After Coincidentally Saving the New Transfer Student’s Little Sister, We Gradually Grew Closer – 1

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The Cute Transfer Student

“My name is Charlotte Bennett. Please call me Charlotte. I’m looking forward to getting along with everyone from now on.”

——To be completely honest, it was love at first sight.

An elegant and noble temperament. Long straight silver-colored hair with a beautiful shine. A cute smile displaying her amicable nature. A pleasant, sweet, and clear voice.

Every aspect of her being was exactly that of my ideal girl’s. Even if you wouldn’t describe her as ideal, I probably wasn’t the only person charmed. In all likelihood, many men would have their hearts stolen just by seeing her.

In truth, all the boys in our class were already captivated by her. During the break after this period ends, she would undoubtedly be swarmed by all our classmates in an instant. She wielded a charm that could at least attract that much attention.

“Hey, Akihito. We’re in luck.”

Saionji Akira, my best friend, and partner in crime whispered in my ear from the seat behind mine.

In luck… is it?

Having such a beautiful and sweet girl transfer in as a transfer student can definitely be considered as being showered by luck.

However, that only applies if you have the capability to get closer to her.

And without a doubt, that’s something impossible for me.

“Yeah, you’re right.”

Deciding against articulating the negative thoughts currently gnawing on my consciousness, I nodded in agreement with Akira’s statement.

He’s going to jump on Charlotte afterward, isn’t he?

He might be someone who doesn’t think much about the consequences of his actions, but his optimism is one of his strong suits.

“Do you think she is in a relationship?”

“Well, normally, you’d assume that she is. She’s a beauty of that caliber after all.”

“Hey hey, let’s at least hold hope that maybe she doesn’t.”

While he asked the question, Akira continued to direct the conversation towards her not having a boyfriend. I wanted to tell him that he shouldn’t have asked in the first place then, but he probably just wanted someone to agree with him. Humans are creatures that enjoy having friends after all.

“…The chances do seem low for her to leave her boyfriend and come all the way to Japan. There might be some household issues, but it would definitely be hard for students to sustain a long-distance relationship for two and a half years. Besides, I can’t see her as someone experiencing any sort of sadness. In that sense, she probably doesn’t have a boyfriend.”

I made that conclusion after looking at Charlotte smiling at all of us. Well, just because she is smiling, it’s not 100% certain that she isn’t holding onto any dark thoughts though.

However, her smile was quite splendid, and it looked like she was truly happy being able to come to Japan. At the very least, it didn’t look fake. If that smile is fake, then she is quite the actor. She would probably make it big as an actor in the future.

As such, I said that I didn’t think she had a boyfriend, but my friend sitting behind me couldn’t accept it.

“What’s with all of this analysis and logic!? Let’s take a more relaxed and student-like approach!”

Akira shook his head in an exaggerated manner, clearly expressing his disagreement with my way of thinking.

That’s weird.

I believe I answered in a manner he would appreciate.

“Hey, Saionji! You’re being way too noisy!”

Since Akira was speaking in a loud voice, our class’ homeroom teacher, Miyu-sensei, reprimanded him in a stern voice.

Miyu-sensei is without a doubt a beautiful person inside and out, but her short-tempered and tomboyish nature is something that holds her back.

This is just what I think, however, this shortcoming of hers has resulted in her being single even now.

The person herself also seems to be concerned about her relationship status, so when she hears someone bringing it up, she becomes quite an unstable person.

“Why are you only targeting me!? Akihito was talking as well!”

“It’s because you’re being loud and annoying! If you have any complaints, try to talk while not being noticed like Aoyagi!”

I take back what I said earlier.

Miyu-sensei is the best.

“What!? Are you sure you as a teacher should be saying something like that!?”

“I can’t reproach someone for something I don’t notice! For now, come to the staff room. You seem to get carried away on a daily basis, so this is a good opportunity for me to give you a good scolding. ”

“N-no waay~!!”

Akira’s overpitched wailing caused the rest of the class to be enveloped in cheery laughter.

His character isn’t half-bad.

The person himself might say otherwise, but just having him around keeps the class calm.

He’s quite the mood-maker in my opinion.


While laughing at Akira, who was still bawling while clutching his hair, my gaze coincided with Charlotte’s.

I tried to avert my gaze awkwardly, but before I could do that, Charlotte smiled at me, causing me to hesitate.

Looking at her radiant smile, I could feel my body’s temperature rising at a frightening speed.

In order to not seem rude, I lowered my head and escaped by redirecting my gaze out the window.

It was awkward having our eyes meet like that, and I felt somewhat embarrassed after receiving her smile.

Following that, I continued to stare out the window while ignoring Akira’s begging and bawling in the background. He was trying his hardest to have the amount of his homework reduced.

I’m acquainted with other beautiful girls, but having such an ideal person like Charlotte as a classmate is a first. I can’t believe there was someone just like that person. The world really is quite large.

——After that, while watching Akira begging for Miyu-sensei’s forgiveness out of the corner of my eyes, I continued to watch the blue sky.

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  1. “It’s because you’re being loud and annoying! If you have any complaints, try to talk while not being noticed like Aoyagi!”

    if only i had that teacher 😂


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