After Coincidentally Saving the New Transfer Student’s Little Sister, We Gradually Grew Closer – 13

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The Sisters Waiting Outside My Room

TL: PuffyPyjamas.

ED: Daemon.

As the summer season was just beginning to wane, the night breeze felt nice on the way home.

Today was probably one of the most intense days of my life.

Especially since I was able to come in contact with Charlotte and form a significant connection with her.

If only we could continue to get along like this from now on——No, it’s just a pipe dream.

It’s entirely possible that tomorrow I’ll treat Charlotte as a stranger with no connection between us whatsoever.

The real life just isn’t as simple and convenient as manga.

As I returned home contemplating such things, I saw two silhouettes standing in front of my apartment door.

One is a girl whose long, beautiful, and lustrous silver hair is illuminated by the moonlight. The other is wearing an animal-eared hoodie that hides her hairstyle and is extremely short.

Yeah, these two are most definitely Charlotte and Emma.

“What’s wrong?”

When I asked what they were up to, the two of them turned their heads towards me. Charlotte was wearing a casual outfit, probably because she was at her home, creating a defenseless appearance that was rather heart-pounding. Her cheeks looked a little bit red.

Emma is also looking very cute wearing pyjamas with adorable animal ears.


Emma, who noticed me, rushed over with short steps. I was worried that she would fall while running, but she was able to reach me without any accidents and hugged me tightly. Then, she looked up at my face with a big smile.


What is with this child? She is way too cute. Emma-chan’s cuteness made me subconsciously form a gentle smile.

Who wouldn’t be happy when hugged by such a cute girl with a big smile? I am not a lolicon, understood?

I made an excuse to no one in particular while crouching to match my line of sight with that of Emma’s.

“Emma-chan, did you need something from me?”

“You see, Emma wants to play with Onii-chan.”

Emma said with a very jovial smile. Her eyes were shimmering with the desire to play with me. Emma seemed to be more emotionally attached to me than I expected since she waited in front of my house with the objective of playing with me.

I glanced at Charlotte, who looked at Emma and me apologetically. My eyes met with hers and I fell in love with her a bit. The sight of her being illuminated by the moonlight was so beautiful that it wouldn’t have been an exaggeration to call it fantasy-like.

“I’m sorry, Aoyagi-kun. Emma just wouldn’t stop throwing a tantrum… I’ll be troubled if she escapes again, so can you entertain her for a little while?”

Escape… Emma certainly did leave her house without permission, so it can be said that it is somewhat of a breakout, but this girl certainly has an interesting way with words… 

“It’s fine… However, how long have you been waiting?”

“When I got out of the bath and tried to tuck her into bed, she started making a fuss, so it’s been about five minutes.”

She just got done with bathing. So, is that why Charlotte’s cheeks are red? The warmth must still be in her body. Since her cheeks were flushed red, Charlotte appeared to be even more attractive.

“I’m glad you didn’t have to wait for too long. Even though it’s still  summer, the wind gets chilly during the night, so it’s not good to wait around outside for too long.”

“Yes, thank you for your concern. I was at a loss for what to do since Emma wouldn’t budge from this spot, but I was relieved when Aoyagi-kun came back in time.”

“Is that so…?” 

Listening to Charlotte’s words, I looked back at Emma. Emma was sleeping when we got home, so she wouldn’t know that my apartment was just beside theirs. Charlotte must have told her that I lived next door, and had her wait for me.

Emma was looking at my face with an expression that seemed bored, probably because Charlotte and I were absorbed in our conversation.

However, when our gazes met, her eyes lit up with her expression dyed with happiness.

Maybe she thought that I would be giving her my attention now.

I couldn’t let her feel lonely for the time being, so I decided to play with Emma.

However, if we continue to stay outside, it could end up leading the two sisters to catch a cold.

I want to move somewhere else… What should I do?

If I propose to move locations, the places where we could go were limited to either Charlotte’s apartment or mine.

Since it’s already deep into the night, it wouldn’t be good to take Emma out.

If it gets too late, even Charlotte and I could find the situation to be uncomfortable… 

Therefore, it has to be either of our apartments, but there are problems in both scenarios.

To be honest, it’s hard to invite Charlotte to my apartment. It shouldn’t be too much of a problem to make it happen, but it would undoubtedly be uncomfortable to have someone you like in your apartment.

However, the same could be said about going over to Charlotte’s apartment. I’m sure I’d be so excited that it’d be bad for my heart.

Charlotte would be reluctant to come over to my apartment, and even more so to invite me over to her place… It can’t be helped.

The best option is to leave the judgment to Charlotte.

I couldn’t come up with a solution to this situation, and it would be meaningless if Charlotte were to refuse when I do come up with a conclusion, so I left the decision in its entirety up to her.

“Charlotte, it would be better for us to move to a different location, where do you think would be fine…?”

“Let’s see…”

When I passed the baton to Charlotte, she began to seriously consider the situation. She probably has the same line of thought as me. Well, even if it is the same, there is no way that Charlotte would like someone like me.

“Emma wants to go to Onii-chan’s house!”

While I was waiting for Charlotte’s response, Emma tugged on my clothes and voiced her request. Yeah, it seems that the location has been decided.

I looked at Charlotte to see if she reached the same conclusion as me, and she nodded and agreed without any objection.

To be honest, I still feel reluctant to invite Charlotte over to my place, but it would be better than having the two of them catch a cold by staying outside.

My apartment… I did clean it, right…?

They were about to enter my flat, and I suddenly started to worry about the condition of my room. If she thinks that my apartment is dirty, I wouldn’t have the courage to associate with her any further.

The three of us changed locations and moved to my apartment according to the wishes of this little girl who seemed to have the highest decision-making power among the three of us.

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  1. “I have had such a streak of good luck, that I am scared of the unfortunate calamity that might await at the end of the tunnel.”

    ^I felt this on a personal level. Whenever something good happens I start bracing myself for the bad things that will undoubtedly follow

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