The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 94

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Cool Beauty Haruka-san

The next day, I went to school, and Fujimoto acted just like usual. There was nothing unusual to say about him. If he did notice, he would secretly ask me about it while grinning, but he didn’t do anything like that. It must’ve been me overthinking it.

The chime rang, and world history class started.

“Let’s start class now.”

Hiiragi-chan flipped her hair, which normally would be tied up, but was now let down. Today, she was wearing glasses and had a never-seen-before intelligent atmosphere around her.

…Is it possible, her cool beauty statement before, was serious…?

“Sensei, what happened today?”

“Nothing at all.”

Hiiragi-chan pushed up her (probably) fake glasses.

“You look really smart, you know?”

“I really am smart though.”

You’re going to say that yourself?

Hiiragi-chan once again flipped the hair on her shoulders with her hand.


She looked over in my direction for a moment, and then proceeded to avert her gaze. It looks like she’s doing her best to not show her flirting side.

“I would like someone to read from the textbook, though?”

This teacher, she definitely thinks adding “though” to the end of her sentences makes her sound cooler. 

The capable version of Hiiragi-chan advanced through class in a more decisive fashion, and quickly reached the end of class. The girls ended up calling out casually to Hiiragi-chan, and when they asked her about today’s attire, she said, “It’s currently lunch,” turned, and then walked down the hall.

“Hiiragi-chan, doesn’t something seem to be off about her character?”

“She is off, but her trying her best like that is cute.”

“Ah, I get you. It’s quite charming, like you want to just watch over her.”

I heard the girls say that while giggling to each other. When younger girls find you charming, or say that trying your best is cute, there’s no way an older teacher thought of in that way would be seen as cool.

In order to spend lunch alone with her, I left the classroom and headed towards the world history reference room.

“Excuse me.”

After saying that and entering, Hiiragi-chan was already waiting for me in her cool mode.

“Those are fake glasses, right? Did you put them on since you wanted to look cool?”

“It’s not that I want to look cool, but that I was originally cool though.”

There it is, “though”. Somehow, Hiiragi-chan’s image of cool, is a little different from the normal person’s image of cool.

Hiiragi-chan insists that she was originally cool, but she had already prepared a leisure sheet and a meal.

…Your actions are super flirty. Well, I guess that’s fine though.

“Seiji-san, if you don’t eat soon, you’ll run out of time.”

Seiji-san… that’s new.

Replying with a yeah, I sat down across from her.


Hiiragi-chan watched me, as if wanting to say something. Her line of sight slowly tilted down to her lap. It seems that she wants to do a lap pillow like we always do.

Acting like I didn’t know, I started eating her homemade bento.

“Haruka-san, aaahhn.”

I picked up the stewed pumpkin with chopsticks, and brought it towards Hiiragi-chan.

Bikun, her body showed a strong reaction. Her cool expression was instantly blown away as her mouth loosened in happiness, as if to say “It’s unusual for Seiji-kun to feed me.”


Hiiragi-chan then shook her head as she remembered her concept for today.

“Without you doing something like that, I can eat myself though.”

“Ah, I see. Then, I’ll eat it myself.”

My chopsticks make a U-turn, carrying the stewed pumpkin towards my own mouth. Yeah. Today is also perfect. It’s delicious.


Feeling a gaze, I look in front of me, seeing Hiiragi-chan pouting with inflated cheeks.

“Is something wrong?”

“There’s nothing wrong though.”

As expected, she really did want me to feed her. To be cool or to be honest, I don’t think they contradict to each other. But I guess, for her, to be fed would mean that she’s acting flirty, so it seems she’s exercising some self-control.

…I feel like a cool person wouldn’t pout, but I wonder what she thinks about that.

As if she was unable to hold down her dissatisfaction, Hiiragi-chan started stuffing herself, and even eating my bentou. Heeeey. My lunch…

Her cheeks were currently inflated like a hamster.

“I don’t think a cool person would be pouting just because they weren’t fed, neither do I think it means that you can’t be honest with your feelings.”

“Does Seiji-san not like a cool beauty?”

It’s not that I don’t like it. Rather, it could be said that I do like it.

If that person was to be that kind of person, then I would like them. However, if that person were to force themselves to act like a cool beauty, and I was asked whether I liked that, then my answer would be no.

“Putting effort into changing your image as a plan against your flirtiness is something I think is good. ”

“I-is that so…”

Her expression loosened in that moment.

Peshin, Hiiragi-chan slapped herself in the cheeks, and her expression once again returned.

Eeehhhh… there’s no need to go that far!

“However, I think I like the normal Hiiragi-chan the most? I think cool is good too though.”


Her cool mask was about to crumble, but it was once again rebuilt. It seems that she intends to stubbornly act cool.

My words were my true thoughts, and just as the girls in class had said, there were points where cool image was a bit off.

In order for her to return to normal Hiiragi-chan, what should I do…?

“You just have to stop yourself from being flirty when there’s a third party around. When we’re alone, you can just act like you normally do.”


Oh, she’s shaking she’s shaking.

“In this situation, we wouldn’t even be able to kiss.”


Eh, no way, really!? That’s what she seemed to want to say.

“E-even if I’m cool, it’s fine for some short kisses though.”

“Then, from now on, it’ll only be for about two seconds and only one.”


Eh, no way, really!? That’s what she seemed to want to say.

“Eh? Just that much? That’s what your face is saying right now, Haruka-san.”

“Y-you seem to be misunderstanding me. Even if I say it’s a short kiss, I just mean kisses just long enough to stop before satisfaction though.”

Aren’t you basically satisfied at that point then?

“In the end, you just want to kiss like we usually do.”

“I didn’t say that though.”

“Then, it’s about time for me to go. Thanks for the bentou.”


I turned around after being pulled back, and Hiiragi-chan’s face was right in front of my eyes.

“Stop, being mean to me…”

“Even someone cool wants to be spoiled?”


Our lips met, twice, three times, in kisses.

“I wanted to do it… I couldn’t hold back…”

Glasses Hiiragi-chan looked downwards with her lips pursed.

“Seiji-kun was being mean… so I ended up becoming stubborn…”

“Haruka-san, even wearing glasses you’re still cute.”

“Eheheh. Yay ♡”

The cool part of her had blown off somewhere as I responded to her kiss and flirted, and we became so entranced with each other that we didn’t even notice the chime.

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5 thoughts on “The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time – 94

  1. Thnx for the chapter!
    I was grinning the whole time I read this. Now my jaw hurts! XD

    “we became so entranced with each other that we didn’t even notice the chime.” – Flag!!!

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  2. I wonder if she’ll just mix her emotions or might be better change her character once in a while…
    like doing a cosplay (no need for costumes)

    That’s just my opinion


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