After Coincidentally Saving the New Transfer Student’s Little Sister, We Gradually Grew Closer – 2

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For the Sake of the Class

“Charlotte-san, why don’t we all hang out together afterwards?”

“Hang out, is it?”

“Yeah, how about we go to karaoke and hold a welcome party for Charlotte-san!”

Immediately after the second homeroom ended, Charlotte was surrounded by our classmates again. No, not just classmates. If you pay attention, students of other classes are also among the crowd surrounding Charlotte. Did they rush here to witness Charlotte in the flesh after hearing the rumors?

“Oh, I am very sorry, since my little sister is waiting for me at home—”

Charlotte turned down the invitation to hang out with an apologetic expression. Everyone seemed a bit disappointed, but no one dared to invite her after she had already declined.

Except for one person.

“Well then, bring your sister too! The more the merrier!”

Akira, who was incapable of reading the mood, asked Charlotte if there was any chance she could join them for a welcome party. I guess he doesn’t hold any bad intentions, but Charlotte is making a troubled expression. Since Akira had taken the lead in inviting her after she had declined, the others also began to request her once again.

It can’t be helped, huh…

“—Akira, stop, and everyone else too. This isn’t the right time to be doing such things, did you forget that the tests begin next week?”

I didn’t glance at Charlotte, and gave a convincing enough reason for them to halt their advance.

I can’t help but play the role of a bad guy in this situation.

My eyes met Akira’s in hopes that he would pick up on my intentions.

“Aoyagi-kun, it’s natural to have a welcome party for a new student, isn’t it? Is studying truly so important?”

“Can’t you read the mood? Isn’t it fine since all we are doing is holding a welcome party for Charlotte-san?”

They began complaining to me in an irritated voice. A person will definitely be criticized for speaking against the masses. Their comments don’t faze me since I already knew this would happen. Since I was not really on good terms with anybody other than Akira, I didn’t really have to worry.

However, if you let them say whatever they like, it’ll become more of a fuss.

It would’ve been better if I had concluded this farce here, but it is impossible for someone like me.

There is only one person capable of drawing the situation to a close.

“Sorry, it was my bad! Yeah, we have important tests soon, and isn’t it better to have a welcome party after the tests are over?”

Akira apologized while placing both of his hands together.

“Come on! Et tu Saionji?”

Of course, the others started to complain. However, Akira didn’t budge.

“Well, what Akihito is saying is correct, isn’t it? If the class average falls down, Miyu-sensei will be extremely angry, and Charlotte-san might feel responsible. Don’t you think it’s better to have a welcome party after the end of the tests.”

“Well… You aren’t wrong…”


Everyone gradually began to calm down and agree with Akira’s logical words. The reason why everyone agreed was because the one convincing them was the class’ mood-maker, Akira. The result would’ve been completely different if I was the one who had tried to persuade them.

…Akira is telling them that everyone makes the wrong decision sometimes, so they need to be more careful from now on.

In my class, I am kind of the barricade that keeps the over-enthusiastic Akira from doing something excessive and leading the others astray. And because of this ‘role’ of mine, I am quite hated by the others, but I couldn’t care less. It’s better to have complaints thrown at me than for the class to cause problems and have the class’ reputation damaged in the process.

“–Thank you.”

Akira whispered to me inconspicuously.

I noticed that Charlotte was in trouble and informed Akira of the situation, because of which, his attitude took a one-eighty and followed along with my script.

I nodded with a smile and began preparing to leave. Since I have to go to my part-time job after this, I can’t be too relaxed.

…I’ve been telling them that I don’t have time to hang out because I have to study. However, I have a part-time job. I am afraid they’ll get mad at me if they find out.

“Oh? That’s a very admirable statement coming from Saionji, who has the lowest overall score in the class.”

“――Huh!? Mi-Miyu-sensei…? Since homeroom is over, shouldn’t you be in the staff room?”

Akira turns toward Miyu-sensei who had abruptly entered the class with cold sweat pouring all over his body. Looks like Miyu-sensei’s anger today has instilled a trauma in his heart.

“Oh, I just remembered that there was something I must give you, Saionji. I just went to get it earlier.”

“Eh, W-What is it? Maybe it’s a present for me? You can’t~ Sensei~ If you start giving presents to students, won’t people from the school scoldyou?”

Akira, who had an expectant smile on his face, reached out with his hands towards Miyu-sensei.

In response to Akira’s actions, Miyu-sensei displayed a twitching smile. 

The blue lines on Miyu-sensei’s forehead made the other students retreat in horror. 

Charlotte, who didn’t have a sense of danger and was looking around with a confused expression, was dragged away by one of the girls.

Akira, who hadn’t realized that everybody had already betrayed him and escaped, was still reaching out toward Miyu-sensei with a smile.

“Ah, it’s a gift from me. Please receive it…”

Miyu-sensei said with a slightly trembling voice as she placed a bundle of papers which were concealed behind her backon the palms of Akira’s hands.

—This is the threefold amount of homework that was mentioned this morning.


When Akira realized the nature of the item placed on his palms, he stared at Miyu-sensei with a dumbfounded expression.

On the other hand, Miyu-sensei had a very wide smile on her face.

“Rejoice, I have already copied the homework and tripled it. Ah, also—I doubled it as well.”

“Eh!? Isn’t two times three six! Why is this happening to me!?”

“I’ve decided. Since the tests are scheduled to begin next week, I will try my best to increase the average score of the class. Of course, as it is a present from me, you will not refuse it, will you?”

“It’s a lieeee~~!!”

Akira’s wretchful scream echoed throughout the school. I sighed at the sight of the wailing Akira.

What a pathetic guy, he always gets over-enthusiastic and ends up self-destructing. I can’t even find the words to comfort him in his current predicament.

Well, looks like it’s time for me to leave as well.

“Ah, Aoyagi, wait a minute. Accompany me to the staff room right now.”


As soon as I finished packing my bag and tried to leave the class, I was stopped by Miyu-sensei for some reason and was instructed to follow her to the staff room.

This is, maybe—

“It wouldn’t be fair if you didn’t receive the punishment for today morning, now would it?”

It is this after all…

Miyu-sensei, didn’t you say that it’s fine since you didn’t notice…?

――I went along with Miyu-sensei to the staff room without rebelling since it could cause more time to be wasted.

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  1. Damn, let me take that back; what I said last chapter! This protagonist is better than me, look at him go!
    Lol, sensei keeping him back after school.
    Thanks for the chapter!


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