After Responding Seriously to a Marriage Promise, I Married my Cute Childhood Friend ~The Start of a Money Saving Life with my Wife~ – 3

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The Conditions Proposed by Mother-in-Law and Father-in-Law

TL: PuffyPyjamas

ED: Daemon

“Father-in-law, Mother-in-law, please allow me to marry Kouri!”

Within the humongous japanese-style hall of the Kurashiki residence, I sat upright and lowered my head in front of Hanae-san and Hirohiko-san, Kouri’s mother and father respectively. I am aware of the inevitable opposition that I am to be confronted with. However, I wanted to fulfill her dream as she was the one that has always supported me.

“Raise your head, Michihisa.”

Hirohiko-san said in his signature gentle and tranquil voice.

“I don’t think it’s reasonable for Kouri to get married in high school…”

“Is there a specific reason that prevents us from getting married in high school?”

I couldn’t comprehend Hirohiko-san’s words.

“Naturally, we have the public eye to consider, and we have relatives in the Kurashiki family as well…” 

The Kurashiki family is not that old. However, due to the family business, they have various forms of relationships with other people.

“Michihisa-kun is smart, so I believe you have considered it already…” 


“However, as your parents, we will do our best to protect you from everything, so you don’t need to worry.. Isn’t that right, Hanae-san?”

“Yes. Michihisa and Kouri have always been very close to each other. Them being in high school is trivial compared to their relationship.”

We were astonished at the fact that we received their permission so easily.

“Thank you, Father-in-law and Mother-in-law. I will definitely make Kouri happy.”

“Dad and Mom, thank you so much. We will definitely be happy.”

We said such words of gratitude.

“Hear me out before going any further. Michihisa-kun, what do you think marriage really is?”

Hirohiko-san asked me with a voice that seemed somewhat solemn. Just when I had believed that he had accepted the marriage, he suddenly asked such a question. Just what is he implying?

“Are you asking that in the literal sense?”

“Yes. There is nothing deeper to it. Just answer as you wish.”

“It means that we’ll be together forever, and that we will build a family together.”

“What does it mean to build a family?”

“Wouldn’t it be to live separately and independently from father-in-law?”

I didn’t quite understand the meaning of Hirohiko-san’s question, but I answered with what I felt was correct.

“Very well. Then, there are two conditions for you to get married.” 

“Conditions, is it?”

“Dad, wait a second. You didn’t say anything about conditions before?”

Naturally, I am aware that it is hard to accept it so easily. However, the sudden mention of conditions surprised me.

“Kouri, calm down. These conditions aren’t really disadvantageous for you guys.”

“The conditions aren’t disadvantageous? What do you mean, Dad?”

“That’s right… First of all. You both will have to live together independently in another house.”

“Another house… Huh.”

“If your parents were together with you, you wouldn’t be able to engage in a pillow talk with a piece of mind, now would I?”

“Pillow talk?”

Kouri seems to not have understood the meaning behind Hirohiko-san’s odd way of wording. She has a question mark floating on top of her head.

“It means lewd things.”

When I whispered to her the meaning behind the word, Kouri turned bright red and immediately closed her mouth. Me being me, I imagined that I was alone in my new house, my heart would be throbbing even if I didn’t like it.The words ‘wedding night’ came to my mind.

What did Hirohiko think when he saw the situation?

“Oh, rest assured. I will pay for the rent.”

“No, I wasn’t worried about that at all…” 

Hirohiko-san is a person who is particularly careful about what he should do as a parent. He wouldn’t do anything like throwing his only cute daughter out of the house.

“Got it. What should we do about our new place?”

“If you suddenly tell us to live in another house…”

I’m happy at the thought of us being able to live alone, but it’s all a little confusing and overwhelming since I am suddenly told to move to another residence.

“That’s right. Let’s limit the rent to about 80,000 yen. Choose a place that suits you as a couple. Also, it would be good if the place is within an hour of this house, it would be inconvenient if it was too far away.”

“We will be choosing our residence ourselves…?” 

“Of course, we will help. But the final decision should lie with the two of you.”

“Understood. Is that okay with you Kouri?”

“Yeah. Choosing a place seems to be a bit difficult, but we will make it work somehow.”

We all nodded together. 

However, the two of us alone… The two of us alone, huh? 

Kouri’s parents… After marriage, they’re my in-laws.

The two of them have always been with us and I’m scared that the desires that we’ve saved up because of that may be let loose.

“Leaving that aside, what is the other condition?”

“I will send over 80,000 yen on the first day of every month. This includes utility bills. After getting married, you will basically be living only with this allowance.”

“I was thinking of getting a part-time job.”

“You both are students who will take the University exams in April. It’d be a waste to spend such precious time on a part-time job.”

It was so thorough that I had to wonder if it was fine to receive so much.

“What if we can’t live within the range of the allowance?”

Kouri asked in response. Kouri is a person who spends her pocket money very quickly..

“If you aren’t able to pull through, then just rely on us. But remember that it doesn’t work like this for a full-fledged adult. Of course, it’s all good since we’re here with you, but you never know when someone will die. It’s also important to know how to survive.”

I am almost convinced that this is sort of an education program for us as a couple.

“Hey, Hirohiko-san. Surely you don’t have to say that much? Won’t Michihisa-kun do more than necessary to meet these conditions?”

“I know how you feel. However, money is scary. It’s not good for them to always rely on us parents if we’re thinking of their future.”

It was such a strong statement of denial, that Hanae couldn’t say anything in response.

With this, it was decided that after marriage we would be living alone together.

“Anyway, since we’re allowed to marry, the rest will work out somehow.”

“Will I be able to afford sufficient luxuries in 80,000 yen?”

We were optimistic. I later realized that our new life would be filled with many difficulties.

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