well, thank you for that.”

“Listen to this. That girl is really terrible. For example, just earlier—”

… If what developed was all according to her plans, then the maid really would be an outrageous strategist.

Finding the chance to badmouth the maid, Kirishima Yuuki and Kanaruzawa Sekai quickly broke the ice between them. If it’s about saying bad things about Chiyo-san, the transfer student easily spoke her mind. On the other hand, Yuuki just listened as she continued to speak. Usually, in this place where there weren’t very many other people, she never had that much of a chance to interact with others.

Soon after, the transfer student went, “…Ah,” and blushed. “S-sorry. It was just all just me talking.”

“No. It’s alright, completely fine.”

Yuuki smiled smiled and shook his head. Since the maid is fired now, it should be about time to go now.

“Then, it’s about time I left for today.”

“Y-you’re already leaving…?”

“Yeah. I only came to check up on you after all.”

“I see… yeah. It can’t be helped.”

The transfer student looked down dejectedly. However, she quickly lifted her face.



“Will you come again? Today was really fun… you listened to me talk a lot after all. I wish to talk to you a lot again.”

“Got it. Let’s talk again some time.”

Yuuki smiled and nodded.

“Yeah! It’s a promise!”

The transfer students smile was like a blooming flower.

“But you know?”

Yuuki nailed her in a bad spot,

“Will you come again?” is something that I should be saying, right?”

“… Munu?”

“Kanaruzawa. Will you come again to school?”


The transfer student faltered.

Then, for a little while, she looked right, then looked left. She looked towards the floor and then to the ceiling. All the while, fiddling around with her fingers.

Eventually, she looked at him with upturned eyes and spoke hesitantly.

“… If you will go to school with me. Then, I’ll go.”


Yuuki replied immediately.

“I’ll arrive in the morning tomorrow. So make sure you properly prepare to go to school, okay? Changing your mind halfway and saying, as expected, I don’t want to go, something like that is not allowed, okay?”

“G-got it. That won’t happen.”

“OK. Then, see you tomorrow.”

While waving his hand, he left the room.

The transfer continued to nod, waving her hand while sending him off.

(What am I going to say to Haruko…?)

On the way home, the thought of his sister’s anger came into Yuuki’s mind. Well, if it’s this much, she’ll probably forgive him. It was because he followed her advice that this development occurred after all.

… Now then.

He really could understand that the seemingly otherworldly transfer student, was really just a normal girl at heart. The “feeding” will start from here.

TL Note:

  1. An onomatopoeic that signals someone’s smiling, the literal translation of “to smile”.
  2. She uses a very old-fashioned form of the word “you”.
  3. The kneeling directly on the ground and bowing to prostrate oneself while touching one’s head to the floor. Used to express deference to a person of higher status, as a deep apology, or to express the desire for a favor from said person.

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