Monku Tsukeyou ga Nai Rabukome – Volume 3: Chapter 11

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It was now December.

“Hey there, Kanaruzawa.”

“Yaah, yaah, Sekai-chan, good morning.”

When the door was opened, voices came flying from every direction. It was third year Class A’s class room. Kanaruzawa Sekai received a large amount of greetings, and responded with a face full of smiles.

“Yaah. Good morning. Good morning.” One by one, she individually responded to each and every greeting. However, during this time, her eyes were a little moist from tears, “Uuuu… Thank you, everyone. I, I never expected that anyone would ever call out to me like this…”

“Yeah. There it is. Kanaruzawa’s easily impressed personality.”

“Somehow, it feels like without this, the day hasn’t really started.”

“Well, her crying face is cute too so it’s okay.”

Wai wai, gaya gaya.

Kyah kyah, ufufu.

Their classmates had closed in and surrounded her, cheerfully talking around the silver haired girl. It wasn’t a dream. It was a scene that was well-grounded in reality.

“She’s completely fit herself in now.” Koiwai smiled, as she came over to where Yuuki was relaxing. “There was a point where I was wondering what would happen. Really though, it’s quite a relief.”

“Yeah. It really is.”

While he nodded repeatedly, what came into Yuuki’s line of sight was the appearance of Sekai having pleasant conversations with her classmates. Completely normal. It was as if it were completely natural. But of course, it wasn’t natural. It was something that she won with none other than Kanaruzawa Sekai’s own effort.

“After summer break, the new school semester started. Kanaruzawa-san, she really changed.” Kurumi stated those facts.

It’s true, she did change. That day during the summer, when she accepted Yuuki’s proposal. Kanaruzawa Sekai had changed an amount noticeable to anyone watching from the side. It was even okay to say that she had transformed.

“She is almost like a different person.” Yuuki expressed himself, “From the spring of this year, I had intended to be watching her as closely as possible. However, to have her become such a bright personality, was something that I had never even thought of.”

“It’s just that her way of speaking is the same as before.” Kurumi also agreed with him. “She stopped with the wig and the hat too. Showing off all that hair boldy.”


“Cured of her injuries and illness, she’s now super energetic. She also participates in physical education classes normally.”

“Yeah. Surprisingly, her athleticism isn’t that bad.”

“She also likes to say a lot of jokes.

“Yeah. She’s surprisingly quite mischievous.”

“However, her senses are somewhat off.”

“Yeah. That part of her hasn’t changed from before.”

“If you think about it, it wasn’t even that long ago. By now though, it seems as if I’m just forgetting something from long in the past.” Kurumi complained about how fast time flowed, “Anyways. She became able to laugh. She really loves to smile and laugh.”

“Yeah. Her smile is also really nice.”

“… I do have to admit that. Somehow though, it seems as if you’ve been speaking quite fondly of her?”

“Nono, not at all.” Yuuki laughed it off.

Of course, nothing about the proposal was even mentioned to anyone else in the class. And without question, neither were the things about Kanaruzawa Sekai’s various circumstances. There might come a time where it would all be revealed, but for now, it was not time yet.

“By the way, Yuuki-kun?”

“What is it?”

“Kanaruzawa-san’s change, who do you think is the reason for all of that?”

“Who knows? I really have to wonder.”

“What happened to her before and after summer vacation? Who and what did they do to her?”

“Fumu. I wonder. It’s quite a mystery.” Kurumi stared at him, “Are you guys dating? You and Kanaruzawa-san.”

“No comment.”

“I can’t hear that as anything other than a yes though?”

“No comment.

“Spit it out, come on!”

“No comme—”


A lifeboat had appeared.

Sekai waved her hand from within the ring of classmates. While taking on Kurumi’s stare from behind, Yuuki hurriedly moved to where his fiancé was.

That’s right.

He was now considered an accepted person. Along with Sekai being accepted, the misunderstandings against Yuuki were alleviated, and he gained a normal position within the class. Once he had grabbed that chance, it was like a blue sky spread out before him after a typhoon.

The reason he was given a chance was obvious. It was when Sekai had stood up for Yuuki, and vented her feelings towards the class. If it wasn’t for that, this would not have happened.

Besides that, there were also other reasons. It’s possible that Chiyo had done some work behind the scenes. It could also be because Haruko had pulled her hand out of that case. And other things like that.

Regardless, there was one thing that could be said. Happiness had finally come.

It had finally fell into his hands. What had never been achieved, no matter how much he wished and wished and wished for it, had finally—

“Yuuki?” An abrupt voice. When he looked, Sekai was there, confused, “What’s wrong? You have a weird expression on your face.”

“… Is that so? Did I really have that sort of expression?”

“You did. It was as if you had found a clump of salt within a chocolate cigarette.”

“What’s with that?” Yuuki laughed.

However, it seems his expression really was weird.

Sekai continued to stare at Yuuki before pulling him towards a window, where she crossed her arms. She was indicating that he should talk to her.

Yuuki hesitated for a moment, and then opened his mouth, “Well. How should I say this? I have a weird feeling.”

“A weird feeling?”

“I can’t really explain it well, but I feel like I’ve seen this before, or maybe thought about it before. The current situation that is. And that kind of makes me feel bad, or something like that.”

“Fumu.” She tilted her head, “In other words, something like déjà vu.”

“Is it really? Well, I guess it would be. But I also think that it’s a little different from that.”

“You’re so indecisive.”

“That’s why I couldn’t really say it.”

“I see.” Sekai showed her white teeth, “I’m relieved, Yuuki. It seems that I don’t need to worry.”

“Really? I guess that’s true.”

“Everyone has experienced it before. Even I have at some point.”


“For example, Sometimes I have memories that I don’t ever remember having come back to me. Something from a long long long time ago—could it maybe be called a previous life? Sometimes I see scenes like that.”

“I guess in the end,” Lowering the volume of his voice, “You are a goddess. There’s probably things like that.”

“… Well, if I were to speak truthfully,” Sekai made a troubled smile, “It would be a lie to say that I wasn’t anxious. Rather, I’m anxious about a lot of things every day. Sleepless nights definitely aren’t few in number for me.”

“Memories that you don’t want to remember. Is the anxiety because of that?”

“There is that, but that isn’t the case lately.”

“Then, what are you anxious about then?”

“I’m too happy.” While muttering, Sekai showed a timid expression, “I’m not used to being happy. Until now, I’ve basically lived all alone. For a long time. So, when I’m given the life that I have now, I feel anxious.”

With a smile, she looked downwards. She kicked the leg of the desk.

It was before the start of homeroom. The noises of the classroom seemed quite far away.

“I’ve become able to come to school every day, everyone in the class has accepted me, I can take detours on the way back from school, I can even buy and eat ice cream. Just a little before this, I wouldn’t have even been able to imagine such a life.”


“Moreover, you cherish me. It makes me really happy. Even now, I can’t believe it. But I’m still happy. Happy enough to die—”

“It’s still too early for you die.” Yuuki laughed. This time, he believed that he didn’t have a strange expression. It’s because he was able to say what he truly thought from deep within his heart. “You’re anxious because in the long amount of time that you’ve lived, this has been the happiest that you’ve been, right? But, it’s already been half a year has passed since you’ve attained that happiness, you know? That’s why, I think that it’ll last for a while. If that wasn’t the case, then it wouldn’t really make sense, right?”

“Is… that so? Do you really think that?”

“Don’t worry. The world is made in that way. Anyone who’s worked really hard will end up receiving a lot of happiness. Besides, aren’t you a goddess? Aren’t you the highest existence within this world? If that’s the case, you should be able to live better than anyone else. There’s no mistaking it.”

“… Fumu.”

“Rather, that’s what I am going to do.”

As expected, it was quite embarrassing.

While scratching his head, he looked out the window. It was the end of the year. The sky was covered in a thin layer of clouds. There wasn’t any wind, but the air was sharp and cold.

“That’s what I’m going to do. I will continue to think for your happiness until the day I die. I promise. If not, I wouldn’t be a man. There wouldn’t be any meaning in my proposal either.”


“The two of us are going to be happy together. That’s definitely going to be the case. It’s more absolute than any rule within this world. That’s why, you shouldn’t worry. There’s no need to be anxious.”

“Heeeh, is that so?”


Yuuki panicked and turned around.

The person who replied wasn’t Sekai.

Koiwai Kurumi was standing there with quite a large smile on her face. Behind her, there were about ten other classmates lined up.

“You know?” Representing all of them, Kurumi made a daunting pose, “If you’re going to whisper, you should make more of an effort in trying to hide it, you know? Partway through, all of us could hear everything loud and clear. There’s a limit to us pretending to not listen, you know?”

“Ah. Yeah. Well.”

“Also, we heard some words that we can’t really just ignore. We would really like to hear about it in more detail.”

“Yeah. Well. Aah.” Yuuki vaguely tried to avoid it.

Sekai panicked and hid behind his back.

Kurumi instantly narrowed her eyes. “Yuuki-kun.”


“Somehow, it’s quite annoying.”

“No, well, even if you say that.”

She narrowed her eyes even further. “Alright, let’s lift him up. Right this instant.”

“No wait, why does it become like that?”

“I mean, I’m annoyed. Annoyed, but it’s something that needs to be celebrated. Other than that, maybe it would be teaching a lesson and public humiliation?”

“I’m quite thankful for just the thought.”

“Alright, everyone, help me out!”

“Hey, wait, stop!?”

His protests were dismissed. His classmates hurriedly flooded over towards him and without even being able to fight back, Yuuki was swept off his feet.


He was thrown up into the air along with the shouts.






After the sixth time, they moved into the halls. Of course, they continued to shout even out there. The people from the two classes next to us were all wide-eyed. “What’s with all this excitement!?” Meanwhile, Yuuki’s protests were unable to reach, as Sekai could only watch over it all and panic in a feverish haste.

This rough handling of the celebration continued until just before the start of the first period of class.

“That was a terrible experience…” They were on the way home that same day. Yuuki complained while walking along the sidewalk. “Everyone’s terrible. It was a complete and utter public humiliation. In my whole entire life, it was the most embarrassed I’ve ever been.”

He continued to groan while wrinkling his eyebrows. Even Sekai telling him, “Well, isn’t it fine,” was not enough to make him settle down.

“It’s not okay at all. The fact that Koiwai-san was the person to lead everyone and instigate the whole thing was not good. She probably thought the whole entire thing would be funny, and had gathered the rest of the people for it because of that. Even though I thought that she was my only ally.”

“There’s no need to get so worked up about it, Yuuki.” On the other hand, Sekai was calm. Rather than being frustrated, she seemed to be in a good mood, “It’s fine for them to do something like that. Doing that is proof that they recognize us as companions. Rather, it’s something we should welcome.”

“Well, I mean for you, maybe. You weren’t publicly thrown into the air after all. All you were doing was panicking and secretly trying to hide yourself in a corner”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. But still, isn’t it fine? You’ll protect me, won’t you? You’ll even risk your life for me.”

“That’s true, but…” Yuuki scratched his head.

Sekai smiled teasingly and spoke, “I’m grateful towards you.”

She continued speaking, “I’ll say the same thing over and over again. Thanks to you, I’m able to happily enjoy and live through my days. Thank you, really.”

“You really say that a lot don’t you.” Yuuki responded with a wry smile, “I don’t need you to express your gratitude all the time, over and over again. I am happy, but it really is being overly serious. ”

“Having you say that, for me is—”

“Stop, stop. I’m telling you, it’s fine. It’ll just loop over and over again if you start.” He continued on after interrupting her, “Rather, for me, I want you to be more luxurious.”


“Being happy for even the small things, is something that I believe is really important. However, I want to give you a life where you don’t need to feel happy or satisfied at every small little thing. That’s my job, I think. No, I know it is.”

“…” Sekai blinked once. Then, she broke into a smile, “You are kind.”

“Really? It’s not really like that though. I’m just doing what it is that I need to do.”

“See. That’s the part of you that’s kind.”

“Hahah. Is that really how it is?” Yuuki frowned to hide his embarrassment. At the same time, he changed the topic of the conversation, “For now, let’s go on a trip. Let’s fine someplace nice to go to.”

“A trip? That sounds nice. I don’t have a single memory of ever going on one.”

“Once we graduate… speaking of which, graduation is almost coming around. So, I guess we can have a so-called graduation trip. We should think about it while we can right now. Like where we should go, for instance.”

“Yeah, yeah. I’m looking forward to that. Just thinking about it gets me excited.”

“Once it’s spring, I’m not going to college, but rather helping out at home. Probably working under my little sister or something. That’s what I intend to do at least. Once that happens, I’ll at least be able to somewhat independent.”

“Yeah. That’s quite admirable of you.”

“Then, we can rent a house somewhere, and live together. We can also do that.”

“Yeah, yeah. That really seems like a lot of different dreams all at once. It would be nice if it all works out.”

Her footsteps turned into skipping, she was in a really good mood. However, Yuuki knew. She wasn’t as eager as her words made it seem. And then, sure enough, her answer was just as he expected.

“Even if you say all of that, Yuuki. I don’t wish for anything more than I have right now. I mean, as far as I can imagine, this is the happiest that I’ll ever be.”

“… I’m telling you, You don’t have to be satisfied with just all these small things.”

“It’s fine. I’m really fine with what it is right now.” Saying that, Sekai smiled.

This effectively put a stop to the conversation. It was an expression of, “Let’s talk about something else.” Yuuki didn’t step past any further than that. He couldn’t.

“By the way,” Sekai threw out another topic of conversation, “How is your little sister doing? Is she doing well?”

“She’s doing well. Doing very well, as usual.”

“She’s, as expected, against the two of us being together?”

“Does she look like someone who would give her consent?”

“No, not at all.” She shook her head and made a troubled face. While continuing to be troubled, she smiled, “Well, if she settled down with just that, then she really couldn’t be called a good person. Everyday I feel somewhat nervous though, whether or not she would come and attack me.”

“Invading Kanaruzawa’s mansion would mean a waging a full frontal war with Chiyo-san, right? That isn’t something you need to be nervous about.”

Sooner or later, it’ll eventually become like that though——Yuuki sighed within his heart.

At the current moment, Haruko’s behavior was quite calm with no sign of an incoming storm. The situation after he had reported the proposal was beyond him to handle, but for now, they’ve returned to their original sibling relationship.

However, it’s only a temporary thing.

As her brother, he knows his little sister very well.

(I have to solve this at some point…) Yuuki thought, with his own troubled smile.

As for what method he could use as a solution, he couldn’t really think of any.

Once they arrived at the mansion, Chiyo was waiting for them as usual.

“Welcome home.”

“Yeah. I’m back.”

“Ah. Good day. I’ll intruding today as well.”

Sekai passed through the entrance, Yuuki followed behind her, neither of which did Chiyo complain about.

Returning from school and going to the Kanaruzawa mansion enjoying the snacks and tea prepared by the competent maid had become commonplace.

Yuuki believed that this was what would be known as a feeling of awakening. For a day to come where Chiyo would allow this kind of behavior. The times when he would be faced with deadly eyes at that same place, at the same entrance, were all long gone in the past.

“How was school today, my mistress?”

“Yeah. There were no issues. It was very enjoyable.”

“For me it wasn’t enjoyable at all…”

“Isn’t it fine to be publicly raised into the air like that. It’s not like they did it with any ill intent.”

“You were thrown into the air? How did it come to that, exactly?”

“Listen to this Chiyo. It was a masterpiece.”

“No, it wasn’t a masterpiece for me at all. Rather, it was the worst…”

While within the well-heated parlor, they enjoyed cake and Assam tea while having a conversation. It was a picturesque scene of calm happiness.

Yuuki was finally aware of it, that he had finally obtained it. Now, he would have to protect it. He would have to sustain it. He couldn’t lose it. Never again. Never.

(… This feeling again.) Between the gaps of their conversation, Yuuki casually furrowed his eyebrows. Is this the feeling of déjà vu, this slight sense of incongruity with the world? That feeling once again flickered within his mind. (I need to deal with this soon.)

He had a premonition. No. It could already be called future sight. That time will surely come. It was not that far into the future. He needed to step forward. A first step for that reason.

“Now then, I apologize but I’m going to have to leave for a bit.” Sekai stood up from her seat.

Without a moment of delay, the maid put in a teasing remark, “Is it a small one? Or a large one?”

“… You. Do you want to be fired again?” While glaring at her, Sekai left the parlor.

“She really isn’t that different from a normal human.” After confirming that Sekai’s presence had gone far away, Yuuki spoke out. “At one point I was wondering how things were going to turn out. In the end, I really think it went great.”

“It is thanks to you, Yuuki-sama. You were amazing.” While smiling, Chiyo nodded.

Outside was a bit windy, and beyond the window was cloudy as usual.

“Now then.” Relaxing his neck a little bit, he took a breath. Then he looked straight at Chiyo, “I think I really need to suck it up.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“It’s about Kanaruzawa. Will you let me ask about her?”

“If it’s about her three-sizes, why don’t you ask her? If you did that, I’m sure my mistress would be much happier.”

He ignored it, “What job does the goddess do?”

“Her job is to do what is needed to protect the world. She sustains the shape of this world, and keeps the people safe. That was originally what a goddess was for after all.”

“I’m not talking just about the basic information. I’m asking about what Kanaruzawa Sekai does to fulfill her work.” He brought the teacup to his lips. The Assam tea today was a little bitter. “I haven’t been able to ask this until now. However, I can’t go on further while still knowing nothing about it.”

“Why do you need to ask this far?”

“It didn’t seem like Kanaruzawa wanted to talk about it much, you see. And so, well. I have a kind of bad premonition. A quite severe one at that.”

Kanaruzawa Sekai had declared herself a goddess, and even the servant Chiyo did not deny it. Normally, you’d be able to laugh it off like it was some sort of horror movie plot. She didn’t have a single believer, she wasn’t recognized by the surrounding world, nor did she show a single power as a young girl that would even make her somewhat like a goddess.

However, Yuuki believed it. He felt it with his skin. Kanaruzawa Sekai was hiding something heavy and bitter. That “something” was one reason for the goddess’s existence to be completely hidden. Even after a thousand years. All over the world.

Exactly what amount of power necessary to keep that going in the current modern society. That was something that Yuuki was not able to imagine. That “something” which had the skill to accomplish such a feat and which even Kirishima Haruko was afraid of—she had certainly called it the “Tsukumo organization.”

He felt uneasy. The feeling of déjà vu that he had been having, he believed was somehow related to this.

“If you have a bad premonition,” Chiyo’s usual smile did not crumble. While pouring another cup of tea, she spoke lightly, “Wouldn’t it be something that you shouldn’t touch upon? A wise person would not approach danger, so it is said.”

“In other words, you admit that there is something bad.”

“She’s a goddess after all. She is not something that can be dealt with by ordinary means.”

It was a gentle affirmation. It was like one of those warnings: if it’s now, you can still turn back.

Hell if I know——Yuuki stepped forward without hesitation.

“Please tell me, Chiyo-san. Everything. I believe I at least have the qualifications for it.”

“Fumu.” Holding the teacup as if to cover it with both hands, Chiyo kept silent.

She was thinking that it would eventually come to this. She wasn’t hesitating in anyway, rather, she was in the middle of careful scrutinization. Whether or not Yuuki was enough of a man to tell him.

“… What happened?” At that point in time, Sekai returned to the parlor. She had on a strange expression, “Did you guys have some sort of fight? You can’t do that, you know? Be good to each other, get along.” With a frown, she said something that teacher might say.

“No, it’s nothing.” Yuuki waved his hand, “We weren’t fighting. It’s fine.”

“Is that so. If that’s the case, then it’s fine I guess.”

“Yeah. We were just made a little bit.”

“Bet? What type of bet did you make?”

With a smile, “Whether it was a small one, or a large one.” He said.

“By the way,” Chiyo jumped on, “I bet on the bigger one.”

“Y-you guys!” Sekai’s face turned bright red. “What were you guys doing when I wasn’t here!? And it wasn’t a large one, nor a small one, I was just taking a cigar break! It was a false accusation in the first place!”


“Unfortunately, I don’t believe it.”

“It’s true! I swear to god! The proof of it is here, look! There should be the smell of smoke on my clothes! See, take a whiff! Come on!”

Gesturing with her hands and body, she desperately tried to prove herself.

Yuuki and Chiyo ended up watching over her appearance while smiling.

(Yuuki-sama.) In the midst of that, Chiyo secretly whispered into his ear. (Today, after midnight. Please come here again.)


(There’s something I would like you to see. Please come alone.)

Yuuki did as he was told.

Past midnight. In front of the entrance to the Kanaruzawa mansion. Within the darkness in which the snow seemed to dance, Chiyo deeply bowed to him.

“Welcome, Yuuki-sama. It pains me to invite you over so late into the night.”

“That’s fine.” While shaking under the coat, “What’s happening at this time? It’s a secret from Kanaruzawa, right?”

“Please. First, come in.” Without answering his question, Chiyo waved at Yuuki to come in.

It’s better to follow along silently. Deciding that, he followed after her.


As he continued on, he noticed it. They were following a course that he did not recognize. They weren’t heading towards Kanaruzawa Sekai’s personal room, nor were they heading towards the parlor.

Chiyo went down the hallway on the left, and then went down a set of stairs into the basement. In this place where he had stepped into for the first time, there were rooms just like on the first floor, and a path that continued on in one direction. At the end of the path, there was a large door, dauntingly overlooking any visitors. After the heavy doors were opened, an empty space opened up beyond it about the size of a full tennis court.

“What is this place?”


Chiyo moved into the center of the space. Yuuki also went to the center accordingly.

It really was a space with nothing in it. There was only the musty air and a few dim lights.

“… Ummmm?”

Chiyo turned to face the puzzled Yuuki. “The things that my mistress does for her job. Yuuki-sama would like to know, right?”

“Well, of course. I do want to know.”

“I will explain it to you as well as I can.” With a cold expression, “In this world, there is a lot of good things, and there is also a lot of bad things. Either of them can increase and grow, and if left alone, the balance of things can be broken. My mistress’s job is to adjust this balance—which sounds alright in explanation. In other words, she’s like a garbage person in charge of cleaning. If there’s pluses, there are also minuses. She’s supposed to clean up these minuses, and turn them into something harmless… No one wants to do it, but someone has to. In this way, the world can somehow be kept positive. Do you understand?”

“… Is that so? I somewhat get it.”

“Well, I would think that it would be faster for you to confirm with your own eyes. If you do, you would be able to know whether or not you truly understood. Whether or not you would come back safely, I do not know.” Saying that, Chiyo-san bowed. A deep one. As if she was bowing towards her own mistress. “Have a safe trip. I pray for your safety.”

The next time he regained his consciousness. Yuuki was lying on a bed.


He jumped up.

No. That movement was stopped part way.

“It would be better for you to not get up at the moment.”

It was Chiyo.

While gently holding Yuuki back, she made him lay back down, “You came in contact with that after all. I believe it would be better if you were to rest a bit. Fortunately, you were able to pass it with just losing your consciousness.” Saying that, she smiled. It was not her usual composed smile. It was a smile filled with care.


Without saying anything, Yuuki grabbed at his hair. His heartbeat was fast. His breath was shallow. Cold sweat constantly came out, and his throat was dry like the desert in the middle of the summer.

Stunned into stupidity.

There was no better phrase to describe the current situation. His absentminded state was as if his soul was sucked out of him.

“That was my mistress’s work.” Chiyo reported that to such a Yuuki. “That hell, that nightmare. That, is my mistress’s job.”


“I wonder how it looked in Yuuki-sama’s eyes? My mistress’s appearance.”


While vaguely listening Chiyo’s words, Yuuki remembered. That room, that space. What he saw with his eyes in that other dimension.

Various types of death.

All types of suffering.

The fruit of despair.

Complete darkness.

No, that’s not it—Yuuki shook his head. It wasn’t something that could be expressed with words. It felt sacrilegious every time he tried to convey it with words.

Only one thing was understood. Kanaruzawa Sekai was accepting all of it with her own body.

“It seems I have to change of judgment of you.” Chiyo said something unusual.

“To be exposed to that, and then wake up so quickly. I was expecting you to be useless for about a week at the very least. An ordinary human would have already lost their sanity.”


“Well, if you weren’t at least this, I wouldn’t have guided you to that room in the first place… But even so, you are quite well trained. Impressive.”

He had never thought such a compliment would come from her mouth. If it was the usual Yuuki, he would have turned over in surprise. However, now was not “usual”.

“… Fuu.”

He took a deep breath. Repeating it multiple times. Then, he sorted through the situation, and waited for his consciousness to clear.

Yuuki finally spoke his first words. “Where is she? What is Kanaruzawa doing right now?”

“She has currently locked herself up.” While Chiyo shook her head, “She was seen by Yuuki-sama while doing that. I had also brought you to that room with my own selfish judgement—my mistress was unable to bear either of those facts.”

“… I see. We ended up doing something bad…”

“No. This is something that is part of my responsibility.” Saying that, Chiyo made a small smile. It was a soft one. It was as if she was a human.

“… Chiyo-san.” He finally had the strength to smile. While lifting up the ends of his lips, Yuuki spoke, “Haven’t you changed a bit recently? It’s almost like I can see your true face sometimes.”

“Even if I look this way, I do acknowledge you.” Without changing the feel of her smile, “There isn’t any need to make a façade in front of a person like that. Moreover, I’m thinking that there is something important that I want to entrust to you in the future.”

“Something you want to entrust?”

“Yes.” Correcting her posture, Chiyo said, “Yuuki-sama. Would you take my mistress and run away?”

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