After Coincidentally Saving the New Transfer Student’s Little Sister, We Gradually Grew Closer – 15

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Charlotte’s Sentiments

TL: PuffyPyjamas.

ED: Daemon.

I laid Emma on a futon, and reminisced about my day today.

I was honestly quite anxious about my first day studying abroad, but my classmates were very considerate and kind. 

The eyes of the males were a bit on the scary side, but it was the same at my previous school in England, so it’s better to not worry about it. Everyone accepted me with open arms, so I believe I can have a great school life moving forwards.

However, when I reached my apartment, I couldn’t find my sister, who was supposed to be waiting for me. 

No, I had already realized the absurdity of the situation when the door I was sure I had locked before heading off to school was unlocked. 

Once I had grasped the situation, my entire body froze, but I immediately and desperately ran off in search of my sister. When I finally saw my sister comfortably asleep at my school, I was relieved to the point where I lost strength in my knees.

Aoyagi, who lives in the neighbouring apartment, saved Emma. Suddenly, I remembered the conversation I had with Hanazawa-sensei right after I transferred here from my previous school.

“—It feels like I’ve seen an address similar to this somewhere before, is this the apartment next to Aoyagi?”

Hanazawa-sensei, who looked over my address in the documents, muttered lightly. I have often been told that I have good ears and end up accidentally listening to the mumblings of others.


“Oh, did you hear me? He’s a boy in my class… And he’s the most problematic student in the entire school.”

“A-A problematic student?”

What? It looks like I moved in next to a ridiculous person.

“Hanazawa-sensei! Please don’t tease the transfer student! Bennett-san, Aoyagi-kun is the best honor student at our school, okay?”

While I was terrified at this unexpected revelation, a young female teacher sitting next to Hanazawa-sensei hurriedly explained to me. 

Hanazawa-sensei is quite mean for playing pranks on me even though this is the first time we’ve met in person. Involuntarily, I want to puff my cheeks in protest.

“In a certain sense, he is the number one problem child…” 

For an instant, Hanazawa-sensei had an uninterested expression on her face. I was probably the only person who could hear her mutterings at the moment. I am worried about asking Sensei about him since I’m sure there is something going on.

“What kind of a person is this Aoyagi-kun?”

In the end, I couldn’t hold back from asking her. 

If Aoyagi-kun is a student in Hanazawa-sensei’s class, then it would make him my classmate as well. It’s natural to be interested in hearing about someone from the same class. 

Moreover, we’re neighbours. It wouldn’t be unexpected for us to be involved with each other. There is also the thing with Emma, so I thought it’d be beneficial for me to know.

“Well, he’s an extremely talented person. Also, he’s the best student in the school in terms of academics.”

“A ‘bright’ person, not a ‘genius’?”

“Oh, that’s a good perspective. Yeah, he’s quite bright, but not a genius.”

Hanazawa-sensei gazed at me as if she was looking at something interesting. I don’t think I said something that interesting.

I think a bright person is someone who makes a considerable effort. I have quite a positive impression of him now.

“Hey Bennett, this is a good opportunity. If you have any problems at all, you can rely on Aoyagi.”

“Eh, but—”

“Don’t worry too much. He’s a little weird, but if he sees someone in trouble, he’ll never look the other way.”

This is strange. Despite her calling him a ‘problem child’, it seems that Hanazawa-sensei is rather trusting of Aoyagi. Now I am more curious as to the personality of this person.

“Understood. If something happens, I will rely on Aoyagi-kun.”

“Alrighty. Oh, one more thing. Don’t just straight up believe in Aoyagi’s words.”

Once again, Hanazawa-sensei has said something strange. Doesn’t that imply that Aoyagi-kun is a liar? Hanazawa-sensei wryly smiled when I tilted my head.

“I didn’t mean to say that you shouldn’t trust anything he says. Just don’t believe in his words when he says something that is criticized by those around him. He’s quite different from the others. He doesn’t get deceived by short-term profits and considers the future. When he does something that incites criticism, there’s always some meaning behind it. In other words, he’s one who works behind the scenes.”

I can tell by Sensei’s serious expression that she is not lying. I processed Hanazawa-sensei’s words in my mind and tried to interpret them myself.

“Does Aoyagi-kun play the bad guy for your class?”

“That’s a pretty accurate interpretation, Bennett. Well, it’s not limited to just my class, but that’s what it is.”

Hanazawa-sensei grinned when she listened to the conclusion I had drawn from her words. She somehow resembles a devil when she smiles like that.

“Why is he playing such a damaging role?”

“Well, I can only guess, but I don’t know what he is thinking unless the person himself talks about it.”

It seems like Hanazawa-sensei doesn’t want to give me the answer. Aoyagi hasn’t said anything, so it may be that she doesn’t want to make a statement based on pure speculation. 

“Why did you talk to me about him like this?”

It was obvious that she could not tell me anything more even if we continued talking, so I decided to change the topic of conversation. 

I am quite interested in the answer to that question as well. 

I don’t think she would talk to me about a person I haven’t met yet, even if he happens to be my neighbour. I may be overthinking this, but I feel like she has told all of this to me for a reason.

“I wonder why… It’s a feeling, I guess? I thought you could understand Aoyagi, and I feel like you two will get along somehow.”

“Oh, it’s like wild instinct, right!?”

The young teacher sitting beside Hanazawa-sensei, who was listening to our conversation without saying a word, suddenly chimed in with sparkling eyes. Listening to the words of the teacher, Hanazawa-sensei’s mood suddenly takes a dive.

“Rather, a w-o-m-a-n’s intuition…?” 

“I-it hurts it hurts it hurts! Stop, Hanazawa-sensei! Let me go! My head will be crushed!”

While I was busy processing the situation, Hanazawa-sensei grabbed the young teacher’s head and lifted her in the air with just one hand. So merciless, I can even hear the sound of her head being crushed.

What should I do? It feels like I’ve wandered into the world of manga.

“Hey, Bennett.”


“You said you have a younger sister? Watch out, because even if she looks like this, she is infamous for being a lolicon teacher.”

Hanazawa-sensei advised me with the young female teacher still hanging in the air. 

The young teacher has become quiet and is twitching, is it really okay to leave her like this…? 

However, I could not ask Hanazawa-sensei about her now, so I asked her what I was interested in.

“Lolicon, is it? A woman?”

“Oh, she’s pretty famous among the students. She looks like a motherly character at first glance, but her eyes when talking to little girls and looking at little girls are horrifying.”


As expected of the two-dimensional culture of Japan. There are people with various hobbies.

―After that, I quickly disappeared without testing Hanazawa-sensei’s anger.

At the end, I witnessed a shocking scene and was distracted, but the main topic of the conversation was Aoyagi. 

He was a much nicer man than I heard from Hanazawa-sensei.

As I heard from Sensei, he played the villain for my sake and even protected Emma who got lost on the roadside.

The gentle eyes Aoyagi had when dealing with Emma were really wonderful. I realize that Aoyagi is a very kind person. I would like to get along with him from now on.

Even so—what is the true meaning behind the words he said when we parted?

I understand that he doesn’t mean what he says, but I haven’t realized the true meaning of those words. I want to be able to understand properly someday… 

I gently patted my cute little sister’s head so as to not wake her up, and contemplated a little about the meaning behind his words.

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