Every Morning the Most Popular Girl at School Sits Next to Me on the Train – 07

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From then on, time passed by quickly and it soon became the day where I would be going out with Kii-san. We were supposed to meet at school at 12 o’clock, but I was really nervous and ended up getting on the train an hour early.

After all, it is the first time I’ll be going out with a girl, and that girl is the most beautiful girl at school. Of course, I’d be really nervous. She sits next to me on the train all the time, but the nervousness then cannot be compared to how nervous I am now. While the train rattled down its path, I thought about today’s plans in order to relieve some of my tension.

Since Kii-san wants to do shopping for some clothes and such, we are going to be spending our time at a large shopping mall nearby. Before that, we will be eating a light meal somewhere. I wonder where we should go? If we go somewhere near school, rumors might start appearing… No, but I guess if you are someone like Kii-san, you wouldn’t need to worry about that. Well, I care a lot, so we should go somewhere where people from the same school don’t go to.

Then, after eating lunch, and finishing our shopping, what should we do after that? Umm, well, I guess ending it then would be fine. I think Kii-san will be fine with things to this extent. Yeah, let’s spend the day like this.

After making a decision on today’s plans, the train arrived at the Touyama High School station with perfect timing. The current time was 11 o’clock. Heading to school right now would be really early, but since I don’t have anything else to do, I end up going anyways.

Five minutes walking and the front gate of my high school came into view. Of course, Kii-san was not there. After all, it’s currently an hour early.

A little bit disappointed, I head for the school library. It’s not because I want to read books, but because it’s easy to see the meeting place from there.

When I entered the library, there was a girl sitting at the counter. The librarian I guess. I randomly picked out a book from the recommended novels section near the counter and sat down in a position where I could see the front gate. This is obvious but using a smartphone in the library is not allowed. Well, normal usage shouldn’t be too hard to get away with, but I still try to avoid using it.

With that, I opened the book that I had randomly picked out, and waited for Kii-san.

After waiting for 30 minutes, Kii-san finally appeared.


At that moment, I unconsciously let out a breath.

Kii-san’s appearance was brighter and prettier than any other girl that I’ve seen so far. I guess she came in her casual clothes. Coordinating her clothes with a mature black color, the usual cuteness that she gave off turned into beauty. She most likely also did some make up, however, it wasn’t too noticeable, only enough to further emphasize her beauty.

Every student going through the front gate had their eyes stolen by Kii-san. A crowd began to form around her, making Kii-san stand out even more.

This situation… is really difficult for me to go out there…

Seeing such a crowd, I made a difficult face. But if I don’t go…

I made my resolve and left the library. Then, I made my way to the school gate where there was already a huge crowd, as if a celebrity had shown up. I only pulled my eyes away for a little bit but it already became like this… Kii-san really is amazing. Me, going shopping with someone like that, it really doesn’t seem real.

I lost more and more confidence as I got closer to Kii-san, until our eyes met. Kii-san’s face immediately lit up.

This… might be bad.


Just when I had a bad premonition, Kii-san approached me while smiling and waving at me. Everyone around who wanted to know who it was looked over all at once. Their expression seemed to be asking, who is this guy? However, without noticing the awkward atmosphere, Kii-san spoke cheerfully.

“Well then, everyone, see you later~”

With that said, she grabbed my hand, and ran. Ah~ah~, if you do something like this, rumors will appear you know?

If the rumors do spread, it’ll probably cause a lot of trouble for Kii-san. There is the rumor that she has a boyfriend after all. Hmm? If she has a boyfriend, why is she asking me to go out with her then?

Well, putting that aside, we need to find a way to prove that we are not a couple. With that thought, I opened my mouth.

“We aren’t dating!!”

I said that in a loud voice so that everyone in the crowd could hear. It’s a little bit embarrassing… but with this, there shouldn’t be anymore rumors.

With a sense of relief, I noticed that our feet have stopped. Also, I felt the hold on my hand become stronger.

“W-what happened?”

“…That’s not funny…”

With her face looking down, Kii-san let out a small voice. Because it’s so quiet, I couldn’t really hear it.

“That joke, really isn’t funny.”

Turning around and saying that, Kii-san’s eyes looked a little wet, her voice tinged with sadness.

No words came from my mouth.

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  2. “There is the rumor that she has a boyfriend after all. Hmm? If she has a boyfriend, why is she asking me to go out with her then?”

    You just wondered that now? You should’ve have wondered that earlier after you learned that she has a boyfriend while she still continues to be beside you in the train and asks to go out with you


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