Every Morning the Most Popular Girl at School Sits Next to Me on the Train – 48 (Final)

It has been an interesting story so far but here is the final chapter and epilogue you may have been waiting for. Me and Radaemon felt that the story had a potential based on the first few chapters but maybe didn’t live up to our expectations but it is still our first web novel and we are happy to have finished a whole story. We hope that you have enjoyed this story but we have another story that we plan on translating soon along side Monku Tsukeyou ga Nai Rabukome so we hope to see you again! Thank you for joining us for this ride so far so please enjoy this last chapter!


>> Chapter 48 <<

Every Morning the Most Popular Girl at School Sits Next to Me on the Train – 42

Hey everyone! We are back with another chapter that we hope you like. Thanks to everyone that gave a welcome to BlueShepherd. You can read his introduction in the last blog post but I’m really glad to have him back. He should have a blog post on the way so be sure to follow the site if you interested in hearing about his time in Japan or anything he has to say. The blog portion of this site is transitioning into a mix of both light novels and personal blogs but we will tag any translation posts.


>> Chapter 42 <<

Every Morning the Most Popular Girl at School Sits Next to Me on the Train – 41 + A New Friend

はじめまして!I’m BlueShepherd, and I’ve been invited to participate in this translation team by radaemon and Tortuga. I just got home from 1.5 years straight in Japan about 2 weeks ago serving as a volunteer.  I had the privilege of studying Japanese on my own and becoming passably good at the language during that time, and I’m continuing my personal study while I prepare for college, so I’m excited to be here! In addition to translation, I may have some more language insights as well as cultural experiences to share, so if you’re into that, stay tuned! If you ever have questions or anything, I’m more than happy to respond! Japan was a wonderful place and I had a lot of good and interesting experiences, so I hope you enjoy what I have to share. よろしくお願いします!

Anyway, here’s what you were really looking for: another chapter! Enjoy!

>> Chapter 41 <<

Every Morning the Most Popular Girl at School Sits Next to Me on the Train – 39

Hi everyone,

radaemon here, here’s the next chapter. tortuga will probably be a little busy for a little bit, so I’ll be doing the postings in the mean time. Sorry for the delay on this chapter though, I’ve been really busy with a school project recently for a club that I’m in and didn’t have as much time to translate. We just had our competition though so it should have more time now as it dies down. In case you guys are interested, the club that I’m in does combat robotics. I’ll just put a picture of our robot at the bottom because I’m pretty proud of the work I did with my team. But anyways, here’s the chapter and I hope you guys enjoy it.

>> Chapter 39 <<

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