Monku Tsukeyou ga Nai Rabukome – Volume 2: Chapter 4

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A few days later.

“Fuun. That seems tough…”

They were inside Murakumo Private High School’s Year 3 Class A classroom. Koiwai Kurumi summarized her impressions in one statement. She continued to speak while balancing a mechanical pencil between her nose and lips, “Well, even for you, it seems troublesome, Yuuki-kun. I don’t think looking after Kanaruzawa-san is something someone would normally do. You’re really setting an example for being a class representative.”

“Koiwai-san, you’re also a class representative, right? Won’t you help a bit?”

“Well… I don’t really like to butt into other people’s business…”

The two of them faced each other across the desk. After being asked a favor from the teacher, they were in the middle gathering the printouts. Yuuki and Kurumi were the only ones left in the classroom after school. There was no sign of any other students.

“Rather, I think this is really unexpected coming from you.”

“Unexpected? What is?”

“The fact that you decided to look after Kanaruzawa-san. You’re normally a good person, but I didn’t think you would be one to do this, you see?”

“You think so?”

“Yeah. You’re not one to be super distant, but neither are you one to be passionate, or anything like that. That’s why the current situation seems unexpected.”

“From how I see it,”

He spoke while lightly stretching his shoulders, “I’m one to go with the flow of things. This time, well, I feel like I have some sort of role to fulfill, you see. That’s why I’m doing it.”

“So, you’re saying you’re easily pushed along.”

“… I guess I can’t deny that.”

“Well, that’s true. You becoming a class representative like this was also because I asked you to.”

“Now that you mention it, you’re invitation was super persistent. You asked me every single day to become a student representative with you.”

“Was it annoying?”

“No. I’m extremely grateful for it.”

“Then everything is fine.”

Ehhen, Kurumi stuck out her chest. Yuuki made a bitter smile. From the school grounds that was nearing sunset, the sound of the baseball club running could be heard.

“And? What will you do now?”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Are you going to continue to look after her? Until she comes to school?”

“Well, I guess so.”

Even after it had become May since she first transferred, Kanaruzawa Sekai has never come to school even once. She was feeling bad, lacked the energy, and various other reasons were given. However, it seemed that she had the intention of wanting to properly go to school one day. If that’s the case, then isn’t it human nature to try and help to grant that wish if possible?

“Besides,” He added with a bitter smile, “Kanaruzawa is a character that really sticks out, right? It’s also similar to how I was.”

“That’s true.” Kurumi made a sigh. “You were always one to stand out, Yuuki. That’s how it always was.”

“Ahaha. I mean.”

“Yuuki-kun, your house is super rich, right? Shouldn’t you have just gone to a school for rich kids? Despite that you go to a normal school for normal people.”

“Somehow, doing something celebrity-like such as that isn’t my thing.”

“Also, you seem super muscular as well?”

“Well I do train. Despite how I look.”

“Speaking of your habit of lowering yourself to have the habits of normal people and trying to act normal. You’re also one to stick your head into various problems, which can be treated as quite a problem.”

“I like to think of it as being a man who doesn’t bend to the will of others. Rather, I think of it as a compliment.”

“You’re gaze is sharp and invites a lot of misunderstandings as well.”

“Please leave that be, I was born with it after all!”

Yuuki became annoyed.

Kurumi snorted, “Well, thanks to me being such a nice and cute classmate, you were able to be saved from being looked upon badly.”

“Yeah, about that. I have no choice to but to admit that I owe you one for that, yeah.”

“If I wasn’t there, Yuuki-kun would be completely alone. Now and in the past.”

“Yeah, please. I have no room to argue against that.”

“Are you grateful?”

“I am. I really am.”

“Do you like me?”

“Eeh, well, yeah I really do. Really.”

“Fumu. That’s fine I guess.”

She smiled. Yuuki made an inner sigh of relief. It was true that he had a lot to owe her to. As such, Haruko can’t just get rid of Koiwai Kurumi very easily.

“Well, I think it’s all good.” Kurumi said that while poking his cheek playfully, “I, as well, would like Kanaruzawa-san to come to school if possible.”


“I’m a class representative, and I’m quite fond of cute girls after all. If that girl were to come and join our class, I’m sure it will all be very fun.”

“Yeah, right? If that’s the case then—”

“However, I won’t do it.” She said that while smiling. “As such, it falls to Yuuki-kun to be the one to do it. I’ll leave it to you to have Kanaruzawa-san come to school and fit in. Thank you.”

In fact, this transfer student was in a bit of a pinch. Whether it was within Year 3 Class A, or whether it’s within the Murakumo High School as a whole, Kanaruzawa Sekai’s presence became weaker and weaker.

She became less and less of a conversation topic for her classmates. At first, everyone was making a huge fuss about it and now they’ve become quite indifferent to her—this of course could just be said to be a result of human nature. A 3rd year high school student who could stay curious about a girl that doesn’t show up would really have to have a lot of free time.

The exceptions were Yuuki, Kurumi, and also the homeroom teacher who could not abandon his student.

Then, one day. That homeroom teacher ended up calling out and saying this. “Kirishima, I leave Kanaruzawa to you.”


… He was entrusted with her. He couldn’t refuse even if he wanted to.

There was the fact that he held sympathy with the transfer student for having various troubles like him. He also felt that he couldn’t let go of his duties as a class representative. Besides, as someone who didn’t have very many friends, he had a lot of time to spare. However, more than anything…

He held interest in the human called Kanaruzawa Sekai. Someone who seemed otherworldly to the eye. Having honesty and a personality that was just off from the normal common sense. And various other things.

He felt like he wanted to know more. He wanted to know what type of person this transfer student really was.

Behind the open door, it was quite a feast.

“… Oh”

The smell of alcohol.

Smoke wafting through the air.

A half-naked girl.


Then came a pitiful scream.

“You are fired, today, I definitely won’t forgive you! I told you to tell me whenever Yuuki comes over, and you had confirmed it with a confident expression after all. Get out, get out right now!”

She hid behind a chair, quickly changed into clothes, and all in one breath, Kanaruzawa Sekai stood back up.

“Well then, Yuuki-sama,”

Chiyo-san, who had guided him through the mansion, made a bow,

“Since I have been fired, I’ll have to excuse myself. I wish you well for everything after.”

“Ah, yeah. Thanks.”

Yuuki watched the maid as she backed out of the door. She really was someone who doesn’t learn.

“Uuuuuu, that damn maid…”

With teary eyes, Sekai spat out an insult.

“Even if she were to apologize I definitely will not forgive her… I hope that she ends up tripping and falling to her death…”

“I also concur with that notion. It would be better to have that maid learn from her mistakes at least once.”

“Yeah! Exactly!”

“By the way…”

He looked around the room until finally, Yuuki snapped, “You really went at it, huh.”

“Muu. No, this is…”

Sekai had her words stuck. The bottles of alcohol were lined up in a narrow line on the table. Next to it all, a mountain of used cigars.

“I didn’t intend to show this to you.”

She let out a wavering excuse, “I know that this isn’t anything to compliment. That’s why I intended to hide it and sneakily do it. It’s true. Please believe me.”

“Even if you hide it, what’s wrong is wrong.”

“Besides, I hadn’t drank any alcohol or smoked anything for a long time now. However, recently there have been a few things weighing on my mind, so I just ended up starting up again.”

“It seems like something someone would say if they were in the middle of quitting and decided give up.”

“… Uuu… Gusu…”

“Eeeh, stop it. It’s nothing to cry about.” While trying to calm down the owner of the room who was just about to start crying, Yuuki sat down in an empty seat.

Sekai, who had stopped crying, sat down across from him, “Regardless, I welcome you, Yuuki. You did good coming here.”

“Thank you very much. By the way, you still haven’t come to school, as usual.”

“Mugu… I am quite ashamed of that.” She gave look of dejection.

Yuuki tried to speak to her with as bright of a voice as possible, “Then would you like to go to school together again? How does tomorrow sound?”

“…I’m grateful for your considerations, but I don’t have the confidence.”

“You don’t have confidence?”

“I was forced to notice the other day. The day that you took time to go to school with me. I am, as expected, talentless in my ability to go to school.”

It was a completely new declarative statement. However, he also thought of it as having its own merits. Going to school on a fixed day, at a fixed time is something that requires a certain amount of skill and societal experience. If that wasn’t the case, there should be no way someone would fail at going to school.

“Well, it’s fine if you don’t go to school though.”

Yuuki let out his true thoughts.

“It isn’t like you can’t live your life if you don’t go to school. If you don’t have any talent for it, then even more so, right? You just need to find something else that you do have talent in.”

“… Munu.”

“Besides, Kanaruzawa, you live in such a nice house, and even have a maid wait on you. You don’t seem to be living in a situation that is holding you back for anything? If that’s the case, there’s no need to go to school. You don’t need to push yourself.”


Sekai looked downwards. She furled her eyebrows, fiddled with her fingers, and opened her mouth as if she was saying heeeh.

“But,” Then she spoke in a small voice. “Still, I would like to go. To school. I want to properly go to school at least once. If I don’t, I… yeah, somehow… I feel like I didn’t live with my chest held high.”

“I got it. Then, I’ll help.” He gave an instant response. “You want to go but you can’t, but you still want to go, right? That’s fine, then, I’ll help. I’ll accompany you for however long it takes for you to become good at going to school.”

“… Really?”

“Well, to be honest, I’m not exactly one that fits into school that well either. That’s why, we’re in similar situations. And so, if possible, I would also like to get better at that. So, the two of us can put effort into it together. What do you think about that?”

Sekai’s expression became a little brighter. Koku, koku, she nodded repeatedly, “Yeah, I see. I think that’s good. I think it’s really good. Why don’t we do that, Yuuki. Let’s try and do something about it together.”

“Yeah. Let’s.” Yuuki also smiled and nodded.

Now, they would need to take the first step. “So, let’s try to think of some sort of plan.”


“I don’t think you can just go to school like normal, you see. So let’s try thinking of a few possible ways.”

“Fumu fumu.”

“A way to get you to be able to go to school, a way to make sure you can fit in at school. Basically, let’s think of a few different things.”

“Yuuki, do you have any ideas?”

“Well, yeah. I did at least think about it before coming…”

He waited for a bit.

Sekai leaned forward to listen more closely.

“First is the hair. That pure white hair. And your red eyes.”


“Was it originally that color? Or did you dye it?”

“It was this color originally, what about it?”

“Then, let’s make it a normal color. Let’s make your hair black, and give you some colored contact lenses for your eyes. That’ll change quite a bit, you know?”

After all, Kanaruzawa Sekai stood out too much. A neat face that would anyone turn and look. An otherworldly air that would be hard to forget. Both are elements that would make it hard to blend into a community—even bigger points are her hair and eyes. With these, it wouldn’t be easy for her to be able to fit in at school.


Sekai lowered her gaze.

She ran her fingers through her own white hair.

“It’s a fine idea… but I’m sorry, I can’t exactly go on with it.”

“Why? Do you have some sort of policy that goes against it?”

“It isn’t that.”

“You don’t like the idea of changing it now?”

“It’s also a little bit different from that. How should I put this…”

She touched her hair, then rubbed her eyelids,

“I’ve had it for such a long time. I did hate it a little bit that it was different from most other humans. But, it’s already a part of me. If possible, I don’t want to change it.”

“Hahaa, I see.”

“Or you know, it’s like that. Your hair is something that stays with you for a long time as a friend, right? It’s almost like parting with a long-time friend, so it’s somewhat sad. I feel really bad about it… but, yeah, I still just can’t cut it.”

“I see. Then it can’t be helped.”

“H-has this lowered you opinion at all…?”

“Just from that? No way.”

Yuuki stroked his chin. In truth, that was currently the fastest and most direct idea that could achieve an effect. But, if it’s not possible then it can’t be helped. The sad part was that there was no other idea he could think of that would be just as fast and simple.

“The other thing, would be, let’s see. Something like changing your name?”

“My name?”

“I mean, your name seems like such a huge exaggeration. Putting aside Kanaruzawa, it’s Sekai, you know? The World, you know? If it wasn’t a pen name, no one would normally have a name like that.”

“… I’ve already had this name for as long as I can remember though.”

“How about we try changing it to Yamada Hanako?” [1]

“Th-that’s a little bit…”

“What? Do you not like it? Apologize to all the Yamada Hanako’s in this country.”

Even if he said that, if someone were to tell Yuuki to change his name to Yamada Tarou, he wouldn’t do it. [2]

“Yeah. Well, I guess I’m stuck.”

Yuuki raised both his hands as a sign of giving up.

“Somehow, I don’t have any other ideas. Yeah, it’s impossible.”

“N-no way… Gusu”

“Listen to the end of what other people are saying, alright? It’s just that any fast and easy ways are gone.”

Despite what he said, there was nothing he could think of right now. He thought about it for a bit, then rummaged about inside his bag,

“Well, for now, how about this?”


“Chocolate cigarette. If you eat one, you’ll calm down a bit right?”

Being told that, Sekai accepted one of them.

She nibbled at it, and as she did, she seemed to hold back the feeling of wanting to cry.

“Is it good?”

“… It originally wasn’t something that tasted great anyways. However, it’s calming.”

“Okay. Then, let’s think about it slowly.”

He sank down into his chair. Yuuki as well took out a chocolate cigarette and stuck it into his mouth.

It was currently May. There was a gentle sunlight, the garden was full of fresh growing plants, and the sounds of birds chirping as they rested on branches.

“In the first place,” He spoke out after swallowing the chocolate, “What I know about you is very little. That isn’t good.”

“Not good as in?”

“Giving advice to someone you don’t really know, is a little… I don’t think it will go well. The first part of counseling should be getting to know the other person, right?”

“I see. That is very reasonable.”

“As such, please tell me, about various things.”

“Even if you ask me to tell you stuff…”

Sekai made a troubled expression, “I’m an existence that is just as you see it. A shut-in, that’s cowardly and has a weird way of speaking. What you see is what you get. As for my living situation—you can imagine right?”

“Well yeah… I can imagine…”

“That’s why, there isn’t much I can say.”

Saying that, she made an even more troubled expression.

(Well, it’s fine.)

Yuuki thought.

(If I stay with her long enough, I’ll get it even if she doesn’t want me to.)

Besides, it doesn’t seem that this shut-in girl wants to be asked to much about her complications. If that’s the case, he won’t ask more. They were not at that stage yet.

“More importantly,”

Sekai proceeded one in earnest,

“I want to know about you.”

“About me?”

“Yeah. I don’t know much about you. That’s why I want to know more.”

“I see… about me…”

“Isn’t that fine? Rather, the current situation is unfair. You are gradually learning more and more about me, but that is not the same on my side.”

He just realized that. If you want to know about someone else, it is faster to have them know about you first. Deepening your relations and getting to know each other more are near equal to each other.

“Alright, I got it. Then, I’ll tell you about myself.”

“Yeah. Please tell me more.”

“As such, why don’t we go to my home?”


Sekai made a blank face.

Yuuki continued further, “Wouldn’t that be the quickest way? If you come to my house, you can learn various things about me even if I didn’t want you to. Of course, if it’s not possible I won’t force you—”

“It’s not impossible! Let’s go! I really want to go!”

“Then, let’s go?”


… That’s how things ended up.

No matter how he looked over it, he felt that it was a good idea. Understanding each other more can also be the first step for the shut-in to get out. It was definitely killing two birds with one stone. He couldn’t see any demerits in it.

Except for one point.

Sure enough, his little sister was in a very bad mood.

“Please go back.”

That was the first thing she said.

“Please turn around right this instant, and then return from where you came. From then on, never show yourself here again.”

“Come on, Haruko.”

Yuuki chided his sister, who spat out such poison with an annoyed expression,

“Don’t say that to a guest. Give more of a smile, a smile.”

“Don’t want to. There’s no need for anyone in the Kirishima family to put up such a front for a thief.”

“Come on, don’t say that.”

They were at the entrance of the Kirishimas’ house.

The exchange between the siblings from earlier continued further.

“Anyways, please go back.”

Despite everything, Haruko was stingy,

“Besides, it’s lacking in common sense to come here so suddenly. Even if I were to give a hundred steps and allow you to cross our entrance way, you should have informed us of this beforehand.”

“If I were to do this over and tell you, you definitely would be against it, right?”

“Of course. The only women who are allowed to enter this house are the people of the Kirishima family and maids who painstakingly take care of us. Besides those, the pests that try to involve themselves with Onii-sama should all be exterminated.”

“… Sorry about this, Kanaruzawa.”

Yuuki spoke to her in a small voice.

“My little sister is always like this, but if I’m here, she won’t do anything. So, please be relieved.”

“I-i-i-it’s alright.”

Sekai nodded repeatedly,

“There’s no problem, Yuuki. I’m not scared at all. Your little sister has been directing some killing at me for a while now, but I haven’t been minding it at all. Yeah, not at all.”

She made a forceful smile. In reality, she couldn’t even make a smile, and it ended up being a face where she was half crying.

“Anyways, please go back.”

His little sister crossed her arms, stuck out her chest, and repeated once more. It seemed that she was stubborn and wouldn’t give in.

(This girl is really stubborn after all…)

Yuuki let out a sigh. He was convinced that his sister was the reincarnation of Sokuten Bukou, as she had the strongest voice within the Kirishima family. [3] Given what the future holds, he wanted to overturn his sister’s decision here and now.

Yuuki continued to think. Then, he came up with a plan.


“It’s useless. No matter what you say, I won’t nod my head vertically.”

“Well, of course. You won’t bend once you say something, after all. That’s the good part about you.”

“Yeah, that’s one of my good points. What is it?”

“The condition for ‘the types of women that can enter the house’, you mentioned it earlier, but what was it again?”

“They need to be part of the Kirishima family, or one of the maids that work hard to take care of us. That’s what I said. What of it?”

“That’s right. You definitely said that right?”

Yuuki nodded with a satisfied face.

Then he smiled, “Then a maid is fine, right?”


If it’s a maid. Then. it’s fine, right?”

Unexpectedly, Sekai was all for it.

“Maid clothes? That’s a great idea!”

“To be honest, I’ve always wanted to wear them once. Maid clothes are really cute after all.”

“I’ve never had the chance to wear it before, but who would have thought it would come at a timing like this. Come on, I’ll try it out.”

After looking for a bit, they quickly found a set of closed used by the maids of the Kirishima family. Everything afterwards happened in a blink of an eye.

After contacting Chiyo-san who was just fired, she quickly came over and helped with changing. The rest was just Haruko spouting out her complaints. She had so much to say that it felt like her scolding would never stop.

Just like that, Kanaruzawa Sekai who had ended up changing clothes appeared in front of them.

“…Hahaa. Well well.”


“Doesn’t it suit her well?”




Inside the drawing room of the Kirishima house, each of them gave their respective comments.

“D-does it really suit me…?”

A deep blue one piece and a white apron. She was dressed in orthodox maid clothing as Sekai fidgeted embarrassingly.

“Please hold more confidence in yourself, my mistress.”

Chiyo-san said that while holding her chest high,

“It suits you more than anyone in the world, and you are more beautiful than anyone in the world as well. Yuuki-sama also thinks the same, right?”


“Right. It really does fit you.”

To Yuuki’s nodding, Chiyo-san held her chest even higher,

“Haruko-sama also thinks the same, right?”


Haruko could only make a face as if she was eating a bitter bug. She was definitely very annoyed, so it seemed.

“I-I see. So it suits me.”

Sekai narrowed her eyes feeling uneasy. She then picked a part of her skirt, and spun around once. Eheheh, she giggled. The gesture that came afterwards was even more fitting than anything else.

“Yeah. It’s nice. It’s really really nice.”

“No matter what my mistress wears, it would fit her.”

“… Mugunuu.”

Yuuki and Chiyo-san both praised her, while Haruko was the only who seemed like she didn’t care. Haruko could only stand there as she shook her legs in anger.

“It’s too early to be happy!” She stuck her finger at Sekai. “I’ll forgive you for making me give up a hundred steps and allow you into the mansion of our family, but just wearing maid clothing doesn’t make you a maid. Isn’t that right, Kanarauzawa Sekai-san?”


“Since you are a maid, of course, I’ll make you do the jobs of a maid. The first thing is serving tea. Come on, hurry! Hurry up!”

“Serving tea!”

Sekai’s eyes sparkled, “I’ve always wanted to try it once. Please leave it to me. Chiyo!”

“Yes, my mistress.”

“I’ll be depending on you. Please teach me the way to serve tea.”

“Understood. Then, by Haruko-sama’s orders, tea will be coming right up. Of course, we will be borrowing your kitchen.”

The two maids cheerfully headed out of the room to prepare the tea.

“God! So frustrating!”


Sinking into the sofa, Haruko bit her thumb, “How should I scare her next… for now, let’s have her wipe the floor. And if I see a single speck of dust, I’ll make sure to give her a thorough scolding. Even if she cries, I definitely won’t forgive her.”

“Hey, Haruko. You better stop it now, okay? She’s a guest, okay?”

“There is no need to be treating an uninvited guest nicely. Also, who is she, that other maid? She came into our home so naturally, and acts as a maid as if it’s normal.”

“Chiyo-san is just that kind of person. Please don’t let it get to you.”

“I don’t care about Chiyo-san or whatever she’s called. It’s just that the smile she makes gets on my nerves. As such, let’s make sure to scare her too. We must show her how much ability one must need to become a maid.”


Haruko curled her mouth in an evil manner.


“What is it?”

“You’re like an evil step sister.” [4]

“That’s rude!? I’m still in elementary school!”

During that time, Sekai and Chiyo-san once again showed themselves. They carried a tea set on a steel cart. Assamu, Darjeeling. The nice smell of black tea came wafting over.

“Thank you for waiting.”

“T-thank you for waiting.”

Continuing after Chiyo-san, Sekai gave a bow. Then, with slightly shaking hands, she began pouring the tea. If it was just her, you would wonder whether or not she would spill it, but there was a pro beside her. In the end, the tea was prepared perfectly fine.

From the antique cup rose a nice fragrance and steam. On the side, she began to bake a few snacks, and as they hardened the scent of them was mixed in.


Haruko’s mouth curled her mouth into the shape of へ.

Yuuki put his mouth to the cup, then gave a nod. If compared to the tea that he normally enjoys with Haruko, it didn’t lose one bit.

“… It’s because the tea leaves that were used were nice!”

Haruko cried out while hitting the table.

“The tea in our house is the finest quality product after all! No matter who makes it, it’ll become good tea! Isn’t that right, Onii-sama!?”

“If I were to do it, the tea wouldn’t become like this. Admit it already, Haruko.”

“Don’t want to!”

Bui, she turned to the side.

“Sorry, Kanaruzawa.” Yuuki followed up with a bitter smile, “My little sister is basically always like this. Don’t let it get to you.”

“Y-yeah. I’m not bothered at all.”

“More importantly, it’s pretty good, your work as a maid. You’ve properly done it.”


“Yearh. Really.”

“Was the tea good?”

“Yeah. It was good.”

“I see!”

Sekai’s expression turned from worried to happy. Yuuki smiled and gave a thumbs up. Chiyo-san made a wide smile. Haruko on the other hand purposely clicked her tongue repeatedly so that others could hear.

(I guess we moved forward a step?)

Yuuki accepted it. Even if there was a lot of support, and that they had ended up coming over to his house, it ended with a bountiful harvest. Just a little more, the cowardly transfer student just needs one more push in the back. Then, she would be able to once again go to school, he thought.

“Haruko.” He called out to his sister who seemed to be in a really bad mood. “This is a little bit sudden, but there’s something that I would like to ask advice for.”

“Don’t want to.”

“Don’t say that and listen. In truth…”

Is there a good way for Sekai to be able to go to school? Yuuki tried passing off the question to his smart little sister as everything that he had thought of had been bad.

Of course, it was a lost cause. Before that, getting his little sister to give out an idea that would help Sekai was already hard enough, and it could be said that the situation was a little too convenient.

“Haan? I don’t know.” Sure enough, Haruko brushed it off. “It has nothing to do with me, and neither is it something that I want to be involved in. You can do whatever you want. Just do it without involving me.”

“Don’t say that. We’re depending on you.”

“It’s useless even if you beg. For this matter, I will never in my life, be motivated to help.”

“Don’t say that. Please. Please?” Yuuki implored.

Haruko brushed it off as she continued to glare at her brother. “Then, isn’t it fine if she just wears a wig?”

She promptly threw out a proposal.

“You want to do something about how that white haired girl stands out, but she says that she doesn’t want to dye it, right? Then it’s fine to just put on a wig and hide it. If she doesn’t like that then she can just wear a hat to hide it. With this, it can be easily solved.”

“No no, Haruko.”

Yuuki made a bitter smile, “Please think about it more seriously. With this, there wouldn’t be much difference with just dying her hair.”

“That’s it!”

Sekai’s eyes sparkled.

“Of course, a wig, that’s a good idea! Even wearing a hat isn’t that bad. A hat can look really fashionable too. How about it, Chiyo?”

“I think that it’s quite good. I will put in a word at school.”

“Can you prepare a wig or hat quickly?”

“Of course.”

“That’s what she says, Yuuki!”

She directed her shining eyes towards Yuuki, “With this, the problems solved! Somehow, I feel like doing it now, so why don’t we do it tomorrow! This time, I’ll go to school properly!”

“Ah. Yeah. I see. If it’s fine with you, then it’s alright I guess.”

… It became like that. At this stage, Yuuki still did not really understand Kanaruzawa Sekai. Anyways, he could see though that she was just a little off from normal thinking.

(Well, we’ve at least moved forward a step.)

Anyways, the preparations were made. Haruko was fuming almost to a point beyond repair, but I will I’ll try to help by holding back a bit. There’s only a little bit left until Kanaruzawa Sekai will be able to go to school.

TL Note:

  1. Yamada is supposed to be a super common last name and Hanako is a common first name for females.
  2. Tarou is supposed to be a super common name for males.
  3. Sokuten Bukou is supposed to be a female emperor.
  4. Referencing Cinderella.

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