After Coincidentally Saving the New Transfer Student’s Little Sister, We Gradually Grew Closer – 19

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The Spoiled Little Sister

TL: PuffyPyjamas.

ED: Daemon.

“Onee-chan… Onii-chan isn’t back yet…?”

While sitting on the sofa and reading a book that she loves, Emma quietly tugged on the hem of my clothes. Then she looked up at me with teary eyes. Emma, who believes that Aoyagi will come back home and play with her, is restlessly waiting for him. I am sure that she thinks she has gotten a gentle older brother.

“Sorry, Emma. Aoyagi-kun said that he would be late, so I don’t think he’s going to be back anytime soon.”

Aoyagi promised that it’d be okay to spend time with us if it’s late at night. I haven’t been informed of the exact time, but I am sure that it’s not time yet.


“Pouting like that is of no use, okay? Aoyagi-kun is busy”


When I said no, Emma puffed her cheeks even more and pushed her face against my stomach. It’s probably intended to be a type of protest. It doesn’t hurt in the least since she is weak, but her chin does tickle me a bit.

“If Emma acts as a good girl and waits patiently, Aoyagi-kun will come sooner, so wait quietly, okay?”

I separated Emma from my body and gently patted her head. Emma seemed unconvinced, but nodded her head in agreement. It may have been a little cowardly to bring up Aoyagi, but it seems that it was effective against Emma. Emma now acted as a good girl, so I stroked her head in order to praise her.

“Emma, let’s eat dinner before Aoyagi-kun returns, okay? Let’s go shopping to buy the ingredients together.”


Emma happily nodded when I invited her to go shopping with me. She’s probably happy to be able to go out. Emma will be attending nursery school starting next week, and because of my absence during the daytime, she has been stuck alone in the house. Therefore, she must have left home yesterday because she was lonely.

This morning, I told her that Aoyagi would play with her if she stays at home like a good girl, and when I came back, she was waiting for me at home. I am really grateful to Aoyagi for making Emma listen to me so obediently.

After I was done changing clothes, Emma and I left the house while holding hands. There is the reason that it might be dangerous if I take my eyes off her, but I do this also because she simply just wants to hold my hand. Emma looks very happy when we hold hands. She, who loves holding hands and being hugged, is a really spoiled girl.

However, back in England, it was limited to our mother or me… 

Emma hates it when other people try to hold her hand. I thought she hated it because they were not family, but she was the one who requested Aoyagi to hold her hand. It seems like Aoyagi is treated as someone special by Emma.

He is a very kind person, so it might be natural for him to be special. Aoyagi is surely raised by a very gentle and kind family. I want Emma to grow up to be a kind person like Aoyagi.

“Ah! It’s Onii-chan!”

While I was gazing at Emma walking next to me, she suddenly called out in a very happy voice. If she called out ‘Onii-chan’, then that means…

I tear my eyes away from Emma and look in front. There, the person that I was just thinking about was walking in front of me. Even if we live close by, it feels strange to meet someone when going out shopping.

But who is that girl walking next to him?

A girl walking next to Aoyagi. Her beautiful black hair is tied at the back, and I can tell even from a distance that she has a very pretty face. I think she’s around 140 centimeters tall?

Despite being a petite person, she is very cute and has a youthful face.

Also, she seems very, very close to Aoyagi.

I was somewhat curious about the girl who walked next to Aoyagi with a lovely smile.

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