The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 31

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A Day with a Cold

“Today, I’m taking a break from school.”

After sending that message to Hiiragi-chan, I threw myself onto my bed. Whether it was because of the flirting that I ended up doing with Hiiragi-chan that night on the school trip, or because of some completely different reason, I ended up catching a cold.

“Eeeeeeeh… Nii-san, is he okay…?”

“It’ll be alright, it’s just a cold after all.”

From downstairs, I could hear the exchange between Sana, who was about to go to school, and my mother.

“If Okaa-san is going to work, then Nii-san will end up being alone, right? Sana, will look after Nii-san then.”

Unusually, Sana was saying something pretty considerate. I guess that since I caught a cold, she ends up showing a little bit of kindness… Oh little sister, you shouldn’t care about your brother and just go to school.

“If you’re staying at home watching him, then you’ll probably just be in your room playing games, right?”

“T-t-t-t-that’s not true! I’ll do both!”

Both of them. Stupid Sana, just go to school… I can’t even put any energy into my retorts… As the conversation continued it became farther away, until I completely lost conscious. I didn’t know how much I slept, but with a cold feeling on my forehead, I ended up waking up.

“Hot. Why don’t we measure your temperature?”

As I opened my eyes slightly, I ended up seeing Hiiragi-chan. It’s a dream… There’s school today, after all… Bibibi, I heard an electronic sound as something was stuck into my armpit.

“Muuuun… 38.7 degrees… it’s high…”

Goso goso, after a little bit of rustling, the blanket on top went supooon, as it was pulled off.

“A-as expected, Seiji-kun’s body… is nice…”

Susususu, she used a finger to trace my body. I ended up feeling a chill from cold weather or something else. D-don’t poke my nipples… Maybe it was because of my fever, but my vision was blurry.

“Let’s raise your arms.”

My arms were pulled up and a wet piece of cloth was stuck to my armpits. It’s cool.

“It feels so nice…”

“Hmmm? You’re awake?”

“… Hiiragi-chan… do your… work…”

“Even in your sleep talk you’re telling me to do work…? So serious…”

“… My throat… it’s dry…”

“Wait a moment.”

Hiiragi-chan, with her blurry outline, approached me.

Buchuu, and as our lips met, a liquid sports drink began flowing through the open mouth. It’s cold and tasty…

“O-one more time… alright?”

As I was kissed, I was once again made to drink the sports drink. It’s cold and tasty… Hiiragi-chan, won’t you end up catching my cold…

Ah, it’s a dream so it’s okay… A clattering sound was heard as someone pulled on the curtains and shutters. Then something began to move within my futon.

“Let’s sleep together.”

A fuzzy Hiiragi-chan appeared in front of my eyes.

“You’re work… at school… in the morning…”

“Even at a time like this you’re worrying about me…!?”

I was then caught as she began to pet my head.

“Alright, alright. If I do this, then you’ll become better soon, alright? Uuu. I would love to be just like this and continue to have you rest and take care of you like this.”

“Nii-saan, I brought back some medicine!”

Sana spoke in a loud voice from the first floor.

“Ueeh!? Sana-chan!? Didn’t you just leave the house! You probably instantly took a U-turn as you were going to school, right?”

Tototo, the sound of Sana’s footsteps could be heard.

“T-th-this is bad. What should we do… ah?”

Dotabata, and with some sound, Hiiragi-chan disappeared. As expected, it was just a dream…

“Nii-san, how are you feeling?”

From the door, Sana showed herself still in her uniform.

“You… what about school…?”

“I-it’s nothing, today is fine…”

That isn’t good, or that was what I wanted to say, but I only had the energy to leave it as an I see and let it go.

“Here, take this medicine. I think this will help with your fever.”

“Yeah… a little bit later… I can’t take it right now…”

“… Well, since you have a cold, it can’t be helped… S-sana will help you take it.”

Don, a loud sound came from the closet.

“Hmm? Just now, was there a big sound…?”

Saying that Sana forced something into my mouth.

“Your eyes, close them okay? Don’t open them. Definitely don’t open them.”

“Got it…”

Since I had no energy to resist, I did as I was told and obediently listened to Sana. Don don, there was a loud sound from the closet, but Sana paid no heed to it. If that Hiiragi-chan wasn’t a dream… then it would seem that she is in that closet.

There’s no way that’s possible. It’s currently a weekday morning. She should be working at school right now. Hiiragi-sensei, please do your best during class… With the soft feeling of something on my lips, some water entered my mouth.

“Swallow it properly.”

“… Yeah.”

“… A Nii-san that will listen to anything… is so cute…”

Don, another loud sound was heard.

“There’s been loud noises for a while now…”


“It’s probably a… Zashiki Warashi…” [1]

“Those exist!?”

“Z-zashiki Warashiiii…!?”

“Ah. Just now, there was a voice…!”

“Please don’t push it any further…”

“Y-yeah… S-sana, d-didn’t see anything, nor did she hear anything!”

It can be said to be something that means good fortune, but if you look at it another way, it could be mistaken for another demon.

“… Sa-Sana, needs to go to school now, so Nii-san, make sure you take your medicine, okay?”

After taking a look around, Sana left the room with her bag in hand. Fui~, a loud sigh was heard.

“Since it’s easy for you to catch the cold, it really isn’t a good idea to feed water through the mouth, at least that’s what I think… Besides, you guys aren’t even lovers, moreover, you guys are siblings.”

Hiiragi-chan came out of the closet, and stared at the direction that Sana left in. What? Why did Hiiragi-chan, who’s supposed to be at school, come out of the closet…? Is the closet in my room somehow… connected to school…? There’s no way that’s true. Aah… I guess it’s a dream. Pin pon, pin pon, the doorbell rang and after a little bit a voice could be heard saying, “Sorry for the intrusion.”

“Who is it this time…?”

Once again, Hiiragi-chan entered the closet. Then, Kanata entered the room.

“… Seiji-kun, are you feeling alright?”

“Thank you for coming to see me…”

“… I brought over some medicine that might help with the fever.”

“Is that so… if it’s drinkable medicine, then I have some here…”

Like a dying medicine, I stretched out my arm towards the medicine that Sana had bought for me.

“… It’s okay. My father also had his fever go down because of this.”

What she ended up showing me was a long thin tablet. I-it’s suspicious… Kanata lowered her head.

“… Please.”

“Eh, eh, eh… what are you asking me to do?”


Bishi, a shock ran through my head as I lost consciousness. Then, after what seemed to be a long sleep, it was the next day when I woke up. My fever has gone completely down, and it seems like I can go to school.

“Still, that was a weird dream…”

Hiiragi-chan coming in and out of the closet, getting kissed by Sana, and even getting knocked out by Kanata…

Well. I’m all better now, so it should be fine. Let’s forget it all.

TL Note:

  1. Zashiki- Warashis are said to be gods that live in storage rooms, perform pranks, and those that see one would be visited with good fortune

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  3. Thank you for the chapter~

    Some minor corrections:
    “… Hiiragi-chan… do you’re… work…” -> “you’re” should be “your”
    “Even in you’re sleep talk you’re telling me to do work…? So serious…” -> the first “you’re” should be “your”, the 2nd one is correct
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    “Your” means possession, and “you’re” is the shorthand of “you are”, please don’t mix them up~


  4. Hmmm i wonder who is opening the door for the guests that are coming? It’s like sana has a key so she would go and come as she likes but what about the other two? Well that aside thanks as always for the tl, but there’s two things i’d like to comment on, first is this “`Eeeeeeeh… Nii-san, are you okay…?”“` since sana was talking to her mother this should be “` nii san is he okay “` although i get how it could be misinterpreted given how in Japanese both could be said the same way, and second the thing with the update on the wn page if you visit the page of wn you would see the update is only till ch 30 and you will have to open “home” to check this one, or at least that how it is for me. And thanks again

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      • TL Note:

        Zashiki- Warashis are said to be gods that live in storage rooms, perform pranks, and those that see one would be visited with good fortune

        A Zashiki-warashi isn’t exactly a god per se. The description about bringing good fortune, etc. is more or less correct, but it is more of a kind of youkai than a deity.


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